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2004/2/23 [Uncategorized] UID:12354 Activity:very high
2/22    NYT op-ed on jobs.
                \- hello this is a far better article, especially for you
                   parochial, racist, formerly libertarian, nouvelle
                   protectionists. --psb
                   \_ Anyone who disagrees with you must be a racist and a
                      hick.  Way to go Partha!  That'll bring em over to your
                      way of thinking right quick!  Come back agin, y'all!
                      \- i didnt say everyone who disagrees with me is
                         racist and a hick. by parochial i didnt mean
                         hick but more narrow minded. unable to see things
                         from other frames of reference. i am refering to
                         the people happy to let mfgr jobs go, buy foreign
                         shoes and textiles, didnt have an issue with
                         irish programmers or mexican farm workers, thought
                         the steel tarrifs were crazy, but now is having
                         second thoughts about free trade ... for thee but
                         not for me. --psb
                   \_ Well, I doubt they will have the patience for the
                      analysis on the Economist.  It is far easier to
                      to appeal to the darker side of minds by rousing fear
                      and anger than invite them to reason.  (Protect the
                      white virgins of this country from being outsourced!)
                   \_ Can someone explain to me what the contribution of an
                      economist is to society?  From where I'm sitting, they
                      appear to be researchers who will tell you, yes, that's
                      cancer, and you're going to die, but won't bother
                      finding cures or vaccines.
                      \- a fair question is "what are some significant
                         contributions to policy formulation from economic
                         science". well econometric methods are useful if
                         you believe it is important to have "feedback"
                         data about the economy. a field like IO may be
                         usefulto analyze anti-trust issues ... or in general
                         analysing regulation. financial economists came
                         up with pricing models, securitization. there is
                         the threory of international trade and open econ
                         monetary theory, optimal currency areas etc.--psb
                         \_ So the purpose of an economist is to provide
                            insight into how to increase the size and
                            stability of the economy?
                            \- well simplifying a lot, normative econ =
                               how people should behave. descrive = how
                               people do behave. in the modern age people
                               would probably say something like "decision
                               making with an eye to information and
                               rationality" is at the core of economics
                               rather than just focusing on money and
                               production of goods and services. some
                               economists study crime, gun control,
                               arms control, addiction etc. --psb
2004/2/23 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12355 Activity:nil
2/22    So my carb sync measure (something that measures the
        carburator suction) broke and mercury spilled on the garage (about 50
        mL worth) and on my hands. I called 911 and asked if I should
        be concerned and they sent 3 guys from the fire
        department over in about 10 min. They looked at it, said it was no
        big deal, and to just dump the stuff int the trash can. I
        asked if I should put them back in the bottle and have them properly
        disposed and they said it's no big deal. He even said when he was
        a kid he used to touch them and play with them. Is there something
        wrong with this picture?
        \_ It is not a problem unless you drink it.  Highly insoluble.
        \_ In HS, a kid broke one and supposedly it cost the school $95 to
           get some company to dispose it. It doesn't add up to $15 B in
           excess, but it's there. (I'm waiting for the response about the
           costs of preventative maintenance)
2004/2/23 [Science, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:12356 Activity:high
2/22    Which soda user would you be most interested in reading a blog by?
        On movies, social trends, politics, technology etc.
        \_ it's a toss between psb and BDG. BTW, can we get whung a CSUA
           \_ psb?  we get enough of him already.
           account?                    \- join me and let us rule
                                          the blogverse together --parth vader
                                          \_ Can I still sleep with my sister?
                                                -- BDGwalker
           \_ psb?  we get enough of him already.       \- i dont recommed
                                                           blogging about it
        \_ danh
2004/2/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:12357 Activity:nil
2/23    I was reading about 321 Studio being sued for their DVD XCopy
        software.  I've never used it or ever owned a DVD burner, but
        I got curious and did some more reading through Google.  So
        apparently you can't use it to rip PS2/XBox games.  Now,
        would that be because of technical-related difficulties (e.g.,
        it's harder to break the code on these game discs) or legal
        concerns (i.e., Sony/Microsoft are more likely to sue us than
        \_ I don't know about PS2, but there is not problem ripping
           XBox games using a DVD burner. In fact with XBox you don't
           even have to waste a dvd on the game, you can just rip
           the game and then copy it to the Xbox's hd and play it
           from there. I do this for all my games since they load
           much faster from hd than from the DVD-Rom.
           \_ About how many games can it hold?
                \_ The 10 gb drive that came with my xbox holds
                   about 2 games. I've upgraded to a 80 gb drive
                   and that holds about 15 games.
                   \_ Do you have any URL that has more information
                      on how to do this?
2004/2/23-24 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12358 Activity:nil
2/23    So did anyone else notice that Yahoo bought and turned
        it into the
        \_ couldn't have been that good in the first place. i don't think i've
           ever heard of it.
           \_ tr00 g4m3rz would recognize gamesdomain as a non-sponsored,
              objective, fan-supported game-review site
              \_ And also one of the first if not the first net-distributed
                 gamer mags - originally an FTP downloaded text file!  Does
                 anyone remember when it started?  For some reason I'm
                 thinking 92-93ish.
2004/2/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12359 Activity:nil
2/23    How does one reinstate his sorried account? Just go to the CSUA
        \_ > /csua/adm/bin/sorry
      Your account has been turned off by the soda administration.  No specific
      information has been recorded on the reason for this deactivation.  If
      you genuininely do not know why your account has been deactivated, and
      would like additional information, send mail to root@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU.
        \_ can't answer your question but it would be really cool to somehow
           grep /etc/passwd or something and generate a chronological list
           of the squishage starting from 1982.
           \_ Why do people get sorried?  Is it just for hozering, or does
              long-term inactivity cause it too?
              \_ At times, passwd sniffer/crackers are found on machines around
                 campus.  If a person's login here shows up in those crackers'
                 logs, we sorry the account.  Sorry'ing for hoserish stuff is
                 pretty rare.  For those with access, there's a sorry log going
                 back to like 1991 or so.  --scotsman
                 \_ where is it located? Can you post it on motd?
                    \_ See the "those with access"?  No.
2004/2/23-24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:12360 Activity:nil
        nice OSX shareware and freeware!
        (unasked for marketing for an old friend and an eecs dude who married
        a stanford girl)
        \_ dmg's fail to mount.
        \_ a stanfurd girl, huh?  he'll need all the help he can get! :-)
        \_ I hear stanfurd girls give the best head.
           \_ urlP?
           \_ pixP?
           \_ No, it's stanfurd guys.
        \_ Dear god that man abuses the brushed metal look.
2004/2/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:12361 Activity:moderate
2/23    I just finished reading Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser, the
        author of Fast Food Nation.  I highly recommend it.  Especially since
        the big issue of 2004 is jobs and outsourcing.  Market forces have
        no value or soul.  That's why we pay $2 for a pack of strawberries
        while the illegal immigrants pick the berries during the day and
        sleep underneath a bridge at night.  It's a very well researched
        book (75 pages of notes and references).
        \_ Stalin had a soul and Hitler had strong values.
           \_ Pathetic attempt at Godwining a thread - foiled!
              \_ Intentional invocation of Godwin's law will not work.
              \_ Mocking the op is different from godwin trigger.  get a brain.
        \_ Strong centralized government has no soul either.  -- ilyas
           \_ the book doesn't talk about needing a big govt to fix the
              problem.  I think he wants the public to be aware of the
              issue.  For myself, I try to shop at Whole Foods as much
              as possible.  Their stuff is more expensive, but that's because
              they pay their employees higher wages and their suppliers also
              pay a living wage.
              \_ Making the public aware of the issue will not do anything.
                 People are naturally selfish, and economics are naturally
                 market driven.  So to stop any sort of perceived nastiness
                 you need to stop natural behavior, which can only happen
                 with strong government. -- ilyas
           \_ It is not an either/or proposition. -ausman
        \_ The chapter on marijuana got me thinking - I can't think of a single
           sane person I know, liberal or conservative, that thinks the War On
           Drugs is a good idea or should continue.  So why does our drug
           policy remain insane?  Schlosser's argument is interesting - since
           liberals are perceived as being "soft on crime," the drug issue
           was a perfect way for them to appear tough - hence Bill Clinton
           had the highest rate of drug incarceration of any president in
           \_ Ronald Reagan once remarked that the surest road to immortality
              is to be born a government program.  This is why the War on Drugs
              is still with us.  I am not even sure moderate conservatives
              support it anymore.  Almost no liberal does.  -- ilyas
              \_ Ronald Reagan also escalated the War on Drugs, especially
                 marijuana, more than any other president before him.  Hell,
                 he's the one that _created_ the "Drug Czar."  Before Reagan
                 the country was on a slow course towards decriminalization
                 of marijuana, and in fact 10 states already had.  That said
                 I appreciate the quote.  As for who does and does not support
                 it, it seems that no thinking conservative or liberal does
                 yet not a single actual elected official will dare to come
                 out against it.
           \_ How many liberals do you know?  How many conservatives do you
              know?  How many others?  Have you considered that when you
              express your deep felt emotions on a hot button topic most
              people who disagree with you yet value your friendship find
              it easier to just agree and move on rather than get into a
              heated debate and damage or destroy your friendship?
              \_ Well, I think that my friends tend to be open-minded and
                 don't allow things like politics or discussion thereof to
                 ever "damage" a friendship.  Arguments are fun!  That said,
                 I think you'll find a huge spectrum of thinking people are
                 in firm agreement on this issue, from the Economist to
                 the Libertarian party to the Green Party to the Cato Institute
                 and etc. ad infinitum.  That's extremely rare, nay unheard of,
                 yet politicians from both parties just mutter about "the
                 children" and then hand out more life sentences to nonviolent
                 drug offenders (who, as Schlosser points out, are merely
                 engaging in Adam Smith's capitalism at its purest).
           \_ exactly what does the president have to do with drug
              \_ Are you this stupid?  Are you aware of what "federal prison"
                 is?  A "mandatory minimum sentence?"  How about the "Drug
                 Czar?"  No, never mind, you're just another clueless motd
                 \_ I could have sworn that laws were drafted by Congress.
                    \_ And the president signs and executes them.  DERR!
                       And for our next Civics lesson...
                       \_ The number of drug cases in federal prison is
                          actually a pretty small percentage.  The reason for
                          the large increase in drug incarcerations is
                          programs like "three strikes", adopted by many
                          states in the early 90s, which put such cases in
                          state prison, and which the President has nothing
                          to do with.
           \_ "Why should marijuana be illegal?"
              "Because it's bad."
              "Well why is it bad?"
              "It's illegal."
              \_ second hand Highs
              \_ no, because mj makes people stupid and destroys their
                 initiative which is bad for society.
                 \_ I know plenty of people who have tons of initiative when
                    they are mildly high.  Anyway, when did stupidmaking mean
                    illegal?  I mean are we going to make Everyone Loves
                    Raymond contrabrand next?
                 \_ But why is alcohol legal then while marijuana is banned?
                    "We tried banning alcohol but prohibition didn't work."
                    or "Alcohol is a traditional part of our culture, so it's
                    \_ Neither.  I think it should be.
                 \_ As does alcohol and TV.  Next.  -John
                    \_ Added no value to discussion.  Next.
                        \_ Allow me to explain John's point, since you seem too
                           stupid to get it yourself:  Many things make (some)
                           people (who overuse them) apathetic and/or tend to
                           be "bad for society".  That, in itself, is not
                           enough cause to ban them.  (Or else we would be
                           banning many other things as well).  Clearly there
                           is some other reason to ban it, and there are plenty
                           just none that are reasonable.  If you can come up
                           with some (one?) to demonstrate otherwise, we would
                           be glad to hear it.  -phuqm
                           \_ How about providing welfare at taxpayer expense
                              for the tycoons of the prison-industrial complex?
                              Easy re-election for petty government officials
                              who claim to be tough on crime but do little
                              of real use?  Oh, said "reasonable."
                              Never mind.
                 \_ I think that's not the reason. Isn't there still a question
                    as to the health effects of mj? It seems like mj has the
                    potential to do more lasting harm to ones mental faculties.
                    \_ No, there's no question; pot has long-term health
                       effects, different than alcohol but certainly not
                       any worse.
                       \_ and not much worse than smoking regular cigarettes.
                    \_ I know MJ has caused lasting harm to my mental
                       faculties.  Oh, wait, you're not talking about Michael
                       Jackson.  Nevermind.
                        \_ I'm so sorry.  Did Michael Jackson rape you when
                           you were a child?
           \_ right...
        \_ [deleted for irrelevance]
           \_ Oh my god!  Not a discussion!
2004/2/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12362 Activity:nil
2/23    Anyone else having problems with firefox .8 on FreeBSD 4.x?
        It runs fine, but I get tons of weird warnings, errors,
        and assertions being spit out in the xterm that started
2004/2/23-24 [Reference/Religion] UID:12363 Activity:nil
2/23    Who is going to see Passion and why?
        \_ I will go.  Any movie which has Satan speak in Aramaic has
           to be worth my time.  -- ilyas
           \_ kewl.. i'm going too :)
              \_ Hmm. I was planning to wait for the DVD, but now I'm thinking
                 it would be fun to go wearing an upside-down cross and
                 eyeshadow. And kind of be a Satan fanboy. I wonder when the
                 licensed action figures and video games come out?
                 \_ I am still waiting for schindler's list action figures.
                    do you know when they will be coming out with those?
                    \_ Schindler's list slash-fiction
           \_ Can I go with you, ilyas?
              \_ Sure, come on down to LA. -- ilyas
        \_ me.  at first, i thought it's going to be another boring
           christ movie, but after looking at its website, i thought
           it could be interesting, and bring to life what was
           described in the gospels, how it was really like, at least
           mel's interpretation and imagination of it.
        \_ I'm going to go see it so I can dismiss the trolls who post about
           it (without having seen it) in the weeks to come.
           \_ wow. how much time/money do you spend a year gearing up for
              motd flame wars?
        \_ It's probably worth watching for its historic value, regardless
           of your religious views.
           \_ I'll definitely watch it.  But I would also watch things like
              the 10 Commandments, a movie on the life of Buddha or Mohammed
              or the Dalai Lama
              \_ Yay, "Little Buddha" and "Seven Years in Tibet"!  Hey, does
                 "Bulletproof Monk" count?
        \_ I may go because I look forward to being pissed off at Mel Gibson.
           Part of me also wants it to be very controversial so we can rip it
           apart and show what a crock all this is.
        \_ DVD will be great, should include all the hoopla and
        directing and lightning strikes..
2004/2/23-24 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12364 Activity:nil
2/23    Sorry I missed the answer to this last week.  Reposting...
        What's up with these new "high-speed" or "optimized" or
        "pick your own buzzword" dial-ups?  Are they actually faster?
        Do they cache, compress, etc??
        \_ They compress uncompressed data (txt, html, etc.) and some may
           recompress jpegs to lower quality on the fly.  Depending on your
           type of usage, them may be signifigantly faster, or useless.  YMMV.
           It is sad that the EarthLink web site seems to be slow.
2004/2/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12365 Activity:nil
2/23    Bush Administration economist defines McDonald's jobs as
        "manufacturing" jobs:
        \_ Just wait 'till they figure out how to outsource Big Macs...
2004/2/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12366 Activity:nil
2/23    How big is danh's motd,v file?
        \_ danh is maintaining one too?  or did you mean mehlhaff?
        \_ Mine's big enough that I periodically have to compress it and
           archive it, because disk quota was getting in the way of the
           archiver.  So in fact it's now several motd,v files.  -ERic
        \_ My motd,v is bigger than your motd,v!
           \_ But did you have to buy some herbal remedy from a Spamvertisement
              to get it to grow that big?
              \_ so who is the Anonymous Not Even Remotely Amusing MOTD Comic?
           archive it.  So in fact its several motd,v files.  -ERic
2004/2/23-24 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:12367 Activity:nil
2/23    [URLS without comment will be deleted]
        \_ Um, no really, fuck you.
           \_ Um, this has been a policy for quite some time now.  Get your
              head out of your ass.     -!OP
              \_ It isn't policy.  It is simply something I started to do bc
                 so many unlabeled links were going to non-worksafe crap.
        \_ Actually I like this idea. It helps a lot when I'm archiving
           and categorizing important/funny motd entries. Here is another
           suggestion. If the URL is less than 60 chars/line, do NOT
           use tinyurl and Thanks.                    -bdg
           \_ there are important motd entries?
              \_ Weirdly, there are some people that seem to take this shit
                 seriously.  *rolls eyes, throws up hands*
              \_ And fuck you too.
                 \_ No, no, fuck you. -!OP, !3P
              \_ It isn't a 'policy'.  It is something I started doing because
                 I got sick and tired of being sent to non-worksafe links that
                 screamed shitty music out my speakers at full blast or put
                 sick shit on my screen for no reason.  --first cleaner
2004/2/23-24 [Reference/Religion] UID:12368 Activity:high
2/23    New Yorker review of Passion of Christ - note that this is a _film_
        review people.
        \_ "This is the most violent film I have ever seen." Roger Ebert
        \_ is this really a review or more Gibson bashing?
           \_ Its a film review.  Inherently its one viewer's opinion.
        \_ Hi, I recommend this site for a realistic perspective:
        \_ So it's basically Sunday church for the Kill Bill crowd, yes?
           How tempting.
           \_ Kill Jesus. Vol 1.
              \_ With an exclusive soundtrack featuring hit songs by your
        \_ No, it's not a review.  He complains that Gibson isn't showing the
           good bits of Jesus' ministry, but that was never the scope of the
           movie.  It's like criticizing the Lord of the Rings for not showing
           The Hobbit.
           \_ must...supresss...rage...about...portrayal of Faramir's character.
              \_ That's a legitimate criticism of the movie though.  You
                 thought the adaptation of the character wasn't good, and the
                 changes in the movie from the events of the book change the
                 character.  Gibson is only covering the last day of Jesus'
                 mortal life.  He's *not* trying to cover the Sermon on the
              \_ nerd, you'll get over it.  the rest of us can't even identify
                 the character.
                 \_ Yes, I'm a nerd.  Nerds pick apart those movies like
                    crazy, and even though many of us like them, we get
                    pissed about some pretty little details.  Those books
                    are pretty important to nerds, but not as important as the
                    bible is to christians.  If they react the way nerds did
                    to the LOTR movies, that's probably a good sign actually.
                    Also, the reason you can't remember who Faramir is is that
                    they left out or ruined all of his character development
                    in the movie--that's the point.
                    \_ I can't identify most of the others either.  It was
                       mostly a bunch of white guys in beards smacking the
                       bad guys with swords.  To say that LOTR isn't quite as
                          \_ *laugh* are you _still_ recovering from abuse in
                             highschool?  you're old enough to buy a girl if
                             that's what you need.  if you pay her enough you
                             can even get her to tell all your friends she's
                             your girlfriend and not an oakland corner hooker.
                       mostly a bunch of white guys in beards smacking the
                       bad guys with swords.  To say that LOTR isn't quite as
                       important to you as the bible is to Christians doesn't
                       paint you in the positive light you think it does.
                       important to you as the bible is to Christians doesn't
                       paint you in the positive light you think it does.
                       \_ Not being able to identify with something and calling
                          someone a nerd for being able to doesn't make them
                          nerds, it makes you an idiot.  A hostile idiot to
                          boot, the kind that used to roam high school
                          playgrounds.  You didn't grow up either, like most
                          of hostile high school idiots did.  Sign your name,
                          idiot, I want to mock you some more in person.
                            -- ilyas
                            \_ woah! you had a playground at your highschool?
                               That rules.
                 drawn between TPOTC and Korn....
        \_ Writing credits goes to...
                 favorite Christian rock band, Faith + 1!
        \_ No, it's not a review.  He complains that Gibson isn't showing the
           good bits of Jesus' ministry, but that was never the scope of the
           movie.  It's like criticizing the Lord of the Rings for not showing
           The Hobbit.
           \_ Poor comparison. LOTR had a coherent plot. TPOTC keys on the
              imagery of the blood sacrifice (the climax only). What's the
              point? Nice people get killed every day by jerks.
              \_ The point is to present the sacrifice as written.  The context
                 drawn between TPOTC and Michael Moorcock's Arioch....
                 is the Gospels.  Read them for the backstory, if you don't
                 know it already.  The point is to look at this and say, "He
                 did this for us.  Wow."
        \_ I prefer this version of Jesus's life:
        \_ interesting contrasts between salon's review soundbites
           ( and
           rotten tomatoes' (link above).
        \_ 'The depictions in "The Passion," one of the cruellest movies in
            the history of the cinema, are akin to the bloody Pop
            representation of Jesus found in, say, a roadside shrine in
            Mexico, where the addition of an Aztec sacrificial flourish makes
            the passion a little more passionate.'
           Now _that's_ an evocative review.
           \_ Mm, mm, good! Blood for the Blood God!
              \_ Hehehehe, we laugh, but there are tremendous parallels to be
                 drawn between TPOTC and Korn....
        \_ Writing credits goes to...
2004/2/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12369 Activity:nil
2/23    What's a good place in the southbay/Peninsula to get breakfast food?
        \_ Stack's is pretty good, in Burlingame, Redwood City, and Menlo Park
           Also, Cafe Barone is pretty good, also in Menlo Park.
           \_ Stack's sounds good!
        \_ I went to Paly. Your breakfast food in PA/MP is Cafe Barone and
           Printer's Ink Cafe unless a greasy spoon is your fancy, in which case
           Stack's will do you. Hobee's has good coffee cake and the rest of
           their stuff is pretty ass. "Would you like an Orange Juice? Small
           or large?" --ulysses
        \_ Peninsula Fountain & Grill in Palo Alto, Hobee's (a few different
           south bay / peninsula locations).
           \_ Peninsula serves good breakfast?  Sounds like a burger and
              milkshake joint.  Hobee's might be okay.
              \_ they have burgers etc but also breakfast. I recommend the
                 Caribbean french toast.
                 \_ Don't you mean freedom toast?  Why do you hate America?
           \_ Nini's in Burlingame on Bayswater.
        \_ Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast!
           \_ I think IHOP is way better for what you pay.
              \_ No fucking way.  Original grand slam breakfast = $2.50
                 \_ And a $5.00 glass of orange juice, please.
                    \_ As orange juice is uncaffeinated, I don't bother.
           \_are you serious?  (some people honestly do like Denny's Breakfast)
             \_ Half-serious.  It's not that great but it sure is cheap.
        \_ The Original Pancake House in San Jose.
        \_ My mom makes a killer waffle & bacon combo.
           \_ yermom serves an excellent breafast in bed.
              \_ yes she does.  she said you liked it best with her biggest
                 black dildo all the way up your butt.
                 \_ She assured me that was an Italian sausage!
                    \_ You didn't get suspicious when it hummed and vibrated?
2004/2/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:12370 Activity:nil
2/23    My lab machines are idling most of the time, especially on weekends
             \_ it's pretty fucking good at 3:30am
        and at night. However, my sysadm still wouldn't let me run setiathome.
        What is his frigging problem?
        \_ You haven't learned anything from reading the motd yet?
           Sysadmins are total assholes.  They're just defective from birth,
           and modern society has given that particular kind of pathological
           personality a useful job to do.  Hey, it keeps them out of your
        \_ You're downloading random crap and no one has any idea what it
           does, but it is on your CPU.
        \_ run it anyway, but under a different name, something like
           'crack_passwords' or 'important_research_dont_kill'.
2004/2/23 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29827 Activity:high
2/23    What we can expect post- gay marriage.
        'I'm tired of being forced into the shadows by society'
        \_ They're still upset that they don't get to keep all the white women.
        \_ I'm pro-Gay marriage, and I still have no trouble telling you that
           this guy is sick and that his proclivities should never be
           legalized.  It all comes down to consenting adult human beings.
           See how easy it is to differentiate?  Now stop whining about how
           teh Gay is going to open the floodgates.
2004/2/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29828 Activity:nil
2/23    None of the current politburo officers post motd regularly (or at
        least don't use their names). Has csua lost its tradition?
        \_ Current politburo officers have got too many other important
           things to do than have pointless arguments in an outdated,
           unwieldly online discussion format.  Wait til they graduate
           and get jobs they can't stand, then we'll talk.
           \_ Translation: they're too young and naive to see the one useful
              aspect of their club.
              \_ *laugh* *chortle* *sputter* Yeah, anyway, I guess they never
                 have stuff like classes or homework or projects to waste
                 time on.
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