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2004/2/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:12340 Activity:nil
2/22    <freeper anonymous lover's idiots list deleted>    - hamc
2004/2/21-23 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:12341 Activity:low
2/21    What's the best tool to convert raw network traffic captured on the
        wire into something useful?  I'm currently reading the unparsed
        output from ngrep, tcpdump and similar tools but I'd like to see that
        turned into the real thing.  For example, I want to see an output log
        that says machine X went to host/port Y/y to grab URL Z for http
        connections.  I want emails going by saved out in mbox or other
        human readable format.  Does such a thing exist?  I started to write
              \- yes, but you have to email me --psb
                 \_ why not posted it on the web?  I was looking for something
                    \- because as a general matter these anon requests are
                       annoying. i can understand for a dumb question or a
                       contentious issue but not in a case like this. i suppose
                       if you are widely disliked on sloda, that might be one
                       reason to ask for help anonymously. --psb
                       \_ maybe some people don't want their name attached
                          with looking for software to read raw network
                          traffic.  the world just isn't as open minded and
                          understanding as you are, partha.
                    like that monitoring LAN network to spot abuses on
                    company's network, mainly to spot p2p client use at the
                    office   --kngharv
                             \- if you want to look for p2p, that is a
                                matter of looking for the protocol. as a
                                general matter compliance issues are easier
                                to deal with because you can do offline rather
                                than realtime detection [offline = run on
                                tracedumps]. of course if you want to use
                                something like kazaa obliterator, then you
                                need to detect in realtime ... or not too
                                lagged batch proc. what is this "web" you
                                speak of. --psb
        my own in perl but then realised I can't be the first person to ever
        need this.  Thanks!
        \_ fantastic GUI utility called Ethereal. Available binaries for
           windows, linux, solaris. source available. I've used it only
           for reading traffic at the packet level, but perhaps if you want
           application level stuff (eg, emails as opposed to SMTP packets
           or whatever) perhaps you could write that yourself since its
           open source.                         - rory
        \_ Etherpeek
        \_ If it doesn't have to be graphical, you might want to consider
           hogwash (snort-based IDS.)  Also, although it's more of a toy
           than a tool, take a look at Etherape.  -John
           \_ use Etherape before.  I find it not as useful as I would like
              to be.  Only thing cool about it is that it color coded traffic
              from different ports.  This feature allow me to spot p2p
              client (most people uses p2p don;t bother with port changes),
              and it is pretty good for detecting infected computer which
              eat up all the bandwidth.
                \_ Like I said, it's sort of a toy, although useful to get
                   an overview of traffic patterns.  What I find really
                   hilarious (almost totally useless as a tool) is driftnet.
2004/2/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12342 Activity:nil
2/21    Bin Laden surrounded and near capture?  "The timing of that order will
        ultimately depend on President Bush [...] Capturing bin Laden will
        certainly be a huge help for him as he gets ready for this election".,9353,8752173-28778,00.html
        \_ "The Sunday Express, known for its sometimes colourful scoops..."
           Nuff said.  Oh what the hell:
           "The article says bin Laden's movements are monitored by a National
           Security Agency satellite."
           Can you imagine the outcry if Bush waited to get OBL for political
           gain?  Then again, the dems will accuse him of it anyway...
        \_ bah!  bin laden was captured by Kurds a month ago, turned over
           to the Americans in secret, and is being held until closer to
           the election for some Jessica Lynch style theatrics. Just you
           wait and see.
           \_ those kurds sure do get around!
                \_ well they DO live there!
                   \_ uhm, no. the kurds do not live on the border of pakistan
                      and afghanistan. maybe a few visited using a good deal
                      from or something but not as a people.
                   \_ are you, by any chance, related to our president?
        \_ Hmm: "The Sunday Express, known for its sometimes colourful
           scoops..."  Could be, but many of the British papers are total
           \_ It's being reported elsewhere as ell.
           \_ Very similar to the NYT quality reporting the last decade or two.
              \_ Whatever, freeper.
2004/2/21-22 [Recreation/Food] UID:12343 Activity:nil
2/20    Is there a decent chocolate store near Mountain View?  I can't go to
        SF or wait for mail order.  Also I would be happier with buying
        by weight as opposed to getting pre-packaged boxes.
        \_ Prestons Candy & Ice Cream in Burlingame
           650.344.3265 , they make their own candy
           they do phone orders and mail to anywhere in the world
           I recommend their truffles, peanut brittle, rocky road and
           "coffee blacks"
2004/2/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:12344 Activity:nil
2/21    For any of you folks following the Taiwan elections:
        \_ time for mr chen to go.
           \_ you one of those mainland freaks who thinks taiwan is part of
              the mainland?
              \_ no, I am a tainan taiwanese, what are you?
2004/2/21-22 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:12345 Activity:low
2/21    DVD backup ruled illegal.
                \_ Still legal in the rest of the world 8)  -John
                   \_ this week.
2004/2/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:12346 Activity:nil
2/21    Just a rumor at this point, but...Wife of Texas Governor divorcing him
        because...she caught him in bed with another man, the Secretary of
        \_ If you scroll down, they also accuse Bush of extramarital gay
           affairs.  It's like Matt Drudge...only on the left.  The only
           difference is when leftists spread obvious bullshit it's treated
           as such, but you fucking rightwingers believe whatever Drudge
           feels like making up this week.
           \_ Drudge has an excellent track record.  He's been wron exactly
              once and got sued for it.  He pulled the posting the same
              day which is better than the NYT has done.  It's easy to sit
              here and toss around vague and unsubstantiated accusations
              but the fact remains that drudge has an excellent record.
           \_ Didn't Drudge break the Lewinsky story?
              \_ Drudge is a mouthpeice for right wing smears.  Some of them
                 turn out to be true, but that doesn't make him any less of
                 a mouthpeice.  His basic problem is that he heavily promotes
                 stories for which he has no second source to confirm, and often
                 with a questionable source to begin with.  As for the Texas
                 story, likely not true, but his wife IS divorcing him.
                  \_ As always its the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, right?
                  \_ Drudge differentiates between rumors and true stories.  He
                     leaves it for the reader to decide instead of media
                     sources like the NYT which print a brief mea culpa after
                     years of publishing false stories.
                     \_ False stories?  Besides Jaysun Blair, can you back this
                        up?  Woops, I didn't think so!
                        \_ Idiot.  Go read the god damned thing.  It's chock
                           of retractions, errors, slanted word choice,
                           misleading headlines and editorial dressed up as
                           news.  I'm not going to respond to your trolling
                           ignorant ridiculous nonsense anymore.
                           \_ Ha!  As usual not a single real fact.  And at
                              least they print retractions when they make
                              a mistake, unlike Drudge.
                     \_ Wow.  You just argued that Matt Drudge's journalistic
                        integrity trumps that of the New York Times'.  Are you
                        stupid or just a troll?
                        \_ Not author of comment but:
                           Journalistic Fraud: How The New York Times Distorts
                           the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted
                           The Gospel According to the New York Times: How the
                           World's Most Powerful News Organization Shapes Your Mind
                           and Values
                           New York state of mind ~ A Navy officer's encounter
                           with The New York Times
                           The Times' Designated Man in the Street
                           (Coulter outs Times)
                           Just How Gay is the New York Times? Ask Richard Berke
                           The Times has not endorsed a Republican Pres.
                           candidate for 40+ years.
                           It's publisher was a very active anti-war protester
                           during Vietnam.
                           \_ So apparently you don't understand the difference
                              between having an editorial viewpoint, which is
                              ethical and reasonable if you state it outright,
                              and silently shaping your output to promote a
                              certain viewpoint, which is not.  Compare, say,
                              Fox News to the New York Times.  And just to
                              show this isn't a conservative/liberal thing,
                              the Wall Street Journal presents a consistently
                              conservative editorial viewpoint, but is
                              ethically on par with the New York Times and
                              both have vastly more integrity than Fox News.
                                \_ The NYT does not state outright that they're
                                   left wing and their _news_ stories are
                                   biased in that direction.  They silently
                                   shape their viewpoint in every run.
                                \_ But the NY Slimes maintains it has no
                                   bias; yet they don't limit opinion to the
                                   editorial page.  Compare the
                                   audience of Fox News to the nationwide
                                   broadcast news programs:
                                   ~3 million to 30+ million for the
                                   networks.  And yet Jennings and Rather
                                   maintain they are independent
                                   \_ Christ, learn to use an apostrophe'.
                                \_ The very idea that the NYT is neutral and
                                   doesn't slather every story with bias is
                                   painfully obvious.  I've subscribed for
                                   years but not because it is neutral in any
                                   way.  I understand what I'm reading.  Do
                                   you?  Are you even a daily reader?
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