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2004/2/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:12289 Activity:nil
2/17    Is it possible to have POP3 and/or IMAP only users with
        sendmail without having those users have system accounts?
        Or with them having system accounts that aren't the same so
        that can point to user joe23 and can point to user joe24??  URLs or other
        pointers greatly appreciated.
        \_ Yes.  Last I checked, sendmail doesn't do POP or IMAP look at
           Courier IMAP or Cyrus IMAP.  Both support mail users with
           non-system accounts.  You'll need to either configure lmtp
           (Cyrus) or use /etc/aliases to add some glue (Courier) -dans
                \_ You should be able to use any imap/pop server that
                   supports PAM or SASL.  Cyrus works very nicely with
                   Cyrus-saslauthd, which can use DB2, ldap, PAM, and
                   pretty much any external auth mechanism.  -John
2004/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley, Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:12290 Activity:nil
2/17    William Hung to perform "She Bangs" LIVE at UC Berkeley Men's
        Volleyball game Wednesday, Feb. 18th at 8pm @ HAAS Pavilion!
        \_ They say that in show biz, bad publicity is better than no
           publicity, and will has succeeded at such
        \_ what is that song like?  It sounds... kind of disgusting
           actually.  I haven't heard it, this is a serious question!
           \_ preview
                \_ wow, that fellow cs nerd has balls
                   \_ civ eng
              \_ This is what I don't understand.  Does he realize that
                 he is making a fool of himself?
                 \_ See this is what people don't understand about performers.
                    The truly good ones know that they can't be afraid of
                    making a fool of themselves.  Not to say that Hung is
                    "truly good," but he's definitely struck a nerve.
                 \_ Making a fool of himself in exchange for a little fame.
                    Not the worst thing in the world, especially if he was
                    really shy.
              \_ holy shit!  that was painful.
                 \_ for those in the dark:
2004/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:12291 Activity:nil
2/17    Anyone know what's up with the OCF?
        \_ apparently some fiber got cut ~2:30 today.  The entire /24 was
           unreachable.  It appears the non-OCF part is back up -- the fiber
           from Esh to Heller could still be broken, or it could be the switch
           acting up again. -dwc
        \_ for those interested, an update at ~2pm, 2/18. if building ops can
           switch to using some unutilized fiber strands, they can maybe get
           things working by this afternoon. otherwise, they say next week.
           all of mlk is out apparently, including the asuc stores on the 1st
           floor, so hopefully that will motivate them a little. -jjlin
2004/2/18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:12292 Activity:nil
2/17    For those who even THINKING about upgrade your Mozilla Firebird
        to Mozilla Firefox, wait a bit. I've upgraded mine and it was a
        diseaster.  I am switching back to Firebird until they iron out
        the bugs in the download management.
2004/2/18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12293 Activity:very high
2/17    So this is the end of Kerry since the primary reason people were
        voting for him was his 'ability to beat Bush'.  Here's the link:
        The nation is finally coming to it's senses.  Putting up a dog like
        Kerry for such a lame reason made no more sense than the (R) putting
        up Dole in 96 "because it was his turn".  Voters don't give a man "his
        turn" anymore than they will accept a man because he's has nothing more
        going for him than a claimed ability to beat the opposition.  In fact,
        since that is Kerry's only claim to the nomination it seems to me that
        he actually has no claim at all.  In the end people vote for a man and
        what he stands for.  Since Kerry stands for nothing but himself he
        would have gotten killed in November.  It's better this way.  By the
        convention it'll be Edwards and then there will be two competing men
        and their different philosophies to choose from, not the lesser of
        evils as usual.  This is going to be the best election since the first
        Kennedy/Nixon election.
        \_ At last, the Voice of Reason speaks.  Look, genius:  just a few
           weeks ago, all the professional pundits were convinced that Dean
           was an all but unstopable frontrunner, with Clark as a close runner
           up.  Guess what?  They had zero ability to predict the future
           or the will of the voters.  Not because they're all idiots,
           although many of them are, but because it's basically a next
           to impossible task.  Zogby's personal prediction at this point
           is that no matter what happens, it's going to be very close, and
           damn near impossible to predict, and I sure believe him more than
           some random motd pundit.  After all, he actually predicts things
           for a living, rather than getting some group of partisain
           fans all worked up, as most pundits do for their paycheck (
           except for those who write code for a living.)
           \_ Actually, the media tanked the Dean nomination after the
              allegedly hyper speech after the loss in Iowa.  The liberals
              in the media want to win, and a liberal that is not ashamed
              to talk like a liberal always loses in a landslide. Dean
              gave them an opening to start bad-mouthing him, and they took it.
              In the same way that the Bush talking point of "Gravitas"
              made it's way through all television media in a day, so it
              was with tanking dean.
        \_ Also putting an (R) in front of a tax and spend liberal social
           and fiscal like Arnold doesn't make him a Republican either.
           I wish the Republican party did not sell out McClintock
           in order to secure a "win" with a man totally opposed to every
           Republican ideal.  Congratulations to the Democratic party for
           winning the recall election.
        \_ Your own Rasmussen report seems to think otherwise:
2004/2/18 [Finance/Investment] UID:12294 Activity:high
2/18    Hey, ICGE guy!  Where's the movement?
        \_ Last Trade:    0.39
           Trade Time:    2:57PM ET
           Change:        Down  0.01 (2.50%)
           Day's Range:  0.39 - 0.4
           52wk Range:   0.26 - 0.96
           Volume:       31,576,090
           Avg Vol (3m): 39,417,181
           So nothing happened at all.  -- !icge guy
           \_ earnings announcement is premarket Thursday
2004/2/18-24 [Finance/Shopping, Finance/Investment] UID:12295 Activity:nil
2/18    Immediate position open for Sr. Systems Engineer (sysadmin)
        at If you meet the criteria, please e-mail me.
        We've been getting weak resumes from our less-than-technical
        recruiter. /csua/pub/jobs/           -- Marco
         \_ Walmart?  I'd rather be a janitor at MSFT.
            \_ MSFT is far more evil than Walmart.
        \_ awww...all that sysadmin talk's gone???
           \_ maybe people should start a new thread when they think of some
              cool entertaining flame war related to a job post.  That will
              be less likely to be censored and won't provide a disincentive
              for alums to post jobs.
           \_ jealousy.
           \_ all that salary talk probably made it harder to find a
              schmuc^H^H^H^H^H^Hqualified candidate.
        \_ Do you know the general pay range for this?  60-80, 80-100, 100+?
           \_ Our rates are very competitive. Conservatively, I expect a
              qualified candidate would easily clear $80K. -- Marco
              \_ How about employee discounts at Wal-Mart stores?
                 \_ More importantly, how about stock options?
              \_ Is this really considered competitive for a senior person?
                 It looks average, or even a bit below, to me.
                 \_ It's quite low.  Senior Sysadmins should clear 100k at any
                    company.  Mid level people make into the 90s.  80k is
                    certainly not competitive.  A few weeks ago I turned down
                    110k and another company I'm currently talking with will
                    be offering me 110k plus other benefits that will make it
                    worth it to give up my current 120k.  At 80k I wouldn't
                    even consider applying or telling my friends about it if
                    they were senior level.  Then again, so few sysadmins
                    survive more than 3-5 years that anyone who hits the 5 year
                    mark is considered senior even though they're only just
                    becoming useful at that point.  It's a strange world we
                    live in.  I've always wondered what happened to the ones
                    who didn't survive.  I suppose they become developers?
                        --15+ years SA
                    \_ These numbers are too high for anywhere outside of
                       Silicon Valley. Also, 15+ yrs. is a huge amount of
                       experience and would increase your salary over most.
                        \_ If you need five years to become a good sysadmin
                           then you must be pretty dumb. Sysadmin is a support
                           function, if you design your netopology correctly
                           your day-to-day is basically just monitoring and
                           replacing defects. Once a month or so you'll need
                           to add in more storage or add in a couple more
                           machines. Again, if you designed your netop correctly
                           this is a piece of cake. Backups are relatively
                           easy nowadays with the right RAID. I mean seriously,
                           I sysadmin EDA software, which is a bitch, and it
                           didn't take me five years to "become useful."
                           \_ Sorry, you are just wrong. There are some things
                              you can only learn by working on a wide variety
                              of systems. Also, all the senior level jobs
                              include at least some management.
                              require at least some management.
                              -SA with 10 yrs exp
                           \_ I sense a dick-waving contest coming on...
                              \_ "They've got bigger dicks?  BOMB THEM!" --GC
                    \_ Someone has to fix the cash registers.
                 \_ He said "conservatively" and "easily"
        \_ Marco, thank you for posting this.  No one should ever be
           attacked for posting a job on the motd.  I never understood
           the suicidal "I'm too good for your stinking job!" attitude
           so many motd idiots have towards alums posting jobs.  This is
           part of what is called "networking", you clods.  It's *the* best
           way to find a new or better job.
        \_ I'm talking about a very well paying job doing real
           systems work at one of the world's largest ecommerce
           operations. If all of the stuff below disturbs you, by
           all means, do not send me your resume. If you want a
           good job; please let me know. -- Marco
           \_ Some people have ethical problems with Walmart.
              Some are just fucking with you, and some might want
              the job.
        \_ That's because sysadmins charge more than $6.80/hr.
        \_ in the grand scheme of things when you consider which
           companies stand to totally destroy the lower middle class
           and lower class income brackets, Walmart is completely satanic
           and threatens to lower the quality of life of millions
           Americans directly and indirectly.  You can say that that's
           just the effect of the free market, and I would happen
           to agree with you, but it does not make it suck less.
           This brings up the question of if I were completely down
           on my luck and I was offered a job with something that
           I consider Evil(tm), such as Walmart/Microsoft/Halliburton/
           Archer Daniels Richland or whatever that ethanol leech
           behomoth corporation is named, if I would take it.  I'm not
           \_ If you are talking about Walmart squeezing out smaller
              companies and offering the newly unemployed low-wage,
              non-unionized jobs with few/no health benefits -- you have
              a point, but please be more specific next time.
        \_ Not that we don't appreciate the job posting, but which is more evil
           Walmart or Microsoft?
           \_ Is that a joke? I'd say that Microsoft is Evil, they way I might
              say an American politician is evil, even though even the worst
              American politician is better than Kim Jung Il, and even the
              worst software company is better than Walmart.
              \_ They're evil for different reasons.  Plus as a sysadmin you'd
                 be more directly helping MS be evil.
           \_ There are people who will argue whether the flames are blue or
              green, when the point is that their arse is on fire.
           \_ Walmart isn't Evil. They can't be evil. They sell Linux
              and Linux isn't Evil is it?
              \_ They sell Windows too.
        \_ Walmart significantly increased the standard of living of the
           (under)employed.  According to
           the "poor" enjoys a lot of amenities in life.  In fact they
           would be considered middle class or even upper class in coutries
           that you are so worried about taking our jobs away.  What makes
           this possible is the low prices introduced by stores like Walmart.
           I don't have any love for walmart, but during the time I was
           employed, I got everything from walmart and it kept my expense
           down and finance afloat.  Most of the people who trashes walmart
           are those too rich to know the need of the low income Americans.
           \_ that is interesting and i value your opinion, but could
              you find more evidence of this not coming from an incredibly
              right wing think tank like the Heritage Foundation?  I happen
              to be from one of those little towns that Wal-Mart has
              indirectly completely devestated.  You can probably
              say "that's because of cheap labor available from China,
              quit whining." and once again I agree but it still sucks.
              I think there is a direct temporary short term benefit,
              like as you said when you're poor it's pretty awesome and
              convenient to be able to go to walmart and clothe yourself
              almost completely for under $30, but in the long term
              the presence of a walmart directly depresses or destroys
              the possibility of any local retail jobs that have any
              chance of offering a liveable wage.  Maybe everyone in
              America needs to retrain immediately for jobs in the
              New Economy.  I have not read of any evidence that
              the current or even past presidential administrations
              actively care or are offering any leadership in this area.
                \_ Bush's job training program is "be a Halliburton
                   contractor in the front lines in Iraq so when you
                   get shot and killed we can NOT REPORT it because
                   you were a civilian non existent contractor but
                   since you don't go in the 'troops killed' column,
                   we don't have to tell anyone and the american
                   public doesn't and won't care.
                   [reformatted - formatd]
                   \_ Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti, etc weren't exactly great job
                      creation plans.  People die in war zones, shit happens.
                      They get hazard pay.
              Also to endlessly argue that the very poor in this country
              are much better off than say arsenic poisoned homeless
              dudes in Bangladesh or entire generations of people who
              live in garbage dumps in Manila and never see solid land
              is a circular argument, it's not going to win me over.
              \_ Whatever you think of its source and author, you should
                 consider its facts and arguments in their own rights.
                 The data that article cites comes from US govt reports.
                 See the article and its references.  And let me just quote
                 "The average poor American has more living space than the
                  average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens,
                  and other cities throughout Europe. (These comparisons are
                  to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those
                  classified as poor.)"
                  \_ Living space != standard of living.  If it did, we'd be
                     sending food and blankets to the Japanese.
                     \_ It's part of the whole picture.  And the average
                        japanese are miserable in that regard.
                \_ does living space automatically equate to a higher
                   standard of living?  Mongolian steppe herders
                   probably have spaces the size of Delaware all to
                   \_ see above, and your comparison is not valid.  You know
                      how much tent space per person they have?
                \_ I don't think living density in this country is going to
                   approach japanese or european or southeast asian or
                   chinese levels any time soon unless we suddenly run
                   out of oil, we have pretty hard to overcome urban
                   sprawl problems, that ironically walmart has
                   exploited very successfully.
                   \_ Japan: 127,214,499 ppl in 374,744 sq km.
                      USA:   290,342,554 ppl in 9,158,960 sq km
                      Or roughly half as many people in 1/24th the space.
                      The US will never achieve this level of pop density.
                        \_ does the above include (or exclude?) areas
                           of the US you're not going to live in, like
                           national parks or volcanoes or the sides
                           of mountains or Houston?
                           \_ Of course, as well as huge chunks of Hokkaido
                              and numerous inhospitable rocks in dispute with
                              \_ None may enter the sacred forests of Hokkaido,
                                 reknowned for their countless soap factories.
        \_ So why support a company that makes billions by rapidly
           furthering us towards a great equalization of global poor people
           by lowering the standard of living of poor people in the US to
           India's poor?  Is that how globalization is supposed to work?
           Great!  Actually no one is really saying how much they
           love Walmart, and I bet they just pave over all the poor
           people at Marco's work and he has little concept of it and
           is probably a nice guy.  I know a couple of people who work
           at Chevron-Texaco and they had absolutely NO IDEA why people
           would keep 'blocking the main road to campus' or protesting
           or giving them mean looks when they went to work in San Ramon.
           I mean, come on, they have college degrees from UCB but
           they choose to be really stupid.  I answer their evite
           party invites with NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           \_ Well, Walmart sells cheap stuff.
           \_ Now you see many of the so called "liberals" are haters.
              \_ what is this "so called" stuff?  I AM a liberal
                 and damn fucking proud of it, ok not proud enough
                 to sign my name today, check back later.  I notice
                 none of today's posters are sufficiently walmart
                 loving or frothing at the mouth, what happened to
                 free market guy?  or free republic guy?  on vacation?
                 \_ And what about Chicom troll?  You'd think cct would have
                    a (painfully incoherent) opinion about all of this.
                    \_  Has it occurred to you that Marco's giving a
                        "conservative estimate," such that he sets an
                        appropriate expectation, and such that he isn't
                        brokering a salary negotiation?  I'm pretty sure
               will pay market for you superstars out
                        there.  --chris
                    \_ I said "average" or "below".
2004/2/18 [Uncategorized] UID:12296 Activity:nil
2/18    ifile is smarter than I am.  I thought it had missed a spam, so I
        deleted the message from my inbox... then checked it again and
        realized that it was actually a distant friend of mine mailing from
        an AOL account.
2004/2/18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:12297 Activity:nil
2/18    First exploit based on the win* src:
        \_ How does it execute arbitrary code?
           \_ can someone post a h4x0ring tutorial so this question can be
        \_ I never used a p2p program before, but I am curious about this src
           thing and I downloaded mute.  Yet I can't get it to work.  Is the
           server down?  Which port should should I tell my fw to let thru?
2004/2/18 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12298 Activity:nil
2/18    Profiling is useless against modern terrorists:
        \_ The biometric scan now being done is really for creating a vast
           database of finger prints and photos.  It's good for -- use your
           imagination.  (Hint, the technology of faking fingerprints and
           faces is quite mature.)
2004/2/18 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:12299 Activity:nil
2/18    Wireless Bank "Hack":
        \_  Does Haifa have the largest nerd density in Israel?
2004/2/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:12300 Activity:nil
2/18    The Cheeseboard is now hiring.  Give up your computers for the simple
        joys of baking bread, making pizza, and cutting the cheese.
2004/2/18 [Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:12301 Activity:high Cat_by:auto
2/17    HE WHO LAUGHS LAST...: The Associated Press reported late Tuesday that
        William Hung, the UC Berkeley engineering student who became a
        pop-culture phenomenon after being bounced rather icily from an
        "American Idol" audition, will be awarded a $25,000 check from the
        Fuse music channel on Wednesday, and a record deal from Koch
        Entertainment. The deal reportedly includes Hung recording a music
        video that will air on Fuse. The presentation, according to AP, was to
        be made at a UC Berkeley volleyball game tonight.
        \_ [ Censor, censor, censor.  Join the army and mark things. ]
        \_ Dude, get this guy a soda account!  We need more celebrities on
           the motd!
           \_ Dude, you need to get a life and stop idolizing this guy.
           \_ It pains me to say it, but even William Hung may be too cool
              for the csua motd.
              \_ [ Buh-bye, Mr. Humorless Censoring Wanker. ]
        \_ Is this story anywhere else? I'm having trouble finding the
           original AP article this is based on.
           \_ it isn't in your favorite rag so it must be false?
              \_ No, what it means is that if AP is reporting it, you'd expect
                 it to show up somewhere on the Web, given AP's automated
                 newswire that most news sites use.
2004/2/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12302 Activity:moderate
2/17    [So, for some reason, I think that a dip in Kerry's weeklong edge
         over Bush in random polling justifies me erasing anyone who disagrees
         with me.  I have no understanding of irony.]
        \_ You're an asshole.  I posted that this morning on my way to work and
           haven't been back until now.  Restored.  I have censored nothing and
           didn't even get to see whatever was said in response to what I had
           to say because you're a self righteous prick.  --Kerry thread OP
2004/2/18 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:29817 Activity:nil
2/17    Want to buy an F18 at ebay?
2004/2/18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:29818 Activity:nil
2/17    Democrat Chandler mauls Republican in Kentucky special House election,
        55.3 to 42.8:
        [ um, why was this censored? ]
2004/2/18 [Reference/Religion] UID:29819 Activity:nil
2/17    Mel Gibson - Jesus freak  = still attractive?
        \_ "still"?!
        \_ Why does someone else's beliefs offend you so much?  He doesn't
           run around shoving them in anyone's face.  He isn't trying to get
           judges to mandate what elected officials won't do.  He is a
           religious man who made a movie that you're not required to see.
           Before you start in with the ad hominen, I'm a Jew, who thinks
           Mel's movie is anti-semitic trash from what I understand of it but
           if that's how he wants to spend his money, he's welcome to.  I won't
           support it with my open wallet but I won't call him a freak either.
           \_ Based on past experience, I'd rather not say any movie is
              anti-whatever until I see it for myself.  Not that I care
              about this movie--it sounds pretty boring--but if you do
              care, I say go see it, then judge for yourself.
           \_ Well, hell, since you've opened the troll-gate, what about it
              (from what you've heard) makes you think it's anti-semitic? And
              how is it more anti-semitic than the Passion Plays that the
              Catholic Church sponsors around Easter?
2004/2/18 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29820 Activity:high
2/18    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last night called for San
        Francisco to terminate its ongoing gay-marriage marathon.
        "Californians spoke on the issue of same-sex marriage when they
        overwhelmingly approved California's law that defines marriage as
        being between a man and a woman.  I support that law, and I encourage
        San Francisco officials to obey that law," the former actor said.
        \_ "I vill tuhminate your fag marriages!"
        \_ I encourage Arnold to shut the hell up and concentrate
           his amazing energy on fixing California's fiscal health.
           \_ We put him in office to just do that one thing and ignore the
              rest of the state's issues.  not.
        \_ "I believe that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman."
           - Arnold Schwarzenegger  (this is a real quote)
           \_ this was one of the la times' stupid quotes of the year
           \_ URL?
        \_ "Maybe you ahr all homosexuals!"
        \_ You know, I could imagine being gay except for the part about
           buttsex with guys. Actually buttsex with girls doesn't appeal
           to me either.
                \_ you can be gay and not engage in anal sex, ask tom.
                   \_ Tom holum is gay?
                   \_ yeah well oral sex is pretty ridiculous too. basically
                      I need that pussy. two cocks just doesn't work.
                      \_ You don't like blowjobs? You must be the only
                         guy in the world that doesn't.
                         \_ He probably prefers the softer lighter fur on his
                            gf's mustache to a man's coarser facial hair.
        \_ "Give me your boots, your clothes, and your motorcycle."
        \_ I had temporarily forgotten we have an Austrian former
           world champion bodybuilder as governor of one of the world's
           largest most important economies, thanks for the reminder.
           \_ Better than a career politician doing nothing but lining his
              pockets and selling to the highest bidders.
              \_ not by much
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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