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2004/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:12253 Activity:nil
2/13    I converted to mutt from elm at the suggestion of the divine MOTD
        some years ago.  Will the Omniscient now answer my question again:
        is there a better standard alone mail client that uses the standard
        mail file format for mail folders?
        \_ you *want* the /bin/mail mail format?  really?  what the hell for?
           \_ why do some people like to be spanked or electrocuted?
              go figure.
           \_ It's not just /bin/mail, it is the standard way to store mail
              and used by almost everything except mh, no?  I haven't used
              mail as regular mail client for many years, but I still remember
              how to use it and once in a while when other programs fail or
              somehow are not installed, I can still read my mail.  Do you chop
              off your feet after learning to drive?
              \_ No, actually I use mh because I don't care what format the
                 mail is in.  Once you've used mh, there's no need for any
                 other mail client.
           \_ isnt the op referring to whats commonly known as the "mbox"
              format? Isnt this the standard mail box format used by most
              unix test-based mail clients as well as all the
              Netscape/Mozilla stuff?
              \_ yes, but I don't understand why they would limit themselves
                 to it.  why is that a requirement?  who cares what format
                 your mail is in as long as you can read it?  any unix mailer
                 is going to be convertible if for some strange reason you
                 really need to be in that format.
                 \_ personally, I agree that this is a pretty good way to
                    have your mail stored... easy to back up and archive,
                    and you can always open it w/ another client should
                    you need to.  With all the proprietary formats (Outlook
                    [Express] etc) its easy for everything to get hozed and
                    hard to make backups.
       \_ an email client under Emacs if you like Emacs is a possibility ...
          vm is simpler and OK if you read your mail in one place; for more
          flexible (IMAP) email, gnus is pretty much all-powerful
              used by almost everything except mh, no?
2004/2/14 [Uncategorized] UID:12254 Activity:nil
2/13    I just checked out the "Evidence Bible."  It is fantastic.  I
        particularly enjoyed the paragraph on the "Big Bang."  Don't
        be terrified of it, just buy one.
        \_ quote? url?
          \_ on
            page 25.  Page 163 under Matthew is on why the Bible is
            reliable, and page 167 also under Matthew is on street
            \_ So you enjoyed it for the humor value right? Just making sure.
2004/2/14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12255 Activity:nil
2/13    Anyone know where I can look at the leaked MS source code? google
        searches don't bring up stuff yet.
        \_ Use emule.  lots of fakes.  correct file size is 203.85MB
           NT source is 229.96MB.  Or you can try MUTE
           \_ and don't ever tell *anyone* you've ever looked at it or you
              could be tainting your career for life if you're involved in
              a programming career in any way.
              \_ Jesus, what shithole do you work at?
                 \_ In the united states where you can be sued for copyright
                    or patent infringement.  Which country do you work in
                    where it's ok to see someone else's stolen code and then
                    continue writing your own without a concern?
              \_ why? You think bill hasn't peeked at other ppl's source code?
                 \_ Nah , they'll afraid you might have been tainted by
                    the style.
                 \_ Of course they have.  Go read their 10Q.  They're being
                    sued by "over 30" people/companies for patent infringement
                    alone.  Yes, there *are* consequences to IP theft and the
                    "Bill did it first!" defense would be original in a court
                    of law but unlikely to succeed.
2004/2/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:12261 Activity:high
2/13    I'm a cable modem user (comcast).  More and more ISPs have been
        blocking email sent from my home server for being a cable modem
        user.  Has this been happening to DSL users, too?  Just now earthlink
        bounced me for being a "dynamic ip/openrelay" as if it is the same
        thing.  I don't care about the various cable vs. dsl flame fests.  I
        just need to know if switching to DSL will help or not.  thanks!
        \_ I'm on dsl but havben't noticed it yet because I dont care to mail
           to folks on those systems.  I feel earthlink's pain though, with
           the millions of hax0red windows boxes out on the net on dsl and cable
           that are just one giant spam sending farm.
           \_ I understand why they do it but they don't provide anyway to get
              on an exceptions list, nor do they monitor and block the problem
              hosts.  It's the one-axe-fits-all nature of their solution that
              bothers me.  Anyway, I'm screwed and there's nothing I can do
              about it in that sense.  I need to find another answer for
              hosting my email.
                \_ How would they make exception for a DYNAMIC ip address?
                   \_ My IP is DHCP assigned but then sticks around forever.
                      I also have a hostname which has never changed.  The
                      only time my IP has changed is when they sell the
        \_ Comcast's use policy forbids running a server on their network.
        \_ Comcast's use policy fprbids running a server on their network.
           Generally, DSL is a better system for servers. They offer static
           IP addresses, and they allow servers. In general, the phone
           company is better for this type of thing because they are setup
           to serve both residential and businesses customers. The cable
           company is primarity a residential consumer service.
           \_ Comcast purchased a company which purchased the company with
              whom I had an AUP that did not forbid servers.  I've never
              signed anything else since then so they are legally required
              to uphold that earlier contract.  Anyway, that isn't my
              problem.  Comcast isn't screwing me at all.  It's more and
              more other ISPs that are blocking mail from my Comcast
              provided net.  Comcast has actually provided me really great
              service and I wouldn't think of leaving them if other ISPs
              weren't blocking.  I was also thinking of getting hosted at
              some colocation facility.  That should give me static IP,
              lots of quality net and get entirely off the residential
              services for my email.  If anyone has experience with that
              I'd like to hear about it.  Thanks!
              \_ have you checked your original Terms of Conditions.. etc...
                 to see if they reserved the right to change these conditions
                 with prior notice? It's pretty standard that they include
                 such a clause which lets them change their policy by giving
                 you warning so that you can cancel your service if you don't
                 like the change.
                 \_ I was never given notice of changes.  Anyway, it's the kind
                    of thing which only exists in theory anyway, since me nor
                    anyone else is going to sue to enforce a $50/month
                    contract.  Anyway, the very concept is ridiculous because
                    a default OS install comes with numerous servers already
                    running.  If they shut off anyone who runs a server, their
                    entire customer base would go.
                    \_ its usually a slip enclosed in a bill that you will
                       end up throwing away without noticing
           \_ 5 weeks ago, I got a "viper" dedicated debian server at
              rackforce. best I could find. It's been great so far.
              \_ Thanks, I'll check it out.
           \_ Please define what a server is.  It's harder than you think.
              Chances are, clauses in AUP's that broadly ban ``servers''
              are not enforcable.
              \_ please read the AUP URL before making a comment like that.
                 \_ Why bother?  I don't subscribe to Comcast, so the matter
                    is academic to me.
        \_ try sending the email through comcast's mail server.
           \_ A simple way to do this automagically without reconfiguring
              your mail clients and still keeping control of your mail server
              for incoming mail is to set your mail server to use Comcast's
              mail server as a smarthost.  This is trivial to do in all
              major mail servers.  -dans
              \_ I had considered using them as a smarthost but I've read so
                 much about how crummy the servers are, mail getting dropped
                 without notice, etc, that I'd be happier if there was some
                 other service I could switch to that simply isn't getting
                 blocked by other ISPs yet still run my own mail server.
                 \_ I run a mail server that doesn't suck.  As long as you
                    are not using your mail server for hosing, I'd be glad
                    to act as primary or secondary MX for you.  Email me
                    and we'll see if we can work something out. -dans
        \_ I'd like to thank everyone who posted for the quality replies.  I
           didn't hold out much hope posting on Saturday morning.  Once again,
           the motd comes through.  --op
           to serve both residential and businesses customers. The cable
           company is primarity a residential consumer product.
              I'd like to hear about it.  Thanks!
              \_ I have comcast cable service for access and "viper"
                 dedicated debian server at rackforce.  It is great.
           \_ Two months ago, I got a "viper" dedicated debian server at
              rackforce. best I could find. great so far. -brett
           \_ Don't get too spoiled.
2004/2/14-16 [Reference/Tax] UID:12262 Activity:nil
2/13    Ok it's that time of the year. How do I claim Lifetime Learning
        Tax Credit?                                             -grad student
        \_ It's one of the supplemental forms when using one of the
           1040 forms. Not sure if you can claim using one of the EZ
           forms. This saved my financial butt last year.
        \_ Don't fill out forms.  Use <DEAD><DEAD> to fill them out
           for you.  Just answer the questions and all the forms will be
           filled out automagically.  It costs money to submit your tax
           return electronically, but free to print them out and mail them
           in old school.  Super-easy and efficient.  - not affiliated
        \_ Is this a new thing?  Didn't know this when I was a grad 5 yrs. ago.
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