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2004/2/12 [Recreation/Computer] UID:12216 Activity:nil
2/11    Having fun tawei?
2004/2/12-13 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:12217 Activity:kinda low
2/11    What would happen if I accidentally sent something to a U.S. PO Box
        using UPS?
        \_ it would get returned
        \_ if they're feeling real ambitious, they might try to deliver it
           to someone with the same name as the addressee. this happened
           with some dhl guy.
        \_ I have a PO box and UPS drops it off just fine.  The postal workers
           sign for it and place a note in your box saying you have a package.
                \_ So what's the difference between a US PO Box and one you
                   get from Postal Annex? I'm thinking of getting one because
                   I move frequently, but I don't know what the advantages/
                   disadvantages of having a USPO or privatized PO. Thanks.
                   \_ Since so many people use USPS, your porn is less likely
                      have been "previewed" than at a private box. Actually
                      your mail is less likely of falling into nefarious hands
                      @USPS while Postal Annex is open for more hours.
                      \_ postal annex will let you put down your address
                         as an apartment number or unit number or suite
                         number or whatever instead of a box number
                         so you can easily deal with assholes who won't
                         deliver to a po box.  That's why i decided to
                         go with them.  That and the fact that i swore
                         i would never set foot in the fucking berkeley
                         post office ever again.
                         \_ I got *great* service there when I started talking
                            to my friend about how I now understand why so many
                            people bring high powered weapons into the USPO.
                            Of course that was pre-9/11.  Today I'd probably
                            get shot instead of fantastic service from the
                            counter moron's supervisor.
        \_ I have a PO Box and I can't use it. Why? Because this stupid
           bank of mine says "Due to the Patriot Act we can't mail stuff to
           PO Box anymore." However I could still mail credit card bills
           so that's cool.
           \_ It's not the bank that's stupid. It's the Patriot Act.
2004/2/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:12218 Activity:high 61%like:10955
2/11    Colin Powell losing it:  (buh-bye legacy!)
        \_ "Losing it" != telling off insolent, disrespectful idiots during a
           formal hearing, at which you are expected to conform to rules of
           order.  It would have been equally correct of Clinton to go off on
           someone treating him this way when answering a question posed by some
           drooling old congressman about "where he stuck that cigar". -John
           \_ yes, but can you give an example where Clinton went off like
              that?  And if he did, wouldn't you also think Clinton was
              on uncertain footing when he did tell someone off?
              -anonymous coward & op
        \_ Hmm, Colin Powell vs. anonymous adolescent on MOTD in support
           of insolent pages and socialists?  I'll stick with
           member of the lowest profession earth?  I'll stick with
           Powell thanks.
        \_ Powell?  Losing it?  Racist.  I'll bet you've spent time trying to
           fabricate dirt on Condi, too.
        \_ IMO, he's losing it.  I think he's saluting the flag, and getting
           pretty irritated at the prospect of the tarnishing of his
           reputation from loyalty to Bush.  Also, IMO, if you ever find
           yourself using the phrase "let's not go there", you've already
           Powell thanks.
           fabricate dirt on Condi, too.
           lost. -op
2004/2/12 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:12219 Activity:nil
2/11    When I do vi-mode, after a while it escapes and returns to emacs
        mode. How do I make it stick?
        \_ wtf are you talking about exactly?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.  And don't bother answering.
              \_ your question is badly worded in the first place. i guess
                 you don't realize there are other programs that have both
                 a vi mode and an emacs mode.
                \_ ESC-x vi-mode
2004/2/12 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:12220 Activity:nil
2/11    Couldn't get soda's smtp server to work.  It complains about
        Relaying denied.  how to authenticate soda's smtp server? i am using
        Mozilla Thunderbird.  thx
        \_ How to speak chinese properly?
           \_ Got milk?
        \_ How to posting on soda motd without looking troll?  Troll to
           getting cookie if hungry smtp server auth?  Coming back not
           speakings chinglish getting answereds!
           \_ is you fat sysadmin?
        \_ if you figure this out, post here.
2004/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12221 Activity:nil
2/11    Happy Valentines Day:
2004/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:12222 Activity:nil
2/11    Has anyone tried packet radio, is it worthwhile using a hand held
        HAM radio or is something less prortable necessary.  Could this be a
        useful way of checking ones email when on the road (bicycling)?-scottyg
2004/2/12 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:12223 Activity:very high 59%like:12209
2/11    Sierra Club anti-immigrant?
        \_ If an environmental .org is serious about the environment then yes
           it makes sense to be anti-immigrant.  In fact it makes sense to be
           anti-human.  The SC is not a liberal .org, they're an environmental
           group.  Increasing population density in the U.S. will not in any
           way improve the environment here or elsewhere and is going to
           destroy a whole lot of it here and elsewhere.  Fewer people will
           directly lead to a cleaner/safer environment for all planets and
           \_ aren't environmentalists typically liberals?
              \_ what is going on inside the SC right now is a fight between
                 true environmentalists who don't have a broader focus and
                 liberals for whom the environment is only one agenda item on
                 the list worth sacrificing for their greater liberal agenda.
                 I'm with the pure environmentalist crowd as we already have
                 enough generic liberals but no other serious orgs looking out
                 for the environment.
                 \_ I couldn't agree more.  It's important for any organization
                    like that to stay focused.  I'm going to take a wild guess
                    here and say I'll bet less than a quarter of any dollar
                    given to these jokers gets to any kind of conservation
                    project.  Now Bat Conservation International on the other
                    hand is, IMHO, a model of how things *should* be done.
                    I've been a contributor to and member of BCI for over 10
                    years, and I can't remember a single time when they seemed
                    politically motivated in anything beyond the very narrow
                    scope of their stated mission.
              \_ Grow up.
              \_ typically yes.  But it is not a prereq.  Personally I
                 consider myself a conservative libertarian environmentalist,
                 but there are people who know me who would argue with each
                 of those labels.
                 \_ Then at the very least you have a tension between human
                    rights, which is the libertarian pet peeve and
                    'environmental stuff', for which a principled resolution
                    should exist.  Most libertarians would say 'screw the
                    endangered wetland weed, humans are more important.'
                    Conservative libertarian makes more sense --
                    libertarian == rights, conservative == enforcement.
                    As far as the Sierra Club story, I heard they made some
                    sort of 'mutual coprosperity pact' with the Hispanic
                    Caucus (which makes them both unprincipled in my book).
                      -- ilyas
                 of those labels.
        \_ Every environmental issue is caused by human population growth.
2004/2/12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:12224 Activity:nil
2/11    What is the efficient soda way to use SpamAssassin?  I have
        7MB of related files in my home directory, which seems
        silly.  a big spamassassin file, and then soem big files
        in .spamassassin/
        \_ ifile
        \_ man spam
          \_ hey thanks, dickwads.  Even more helpful though would
             be a direct answer.
2004/2/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12227 Activity:nil
2/11    NYTimes: Vietnam-Era Kerry Saw a Military Led by U.N.
        \_ And over 30 years, one is NOT ALLOWED to reconsider their positions,
        \_ Do you think "American security" is directly dependant upon
           "troops dispersed through the world"?
        \_ The UN at the time had a lot more credibility than it does today.
           And nice way to misrepresent the article--"dispersed through the
           world only at the directive of the UN" != "military led by UN".
           Bad troll.  -John
           \_ formatted
                \_ Head hung in shame.  -John
           \_ They seem equivalent to me.  Can you explain the difference?
        \_ by the UN and his mistress?  man was not meant to live by bread
2004/2/12-13 [Reference/Celebration] UID:12228 Activity:nil
2/11    Any recommendation for a place where I can order decent but not too
        expensive birthday cake?  I would prefer something with real cream,
        marron, and not too much sugar.  tia.
        \_ what about those Chinese bakeries?  Or Albertson's/Safeway?
           \_ I thought those cakes were not a Chinese speciality.  Of course
              it not an Ammerican speciality either.  Any good "old world"
              bakery in the south bay?  Maybe I haven't been looking hard
              enough, but I have never got a half decent cake with or w/o
              a thick layer of marron in a supermarket.
              \_ Try Aki's Bakery, on Meridian Ave. in San Jose:
               -- kahogan
        \_ Marron?
           \_ castanea sativa
        \_ A couple of my friends get cakes from Sogo Bakery:
        \_ I had a fantastic Chocolate Buttermilk cake from Icing on the
           Cake in Los Gatos (<DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Virginia Bakery in Berkeley off Virginia & Shattuck.
2004/2/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:12229 Activity:low
2/11    So has the webfeat posting stuck around simply for nostalgic .com
        marketing value?
        \_ All motd postings are treated according to the following 7-point
           rating scale:

           KEEP      The posting is already sublime in its perfection; nothing
                     more can be added.

           SUPPORT   The posting is good; it requires only some followups to
                     explain and amplify its position.

           DISCUSS   The posting is reasonable; it needs further analysis and

           DISPUTE   The posting is bad; it requires followups to point out
                     its errors and fallacies.

           CENSOR    The posting is so bad that neither it nor any ensuing
                     discussion will have any value whatsoever; it should be

           MOCK      The posting has transcended mere badness and entered the
                     realm of amusement; it needs to be ridiculed.

           KEEP      The posting is already complete in its own mockery;
                     nothing more can be added.

           The posting you mentioned qualified for KEEP status, and has thus
           been left untouched.
           \_ How come there are two KEEPs?
              \_ KEEP.  (Guess which one it is!)
               \_ MOCK.  (No guessing needed!)
2004/2/12-13 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:12230 Activity:high
2/12    Full length paris hilton tape released on net: (semi work-safe)
        \_ When is someone going to put this in /csua/tmp?
           \_ Go ahead.  No one else cares.
              \_ your ambivalence is emasculating
                 \_ you really want to see a chick stoned out of her mind
                    taking it up the ass whole chatting on the phone?  i don't
                    and don't understand why anyone else would.  go ahead and
                    put it in tmp, no one is stopping you.
                    \_ Sounds like you watched it already.
        \_ The 2 minute clip was bad enough.  She looked so stoned and fucked
           up there was nothing erotic about it.
           \_ I thought there was something intriguing about the way she just
              lay there talking on the phone like nothing while that guy used
              her body, as well as the supposed illicitness of the vid.
              \_ "Intriguing?"  You sound like a potential sicko voyeur.  Best
                 to check yourself into a mental hospital before you do any
                 \_ I think a lot of people are sicko voyeurs. Why all the
                    hype about this, and the Pamela Anderson thing, etc.?
                    The vid didn't arouse me but it was...morbidly interesting.
                    \_ Morbid interest sounds like arousal to me.
                        \_ Only if you're a necrophiliac.
                           \_ Note I didn't necessarily say _sexual_ arousal.
2004/2/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:12231 Activity:nil
2/12    Does anyone know much about Juniper Networks router policy? I have
        the router configuration for the Internet2's Abeline network
        ( and what I want to get out of it is
        some sort of DB that will tell me if a given IP is connected
        to the network. I've tried looking over Juniper's docs
        ( but they all talk about routes and not
        hosts. the route-filter command seems to be the most relevant.
        Thanks. --jhs
        \_ you're not going to get anyting useful out of that configuration
           file.  What you need is going to be a bgp route dump from the
           actual router.
2004/2/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12232 Activity:low
2/11    Are trademark and company names case sensitive?
        \_ In what regard?  Can you get sued if you sell something under the
           name coca-cola instead of the properly capitalized Coca-Cola?
           Hell yes. -dans
           \_ On the other hand, I think trademarks only apply to a field and
              are not a universal license to the word, so you could open a
              "Coca-Cola Auto Mechanics" or something.  You'd get sued but you
              would win if you had enough lawyers.
              \_ Yes, that is correct.  Trademark exists to protect consumers
                 from someone trying to fraudulently market a different market
                 using a similar name or logo.  For example, if you produced a
                 soft drink, and marketed it as Oca-Cola, using Coca-Cola's
                 signature red stripe or bottle (yes, they trademarked the
                 bottle), they could sue you into oblivion. -dans
              \_ Coca-Cola is a "famous trademark".  You cannot even use it
                 to name your auto repair shop, as of 1996:
           \_ What if I have a name first, then someone else comes along with
              a name in different capitalization and I cannot afford a (good)
              \_ Are you two in the same field?  If so, you don't need a lot of
                 lawyers, as the case will be pretty cut-and-dry regardless of
           \_ I want to know when I register whether I should care about the
              capitalization, i.e. can I change the cases of certain letters
              later in product/website/doc etc and still claim they are
              mine without registering again.  -- op
              \_ I don't think it's a problem.  Microsoft was MicroSoft and
                 Micro Soft before that...
                 \_ Will Mike Rowe Soft work?
                    \_ You could trademark Mike Rowe Soft if it was not doing
                       business that competed with MS in any way.  Given their
                       diversification, that's getting harder to argue.
                       \_ Well my business would make innovative new computer
                          related products so that should be ok.
              \_ If the trademark name is fairly obscure, you can get away
                 with it. Present it as logo variations if the question comes
                 up. If you're trying to use a minor variation of someone
                 else's trademarked, there could be trouble.
                 \_ What about symbols and abbreviations?  Is 'and' == '&" ?
                    And plural vs. singular?  What is the rule of this game
              \_ Yes, but you should really talk to a lawyer.  Asking the motd
                 for legal advice is beyond idiotic.
        \_ Capitalization used to follow simple English rules until the dot-com
           \_ eMac, iMac, iPod, blame it on apple.  Actually isnt' there a
              conflict between eMac the computer and emacs the editor?
           \_ MadeUpFactoid: e.e. cummings moonlighted as an EE developing
           \_ And don't forget punctuation marks, as in "Yahoo!".
        \_ There is a UNIX vs. Unix discussion.
        \_ I'm naming my company "SuperCo, Whose Stock I Recommend,".
2004/2/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12233 Activity:high
2/11    Kerry infidelity. fuck
        \_ The floodgates are already opening?  Why don't they wait for an
           actual candidate to be nominated?  Or are they that afraid of
        \_ Quick update, looks like Drudge just got the wind taken out of his
           sails by an email from Craig Crawford.  Ah poor Matt, on to the
           next unsubstantiated smear.
           \_ John Kerry eats babies!  You don't support eating babies, do you?
           \_ urlP
        \_ look on the bright side.  if this breaks at the right time, we
           could end up with edwards, who would be a stronger candidate
           in a general election.
        \_ *bwahahahahha* I told you Kerry was a loser candidate with too long
           a history.  I always thought you guys were insane for backing this
           guy and should have put up Edwards.  Lucky for you, now you can.
           Too bad so many millions have been pissed away on Kerry now.  Maybe
           Soros will buy the Office for you.   --conservative
           \_ Its Drudge.  Come on.  This has about as much credibility as
              a third grade schoolyard fight.
              \_ But he's a legitimate journalist!  He has a hat!
              \_ Not to mention the questionable timing what with all the
                 BushTrouble, the fact that the exact same (false) accusations
                 came up at almost the same time in '92...sigh...of course
                 all the wingers will eat it up.
              \_ Likely this will end up in the same circular file as the
                 Jane Fonda "photo expose," which turned out to be complete
                 hokum as the photo was taken 2 years before she went to
                 Hanoi...and Kerry had always spoken out against her trip
                 anyway.  Fact is, if the Democrats nominated Jesus himself
                 the Rovian smear machine would be out circulating proof that
                 he was actually Satan.
                 \_ Did you know he healed lepers without a medical license?
                    And what's the deal with Mary Magdalane?  Why aren't they
                    married?  Also he went off walking in the desert for 40
                    days.  Doesn't that seem like he's a wierdo loner?
                 \_ The democrats will never nominate Jesus.  He's too
                    \_ That was an inevitable response.
                 \_ Actually the "render unto Caesar" thing and "give your
                    money to the poor" thing pretty much insure Jesus would
                    be smeared by Republicans.
              \_ the news drudge releases may be puerile, but I've found them
                 (with the exception of the worldnetdaily URLs) to be
                 relevant and truthful.  if he continues posting worldnetdaily
                 quality news, I'll stop going.  also, IMO, if these rumors
                 turn out to be false, then drudge just got tricked, in
                 a big way.  duh.
2004/2/12-13 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:12234 Activity:high
2/11    A relative in high school is looking for SAT, AP, and other test
        prep courses.  I'm wondering if any of you took them before getting
        into UCB.  I didn't take any of those when I was in HS so I don't
        know.  I heard of Princeton Review and Kaplan and there might be some
        smaller neighborhood test prep business.  What do you recommend?
        Take a course or just get some books with CDs, etc?  I think his
        parents wants him to take a afterschool or weekend course.  Thanks.
        \_ I didn't use anything for the SAT, but I can say that for the GRE,
           the Kaplan CD + book was *really* helpful, and definitely much
           better than the Princeton Review.  I got 780,790, and 680 on
           the math, quantatative, and verbal respectively.  I think the
           SAT is similar enough to the GRE that the same advice holds.
        \_ I didn't take a SAT course (my score was ~ 1400 on the old SAT,
           but as my major was mse, 4's on the Chem & Calc APs and 750+ on
           Chem and Math achv. offset my low SAT score).
           My brother took Princeton Review and got a 1570 on the new SAT
           (he needed it as his major was BioE).
           I would recommend taking a class (PR and Kaplan are both good)
           if a 1500+ score is required for the planned major (EECS, BioE)
           otherwise just studying with a book/cdrom is probably enough.
           I wouldn't recommend taking a AP prep class unless the AP class
           at the school is really crappy. Most schools do a good job of
           preparing people for the AP tests. The prep classes that some
           of my brother's friends took didn't really prepare them for 5's
           they seem more for people who just wanted 3's.
        \_ I'm an old fuck so in my day, no, it was a waste, but these days
           I'd say yes.  You want courses that focus on the academics of the
           test and the trick questions.  Some courses focus on bullshit like
           how racist the tests are which is interesting but not useful.
           \_ The SAT is culturally biased in favor of those cultures that
              value education.
              \_ Funny.
        \_ Don't bother.  Just buy the Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc. books,
           and work through them.  I trained one summer to be a Kaplan bitch,
           and basically all the classes do is force you to go through the
           workbook.  Why pay $800 or more for the same thing you get from a
           $50 book? -dans
           \_ This is true for Kaplan.  For TPR, the teachers are usually
              more skilled.  Depends on the franchise, but TPR teachers
              generally make more $$ than Kaplan, and TPR stresses teacher
              skills more.  That being said, I didn't take any courses for
              either SAT: 1440, but then studied off TPR & Kaplan & Vocab
              books for GRE: 2330.   -ex-TPR instructor & Kap-teacher trainee
              \_ Maybe, but my understanding was that Kaplan spends MUCH more
                 on research, so their core materials are better.  Also, I
                 believe that on average, Kaplan students show bigger
                 improvements than TPR students.  Of course it's easy to lie
                 with statistics so I'd believe that the same could be said of
                 TPR students and both statements would be true in a manner of
                 speaking. -dans
                 \_ Numbers for 2003 were something like:
                    Kaplan: $4-5mm research for 20+ tests.
                    TPR:    $2+mm research for 8 tests.
              \_ Maybe the studying helps. I got a 1550 (old SAT) but only
                 a 2290 on the GRE. Both without studying.
                 \_ Oh yeah?  I got a 2310!  My penis is _TWENTY POINTS_ bigger
                    than yours!
                    \_ I'm female.  That makes your penis _TENTY POINTS_.
                    \_ I'm female.  That makes your penis _TWENTY POINTS_.
                       \_ Hi lea!
                          \_ BZZZT!  Next?
                             \_ Hmmm, alice?
              \_ the new gre has a max of 1600&an essay (from 0 to 6..
                 i think) !!! :)  analytical section is wacked. :(
              \_ seconded.  I just bought a Princeton Review book many years
                 ago for GRE.  It was actually humorous to read back then.
                 A high school classmate took a Kaplan course instead.  She
                 must have had much higher SAT score than I did, but I am
                 than she, 4 year later.  Of course, I would not attribute
                 quite confident I did better, maybe a lot better, on GRE
                 than she, 4 years later.  Of course, I would not attribute
                 all this too TPR. :)
        \_ The Mercury News had a big story on prep courses yesterday:
        \_ I took a cheap SAT course at my local JC, and a simple test taking
           tip of circling the answers on the booklet and fill in the bubbles
           in groups gave me enough time to recheck my answers couple of times.
           Raised my score by 100 points.  It was just a one Saturday morning
           \_ I took a cheap one at my local community college, and their
              book of sample exams had an inappropriate question (it was a
              brain-teaser) and had the wrong answer.  The whole experience
              was a waste of time and money.
2004/2/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29801 Activity:very high
2/12    SF mayor marrying gay couples
        \_ How many is he going to marry?  I thought polygamy was outlawed in
           all 50 states?  Isn't he straight?  And why would any lesbians
           want to marry him?
           \_ Bravo!  *clap* *clap* *clap*
              \_ Thank you!  Thank you!  --AMC
        \_ maybe let North Korea take out SF before we take them out?
           \_ Good idea!  Considering the blast radius of even a small nuclear
              weapon, Soda would be a goner.  No more motd flamewars to worry
              \_ I like the flamewars -psb #7 fan
              \_ Not really.  If they set off a fission bomb, Soda would be fine
                 except for downwind radiation.  A large fusion bomb would be
                 another story.
                 \_ So you're saying the EMP won't be a factor, and we can
                    still maintain a server in Berkeley even after catastrophic
                    fallout?  Cool beans!  NUKE THE FAGGOTS!
              \_ wasn't soda built near a nuclear reactor?
                 \_ It doesn't mention this, but it was a tiny research reactor
                    that couldn't have melted down.
                    \_ Radiation, yes indeed! You hear the most outrageous
                       lies about it. Half-baked goggle-boxed do-gooders
                       telling everybody it's bad for you. Pernicious nonsense!
                       Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year.
                       They ought to have 'em too. When they canceled the
                       project it almost did me in. One day my mind was
                       ready to burst. The next day nothing swept away.
                       But I showed them. I had a lobotomy in the end.
                       \_ "People get so hung up on specifics, they miss out on
                           seeing the whole
                           thing. Take South America for example. Every year
                           in South America
                           thousands of people turn up missing. Nobody knows
                           where they go. They
                           just disappear. But if you think  for a minute,
                           realize something:
                           there had to be a time when there was no people
                           right? Well, where did
                           all these people  come from? I'll tell you where:
                           the future. Where
                           did all these people disappear to: the past. How did
                           they get there?
                           Flying  saucers, which are really, yeah, you got it:
                           time machines."
                           \_ Scumbags.
                              They ain't scumbags; they're trolls just like us.
                    \_ #4 in the link hints of the reactor.
                       \_ Duh.  I was just giving more information.
           \_ Why are Christians so full of hate? I thought Christ
              told you guys to love everybody and here you are
              advocating killing 750,000 people because a few
              of them disagree with you. You people are really sickos.
              \_ Looks like they've hooked another mark.
              \_ exactly, only a hand few of people pushing shit down
                 people's throats.
              \_ how did Christians get into this?  Don't other religions
                 such as Islam also go against gay-marriages?
                 \_ I think it's just a troll.  I can't see what else he might
                    be thinking.
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