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2004/2/8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12155 Activity:high
2/7     Oh well... 4 more Bush years.  Kerry took WA and Michigan by huge
        \_ This post is so dumb, I don't know where to start.
           \_ Start at the beginning.  If you're such a genius it should be
              easy.  Your inability to express your feelings as clear and
              rational thought composed of words doesn't speak highly of your
              intellectual capacity or ability to reason.
              \_ And you?
           \_ I assume you're saying that Kerry can beat Bush?
              Unfortunatly, Kerry is such a doo-doo head I don't think he
              has a prayer.
              \_ for us non-first-graders here, what exactly does being
                 a "doo-doo head" imply? and if you're talking about shit
                 for brains, well, one could argue that bush doesn't even
                 have the benefit of that.
2004/2/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:12156 Activity:nil
2/7     I got a "relay access denied" message while trying to send mail to
        an <DEAD><DEAD> address.  Does this mean we're blacklisted as an
        open relay by them now?
        \_ Could you please send a copy of the message you got to root@csua?
           So far we've only gotten one report of this, and that one turned
           out not to be from <DEAD><DEAD> at all (it had the destination
           email address misspelled).  --root
        \_ yep
           \_ Yeah, it was a misspelling.  I retract my original posting.
2004/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12157 Activity:nil
2/7     OpenBSD IPv6 DOS patch:
        \_ not really serious unless you're a public IPv6 host.
2004/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:12158 Activity:nil
2/7     Come to my housewarming tonight.  Details in the mail sent to
        csua@csua a few days ago.  Cheers.
        - dans
2004/2/8-9 [Science, Politics] UID:12159 Activity:nil
2/7     Are "silver" projector screens ok for projecting images from my
        laptop?  (say a power point presentation or something like that)
        Is white better?  Does it make any difference?
        \_ Most important thing to look for is lumens, the resolution
           (for PPT. for other applications, res might be more important)
        \_ power point?  shoot yourself.
           \_ Power point has it's place.  I may have to deal with some
              annoying things, but a boss isn't one of them, so it is a small
              price to pay.  How's your boss?
              \_ My boss sucks cock but I never have to touch power point.
                 I can get a new boss.  When will you stop using PP?
2004/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:12160 Activity:nil
2/8     give a fake email address, go to jail for 7 years:
        \_ Give a fake address *when registering a domain*.  Sounds reasonable
           to me.  Like buying property, you're entering a oontract with Gov't
           and society--we should be able to contact the real you.
           \_ Good call.  The article is stupid.  BTW, can someone explain
              what they mean by "the intention ... is clearly p2p networks"?
              AFAICT this doesn't affect anyone using some p2p software from
              their home dsl.  Though the harley analogy is really fucking
              stupid and scary... --scotsman
           \_ It's much more fun to scream about civil liberties, the patriot
              act, and the evil bushco.  Who asked you to bring any common
              sense to a motd issue?
2004/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12161 Activity:nil
2/8     I've been looking for an office-type proggie on FreeBSD for a while
        and started using OpenOffice.  It's a pain in the ass to compile
        (never got it to build nicely) but after I found a binary package,
        I have to say that it's pretty awesome.  Highly recommended.  -John
        \_ The one with the key logger built in?
        \_ Can it read MS Word documents? Can your files be read
           by MS Word on pc's?
           \_ more or less, yes, in both cases.  OpenOffice is OK, but it's
              not nearly as good an application as MS Office is, and has just
              as much bloat.  It might be able to keep you from using Windows,
              though.  -tom
              \_ In what ways is it "not nearly as good"?  I know it's not, but
                 specifics might be helpful.
                 \_ it can't display its own fonts on the screen properly.
                    The open/save dialog boxes are cumbersome.
                    It does stupid shit like allow you to save a file with
                    spaces in the name, then refuses to open that file from
                    the command line, even if you escape the spaces.  -tom
2004/2/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12162 Activity:nil
2/7       Prediction: If the administration produces Osama bin Laden, dead
           or alive, before the election, it's all Bush.  Otherwise, it's
           virtually a coin-toss, no matter who the Dems put up against him.
          \_ Bullshit.  You're overestimating the attention span of the
             American public.  It's *still* the economy, stupid.  Right now
             that puts Bush in a very close tie with Random Democrat.  If
             the economy really takes off, Bush'll be unbeatable, and if it
             really starts to go down, he's dead.  Otherwise, it'll be
             close, barring another major terririst attack.  Joe Sixpack
             has already forgotten who Bin Laden is.
             \_ bullshit?  you just agreed with OP for the most part.  --!op
             \_ Yeah, the Dems are betting on the short American attention
                \_ Er...  both sides take it as a given... because it,
                   unfortunately, is.
          \_ Or if Dubya's administration finds the WMD.
          \_ I give the Dem's one chance in four. -Berkeley Liberal.
             \_ It's Bush's to lose with Kerry as the guy and his only reason
                people/dems are voting for him is they think he can beat Bush
                not that they like him.  That's not really inspiring.
          \_ Heh.  Did you see Bush's inept performance on Meet The Press?
             He's toast.  When even the National Review Online guys are calling
             him on his blather, he's in trouble.
             \_ The average voter isn't watching MtP, reading NRO, or a lot of
                other things you'd hope for.
             \_ Or at least he would be if the Dems could put up anyone
                who wasn't so increadibly LAME.  In 2000 Bush could not have
                beaten anyone.... except Gore, King Stupid himself.  Bush
                even keeps alienating his own voters.  It's pathetic.
                \_ It wasn't just Bush who beat Gore in 2000.  It was the
                   Bush/Nader dynamic duo.
                   \_ Go Ralphie go!!!!!!  Nader 2004!  There is only one
                      liberal ego big enough to keep a republican in
                      \_ Ralph isn't liberal.  Ralph is for the people which
                         Gore sure as hell isn't.
                      \_ Nader just illustrated what a buffoon Gore was.
                   \_ Gore couldn't even take his own 'home' state.  That is
                      hardly Nader's fault.
                \_ Kerry's not as lame as Gore was, but he shares a lot of the
                   attitude and personality problems. Their anti-Bush hype
                   machine only works against people who already hate Bush.
                   I'm a liberal and Kerry is not a likable person to me.
                   I've gotten used to Bush enough that I don't really care
                   anymore whether someone like Kerry beats him or not.
                   \_ Kerry is going to lose for the same reason Bob Dole lost
                      in 96.  They said it was "Dole's turn".  That's no reason
                      to put a guy up for office.  They now say "Kerry has the
                      best chance to beat Bush" which is also a lame reason to
                      put him up.  The independent voters who make and break
                      candidates don't share the "anything but Bush" feeling
                      so if the only thing Kerry has going for him is the
                      "he's not Bush and can beat him" thing, then well, he
                      can't.  Kerry also has an inconsistent 35 year Senate
                      record to pick apart.  This is going to be uuuuugly.
2004/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:12163 Activity:nil
2/8     On FreeBSD, what's the best way to let a service use a user's system
        authentication (postfix SMTP AUTH via TLS and apache) so that he
        can use his unix username/password to authenticate?  -John
        \_ man postfix
        \_ pam?
        \_ for apache, i found mod_auth_external the easiest to use, but this
           was 3 or 4 years ago --dbushong
           \_ Can SASL do this?  Postfix supports sasl auth nicely, but I can't
              seem to get it to use FreeBSD passwords.  -John
              \_ I don't think so.  Most SASL schemes rely on having the
                 password cleartext on both ends so it can be encrypted with
                 a datestamp or something like that.  It can't get the
                 cleartext pass out of the password file...  If you're doing
                 SMTP w/ TLS you might be able to get it to work w/ one of
                 the cleartext AUTH methods (LOGIN or PLAIN, IIRC) --dbushong
2004/2/8-9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics] UID:12164 Activity:high
2/8     English people are still ugly:
        \_ Nice little racist troll.  Good attmpt.  No cookie.
           \_ i hardly see how that's racist, considering there are several
              races represented.
2004/2/8-9 [Finance/Banking] UID:12165 Activity:nil
2/8     I'm a second year PhD students. I get funding as an RA ($1000 a month)
        but my living expense is much greater. My rent is $800/month, plus
                                \_ "PhD student".  Also, "books" below?
                                   What subject area?  Where are you living?
                                   A change in living arrangement could do it
                                   for you.  Get a roommate?  Those might be
                                   able to solve your problem without a loan
                                   and without taking more work on.
        utility, book, transportation, FOOD, etc etc. Everything just adds up.
        I'm starting to run low on my savings account and I'm wondering what
        other options I have. I missed the NSF deadline and I can't really
        count on scholarships. Can I take a low or no interest rate
        educational loan somewhere? Like Fannie Mae or Perkins or whatever?
        I've never taken a loan in my life and I don't know anything about it.
        Any pointer you can give me would be great. Thanks!
        \_ join the Cal Band and move into the band house. that will save
           rent money and food money.
           \_ wanna see him stick his flute in his pussy?
        \_ As you can see by the responses, you've come to the wrong place.
           Even UC Berkeley has counselors for its students. They are not great
           but they will be more helpful than asking on the Soda motd. Go get
           help. -- ulysses
        \_ TA'ing isn't *that* bad.  Ask around and find out which TA jobs
           have the best pay/work ratio.  Look into tutoring positions also.
           I knew a guy who was making 30k/year as a grad student from his
           TAing and tutoring plus his research stipend by the time he
           graduated.  Of course, he wasn't getting jack shit done for
           research, but he had a family to support, and he finished his
           PhD and got a good job anyway.
           \_ Plus, if you like the material and know it well, TAing can be a
              lot of fun.  Best job I ever had (aside from the pay).
              \_ It probably depends a lot on what kind of school you're at.
                 Most TA jobs I know of are mostly grading, which is not
                 particularly hard, but not exactly that exciting either.
                 \_ OP is talking about being able to *EAT*, not exciting
                    money making opportunities.
                    \_ If you're getting a graduate degree in a technical
                       field from an American university and you're seriously
                       too dumb to figure out how to feed yourself, why
                       not let evolution take its course?  Does the world
                       really need another PhD with no common sense?
                        \_ dude chill out. Everyone knows that PhDs are
                           really good at theoretical shit that no one really
                           cares about and they really suck at coding/sys
                           adm/installation/managing money and other things
                           in life. Show some pity for them, sheesh
                           \_ I *am* a PhD student.  I'm making enough
                              money from TAing to pay off my undergrad loans,
                              and have a very comfortable lifestyle.  It's
                              just not that hard.
                           \_ Heh. -- PhD student
                       \_ I agree with you in general but I'm just trying to
                          help OP since he's already breeding anyway.
        \_ talk to someone at your financial aid office. you may qualify
           for govt loans, private loans, or a combination.
        \_ Check out the sperm bank, easy couple hundred a month for not a
           lot of effort.
           \_ They'll just nail you later with paternity suits.
           \_ Don't do it.  You don't want to be screwing your own hot babe
              daughters when you're about to die very rich.
              \_ if you're about to die, what does rich and poor have to do
                 with anything?
                 \_ If you're about to die poor, you think you'll find hot
                    babes jumping onto your bed?
        \_ For the record, you want a Sallie Mae loan. Fannie Mae is for
           buying houses.
2004/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:29787 Activity:nil 57%like:12153
2/7     Minority voters in Michigan being disenfranchised.  Racism suspected. (
2019/08/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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