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2004/2/6 [Transportation/Airplane, Reference/Military] UID:12116 Activity:kinda low
2/5     speaking of death:
        \_ I like this: "If you are really concerned about your safety, stop
           smoking, lose weight, and get moderate exercise. And watch your
           drinking and use of non-prescription drugs" while not saying
           anything about driving. They should say "If you are really
           concerned about your safety, stop driving."
           \_ and to be truly safe, go live in a cave.
              \_ Read "The Hot Zone"? Things like ebola may grow in caves.
           \_ yeah yeah ride bike, light candle, use linux, whatever.  the rest
              of us have lives to lead.  we don't live on your utopia.
              \_ go fuck yourself. it's not that hard to live near where you
                 \_ Uhm, yeah, if you work at Safeway, moron.  Or you're a kid
                    willing to way overpay *rent* on a shitty little run down
                    1 room in a south bay or penninsula pit.  Some of us have
                    real lives going on and can't just pick up and move to the
                    next slummy pit for a new job.  Did I mention you're a
                    moron?  Yes, I did.  I think I forgot to mention you're
                    also a self righteous smug little ignorant bastard, too.
                    \_ I work in the Financial District and live one half
                       block from the Muni stop. For the last 10 years I
                       have lived and worked in San Francisco. It isn't
                       that hard if you make it a priority.
2004/2/6 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:12117 Activity:kinda low
2/5     So I've been trying to download stuff on Kazaa and I'm very impressed
        at how the record industry is fighting back by uploading fake music
        files. 95% of the stuff I download now are bogus. I'm very very
        impressed. At any rate, what are some other non-sucking p2p programs
        I could use? Thanks.
        \_ IRC
        \_ my friend swears by suprnova (w/o the e). it's bittorrent
           \_ suprnova is great, but only if you're looking for something
              either incredibly popular or very recent. I use suprnova as my
        \_ if there's some version of a song that has 50 sources, don't believe
           it.  Download a different version.
        \_ you should sue.  you have the right to download non-bogus files.
           the information wants to be free!
        \_ I like Ares alot... just started using it, no ads, good
           selection of music.
        \_ Someone asked about earthstation5 recently, but no replies.
           Has anyone used this at all yet?
           \_ It had a bug or backdoor (which one is a matter of controversy)
              which gave a remote attacker complete RW control of your drives.
              I won't touch it anytime soon.
2004/2/6 [Reference/Military] UID:12118 Activity:high
2/5     Speaking of guns, can someone tell me what makes for a good handgun?
        What is the best handgun on the market? I'm not "anti gun guy".
        \_ umm. tell me what the best laptop on the market is and i'll tell
           you what the best handgun is. your problem is not well-defined.
           \_ since it's not well defined you're free to answer how you wish.
        \_ Some reliable handguns: almost any revolver, some 1911s, almost
           anything by Glock, H&K, or SIG.  Some accurate handguns:
           anything by H&K with the little rubber ring around the barrel,
           some custom revolvers, some custom 1911s.  The most beautiful
           handguns, in my opinion, are the classic 1911, the SIG P210,
           some old revolvers, and the German Luger.  Did I miss any other
           notion of 'best'?  -- ilyas
           \_ Well, maybe the best balance of everything, that is readily
              available. And/or your personal favorite. Thanks :)
              \_ I might have given the impression that 1911s are really
                 great.  Some of them are, but it's important to buy from
                 the right folks.  There are lots of junky 1911s floating
                 around.  It is a great gun though, my personal favorite.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ The 1911 is a fairly complicated gun to take apart, IIRC.
                    The Glock, Beretta, and a handful of others have fewer
                    parts to keep track of.  I rather like the lines on the
                    Beretta 92's myself, though there's something rather
                    attractive about the Browning HiPower.
                    \_ True.  Modern guns are easier to take apart.  Revolvers
                       even easier still.  -- ilyas
                       easier still.  -- ilyas
                       easier still.  Modern guns tend to look like a wad of
                       prechewed plastic though.  -- ilyas
        \_ You might want to at least start with caliber, size, and what
           you want to use it for.  That'll narrow things down for a
           \_ I just want completely subjective opinions, out of idle curiosity.
              \_ Okay, well my personal preference is to avoid single-
                 action only (I don't like the idea of keeping a gun
                 cocked and locked).  Also I like either a safety, or
                 a decocking lever.  SIGs seem to fit my criteria
                 best; they're reliable, come in a variety of sizes and
                 calibers, but do tend to be a bit expensive.
        \_ just out of curiosity, do people see any huge benefits between
           .40 and 9mm?  .45 has more stopping power, IIRC, but what about
           the other two?
           \_ arrrrrrggggggg! Doesn't it bother anyone that the gun world still
              uses a random mixture of English and SI units?  Why do American
              gun manufacturers continue with the 9mm when it's only three
              thousanths of an inch shy of a .357?  -unitsgeek
              \_ Because they don't shoot like .357s?  I've found shooting
                 a 357 mag a bit too much.  Haven't tried the 357 SIG
           \_ Use the largest calibre you are capable of shooting comfortably.
              Truly comfortably, no need to be macho about it.
              \_ This is very good advice.   -Peace Officer Cadet
        \_ what are people's favorite shooting ranges? (for handguns).
           Anyone happen to know of a good one in the Davis area?
           \_ Target Masters in Milpitas has a truly excellent pistol range.
              \_ Seconded. Try before you buy. Go to:
                 (But turn down your sound-- they play a cheesy 007 theme
                  on the page.)
        \_ You could have a hand gun or a cannon
           And you still struggling to be dealing
           Without the knowledge and wisdom and understanding of
           A .22 (derringer)
           A .38 (long)
           A .44 (desert eagle)
           A Glock Nine
           Time to protect the fam I'm a cock mine
           I make the streets run red like a stop sign, stop lying
        \_ The one I pried from Charlton Heston's cold dead hands.
           \_ Hi Eli!
        \_ Where'd all the anti-gun nuts go?  I'm shocked this didn't turn
           into a flame fest.a
           \_ What would be the point? So, I'm curious, anybody ever fire a
              Broomhandle Mauser? --anti-gun nut
           \_ I think we'd be better off without guns, but since there are so
              many in the hands of criminals, it seems unfair to deny them to
              responsible gun owners.  -- Moderately anti-gun.
2004/2/6 [Reference/Military] UID:12119 Activity:nil
        So I don't shoot gun and don't know anything about it but this is
        just disturbing. I can actually get 1000 rounds for only $100, or
        10 cents per bullet where each bullet is capable of killing 1 person.
        Is there something wrong with the gun industry?         -anti gun guy
        \_ Maybe some of our resident chem geeks can tell us how much
           the chemicals required to kill 1000 people with sarin cost.
                                            -anti molecule guy
        \_ Happy trolling!
2004/2/6 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12120 Activity:nil
2/5     So what's up with this Simon guy on American Idol? I mean, is he
        actually someone famous like Paula Abdul? Does he actually sing?
        \_ simon and randy are both talent scouts. they make a living
           searching for talent for record labels and signing them, and
           they both have a great track record.
                \_ I'd love to see Simon sing and have someone like him
                   critique his looks/voice/moves
                   \_ Pointless.  That's like saying you'd love to see Judge
                      Ito on trial for murder.  Ito is an idiot but we know
                      he didn't kill anyone's wife or bloody his white SUV.
2004/2/6 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:12121 Activity:nil
2/5     Just got my California Suplemental Voter Guide.  So Arnold couldn't
        find $15 billion dollars in waste after all, and wants to borrow it?
        Isn't this what the feds do?  Anyway, the measure is sponsored by
        "Join Arnold," which makes me think of that part in Evil Dead II where
        Bruce Campbell is outside the house and the eyes appear...and some
        cheesy processed voice says, "Jooooooooin Ussssss."
        \_ This is the first you have heard of this?
        \_ If it doesn't pass, then he will do deep cuts.
        \_ Anyone notice Arnold is spinning this as a way to pay for excesses in
           Davis' budget, as in we need to recover from a debt, when we're
           really covering a regular deficit by incurring a new debt.
2004/2/6-7 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:12122 Activity:nil
2/5     I use my cell phone only occasionally.  Does anyone have any
        recommendations for prepaid plans in the Bay Area?  TIA.
        \_ The cheapest prepaid (on a $/month basis) is AT&T.  Most expensive,
           by far is Verizon.  -- Verizon non-prepaid user
        \_ AT&T rocks...if you renew your acct with more minutes within
           45 days, the remaining minutes roll over. The only thing bad
           are the phones you get with this plan. This is a great plan if
           you don't use a wireless phone much, but still need to use one
           \_ Don't know if you care since you're going prepaid, but a number
              of my friends had serious issues porting away from AT&T, and they
              sold me a locked GSM phone without informing me that it was
              locked.  Consequently I don't do business with AT&T, and
              discourage others from giving them money.  Basically I don't
              want to support a corrupt and dishonest phone company.  ymmv.
              - dans (Happy T-Mobile Customer)
2004/2/6 [Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:12123 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
2/5     William Hung needs to get a CSUA account
        \_ What the hell is the big deal with this guy? Some no-talent
           loser gets on some stupid show and now he's popular?
        \_ After macho@csua.
        \_ who?
           \_ she bangs! she bangs!
                \_ OH. MY. GOD. Well even if he had the looks and the voice,
                   he would not have made it. He doesn't do kung-fu/karate.
                                                            \_ just say
                                                               martial arts.
2004/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12124 Activity:nil
2/5     shmat(2) local exploit on OpenBSD and FreeBSD (there is an exploit
        in the wild):
        \_ Workaround installed, thanks.  --mconst
        \_ Since everyone seems to go apeshit about how Linux sucks and *BSD
           is so much better when this happens, this is the obligatory
           \_ Hrm.  Difficult to parse your comment, but I'm assuming this
              is the standard rant of "See, *BSD is no better."  Sorry, the
              centralization, speed, and ease of upgrade puts any linux
              distro to shame.
              \_ how's that? unless you've got some 1-click thing that does it all
                 for you (hah, yeah right), i don't see how it can be significantly
                 easier than what i do on linux to upgrade or patch a kernel.
                 \_ Where's the motd format Nazi when you need him?
2004/2/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:12125 Activity:kinda low
2/5     We Worship Jefferson, But We Have Become Hamilton's America
        Excellent historical perspectives throughout this thread.,50
        \_ No shit Sherlock. We talked about this when I was in HS.
           How is this news now?
           \_ We did?  I don't think you and I went to the same high school.
              What'd you think of that hottie 23 year old number they got in
              to teach social studies?
              \_ Dude!  Totally!  She was HOT!  I'd totally do her!
              \_ I don't know what dumbfuck HS you came from but we
                 talked about Jefferson vs. Hamilton and how it relates
                 to differing stages of the country pretty early on. It's
                 one of the standard essays you write on the AP and it's
                 a common topic amongst historians.
                 \_ We didn't all go to your nice white elite HS.  That is the
                    kind of dumbfuck HS I went to.  My HS wasn't even
                    accredited so my grades didn't count.  I got in on my test
                    scores alone, not my nice white fluffed up inflated grades.
                    Any more questions?
2004/2/6 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:12126 Activity:kinda low
2/5     Gnome or KDE?
        \_ emacs!  vi!
           \_ tracker! gullwing!
        \_ neither.  both suck big giant hairy donkey dicks.
2004/2/6-7 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12127 Activity:nil
2/6     WSJ babbles incoherently about WMD and whatever.
        \_ It's a nice theory: We invaded Iraq, therefore Libya gave up their
           weapons, Iran capitulated to inspections, and the lone weapons-
           proliferator in Pakistan threw up his hands and confessed all.
           It's nice because they're absolutely correct about Libya, but it
           falls down when it comes to Iran, where negotiations for
           inspections have been getter more and more amicable since before
           the invasion, and Pakistan, where if you really believe that one
           man, on his own, coordinated the proliferation of WMD to Pyongyang
           and Tripoli, I've got a nice slice of peaceful Kashmir to sell you.
           \_ Negotations in Iran had been going nowhere fast until very
              recently.  It's obvious to everyone that Khan didn't do the
              nuclear proliferation thing on his own or without his government
              knowing and approving.  That's an easy one.
2004/2/6-7 [Reference/RealEstate, Recreation/House] UID:12128 Activity:moderate
2/6     Anyone have experience with taking a former landlord to Small Claims
        Court?  I just got our itemized statement of damages from moving out
        of our old place, and the landlord is including $1750 for complete
        carpet replacement.  The carpets did *NOT* need to be replaced --
        they weren't pristine when we moved out (wear in high-traffic areas,
        small stains), but they weren't pristine when we moved in, either.
        Unfortunately, pre-existing carpet problems weren't something I noted
        during our move-in walkthrough, and the carpet wasn't discussed during
        our move-out walkthrough, either (beyond the understanding that the
            \- this is what you should base your claim on. it is ipso facto
               unreasonable not to mention a $1000 item at the joint walk
               through. you willl certainly win if the fact you state are
               accurate. you may be able to get "jerk around" damages.
               since you are out of the country, this will be an asspain of
               course. i would write the landlord a demand letter [which will
               improve your case too] and have it sent from a usa address.
               be sure to specify a time by which you want a reply ... say
               two weeks. --psb
        last thing I'd do before I left would be to steam-clean the carpets).
        I can present witnesses (friends who helped us move) to attest to the
        condition of the carpets on move-in, but given my lack of backing
        paperwork, am I pretty much screwed?
        \_ Got pictures?  Got a receipt for the steam cleaning?  And more
           important than any evidence, do you live in Berkeley or San
           important than any evidence, do you live in Berkeley of San
           Francisco?  If so, then you should always take your landlord to
           court, no matter how right s/he is because you'll probably win
           despite all evidence to the contrary.  BTW, $1750 is pretty
           fuck cheap carpet.  I'd want to see the billing statement showing
           the bastards even put new carpet in.  Death to landlords and other
           property owning scum!  The earth belongs to us all.
           \_ I lived in San Jose.  Unfortunately, now I'm overseas (so I
              pretty much knew the answer to the "Am I screwed?" question
              before I asked here).  When you're talking about average lowball
              carpet, how much *should* it cost to buy and install n sq. yards
              of new carpet?  (Believe me, if it weren't cheap, my landlord
              wouldn't be putting it in.  That was part of the problem with
              the *old* carpet.)  -- OP
        \_ Unless they have proof of damage, you shouldn't be charged. Normal
           wear-and-tear doesn't count. Damage would be torn, stained, rust
           or oil stains, burned, etc. In your case, the question is how
           stained was the carpet and how large and how many were there?
           It would also help to know which city you're in. If you didn't
           mention stains on the move-in or have photos, you're not in a
           good spot.
           \_ Landlord just wants a sap to fall for this trap and buy
              free carpet for him/her. Don't fall for it. Fight! Fight!
              Fight! Maybe you can counter-sue for lost wages, etc.
        \_ your landlord sounds like my old landlord.  Is she russian?  was
              your apt between haste and channing?  anyway, i went back to her
              and asked nicely and she gave some of my money back.  don't know
              Fight! Maybe you can counter-sue for lost wages, etc.
              if it will work now though.
2004/2/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12129 Activity:kinda low
2/6     I don't really blame bush for this but it's ironic timing...
        Feb. 5, 2004  |  WASHINGTON (AP) -- On the same day a poison-laced
        letter shuttered Senate offices, President Bush asked Congress to
        eliminate an $8.2 million research program on how to decontaminate
        buildings attacked by toxins.
        Buried in documents justifying Bush's 2005 budget proposal released
        Monday is an Environmental Protection Agency acknowledgment that his
        proposed cut "represents complete elimination of homeland security
        building decontamination research."
        \_ a good wash down should be good.  There's something about the
           great outdoors taht kills germs.
           \_ This is about poisons (chemicals), not germs, (biological).
              \_ water should dilute them, then just wash them into the
                 \_ Do you dump your oil changes down storm drains too?
2004/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:12130 Activity:nil
2/6     Am considering going back to school to get a BS in CompEng (I already
        have a BA in wholly different field). Pros and cons of doing it at
        Cal? Hayward? SFSU? Will I have to take Gen. Ed. all over again? Odds
        of getting financial aid/grants?
        \_ gen ed again? dont be ridiculous
        \_ wtf is computer engineering?  do you have to write interesting
                  \- i know in india most of the space "computer science"
                     majors go into is called "computer engineering" ...
                     which i suppose is more accurate than "computer science"
                     [certainly what they do is braoder than programming]
                     but i agree it sounds weird. --psb
                     \_ Damn, psb has the most consistently bad formatting
                        in motd history.
           code?  do you see transistors?  is it engineering without the
           harder stuff?  do cs if you want to code, ee if you want to
           do hardware.  don't do some watered down bs program that still
           won't get you a real job.
           \_ Some idiot that just read /. article on how "Computer
              Engineer" grads have higher/st starting salary.
           \_ You tell me, tough guy:
              \_ great.  so wtf is a computer engineering degree?  some
                 personal history...  worked at a joint where the manager
                 had a real hard-on for cmu grads.  flew like 5 of them
                 computer engineer major types out here to interview.
                 they can't do transmission lines (sort of important
                 when you're trying to build big buses and backplanes),
                 can't code worth a damn.  didn't hire a single one of
                 \_ Damned if I know.  But say I want to do EECS. Should
                    I go back to Cal? I want to stay local (Bay Area).
        \_ I think Cal undergrad program doesn't accept anyone who already
           has a bachelor degree.
           \_ this couldn't be further from the truth.
              \_ it is very, very rare for Cal to grant a second bachelor's
                 degree.  -tom
        \_ Depends on what you want to do with your degree.  A few variations:
           Want to teach or do research?  Get a high quality brand name degree.
           Want to teach HS or low end CC?  Get an easy degree and all A+s.
           Want to work in industry?  Some places only care about your GPA.
           Get the easy degree for those.  Other places are more picky and
           won't even talk to you or if they do you won't ever get promoted
           without a quality degree.  For my field and what I want to do my
           B-ish grades at Cal hurt me badly.  I would have done better with
           all As from CS Hayward.  But then I wouldn't know all you lovely
           people!  It was worth it!  Oh God!  I'm shedding tears now!
        \_ gen ed is a bit different in the college of engineering compared
           to gen ed in the college of letters&science. in EECS, there are other
           lower division requirements like CS61 series (especially if you
           are thinking of computer engineering.) there is also the engineering
           physics requirement (lower division) along with the 2 years of math
           (calculus, linear algebra, diff equations, multivariable calculus)
           and the one semester of a lower division science course (bio or
           chem).  there is a chance that you can waive some of the
           requirements with high school AP courses (but not physics or
           probably not CS courses.)   (But, only one english course is
           in terms of future employment, Cal is a much better choice (some
           companies don't look at you if you went to Hayward or SFSU.. meaning
           you won't get an interview.)  although, i think that Cal Engr does
           not take anyone beyond a sophomore.  maybe, cs in l&s might be
           SJSU or UCD might be a better choice (in terms of reputation among
           companies..although it might a bit farther) and of course....
           should i say it.... there is stanfurd..
           i figure with computer engr, you can do digital design or write
           hardware/software interface/drivers software..   i can't predict the
           future, but digital design seemingly can be done overseas (as long
           as the EDA keeps improving.)   i'm starting to think that chemE
           might have a better future..
           \_ Waitressing can't be outsourced.
        \_ Turns out EECS only takes 3-4 "Second Degree" students per year and
           currently requires a 3.97 GPA. Go beah!
           \_ 3-4 out of how many applicants?  And if as a returning student
              you can't manage a 4.0 in your forst year or two you are
              pretty fucking lame.  Can you imagine how easy it would be
              to take all your freshmen classes now?  You wouldn't even have
              to try.
              \_ That requirement is for your GPA from your *first* degree.
                 That is, only the best students get the opportunity. -tom
              \_ And you're not re-taking freshman classes, either.  It seems
                 unlikely you'll be one of those 3.97+ people returning so
                 don't worry your pretty little head about it.
           \_ aren't there special programs/exceptions for women?  (that is,
              if you are a woman going into EECS)
              \_ like women don't get enough freebies already.
              \_ the admissions committee might give a bit more leeway here
                 esp. if the candidate is borderline..
        \_ Don't there exist (Masters Degree?) CS or EE programs already
           specially targeted at people who have a BA degree in some other field
           who want to get fast into EECS?
           \_ if the ba degree is something related (eg, i can see physics
              majors going into ee specializing in applied physics or
              semiconductor physics/materials or chem majors going into
              semiconductor process), then ee programs exist for those from
              a different field.  something related would be a mba in mis..i
              suppose..  not having the prereqs for grad courses makes it
              pretty difficult.. (it's a bit different from not having the
              prereqs in undergrad.. and even this is not easy.. depending on
              the program & university..)
              \_ what about getting courses prereq at a community college
                 then take a Masters?  Or maybe some Masters will allow you
                 to take some prereqs.
                 \_ This is an excellent idea.  Thank you.
                 \_ most masters will allow their students to take undergrad
                    community college might be a good intro.. but courses like
                    a graduate level parallel architecture class (a typical
                    comp engr course) will more likely need a upper division
                    class like cs150 and/or eecs141..
        \_ hahahaha...  mcb huh?
           \_ i majored in both eecs&mcb..and mcb classes were just as
              difficult as eecs classes..
              \_ MCB is commonly known as a "hell major" at cal.  Along with
                 CS, and Architecture.
                 \_ Architecture!?!? That's a joke, right?
                    \_ um, no. architecture guys apparently have crazy big
                       projects (or maybe just tedious and time-consuming).
                       \_ please don't frighten the EECS droids by suggesting
                          that other students at Cal work hard.  -tom
                    \_ architecture people, on average, work a hell of a lot
                       harder than EECS people while in school *and* after
                       school and definitely get way less money after school
                       99% of the time.
              \_ what about taking prerequisites at a community college
                 then take a Masters?  or some masters program may allow
                 you to take prerequisites first.
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:12131 Activity:nil
2/6     Anyone happen to have a recording of the Kevin and Bean
        show on KROQ this morning, where they kicked the head of
        the Church of Scientology out of the studio?
2004/2/6-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:12132 Activity:low
2/6  the site is work safe, but not the movie
        trailer.  Anybody seen this movie?  Supposedly it's better and more
        gory than Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I haven't seen it but I believe
        that.  You don't know violence and gore until you've seen asian
        horror movies.  Thanks.
        \_ ichi is very gory, yes. it also has a sort of nonsensical plot,
           which is supposed to have a lot of hidden meaning or some shit, but
           which didn't really strike me as that. i felt like it was a waste
           of time, though this is probably one of those films where you
           love it or hate it.
           \_ the plot sort of makes sense if you really analyze it.  I
              thought ichi had a lot of extremely artistic digital
              composting.  Very dada, though.  Gore for the sake of gore,
              compositing.  Very dada, though.  Gore for the sake of gore,
              gore to the point where it transcends just plain old gore and
              becomes a statement on the nature and reason for gore in films;
              a statement that you as the viewer have to decipher and decide
              for yourself.  Plus it has Shinya Tsukimoto playing the
              mastermind of all the violence.
        \_ I love Takashi Miike.  This is one of his gorier films, though
           I'd personally start with something like Dead or Alive or
           City of Lost Souls and move up from there.  I think you'll
           appreciate Ichi more that way... and though my personal favorites
           are Audition and Happiness of the Katakuris, they don't have
           quite the effect unless you've already seen his gorier films.
           Visitor Q has one of the best necrophilia scenes ever put to
           celluloid.  Oh, BTW, he has a new one in the SF Indie fest,
           called Gozu.
           \_ I've seen both Audition and Happiness of the Katakuris,
              and thought the latter was really excellent while the
              former was somewhat boring.  Do any of his other movies
              veer towards arty, rather than gore-as-spectacle?
              \_ all of his films are different.  After seeing Dead or
                 Alive, I found Audition to be one of the most suspenseful
                 movies I've ever watched.  Everything seemed so tame and
                 maybe normal, it gave me heart palpitations waiting for
                 it to get as weird and gorey as I knew it must get.  There's
                 a lot of gore, and to some degree that's the point of a lot
                 of his films.  It's more than just shock cinema, though.
                 It's shock cinema that makes me, at least, re-evaluate the
                 boundaries of conventional taboo and consider their purposes.
                \_ I loved the Audition. Kiyoshi Kurosawa is also the shiznit.
        \_ slightly OT: has anyone seen Kitano's version of Zatoichi..worth $$?
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:12133 Activity:nil
2/6     I never knew that the plural of antenna was antennas if you are
        not referring to Zoology. I'm glad I looked it up and didn't make
        a nerd out of myself.
2004/2/6-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:12134 Activity:nil
2/6     How do you listen to MP3s/CDs in your car?  What's your setup?
        Do you even use your cassette tape deck?
        \_a freind of mine works for phatnoise, they make a mp3 hardrive
          that works with any car stero that can interface with a cd changer:

        \_ you can get an mp3 cd player with a carkit for pretty cheap.
           take a look at the iriver ones.
           \_ iriver rocks!
        \_ Alpine CD/MP3 player
           \_ does it show tags?
        \_ In jail!  Pirate!
        \_ I'm waiting for Alpine's upcoming units designed specifically
           to handle IPods.  Might be worth a look.  In the meantime,
           anyone tried some of those wireless FM transmitters?
           \_ They work great if there's an open frequency where you want to use
              them, but in the Bay Area, it's very hard to find a frequency
              which doesn't have some weak station outcompeting your transmitter.
              OTOH, the cassete-tape dealies work pretty well.
           \_ I tried the iTrip and the iRock with my iPod. They do
              not work very well in the bay area since it is hard to
              find a free station.
              \_ I've had no problems with 87.9 with my iPod/iTrip all
                 over the bay area.  -meyers
           \_ tapes work better than FM transmitters
           \_ why don't audio units come with auxiliary input?
             \_ Some do.  That's why I bought the model I did.
                \_ newer ones: it should be almost mandatory
                 If they have your model listed, maybe that'll work
                 \_ thanks for the info!
2004/2/6-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:12135 Activity:nil
2/6     Smog cutting paint:
2004/2/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12136 Activity:moderate
2/6     Heh, cover photo of Canadian news magazine on Bush
        (see web site or for full story)
        \_ Found it through via "Customer Care" -> "Back Issues"
           \_ Well, that's intuitive.
        \_ fuck you and your drudge report.  here's a link to the Canadian
           news magazine:
           \_ calm down, son.  I already looked for the cover photo on
    , and I couldn't find it.
              \_ That's because youre a moron.  See "fuck you" above.
                 \_ where's the cover photo, genius?
2004/2/6-7 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:12137 Activity:high
2/6     Global Warming is shrinking the atmosphere:
        \_ yay! we save on satellites!
        \_ Global Warming doesn't exist.
           \_ Silly troll.  Global warming exists.  At dispute is how much
              warming, whether it's a bad thing, and whether humans caused (or
              can do anything about) it.
2004/2/6 [Uncategorized] UID:12138 Activity:high
2/6     ilyas, teach me Russian so that I can pick up this hot Russian
        chick in my sociology class, thanks.
        \_ Ok! -- ilyas
        \_ "ya ti bya ha choo"
2004/2/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12139 Activity:nil
2/6     I love Pho. Do you like Pho? Would you like to be my friend?  -tran
        \_ Where fo is the best pho in Berkeley?
           \_ not exactly in berkeley, but that place in 99 ranch?
        \_ Is Pho Hoa on Shattuck any good?
           \_ They're... okay.
2004/2/6-7 [Science/Biology, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:12140 Activity:nil
2/6     In biology, how is a species classified as Old World or New World?
        \_ yer mom - old world.
2004/2/6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:12141 Activity:nil
2/6     procmail folks:  I'd like to filter a mail iff it matches 2 dif rules
        the below doesn't work, what should i do? (besides rtfm :)
* ^From: Mail Delivery Subsystem*
* *Dis address be full, (*
        \_ Put one rule and then in an inside block put the other rule.
           I don't know how deep procmail rules can go, but your case is
           easily handled.
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:12142 Activity:nil
2/6     Fuck you motd censor!  Fuck you in the ear!
        \_ FYRITE
        \_ are you complaining because someone nicely deleted the 2000
           pages that someone posted or just because of the censor's
           normal twitish behaviour?  (btw, he prob. likes the attention)
           \_ The asshole who deleted the actual threads.  I hope you got your
                \_ ^you^he && ^your^his , punk.
        \_ I think the motd censor has fine taste.  How else could we get the
           motd down to the least read, least replied to, and least interesting
           threads without someone butchering away full time?  Vivre La Censor!
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:12143 Activity:nil
2/6     man blinded by janet's super bowl stunt has sued
        \_ I love America!
           \_ Yup, the country of lawsuits.  Although in this case I side with
              the plantiff.
              \_ Why?  If she's that pissed off about breasts she needs to sue
                 the entire Fox lineup.
                 \_ Fox?
        \_ Where does it say anything about a man being blinded?
           \_ Are you intentionally being dense?
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:12144 Activity:nil
2/6     Is there a *nix library for writing menu driven UI on console
        much like old dos programs?
        \_ man dialog ?  man ncurses ?
           \_ Wow!  dialog is COOL!!!  --- !OP
        \_ thanks and I also found cdk.
2004/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:12145 Activity:nil
2/6     I got a 'phishing' spam email.  The phishing site gets DNS and
        registration from Yahoo Domains.  I've tried emailing Yahoo to get them
        to revoke the registration, but no luck, and their phone trees are
        designed to prevent me from talking to anyone.  Anyone know the super
        secret email or abuse phone numbers?
        \_ (408) 349-3300 x 0
           \_ Tried that without the extension and got the runaround....
              Ok, they gave me a different phone number that really just points
              to another branch of the same phone tree.  That tree just sent me
              to a person who said "I can't do anything.  Send us email."
              No wonder most companies sue first and ask questions later.
2004/2/6-7 [Reference/Military] UID:12146 Activity:high
2/6     Guns.
        \_ Are they good, or are they wack?
           \_ Aight?
           \_ Good?  Bad?  I'm the one with the gun
        \_ Guns:  I don't support the right to own automatic firearms or
           munitions, but I support the right to sport shooting and
           intelligent implementation of personal pistol ownership (i.e.,
           trigger-locks, registration, and deep background checks). On a
           purely personal note, I enjoyed shooting down a range, but I
           don't want a gun in my house; hey, I enjoyed bungie-jumping, but
           I'm not going to put a 150' pit in my house, either.
           \_ You are a wuss who is unwilling to defend constitutionally
              protected rights.
              \_ Damn straight. I want a gun to keep the King of England
                 from barging into my house.
                 \_ King of England?
                    \_ Charles will soon have this title. You want him in
                       *your* house?
              \_ You didn't include enough "Black helicopters! Black
                 helicopters!" to get me excited.
                 \_ Black helicopters are not the problem. Big gub'mint-luvin'
                    Berkeley libs are the problem.
                    \_ You're almost there... a few more and you might have
                       a real troll going!
        \_ Repeating: Target Masters in Milpitas offers a wide variety of
           guns to test on their range.  Worth the trip:
        \_ Motd Moral Dilemma of the Month:  A friend of mine has a roommate
           who is exhibiting strong signs of paranoid schizophrenia and/or
           methamphetamine abuse.  He has deteriorated in the last two months
           into a raving loony who tells his other roommates that they are
           "out to get him" and they are "all in on it."  Recently it came to
           light that this little lovely somehow managed to mail order an
           AK-47 knockoff and a short barelled 9mm handgun, and has been
           seen skulkling around various random San Francisco political
           events that involve supervisors.  Here's the dilemma: my friend
           and his other roommates having discovered this, they felt that it
           was a) extremely bad for this guy to have such guns without telling
           anyone in the house and b) extremeley bad for this guy to have
           guns at all.  They have taken the guns away and they are now
           sitting in my house where he (hopefully) can't get them.  Am I
           doing the right thing?  Also, how in California, land of the assault
           rifle ban, did he manage to mail order such a gun?  Crazy roommate
           claimed it was "Russian surplus," which seems halfway plausible
           since it has a bayonet attached.
           \_ Not all guns sellers are aware of, or honor California law.
              This is a bad situation and it's hard to do much.  If he hasn't
              threatened or hurt anyone, there's not much the authorities can do
              unfortunately.  If I were you, I'd have a casual chat with the
              police.  They can probably just arrest him for having the assault
              rifle, but it's best to have all your ducks in a row before you
              go ahead and confirm your roomate's paranoia. --had loony roomie
           \_ If this is real turn the guns in and tell them how you got them
              and maybe they'll get this guy taken in for a 3 day eval.
              \_ 5150, yo!
                 \_ five by five, yo!
2004/2/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12147 Activity:nil
2/6     Motd censor:  Please don't kill active threads.  Be more selective.
        \_ OK, I give up.  No fun threads for anybody!
        \_ Woot!  I love the Motd Censor!  Rock on!  Bring on the boredom!
2004/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:12148 Activity:moderate
**/**   Holy shit!  What was that psycho stalker crap appended down here?
        \_ C'mon respect people's privacy here. He obviously did not
           intend for this to be world readable.
        \_ should someone tell the person what happened?  Maybe he
           wasn't the one who posted it here.
        \_ I dunno who posted it or who wrote it originally but the original
           author is a psycho, needs help, and should seek help immediately
           because they've created a record of their stalking which is now
           forever logged and can be had by the prosecutors when she finally
           presses charges.  sick sick sick!!!
           \_ Maybe it is all a joke.
              \_ Attaboy... ignorance is bliss.
2004/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29784 Activity:high
2/6     Have you seen any cute women at Fry's or any other geek shop?
        \_ do booth bunnies count?
           \_ what are booth bunnies?
              \_ A.K.A. booth babes.  Attractive women hired to get your
                 attention for a product.
                 \_ they do not count.
                 \_ does not count
        \_ Usually some geeky asain dude with hit 2hot4him gf on his arm
           looking painfully bored waiting for a hotdude like you to sweep
           her off her feet!
        \_ yes, in the punky DIY tattoed chick way
        \_ There is this hot 19 or 20ish latin woman that works the cafe
           at the Sunnyvale Fry's. But other than that, not really.
           \_ There's this tall greek woman that works at the RMA dept of
              Sunnyvale Fry's.  Same one?
              \_ She is tall, so we might be talking about the same one.
2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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