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2004/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:12079 Activity:nil
2/2     This ricin stuff better not be WHEAT GERM.
2004/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12080 Activity:nil
2/2     Someone mentioned how that Kurdish thing didn't get much attention.
        How about the 250+ muslims who got killed in Mecca yesterday? As
        usual they got trampled in a stampede.
        \_ The 'Kurdish thing' is on CNN as a major headline.  What more do you
           want, a guy going door-to-door?  The incident in Mecca hasn't gotten
           nearly enough press though -- gotta agree with you there.
           \_ I just went to their web page and don't see it. I get a big pic
              of Sharon's face. I do see the Mecca story at the bottom.
              \_ Huh?  It's still there.  "Death toll climbs in Iraq suicide
                 \_ Not so obvious for your average American.  I bet a whole
                    bunch didn't even notice over the Super Bowl festivities.
        \_ Yeah, but see, the U.S. has a track record for abandoning the
           Kurds, and it seems we haven't gotten out of the habit yet
           \_ Except for the fact that this is major news in all the newspapers
              CNN and other cable TV and on the nets.  No cookie.
              \_ uh, no.  Please see ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v for deleted
                 thread on this.
2004/2/3 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12081 Activity:nil
2/2     FTP question.  I am trying to transfer a 5 gigabytes file to another
        computer (both are PC running Windoze).  Doesn't really matter which
        client I used, after the end of transfering all 5 gigabyte, it said
        something like "450 can't access" and doesn't write the file to the
        FTP site.  I am running Filezilla Server on the other end.  Why such
        \_ that's not an ftp question, it's a filezilla question. either that
           or ftp doesn't support files that large.
           \_ I am running Filezilla and made sure it has all the access.
              (both computers are in same LAN).
        \_ Is the destination PC using FAT32 or NTFS?  FAT32 limits files
           to 4GiB.
              \_ Props for using Gibibytes.
        \_ Here's a nickle kid, buy yourself a real computer.
           \_ save your nickel, and buy yourself a dictionary.
        \_ why are you ftping from one host to another on the same LAN?  just
           share out the directory and copy the file.
           \_ I never really figured out how to config microsoft network
                \_ Right-click on directory, 'sharing', 'share as',
                   on client PC 'mount network drive',
                   '\\computername\sharename'  Geez.  -John
                \_ there is more to it than that.  There is this thing
                   called "workgroup" thingy.  and I don't know which port
                   or service MS is used to share file.  the entire thing
                   is a lot more mysterious than simply setting up a FTP
                   and let go
                        \_ I'd appreciate it if you'd at least try to be
                           vaguely amusing when pretending to be an ignorant
                           fuckwit on the motd.  -John
        \_ Hey guys, thanks all for the input.  It turned out that none
           of the GUI clients (Filezilla, Internet Explorer)  I used worked
           well.  The text client that came with Windoze actually gotten
           pretty far: it hit the 4GB limit before everything died.  And
           yes, that partition of the Harddrive is FAT32.  Thanks for
           pointing that out for me.  And for your information, Filezilla
           seems to be a relatively stable FTP client, eventhough on my
           P3/384mb machine, it can handle about 1000 files on its queue
           before it start to thrash --OP
           \_ Yeah whatever, next time don't come here with your crap.  You
              can't figure out the mysteries of windows file sharing?  My
              parents managed that much on their own.  Don't come back.
              \_ On behalf of the human race, I am pleased to announce that
                 we're revoking your membership until such time as you can
                 see that someone else pissing in your cornflakes still does
                 not excuse you being an asshole on the motd.
2004/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:12082 Activity:nil
2/2     So, within an hour of Gallup poll results appearing on CNN indicating
        Kerry or Edwards would beat Bush in a head-to-head matchup,
        a Homeland Security official leaks info that initial tests indicate
        ricin is found in a Senate office building?
        \_ Terrorists are hiding under the bed!  Be afraid!
        \_ I thought it was an 'unidentified substance' as of 20 minutes ago.
           \_ Jesus Christ.  I find 'unidentified substances' in my apartment
              all the time, yet my apartment terror alert never climbs above
              a sort of tealish color.  Homeland Security is eventually going
              to get a lot more convincing, or else stage a terrorist attack
              themselves if they really want credibility.
              \_ Ok, they really said it was an 'unidentified white powdery
                 substance which was still being analysed in the lab' which I
                 figured was cocaine that some senator's boy dropped in the
                 hallway by mistake on his way to his master.
2004/2/3-4 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:12083 Activity:nil
2/2     Can you guys see a problem with this?  An online company sells CDs, and
        they offer to give you a download of the CDs you bought in say 65kbit
        mp3, 128kbit mp3, 256kbit mp3 and FLAC.  That way you are saved the
        trouble of ripping the CD and getting the right ID3 tags, you also get
        to listen to the music immediately.  As a further extension, you could
        have them hold onto your physical CD for a while and only ship you discs
        every few months to save on shipping.  The 2 caveats I see are they have
        to only let the person who ordered download, and they can't sell CDs
        they don't physically have.  Would this avoid the RIAA/ fiasco?
        \_ Looks like you've been reading Robert X. Cringely's column. -williamc
           \_ If you're referring to that "collective ownership" idea, that's
              not what I had in mind.  I'm looking for a way to have a normal
              pay-to-download music scheme with multiple encodings/qualities and
              no DRM.
              \_ Any scheme that doesn't have DRM will instantly turn into
                 \_ Bzzt.  Not everyone sucks.  Check
                    \_ Thanks. neat site. -!op
                       \_ How does stop song-swapping?
                          \_ It doesn't.  It accepts it into its business
                             model.  If the riaa companies had done this back
                             when cassettes were their big issue, they wouldn't
                             be so far behind.
                 \_ All downloads would happen from a central server, and only
                    at the time of purchase, so there should be little risk of
                    password sharing or the like.
                    \_ that still doesn't stop me from sharing it on say, kazaa,
                       or whatever favorite p2p scheme i might have.
                       \_ There's nothing stopping you from doing it with CDs
                          you already own.  It's also legal for a company to
                          rip and encode CDs you own.  This combines the two.
                          \_ the law is a tricky thing. is it legal for them
                             to store copies of mp3s they rip and send them to
                             you? it would seem there could be a catch if they
                             didn't rip it from the cd you own. but it wouldn't
                             be a practical business if they had to hire someone
                             to open your cd and rip all the tracks off your cd.
                             then, there's the cost of warehousing a huge backlog
                             of unsent cd's.
        \_ The company would have to retain, store, and be able to prove that
           each person's physical CD collection existed in a warehouse some
           place.  Forever.  That alone is going to cost way too much to make
           it worth the effort.  I recall reading about someone with a similar
           idea a few years ago but I guess nothing came of it.  Is your
           startup prepared to be RIAA audited once a month?  Probably not.
           \_ If it kept immaculate records, then after the 3rd audit or so it
              could either sue or get a harassment reatraining order, or else
              refuse the audit, get sued, win because everything is well
              documented, then file a SLAPP suit or invoke the Sherman
              antitrust act.  I do agree it will be harassed and must keep
              excellent documentation.
              \_ Assuming the RIAA just didn't get a law passed against this,
                 you still have *huge* storage and IT costs.  Music just isn't
                 that expensive.  You have a one time sale but repeat costs on
                 each one time sale.  It is guaranteed to lose money in the
                 long term.  If your plan is to get a million users, own 10%
                 of your $6b space, IPO and walk away then oh wait, we don't
                 do that anymore, this isn't 1998.  Forget about it.  Come up
                 with a service people would be willing to pay for that you
                 could actually make a profit running.
                 \_ Here's a business model that might work: write good,
                    music, play it in a public concert hall and charge people
                    money to listen.
                    \_ that business model works for Dave Matthews, but not
                       for the vast majority of good bands.  -tom
                    \_ Little guys can't make money that way.  How does a big
                       guy get to be a big guy without a music publishing and
                       distribution system?  No one is going to put me in a
                       20,000 person stadium because I rock at the kazoo with
                       out at least 20,000 rabid *local* kazoo fans around.
                       \_ Your army awaits you, Captain Kazoo.
2004/2/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12084 Activity:moderate
2/2     What do people think of the Vagina Monologues? Is it worth seeing?
        \_I enjoyed it all three times I've seen it, but then again I know a
          quarter of the cast.  If you have a girlfriend/date your assured to
          get laid if you take her.
        \_ Heh.  Isn't that the one where a 13 year old girl gets raped,
           and then it's supposedly 'good rape.'
           \_ No, it is a middle aged woman speaking sort of a feminist
              diatribe. I am pretty much a SNAG, but I found it to be kind of
              dull. The women I went with all enjoyed it. I do remember one
              funny line from it: "My vagina is Angry!". That cracked me up.
              \_ Hey Mr. SNAG, you really should do your research before saying
                 'no.'  In fact, there was a 13 year old getting raped in the
                 original version, but it's a 16 year old now, and references
                 to 'good rape' were removed.  Vagina Monologues are trash,
                 bordering on criminal trash.
                 \_ Have you ever actually seen it performed, or are you
                    just parroting some crap you read on Freep?
                       Google for 'vagina monologues 13 year old'.  I don't
                       need to see it performed to consider it trash.  I
                       haven't seen most things I consider bad face to face.
                       Thank God for that.
                       \_ "I said VAGINA at least a dozen times a day for two
                           months, and I was able to reclaim it as a word."
                           \_ Vagina no longer refers to a woman's parts?
                       \_ So in other words, there is no scene where a "13 year
                          old girl gets raped" no line about a "good rape"
                          and everything you know about the play is from
                          something someone else told you about it. And yet
                          you are certain you are the authority and I am
                          wrong, even though I have seen it. Gotcha.
                          \_ There was a scene where a 13 year old girl
                             describes being raped by an older (over 18)
                             person.  And then says 'if it was rape it was
                             good rape.'  This scene was REMOVED in subsequent
                             versions, as has been said several times.  What
                             exactly are you questioning here?  Are you saying
                             this line never existed?  Because I can easily
                             prove you wrong.  The play is trash for this
                             reason alone.
                             \_ I pointed out that there was no 13 yo rape.
                                I saw it and can verify that fact. The person
                                was asking "should I go see The Vagina
                                Monologues?" not "should I have gone and
                                seen Vagina Monologues four years ago?"
                                There is no rape scene and you are wrong,
                                just admit it. A bunch of women talk about
                                there experiences being raped, but none of
                                them are 13. Say it "you were right
                                and I am wrong." It's not that hard, is it?
                \_ what's SNAG?
                   \_ Sensitive New Age Guy
                      \_ Also used ironically to describe guys who claim to be
                         sensitive, kind etc but are really just
                         passive-agressive pussies.
        \_ I have not seen Vagina Monologues, but I have seen Eve Ensler
           and I think she's a strong speaker.  -tom
           \_ Is it worth seeing if it is other girls putting it on? -op
              \_ girls?  These are wymyn you insensitive rapist clod!
           \_ Hm, when I saw it was not Eve Ensler doing it. Perhaps it
              would have been better if it was by her. -SNAG
        \_ Why would you pay good money to see a woman whine and bash men?
                \_ you're right, it's better not to know.  Ignorance is Truth.
           You can pay less to take out some random chick and maybe get laid
           and less than that gets you a bj with no whining.
           \_ you're right, it's better not to know.  Ignorance is Truth.
              \_ prove me wrong.  all i've seen so far is "you're a pig!" which
           and less than that gets you a bj with no whining.
                 only proves me right.
           \_ From someone who obviously hasn't seen it..
              \_ "My vagina is ANGRY!"  Uhm yeah.  I missed that line
                 somewhere.  Take your sensitive 90s ass somewhere else.  Very
                 few guys get laid with that attitude and none have ever been
                 laid posting anonymously on the motd that way.
                 \_ I'd hate to see the women that sleep with your ignant
                    \_ I've yet to be corrected, only insulted.  Is your vagina
                       still ANGRY?
                 \_ No one has ever been laid posting anonymously on the motd.
                    In that way, or any other way, so I guess I have to
                 laid posting anonymously on the motd that way.
                    agree with you there.
                    \_ don't make me make a 'yermom' joke.
           \_ Yay! Ignorant misogyny is still free on the motd!
           \_ Yay! Ignorant misogyny is still free on the motd!
              \_ I've yet to be corrected, only insulted.  Is your vagina
                 still ANGRY?  [you weren't worth a new unique reply]
2004/2/3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:12085 Activity:low 50%like:12078
2/2     [ Chinese Chess ]
        \_ thanks for the links.  It's hard to remember all those
           chinese characters (on the Chinese Chess sets)
        \_ forget all these, try
2004/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:12086 Activity:very high
2/2     Today is Super Tuesday (for those of you still hung over).
        Before the poll results come back lets see some guessing about who
        is coming out of this looking like a winner or loser.
        Kerry:   ...
        Edwards: ..
        Dean:    ..
        Edwards: .
        Dean:    ..
        Clark:   ..
        \_ Maybe I'm not getting something. Super Tuesday isn't until March.
           \_ This is it.  By March it'll all be over.  --op
        Kerry:   ...
        Edwards: ..
        Dean:    ..
        Edwards: .
        Dean:    ..
        Clark:   ..
        \_ Bush stuff removed for being off-topic.  It's the Democratic
        \_ According to early exit poll results, It's Kerry > Edwards and
           the rest are toast.
           \_ Yeah. Despite a couple polls I agree Bush will win. Especially
              if they find Osama. But even if not, Kerry just isn't saying
              anything particularly different from Bush. The entire south
              will go Bush and probably a lot of midwest. When it gets to
              the Kerry/Bush debates, they'll stand there agreeing with each
              other, except Kerry will come off as an arrogant elite Yankee.
              \_ I didn't say anything at all about Bush.  You can't agree
                 with me that Bush will win.  I never said that. sheesh.
                 \_ I was agreeing with whoever else said he would. Sheesh,
                    some people think the world revolves around them.
                    \_ No one said that.  You're smoking.
                       \_ No one ever said Bush will win? Who's smoking?
              \_ But you have to admit that he looks good after the botox. Or
                 at least better.
              \_ BUSH W1LL W!N ALL 50 STATEZ D00D!!
                 HE L00KS SO KEWL IN THAT FLIGHT JACKET!!!!!
                 HE WILL TAKE CALIFORNIA FOR SURE!@11!
              \_ I wouldn't bet on it.
                 \_ You only say that because you are a terrorist loving
                    America hater. Bush is not a loud mouthed, redneck,
                    strutting stuffed rooster that will lose every state
                    outside of the Deep South and the Rockies. His big
                    cowboy hat and macho manner play very well in California.
                    \_ One word: Arnold.
                       \_ Another word: Davis.
                       \_ Two more: Movie star.
                       \_ The Final Words: only time will tell
2004/2/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:12087 Activity:low
2/3     Do I have to purchase an SSL cert from Verisign or one of those
        places inorder to allow my webserver to accept https requests?
        \_ yes.
        \_ You can set this up nicely with OpenSSL.  Make sure that the
           server's DN in the cert matches your hostname so that the only
           message the browser pops up is something along the lines of
           "untrusted root certificate".  Trusting an unmanaged certificate
           used only for SSL isn't a big deal.  If it's only used by people
           you know, you can make a root cert available for them to import
           into their browser.  Use google to find one of any number of
           howtos.  -John
        \_ No.  you can set up a dummy certificate if you don't mind getting
           a popup from your browser.  if this is for end users, though, you'll
           want to buy one.
           \_ alright, so someone posed this question back on 1/9, but never
              quite got a full answer... in terms of cheap, reliable ssl
              sellers... anyone have any good/bad stories to tell about
     ? Any other recommended cheap ssl cert vendors?
              thanks.                   - rory
              \_ I posted in january. I think doesn't
              \_ I posted the question in january. doesn't
                 do wildcard certs, so you're limited to one FQDN.
                 do wildcard certs, so you're limited to one FQDN.
                 I want to use if for like <DEAD><DEAD> and
                 I need to use the cert for like <DEAD><DEAD> and
        and <DEAD><DEAD>.
                 For now I'm using a self-signed cert (not "dummy")
                 For clients using it for email, they can "install" or
        and <DEAD><DEAD>.
                 For now I'm using a self-signed cert (not "dummy")
                 For folks using it for email, they just install the cert.
                 If you're not doing ecommerce a self-signed cert may
                 be all that you need. It does SSL  _security_ fine
                 but not without the _autentication_ (trust). -brett
                 accept the cert the first time.  If you're not doing
                 ecommerce a self-signed cert may be all that you need. It
                 does SSL security fine but not autentication (trust). -brett
2004/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:12088 Activity:insanely high 66%like:10979 66%like:32367
2/3     Okay, random MOTD poll:
        Tom: .
        Jerry's annoying cousin:
        Itchy: .
        \_ Is the cousin hot?
        \_ you must be bored: ...
        Tom's mom: .................
2004/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:12089 Activity:nil
2/3     Has anyone used ES5 for sharing files?  Is it any good?
        \_ Terrorist!
           \_ RACIST!
              \_ J00S LINUX!
                 \_ !!!!!
2004/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:12090 Activity:nil 58%like:10969
2/3     BDG, are you really back?  Or is that one of your fans posting
        as you?  Thanks.  -BDG #1 fan
        \_ Where can I go? The only escape from the torment of life
           is the final embrace of death. It does not come quickly
           to those who need it most.
           \_ Hey Bitter Divorced Guy, are you sure you aren't Bad Poetry
              Writing Adolescent Guy?
2004/2/3 [Computer/Theory] UID:12091 Activity:nil 66%like:10029
2/3     Happy 02/03/04!
        \_ What the fuck is so happy about it?
           \_ If you're a numerology idiot it probably means something to
              you.  I was chillin with the Tooth Fairy last night.  She was
              bummed that Santa keeps telling her he's going to file soon but
              never does, but she met this oddly cool egg laying Bunny and
              went home with him so it's all for the best.
              \_ are you guys J0X1N?? This day is so cool... personaly, I'm
                 counting down to 3/4/05... Pythagorean Day! wheee
              \_ Damn bitch. Not bj? She must've watched the Vagina Monologues.
              \_ 01/04/09 : Alien Monolith Day!
              \_ Ah man, I forgot about Fibonacci day: 01/02/03 5:08
2004/2/3-5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:12092 Activity:nil
2/3     Has anyone seen  Sounds interesting.  AOL is testing
        this out.  This'll go a long way to preventing forged domain spams.
        \_ Doesn't SPF break forwarding?  Aside from that it's an interesting
           idea.  -John
           \_ Yep. Forwarding doesn't work.
        \_ isn't this like from 3 weeks ago on slashdot?
           \_ Hrm.  never noticed.  we've been playing with this since
              the early draft rfc. --scotsman
              \_ linkP?
                 \_ #t
                    \_ why are you so lame? linkP is the same as asking,
                    "Do you have a link?" To answer "Yes" or "#t" is a dickhead
                    smarmy thing to write. of course, the op wrote linkP? which
                    is redundant. you're still a jerk.
                 \_ It's all on the site.  --scotsman
2004/2/3-4 [Finance/Investment] UID:12095 Activity:nil
2/3     Random economics question:  So the dollar keeps getting hammered.
        Eventually, as I recall dimly from Econ 1 ages ago, this can cause
        Real Bad Stuff to happen.  When does this bad stuff kick in, and how?
        And what is it?
        \_ It depends on how fast it declines.  If it happens fast then you
           get things like a run on the banks and then we're all fucked.  If
           it happens slowly enough then you get a shift from imports to
           exports, some jobs move around, good for some, bad for others.
        \_ This is a big question and the answer is not universally
           agreed upon. But some of it is already kicking in, in the
           higher prices for oil and other imported goods. If it leads
           to asset flight, the effects would be much stronger: falling
           stock markets, raised interest rates and falling real
           estate prices. Right now, the Japanese govt is propping
           up the US dollar to the tune of $90B/mo, yes that is
           $1T/yr at the current rate. Who knows how long this
           can last.
           \_  I thought it was China.
                  This article says 7T Yen last month, or about $65B.
                  China is also buying up US bonds, dunno how much.
           \_ if oil is going up how come my gas prices are going down?
              \_ You sure about that?
                 (LA Times)
                 \_ Yes.  I don't pay the LA Times to tell me what my gas
                    prices are.  I see my CC statement every month and the
                    numbers posted all over Bay Area gas stations.
2004/2/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29777 Activity:very high
2/3     U.S. troops dying at rate over 1 a day in Iraq
        \_ fascinating!  do you have peace time numbers to compare?
           \_ IRAQ.
              \_ fascinating!  do you have peace time numbers to compare?
                 \_ Interesting article that explores the numbers:
                    Well, collection of letters.  One references this report
                 \_ What in the hell are you talking about?  Are you trying
                    to imply that 47 US soldiers died in Iraq in a month before
                    we invaded?
                    \_ not at all, I simply requested more information.  if
                       you don't have it, just say so.  no need to get so
                       \_ Its the motd.  There's no such thing as a question
                          without an ulterior motive.  But anyway, no, I was
                          posting a random AP wire, not a research paper.
                          \_ Ok, so this is just a meaningless unresearched
                             out of context random factoid?  Cool, thanks.
                             \_ Look, the ulterior motive rears its ugly
                                \_ not at all.  i only asked to see if it was
                                   standard motd drivel or OP actually knew
                                   what they were talking about for once.
                                   \_ ok, now you've seen scotsman's link
                                      which has a peacetime fatality rate
                                      an order of magnitude lower than what
                                      we're seeing in Iraq.  So now what do
                                      you say?  -tom
                                      \_ By 'peacetime' do you mean 'when
                                         uncle Saddam was in power?'
                    \_ 47 days in a month? psycho!
                       \_ *over* one per day are dying.
                         \_ say over 1.5 are dying then twink
                            \_ What in Sam Hill you talkin' about boy?
        \_ stop masturbating on the motd, people.
           \_ My vagina is angry!
              \_ pixP
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