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2004/2/1-2 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW/Display] UID:12057 Activity:nil
1/31    Does anyone have any advice/opinions on buying refurbished
        monitors? I've had good luck with refurbished machines, but it
        seems much easier to refurbish a computer than a monitor, so I
        might be hesitant. Are refurbished monitors ok? Thanks.
        \_ Mostly anecdotal info gathered from people I know who do this:
           1. Monitors are definitely a lot more fragile than ICs. The
              picture tube is only rated for around 7 years. After that
              you'll get a bit of dimming.
           2. Depending on the quality, the large caps change over time,
              affecting picture quality and eventually leading to a
              dead monitor. You essentially have to replace the large caps
              on monitors over time.
           3. Monitors are pretty high powered compared to PCs, so if
              you have to mess around with something like the volt-regulator
              you stand a good chance of frying things (including yourself).
                \_ ObMehlhaffQuote:  *ZORCH* *POW!* "Holy shit!
                   That capacitor was charged!"
                   \_ BWAAHAHA!  That's hilarious!
                        \_ Well, it taught people to stay away from the
                           dreaded ERic + screwdriver + old monitor combo
                           in E238.  -John
           4. VGA monitores (at least earlier ones) have many of the same
              characteristics as regular TVs down to the basic
              circuitry. So if you know how to repair a basic TV you
              can probably work around a VGA monitor.
           \_ Question about that 7 years for a picture tube: I've got a nice
              Sony sitting around but it hasn't been used (unplugged) for most
              of it's life.  Does unpowered time count against that 7 years?
              Or are there parts that just deteriorate with simple age? Thanks!
                \_ I have used old 14" monitors from circa 1993 that work great
                        \_ yeah but did you run them continuously?
           \_ I had experiences with 17" IBM monitors bought refurb.  The
              monitor was great, almost brand new at the time I bought it.
              Thus, I bought THREE total.  It turned out that none of them
              lasted nearly as long as other 17" I bought it new.  Two of
              three monitors went out by the middle of 3rd year. The one
              remaining got issues, but work well enough that I am not in
              a hurry to replace them.  The montiors were manufactured by Sony.
                \_ THANK YOU
2004/2/1 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:12058 Activity:nil
1/31    spybot vs adaware.  I've used adaware for a long time but figured I'd
        give spybot a shot since it was highly regarded in the thread below.
        I ran the newest adware doing a full scan which found a few minor
        things.  Then I installed and ran spybot which found a few other
        things I didn't know about before and adaware missed.  Thank you motd.
        \_ you are welcome
2004/2/1 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:12059 Activity:nil 66%like:12030
1/29    "Hey all, my girlfriend is hiring a part-time eunuchs sis admin
        contractor...", see
2004/2/1-2 [ERROR, uid:12060, category id '18005#2.25' has no name! , , Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:12060 Activity:nil
2/1     Time magazine article on WMD-intelligence scandal.  You can also go
        to and today for more articles.
        \_ Bush will appoint Henry Kissinger and John Dean to get the
           bottom of this.
           \_ Get the bottom of this from where?
              \_ Where ever we are now?
2004/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:12061 Activity:nil
2/01    A friend of mine sent me e-mail saying he thinks my computer is
        infected with "MyDoom" or some other virus because he's been getting
        e-mails from me that contain a virus. I shut down outlook, updated
        virus definitions on Norton and did a full system scan, and it didn't
        find anything. Is it still possible my computer is infected? Or could
        it possibly be my ISP?
        \_ MyDoom spoofs the sender address.
2004/2/1 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12062 Activity:moderate
1/31    Boring motd.  Stupid technical questions, and stupid job postings.
        Where's the glory?  Where's the zinc?
        \_ Weekend motds are slow. Most of us aren't bored enough to go through
           the motions.
        \_ It's the weekend.  There are more censors than posters on the
           weekend so there's no reason to post much.  The censors got what
           they wanted, at least on the weekends, a dead motd.
        \_ When was there ever any zinc?
           \_ There was some zinc a few days ago.
              \_ Come back, Zinc! Come back!
              \_ Come back, Zinc; come back!
2004/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:29776 Activity:nil
1/31    This state assemblyman needs to be replaced:
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