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2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:11949 Activity:moderate
1/27    I recall reading somewhere about an experiment where some organisms
        were put into a petri dish full of material they could not eat but
        which could be eaten by the same organism with a common mutation.
        The results were that a higher number than expected of that mutation
        then occured in the next generation.  Now, it seems to me this would
        be a pretty damn big deal if it was duplicated, so perhaps the fact
        that I have not heard about it again and am failing to find it
        through google probably means that it wasn't, but if anyone knows
        anything about this or can find any info, i'm curious.
        \_  -John
        \_  -John
        \_ It is as it was.  It is God's Will.
2004/1/27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:11950 Activity:nil
1/26    stupid question which i am having problem to find answer via google:
        how to change MIME setting in Mozilla Firebird?  For example, the
        ASF file is being opened in mplayer.exe (the older version of Windows
        media player) instead of wmplayer.exe (WindozMediaPlayer v9).
        I couldn't find anywhere to edit this behavior.  I have looked in the
        "Download" tab in option as well as rdf files in my profile.  Thax
        \_ firebird is not exactly production quality software. it's missing
           a lot of polish. the easiest hack is probably just to edit mime
           settings in mozilla and then copy the mimetype.rdf thing to
        \_ Search for mozillazine in the motd archives.
        \_ Good move.  If you're going to Chinglish the motd, starting out
           with how stupid you are is the way to go.
2004/1/27 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:11951 Activity:nil
1/26    Anyone know of a good place online to buy/bid for used or
        refurbished Macs (similar to Thanks.
        \_ How recent a mac?
                \_ No older than a G4.
        \_ (MacWorld article on where to buy macs)
2004/1/27-2/1 [Industry/Jobs] UID:11952 Activity:nil
1/26    Undergrad SysAdmin & Web Development Position Available in EECS/ERL
        \_ doesn't seem to be readable.
           \_ Thus the need for the sysadmin....
2004/1/27 [Consumer/Camera, Reference/Military] UID:11953 Activity:nil
1/26    Yes psb, go on this one:
        You can bring a large camera.  When the boat goes fast, it will
        kick up spray and you will need to hold onto something with both
        hands or sit down.  When it's near a whale, the boat will slow down,
        then you can whip it out.
        \_ Heh heh, he said 'whip it out'.
           \- helo, would you recommend a tripod? if so, a full-sized
              [say  4-5 ft high] one or a small hiking tripod?
              also has anyone used an image-stabilized lens over water?
              does it work or do weird things happen? --psb
              \_ I didn't see anyone use a tripod, and it seems difficult
                 with all the rolling around.  People did bring big cameras
                 though.  pretty bouncy, and it was a calm day!
2004/1/27 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:11954 Activity:nil
1/26    i have a PC.  what kind of DVD write drive do people like?
        \_ the 8x write kind
        \_ If you are getting it for copying DVD's, wait for the
           dual-layer burners expected around this summer.  With those
           you can copy DVD's onto one dual-layered DVD without having
           to split them.  For data, the 8x ones are pretty good enough.
        \_ I like Pioneer. I haven't had any issues with my dvr-105 and
           my dvr-106. --ranga
2004/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:11958 Activity:nil
1/27    My brother Brad is a painter, and he has a show called `Reality Check'
        opening tonight from 5-7 (Tuesday) at the Diego Rivera Gallery in the
        San Francisco Art Institute located at 800 Chestnut Street.  Check it
        out.  The show runs through January 31. -dans
        \_ My brother Edward is a psychopath, and he is in prison for murder
           and he is allowed to have visitors (on the other side of this huge
           piece of plastic material and only with armed guards present)
           every other Sunday between 1:00 and 1:30.  Go visit him!  He's in
           for 4 life sentences.
           \_ I had some faith in humanity this morning when I woke up,
              you just made it go away, thank you.
              \_ Thank you!  Thank you!  The next show is tomorrow morning and
                 every morning until the curtains close!
        \_ I just bought a 3200 sq feet room in LA, how much does he charge
           to paint the house? Thanks.
           \_ How many people live there?
2004/1/27-28 [Consumer/Camera] UID:11959 Activity:moderate
1/27    Anyone have a recommendation for a decent digital SLR camera?
        A colleague told me about a decent Nikon (D2H) but the lenses
        seem to be pretty expensive.  I've also had a Canon (10D, 30D, 60D)
        but I saw an article a while back about blurry color quality
        around the edges of digital SLR pix, or is that dependent on
        the lens?  -John
        \_ Canon Digital Rebel...under $1k with lens.
           \_ seconded
        \_ The price of the lens should NEVER be part of the consideration
           for choosing a SLR of any kind.  Canon and Nikon and all other
           major camera makers make good products.  All their camera's
           capability is way beyond average user who can master it.  If you
           have Nikon lenses, then, choose a Nikon F-mount camera (which
           include Nikon, Fuji, and Kodak).  If you have Canon lenses, then,
           stick with Canon.  If you have neither, and got cash to burn,
           then, I would reluctant to suggest you get a Canon's digital rebel.
           If you are willing to wait a month or two, Nikon's D70 should be
           about the same price as Canon's Digital Rebel.
           The general rule of thumb is that if you are into photography,
           you will spend more money on lenses than camera body.  If you
           *REALY* into photography, you will spend even more money on
           lighting equipment than the lenses.  If you have more
           questions, email me  -- kngharv
           \_ well some pricing rules have changed with Digital.
              With film, yes, spend more on the lens.  But with digital,
              the lens bodies are pretty expensive.
              \_ digital Rebel is about 1000 USD.  I've bought lenses,
                 USED, on average, about $250 per lens.  Price of lenes
                 EASILY surpass price of camera.
                                   -owner of 7 lenses
                 \_ I'm talking about one lens vs. one camera body.
                    \_ Just get crayons.
                    \_ Then you're not into photography.  Most people into
                       photography have more lenses than bodies.   --- owner of
                       4 lenses, 1 2x converter, 2 bodies.
                       \_ I'm talking about the OP.  At first, you usually
                          start with one lens.  Later, you buy more.
                 \_ do you have a Nikon?  Canon?
                    \_ Nikon.  Mostly because I inheirted couple manual lenses
                       and a body from my father.  I have a Nikon FE
                       which my father bought at 1979, and a Nikkon N2020,
                       which is *MY* solution for auto-focused body without
                       spending $1000 on F100 which doesn't improve the
                       photographs directly.  N2020 was the first true
                       AF body from Nikon, discontinued in 1986 or something
                       like that.  Canon is much successful commercialy, but
                       I personally like Nikon because it's more rugged, and
                       that manual-focused lens can be mounted on Auto-focused
                       camera and vice versa.  I have bought manual 20mm f/4
                       and manual 500 f/4 reflex for REALLY cheap price
                       (AF equivalent would cost you price of an used Civic
                        for 500mm).   I want D2H because it can meter with
                        manual lenses, but I am not willing to spend $3500
                        for it just yet :p              -kngharv
           \_ Is the D70 based on the N70?  Does it have the same control
              \_ don't know.  the only info i got is from Nikon's japanese
                 page and I don't read Japanese.
        \_ Excellent advice, guys, appreciate it.  It turns out I may
           be able to get a good quality used D30 from someone I trust, which
           is probably preferable for getting into it.  -John
           \_ A D30 is ancient by today's standards. It's like buying an
              8086 computer when the pentiums are out, except the digital
              camera biz is going through their evolution much quicker.
              Better and cheaper days are already here.
                \_ "learn to walk before you can run".  It'd be a cheap
                   way to for me to learn the basics before I shell out $$
                   for something fancier.  And I assume any lenses I buy
                   will fit newer cameras.  -John
                   \_ Any digital camera is ok for making your own net.pr0n.
                      Remember people still have to download the stuff and
                      no one wants to wait or needs an image bigger than a
                      full single screen.
                      \_ A point well taken, but I am reminded of a photo-
                         journalist story of taking the perfect cover shot
                         for a magazine using a digital camera. By the time
                         they got thru readying the image, there has too
                         many artifacts (jaggies, etc.) for it to be used
                         for the cover, so they went with a regular film
                         image. Even with practice photography, you will
                         take some photo's near and dear to your heart, but
                         the possible detail you could have had will be lost.
                         Part of learning, is also using photoshop or whatever
                         to do cropping and other image enhancements, and you
                         *will* notice the lack of quality then.
                \_ be careful.  the new EF-S lenses will only fit
                   the digital rebel!
                \_ beware of the D30.  It may have some problems.
                   And you'll have to buy a lense as well.
                   The Digital Rebel is a much better deal.
                \_ John, I actually disagree with above.  Digital Rebel
                   has some serious user-interface issue as a pedagogic
                   tool to move user beyond point-n-shoot (that is why I
                   was RELUCTANT to recommend Digital Rebel at first place.)
                   If you are THINKING about moving beyond point&shoot,
                   an used D30 is a much better choice.  The lens you buy for
                   that camera would last a lot longer than the camera body,
                   and the lens tend to hold its value very well in case you
                   want to sell it in /  Having said that,
                   D30 is an older technology and CCD/CMOS photo sensors is
                   evolving very fast.  What you sacrafice is little things
                   such as much higher noise level at low-light, white fringes
                   on bright subject against dark background, and less flexible
                   auto white-balancing.  Check out sample photo at
          and <DEAD><DEAD> and decide rather you
                   can tolerate that or not.    -kngharv
                                                 (7 lenses, 2 body, macro
                                                  rings, filters, etc)
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:11960 Activity:nil
1/27    eating brains
        \_  -John
2004/1/27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11961 Activity:nil
        mmmmmm meat.
        \_ It's American cattle, Thai chickens, and any farmed salmon. I think
           it's all a conspiracy by the pork industry.
           \_ Homer Simpson:   Are you saying you're never going to eat any
                               animal again? What about bacon?
              Lisa:   No.
              Homer Simpson:   Ham?
              Lisa:   No!
              Homer Simpson:   Pork chops?
              Lisa:   Dad, those all come from the same animal!
              Homer Simpson:   Heh heh heh ... ooh ... yeah ... right, Lisa. A
                               wonderful ... magical animal.
        \_ Speaking of Salmon. Berkeley Andronicos sells only wild salmon, they
           claim. Moreover, most of the farmed salmon sold in US is from Chile
           and other places and NOT from Scotland (which was found to have the
           most contaminated wild salmon)
2004/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11962 Activity:nil
1/27    If Bush cuts unfair taxes on missing WMDs, will the price of housing
        in California be inflated by Arnold's new budget?  If only people
        used motdedit, we would know the answer!
        Yes: .
2004/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:11963 Activity:nil
1/27    Al Franken is a violent supporter of free speech but only if you
        agree with him.
        \_ Dude, he body-slammed a Lyndon Larouche supporter.  Even Mother
           Teresa could understand that urge.
           \_ "I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which
              means people should be able to assemble and speak without being
              shouted down."  He's not neutral (big fat liar), but I agree with
              his sentiment.  But I don't agree with assault and battery.
              \_ He body-slammed a Lyndon Larouche supporter. Now I understand
                 that, in general, assault and battery is a bad thing, and Al
                 should certainly do his time/fine for it, but, hey, let's
                 not pretend that we all haven't been tempted from time to
                 time to take down a rowdy ditto-head, an aggro deaniac, or
                 a belligerent Fox News-caster.
2004/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11964 Activity:nil
1/27    Given that in the most recent election in CA, the Republican candidates
        combined vote total was significantly higher than the Democrat combined
        total, would you not agree that this bodes well for a Republican
        victory in the state later this year?
        \_ No.  You're taking it out of context, not to mention comparing
           apples to oranges.
           \_ I think you are grasping for low-hanging fruit, going forward.
              \_ In the dead of night, as white as a sheet.
2004/1/27-28 [Reference/Military] UID:11965 Activity:very high
1/27    What will happen with a match between a Kendo master and a western
        style swordsman.
        \_ You are asking what would happen if a guy with a bamboo stick
           and some padding fought another guy with a real sword and real
        \_ I saw a very detailed article online somewhere analyzing what would
           happen in a duel between a Samurai and a European knight.  It sort of
           said they each were trained/equipped to fight a different type of
           opponent, and the answer was it was inconclusive.  One of them would
           probably strike a lucky blow and that would be the end of it.
           \_ do you remember where you read/saw the article?
              \_ I found it, then someone else found it too...
        \_ aren't Japanese swords superior and can cut any inferior
           Dark Age sword/armor? On the other hand Samurais don't have
           much armor, so... yeah it's hard to say.
                \_ Japanese samurai get a bonus against other infantry
                   in the Imperial Age.
                   \_ It is as it was.
           \_ You need to compare the sword from the height of each age.
              Japanese swords were designed for slashing at laquer or padded
              armors.  European sword were designed for crushing of piercing
              mail and plate armors.  One sword cutting another only happens in
              \_ This is false.  Well-made european (one-handed) swords could
                 chop through mail.  I d like to see a katana do that.
              \_ there were some guys at some university using modern material
                 science to design the ultimate sword. i think there was a press
                 release or something about it, if you care to search for it.
                 it may have been on slashdot too.
        \_ There are many different Eastern and Western sword styles. Much
           depends on armor and sword quality, and era. Light armor, two
           weapon style (E vs. W) would be the coolest to watch. I'd actually
           give the edge to late era Western style.
        \_ Knight wins, Kendo guy would have to pierce the armor.
        \_ Mighty Mouse would totally beat Superman.
           \_ You know that's not true!  SMan would r0x MMs s0x!
              \_ Mighty Mouse equips Rod of Terror and casts Power Word, Kill!
                 \_ SM has spell resistence of 75, makes the save, and punches
                    MM for 85d6!  Take that you cartoon freak!
        \_ I think you also have to consider physical features. For example,
           by the theory of evolution the survivors of The Plague in Europe
           are in fact bigger and stronger than say, scrawny little Asian
           genes that didn't get weeded out by European disease.  -go Darwin
                \_ you forgot to mention intelligence. I have no doubt that
                   scrawny little Asian men survived because of their
                   superior intelligence and superior organizational skills.
                   Damn motd is full of white supremacists      -Asian man
                   \_ No, motd is full of trolls.  You have been trolled.  Wee!
                   \_ no, the asian man survived because the white man hadn't
                      found reason to wipe him out at that point.  japan was
                      just a rock and china always had too many living on too
                      little which is just plain stupid, frankly.
           \_ yes you are a troll, but in the http article above, it
              does mention physical stature.
           \_ The plague was spread from China to Europe.
              \_ Well, that's the Genghis Khan theory, but more recent theories
                 claim it came from east Africa (Egypt, Nubia etc.)  My theory
                 is that plague predates human.  Unless you can travel in time,
                 there is no scientific point in such speculation.
                 \_ I am referring specifically to the one big outbreak
                    in 1347 to 1352 which killed like 1/3 of Europe's
                    population.  Even if the East Africa theory is
                    correct, the plague did not spare China, causing
                    widespread deaths in 1330s before it spread to
                    Europe.  Historically, and today (SARS, flu, etc.),
                    lots of diseases / new mutations of diseases come
                    from China, due to its population density, weather,
                    \_ don't forget the dirtiness.
                       \_ and the Communism.
                        \_ and the sex with chickens.
2004/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11966 Activity:nil
1/27    The Onion:
        Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House
2004/1/27 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:11967 Activity:nil
1/27    If you used jove before do you still use it now?
        yes: .....
        no: .....
        \_ converted to emacs
        what is jove:
        \_ before what?  there was something after jove?
        \_ Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs (4.16)
        \_ haven't used jove since memory became cheap
2004/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11968 Activity:nil
1/27    Nerdtest:
        how do you score?    -61%
        \_ 42.85%
        \_ I don't have time for shit like this anymore.  :(
           \_ me either.  there's way too many idiotic javascript tests out
              there written by bored cs students or other bored cs students.
              \_ then U LOSE!  Seriously, part of being a nerd is having time
                 to waste on things like that.
        \_ 52.38%, with a couple guesses. Yay.
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Food] UID:11969 Activity:nil
1/27    Going to Santa Barbara this weekend, what is fun to do there? BTW
        I don't club/bar/dance so that's outa the question, thanks.
        \_ Skate/bike/run on the beach. you can go up to the cliffs which
           are nice. you can do lame shit like go to the mission. walk down
           state street and have a nice lunch.
        \_ beach is nice. Seafood. Why don't you club/dance/get drunk? It's
           so fun to pick up on women when you're drunk, get laid, and wake
           up with a hangover and not give a damn about the world.
        \_ what do you do when you visit santa cruz, san diego, la, etc?
           take pictures, go on picnics, hiking, look at architecture, go to
           historical museums, shop, walk around, find cool bookstores, eat
           at nice restaurants, hang out in cafes, MUD, surf, scuba?
        \_ there's some pretty good hang gliding sites down there.  -ERic
        \_ Pick up chicks.  As an out of towner you should score easy with
           the one-nighter types that don't want to hear from someone again.
2004/1/27 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11970 Activity:nil
1/27    Question for my fellow libertarians:  what do you think of the trillion
        dollar deficit over the next 10 years?  Do you have more respect for
        democrats or republicans?  Personally I have more respect for democrats
        because they actually believe that govt is the solution to a lot of
        problems and aren't afraid to act on it.  Republicans, on the other
        hand, keep talking about small govt.  I'm still waiting for the
        fucking govt to shrink!  What happened to abolishing the dept of
        education, destroying public radio and television, or reducing the
        size of the fucking federal budget?  I'm never voting republican
        \_ Well, your troll isn't well formed, so let me make a few corrections:
           'Personally I have more respect for democrats because, while they believe
           in something other than what I, as a libertarian, believe in, they at
           least act accordingly, whereas republicans do not.'  The answer to what
           you meant to say is that there are cases where going into debt is
           justifiable.  The only question left is whether going into debt in the
           current conditions is justifiable or not.
        \_ Been over this.  Republican != conservative.  Thank you.  And no,
           you're no libertarian.  You're an easily spotted lefty troll.  You
           have never voted Republican in your life.
        \_ I find it highly annoying how they keep talking about deficits when
           they really mean debts.  WE're running 3.5 trillion in debt so far
           and its likely to be at least 6 by the time gwb is out of office
           (I'm assuming the Dem's lose this one).  That's about $15,000
           debt per US citizen (not per taxpayer!).  Someone gets to pay it,
           and as long as we keep up the deficits, its going to be future
           \_ The current national debt is $7 trillion. --scotsman
           \_ They're not talking about debt, they're talking about cumulative
              deficits.  -tom
              \_ Which is basically debt.
                 \_ no, fucknut.
2004/1/27 [Reference/Military] UID:29763 Activity:nil
1/26    Yes psb, go on this one:
2004/1/27 [Politics, Computer/Networking, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:29764 Activity:kinda low
1/26    MSFT is taking over (CNN)
        \_ damn, this was people's last stand against the Sauron.
           Now he's going to take over the world.
           \_ resistance is futile. you will be assimilated.
        \_ Now what'll happen to and <DEAD><DEAD>?
2004/1/27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:29765 Activity:nil
1/26    Stupid question which I am having problem finding answer on google:
        How you customize MIME setting on Mozilla Firebird?
2004/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:29766 Activity:nil
1/26    Poll, who is the ugliest leader (former or now):
        Sadam Hussein:
        Noriega: .
        \_ You know you've got problems when your nickname is "pineapple"
        Bush: .
        Golda Meir: .
        \_ you are not going to sleep with any of them. why care?
        \_ Once you put Noriega on a list like this only the psychotic hateful
           people will mark anyone else.  A real poll would be "ugliest
           leader other than Noriega".
           \_ Why is he so bad?  What about Gorbachev?  Kim Jong Il?
        \_ Deng Xiaoping is arguably one of the ugliest leader in the 20th
           century, but nevertheless he is highly regarded.  You can't judge
           a book by its cover.
2018/12/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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