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2004/1/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:11875 Activity:nil
1/21    Can someone repost the Howard Dean techno remixes?
        \_ Howard Dean's outrage reminds me of the historical Hitler speech,
           and while I don't understand German both leaders seem to have the
           same ethusiastic and forceful tone.
           \_ I think the difference is Hitler was full of anger, but Dean's
              speech wasn't about outrage, it was rallying a group of loyal
              supporters after a setback. His hoarse voice made him sound
              bad but he was clearly laughing when he did that YAHH thing.
              Hitler never laughed.
              \_ No, Dean sounded like a "Pro" wrestler from the WWE going off
                 about all the arenas he is going to clobber his opposition in.
                 \_ Hello guys, Godwin's Law?  Anyway, that's the WWF.
                    \_ No, idiot.  It's WWE.  See lawsuit from
               Ignorant slut!
        \_ I always liked Clark more but was going to support Dean if he had
           momentum, but the yeeeeaah puts me firmly in the Clark/Edwards/
           notDean camp (he's still better the Lieberman or Kucinich).
           \_ Why does a rally yell alter your opinion either way?
              \_ Dean comes off really badly on TV.  Despite the Internet,
                 this is the kiss of death for a candidate.  Its pretty clear
                 from the Des Moines debacle that he and his campaign don't
                 recognize this and aren't capable of changing it.
                 \_ Dean has served a purpose.  He showed that things can
                    happen if you actually put some work into it.  He showed
                    that you can actually stand up and say something and
                    people may listen.  Something the democrats seemed to
                    have forgotten.  Whether he's the candidate or not,
                    he's been invaluable. --scotsman
                    \_ Seems like he also showed how you can torpedo your
                       own campaign without sex involved. :-)
                    \_ This is why I still support Dean. He's been under
                       attack but he's the one who's demonstrated leadership
                       in the campaign and rallied the most support. You don't
                       want another Al Gore candidate, dull and uninspiring.
                       Dean doesn't fit the stereotype, but he may have the
                       good chance of winning against Bush because of that.
                       Kerry at least would get spanked. As if Ted Kennedy's
                       support would go over well across America. Clark is
                       pretty dull but would make a good VP. Edwards is ok but
                       against a full-on assault he may crumble, being so green.
                       \_ Dean has support?  More than Kerry and Edwards?  No.
                          Certainly not in Iowa and according to polls, not in
                          NH or anywhere else.  Sorry, but you're deluded.  If
                          Dean doesn't come out #1 in NH it is all over.  If
                          Kerry & Edwards both do well again you'll see a Kerry
                          & Edwards ticket in November.  If Clark manages to
                          come in #1 (and only #1) then we'll have to wait a
                          few short weeks for the next round of big votes.
                          \_ Show me a nationwide poll that has Kerry or
                             Edwards ahead of Dean. You are just talking
                             out your ass.
        \_ Dean's post-Iowa rave party
        \_ Howard Dean *is* Timmy: (
2004/1/22-23 [Consumer/Camera] UID:11876 Activity:nil
1/21    How difficult is it to charge a digital camera overseas?  Do
        chargers work in other countries?
        \_ make sure you have those travel voltage converters.
        \_ depends on the camera/charger.  Our canon G2 has the same kind
           of ac/dc converter as laptops, so we don't need a voltage converter,
           just a plug converter, which is *much* cheaper/lighter.  Make sure
           your converter handles the full range before doing this, though!
        \_ Depends on your camera. I didn't have any problems charging
           the battery for my 300D in India and Singapore. All I needed
           was a plug point adapter to convert the US 2 pin to the
           native 3 pin.
        \_ are you bringing your laptop with you?  Or lots of CF cards?
           \_ 1 GB cards
                \_ you will be a prime mugging victim.
                   \_ those muggers can spot a 1gb card from miles away....
                      \_ the camera looks very tempting though.
                         \_ so does an empty one.
                         \_ can't speak for muggers everywhere but in
                            asia almost everyone has a digicam so its
                            not like you will be targeted for having a
2004/1/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11877 Activity:nil
1/21    Go Margaret!
        \_ I usually don't find Margaret Cho funny, but this
           is a riot!
        \_ Can we get Margaret an honorary csua account? She'd make an
           excellent addition to the motd.
           \_ Yeah she is about well informed about the budget as the
              average American. Entitlements have always taken a larger
              chunk than defense or places for the VP to relax.
              \_ See?  Even you can't resist being trolled by her.  We
                 should sign her up!
                 \_ The idea of a celebrity motd flame warrior is pretty
                    \_ Dude, seriously.  We could set her up with macho@csua
                       and watch the flames take off.
              \_ Straw man. She didn't say "entitlements." Go back and
                 reread and try again.
        \_ She wouldn't add anything to the motd.  We already have enough
           trolls, leftists, and ignorant ranting.  She could increase the
           4-letter-word count.  That's about it.
           \_ since the motd is mostly anonymos anyway, why don't we just
              pretend that she has an account?  Who'll know the difference?
              \_ mostly no one and no one will care.  go for it.
           \_ Sup, Republican ass monkey biyotch! --macho@csua
2004/1/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:11878 Activity:nil
1/21    In firebird, how can I turn off that auto-complete feature?
        \_ rtfm
2004/1/22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Foreign] UID:11879 Activity:nil
1/21    "Dictionaries are opinion, disguised as fact, in alphabetical order."
        -- A wise man
        \_ Maybe I haven't been following the news, or am just one of the
           many unelightened allued to below, but what does this quote
           have to do with forms of government?
        \_ Look, you have to pick.  If you don't like democracy, like me,
           you should be busy thinking of a better form of government, since
           it's a larger problem than gay rights (no offense to homosexual
           americans).  If you do like democracy, you should learn to bow to
           the opinions of the majority in political matters. -- ilyas
           \_ Just do it like th greeks.  Land owners and people who have a
              reason to give a shit about society get to vote.  All the teat
              sucking proles continue on as before and maybe their offspring
              will do better than they did in life.
              \_ Plato called democracy the second worst form of government
                 (after tyranny).  I agree with him.  The problem with any
                 form of democracy is that masses of people, land-owners or
                 not, do not make good decisions. -- ilyas
                 \_ So what about a republic, which is the form of
                    government we have.  Wasn't Plato speaking of
                    direct democracy?  I agree with you that
                    direct democracy is horrible (look at CA's
                    initiative system), but I disagree with you
                    about republics.
                    \_ Introducing layers of indirection does not address the
                       basic problem.  I don't really know what the answer is,
                       and neither did Plato.  Plato wanted some sort of
                       enlightened monarchy, but he couldn't solve the throne
                       inheritance problem. -- ilyas
                \_ "Do not make good decisions"? that's a bit much isn't it?
                   surely they sometimes do, sometimes don't. there are a lot
                   of factors that can affect the quality of the democracy.
                   How much incentive is there for the "good" decision-makers
                   to be in politics? Also, in this country, political parties
                   have become a joke due to the 2 party dominance. If we
                   had proportional representation, real parties and coalitions,
                   and something like instant runoff voting, I think we would
                   get government that is more representative of society. I also
                   think more power should rest with the more locally elected
                   people, instead of governors, senators and presidents who
                   have become television actors. I believe that the federal
                   government has gained a lot more power than the founders
                   \_ Sure, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  And
                      you are also right in that there are factors affecting
                      the quality of a democracy.  Nevertheless, I can't help
                      but feel that there is something fundamentally wrong
                      with democracy itself. -- ilyas
                      \_ The PRC is probably the closest alternative, where
                         you have a ruling elite who select each leader
                         in turn, and control accession to their group. But
                         anything other than democracy requires crushing
                         freedoms to maintain control, and will be prone to
                         a lot of inherent corruption.
                         \_ I am not sure you are right, which is why I am
                            still thinking about it.  To use Plato's analogy
                            of the State as the soul, there are more kinds of
                            souls than those of serial killers and
                            schizophrenics.  -- ilyas
                            \_ What's your metric of a better government?
                               Happiness of people, national power...?
                               \_ I don't really know the answer since if I
                                  did I would have a better idea of what
                                  kind of government is best.  I do know that
                                  a prerequisite for the kind of government
                                  that doesn't make me cringe is some sort of
                                  universal morality.  Without this, it's just
                                  competing warlords with perhaps a civil
                                  veneer (or perhaps not...). -- ilyas
            \_ SERVICE guarantees CITIZENSHIP!
        \_ Enlightened beings rule themselves.  They dont need a government
           to rule over them.  We earthlings, however, are not very enlightened
           most of the time.
           \_ you mean most of us don't think like you?
2004/1/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:11880 Activity:nil
1/21    EMRG guy, what do you think of DOC?
        \_ overkill technology to track cows and don't have the software
        to back up the embedded tags, EMRG better, has software to track
        as well as tags.
        \_ Both are a flash in the pan going up on pure FUD.  It can't last.
           Try MDK instead.
           \_ Mersey Docks and Harbor?
              \_ nope, murder death kill!
2004/1/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11881 Activity:moderate
1/21    Motdedit with Merge!  (beta version)
        /tmp/motdedit -m
        or just /tmp/me
        \_ it's not the /csua/bin/ version yet.  Try it here, first.
        \_ /tmp/me doesn't work because /csua/bin comes before /tmp in my
           \_ try me2... if /tmp is in your path, it'll go there.
              \_ who would be stupid enough to put /tmp in their path?
                 \_ It's in my path right after "." and ".." because you
                    never can be quite sure where something will be.
                    \_ remind me to put destructive programs in /tmp named
                       as misspelled versions of common Unix commands.
                       \_ wow, cool, you'd really be the first to think of
                          that?  you're a geneous!  kewl!
           \_ make an alias then.
                \_ yes, this works fine, my point is that you really shouldn't
                expect people to put /tmp in your path and you shouldn't put
                it in your path either. delete /tmp/me and people can make
                the alias if they want. or just change /tmp/me to run
                /tmp/motdedit -m.
                \_ It's there for the lazy:
                   [soda:~] 9:55 (1186)cat /tmp/me
                   motdedit -m
                   [soda:~] 9:55 (1187)cat /tmp/me2
                   motdedit -m
                   \_ Yes, I saw that before I posted. The point is that those
                   convenience programs are worthless because they won't work
                   unless you have /tmp in your path... which is something
                   you shouldn't do. So either rewrite them or remove them.
        \_ brief description:  If someone else changed motd.public as you
           were editing, it attempts to merge.  So far, I've only seen it
           have problems when both of you have changed the same lines.
           If this happens, it prompts you to manually merge(restarting
           editor), if you pass, then you have the option of overwriting.
           any complaints, comments, etc.: post here or mail me  -nivra
           \_ can you put some sort of magic anonymizer so it looks like all
              the postings are from you?
              \_ try this yourself; it can be fun.
        \_ just make it /csua/bin/
           don't expect people to run executables out of /tmp
2004/1/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11882 Activity:nil
1/21    So is the motd just dgies, ausman, jrleek, emarkp, and a few others
        talking to each other?  Or is there some great unwashed mass of non
        motdedit people out there?
        \_ How could you forget tom? -emarkp
        \_ I represent that remark
           \_ I resemble that.
              \_ Already, the Kay report identified dozens of weapons of mass
                 destruction-related program activities and significant amounts
                 of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations.
        \_ about half the motd people don't use motdedit, if that gives you
           any idea of the number of users.
           \_ and how do you know that...
              \_ ps -auxwww|grep motd.p
                 \_ That doesn't show even a small fraction of it.  I've got
                    this down to a near-science.  I know who the censors are.
                    I know who writes from the right, left, center, and the
                    outfield.  I know who writes opposing views based on some
                    seemingly random factors unknown to me.  And if your
                    scripting fu was at the near god like levels of mine you
                    would know too.
                    \_ ok, God, why don't you say which anon. people are who
                       and we'll tell you how far off you are.  Who am I?
                       \_ Or I!
                          \_ he's bullshitting. short of having root, the
                             existence of file-related bugs in the os (that
                             he knows how to exploit), or very few users
                             in an unidle state, there's no way to reliably tell.
                             \_ If he cared enough and spent enough effort, he
                                could correlate process behavior of motd file
                                access. Certainly not reliably. I read a local
                                copy of the motd so he'd have to catch my 'cp'.
                    \_ Most of us don't care that much.
                \_ what if I simply do a "cp /tmp/motd.public a; vi a;
                   cp a /tmp/motd.public"? Then the only chance to catch it
                   is during the moment I do cp, which is only probabilistic.
2004/1/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:11883 Activity:nil
1/21    I'm no open source weenie, but this is hilarious:  -John
2004/1/22 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11884 Activity:nil
1/22    Oh dear:
        \_ asshole, if you shorten, say what the website is.
                \_ Sorry for posting a non-work-safe link.  It's porn, porn,
                   porn.  Now eat the peanuts out of my steaming shit and shut
                   your miserable festering cakehole, you inbred filthy
                   stinking son of a shit-reeking alley whore.  -John
2004/1/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:11885 Activity:moderate 57%like:13066
1/22    Spank your monkey
        (work-safe, but turn down volume)
        \_ 190 mph
        \_ 338 mph
        \_ 413 mph
        \_ 563 mph
           \_ Trackball or regular mouse?
        \_ Seems like if you drag too slow it won't spank.  So why don't we
           also compete with the lowest speed?
           \_ 51 mph
           \_ 50 mph
              \_ all hail to the master of the slow monkey-spank
2004/1/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11886 Activity:moderate
1/22    Oh dear: (
        GOP senators spy on democrats using computers.  was that so fucking
        \_ GOP senator STAFF spy on dems.  The staff who did it should be fired,
           and any senator who knew what was going on should be run out of
           \_ I'm sure there'll be a thorough investigation which will show that
              none of the senators knew anything about it and it was all rogue
              staffers who couldn't be identified anyway.
              \_ right...just like there's a thorough investigation into the
                 CIA mole leak.
                 \_ I hope you know I was being sarcastic...
        \_ Hrm... Bob Novak again... why am I not surprised?
        \_ Watergate?
           \_ Not a chance.  No one cares anymore.  If Nixon was in office
              today and did everything he was accused of and more nothing
              would come of it at all.
           \_ Its only a scandal if the Democrats do it.  In the Hall of King
              Bush, the Democrats are the Court Jester.  Or if you prefer
              Classical metaphors, they are the Christians to be thrown to the
              lions as entertainment for the masses.
        \_ anytime a newspaper says someting like:  "staff exploited a computer
           glitch that allowed them to access ... without a password." it means
           "Some dumbass left it a null password" or there was No glitch, there
           just was no authentication required.  As for the "if the Dems do it",
           If the Dems did it you would probably all be screeming about how the
           poor Dem staffers had their computer confiscated, just for browsing
           around an open system.
           \_ republican tech. geeks are smarter than dem. tech geeks:

              As the extent to which Democratic communications were
              monitored came into sharper focus, Republicans yesterday
              offered a new defense. They said that in the summer of
              2002, their computer technician informed his Democratic
              counterpart of the glitch, but Democrats did nothing to
              fix the problem
              \_ Read further, young troll: Other staffers have denied that
                 the Dems were alerted to the problem.
                 \_ I had already read further, and your tiny bite is not
                    left my trolling urges satisfied.  Damn you for your
                    interference in my troll. -not even a republican
2004/1/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11887 Activity:high
1/22    /csua/bin/motdedit upgraded: auto-merge feature installed.
        motdedit -h for details.
        Note: motdedit will automerge,  "motdedit -m" turns automerge off.
        \_ brief description:  If someone else changed motd.public as you
           were editing, it attempts to merge.  So far, I've only seen it
           have problems when both of you have changed the same lines.
           If this happens, it prompts you to manually merge(restarting
           editor), if you pass, then you have the option of overwriting.
           any complaints, comments, etc.: post here or mail me  -nivra
           \_ Which means that if we don't use motdedit, then motdedit users
              won't stomp on us.  Great!
              \_ umm... the whole *point* is so that motdedit users will
                 not stomp on any other posts.  The only situation where
                 a possible stomp occurs is when you and the motdedit user
                 edits the exact same lines.  In that case, the motdedit
                 user has the option of re-editing both posts together, or
                 just keeping his own changes, or discarding his own changes.
2004/1/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:11888 Activity:nil
1/22    HMC was here
2004/1/22-23 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:11889 Activity:moderate
        More on the syphilis/chat room connection.
        \_ oh my god!  almost 7000 cases nationwide of a disease which is
           easily cured with antibiotics!  Let's shut down the Internet!  -tom
2004/1/22-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:11890 Activity:nil
        Funny discussion on abusing the penguin. (worksafe)
2004/1/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:11891 Activity:nil
1/22    From "last" on a linux box:

        reboot   system boot  2.4.20-24.9      Wed Jan 21 04:18         (1+11:23)

        Does the "system" where the tty(e.g. pts/1) usualy is mean that this was
        a cntrl-alt-delete job or is there other possibilites?
        \_ it's "system boot", not "system" and "boot". you get the same message
           if you just run 'reboot'.
           \_ ok, so i'd get this message regardless of the way the system was
              rebooted (short of pulling the plug)?  There was noone on the box
              at the time, so that is why I am assuming a cntrl-alt-delete.
2004/1/22-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:11892 Activity:nil 72%like:29752
1/22    Eat well, and exercise:
        \_ Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.  Sometimes you
           can even get there quicker.
2004/1/22-23 [Reference/Celebration, Politics] UID:11893 Activity:nil
1/22    Happy Lunar New Year
        \_ Racist.
           \_ Ass monkey.
              \_ Racist.
                 \_ Specieist.
           \_ Why?
              \_ Hint: Begins with 'T' and rhymes with 'roll"
                 \_ Toll?
2004/1/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:11894 Activity:nil
1/22    Has anyone ever bought a car with leatherette (pleather, fake
        leather, etc.) upholstery? How does it compare with real leather?
        \_ My car has leatherette. It doesn't crack like real leather, but
        most idiots think it's leather. I make sure to note that it's the
        cheap stuff. Many people prefer cloth because it isn't sticky and
        doesn't heat up as much. I like the look/feel of leather/leatherette.
        It also doesn't have the smell of real leather, which can be good
        or bad (I like the leather smell, it's kinda like the new car smell).
        \_ Does it feel more like plastic or leather?
           \_ Definitely more like leather than like plastic.  And much
              nicer than vinyl.  It's quite nice.
        \_ it's also easier to clean/maintain.
2004/1/22 [Recreation/Food, Health] UID:29752 Activity:nil 72%like:11892
1/22    Eat well. Exercise:
2004/1/22-23 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:29753 Activity:nil
1/22    So the ex-governor of S. Dakota with a history of speeding got 100
        days in jail for running a stop sign and killing someone.  The S.
        Dakota judge could have given him anything from nothing to 11 years.
        Isn't there something wrong with this?
        \_ You forgot his history of running stop signs.  And lying about
           speeding that day.
2004/1/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29754 Activity:nil
1/22    Hey anonymous motd comic, do you save your best works?  Things has
        been slow.  I'm wondering if you can repost some of your best lines
        to the motd if you saved them.  Thanks. -AMC #1 fan
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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