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2004/1/19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11825 Activity:kinda low
1/18    Even the Conservatives are starting to question Bush's wisdom
        in stomping into Iraq:
        \_ not sure that is conservative website.  I think deep
           down, all Bush really wanted is to forge a pro-American dictator
           in Iraq, thus, Bush can have a clean exit strategy.  This is
           never about democracy nor human right, nor do we REALLY
           give a crap about Iraqi people.
           \_ If the only goal was a U.S.-backed dictator, why not try to
              instigate a coup?  After all, Saddam *was* a U.S. backed
              \_ We tried to bring him down.  His control structure was too
                 tight for subversion.  If instigating a coup is as easy as you
                 say, we woudldn't of have this "North Korea" problem right
           \_ Roberts served under Reagan and worked for the Cato Institute
              and the WSJ. His Conservative credentials are impeccable.
              \_ ohh.  I thought that 1. WSJ is relatively liberal, no?
                 2. Cato Institute, oppose to "American Heirtage Fundation,"
                 is a liberal think tank, no?
                 \_ Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank.  You realize
                    you are a moron, mr. chicom troll, right?
                 \_ WSJ is "relatively liberal" only if your point of
                    comparison is
        \_ Uhm, ok.  You understand that a single individual can not speak for
           all of us, right?  You also understand that on this side of the
           tracks, we have never blindly followed anyone.  Question everything.
           When a conservative fucks up, we say so.  I can point you to much
           better articles where conservatives attack Bush.  Want to know why
           this happens so much to Bush?  Because he is not and probably
           never was a real conservative.  He's a great Republican, however.
            \- the time has come, the walrus said, to motd of many things.
      --cheshire psb
               \_ I'm glad you know how to STFW.  That's a useful skill.
                  Another useful skill is 'critical thinking'.  If you applied
                  some, you would see the world is not a simple black & white
                  place.  In this case you would see that having a certain
                  political philosophy does not make one a member of a certain
                  political party.  The opposite would also be clear to you.
                  \_ Christ, someone wasn't breast-fed long enough.  I pity
2004/1/19 [ERROR, uid:11826, category id '18005#2.7675' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11826 Activity:nil
1/18    This is it.  This is going to be the year when LaRouche finally makes
        it all the way to the White House.
        \_ LaRouchies have been elected to state level offices before.  Don't
           discount the man too fast.  After the (D) party implodes this year
           they'll *have* to win the Presidency in 2008 or they'll fade from
           history and possibly get replaced by several smaller parties by
           region including the LaRouchies.
           \_ "Implodes this year" Keep dreaming.
              \_ Shrug.  It's already happening before your very eyes if only
                 you'd open them.  I'm an (I) so I don't care.  Both of your
                 mainstream clone parties suck.  It wouldn't be the first time
                 a major American politically party vanished.  What makes your
                 party so special that they're immune to history?
           \_ if the Dems implode everyone will rush to Green- then you fat
              head-in-the-sand neocons will be in for some serious rapage.
2004/1/19 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:11827 Activity:nil
1/18    If I have an AT&T Nokia GSM phone, can I use it in Japan?  If
        so, I assume that if someone in Japan wanted to reach me, they
        would have to call my number in the US.  But, can I replace
        the SIM card and get temp service in Japan so that people in
        Japan can reach me?
        \_ Unfortunately, Japan uses a Japan-only protocol called UMTS
           so your phone won't work there. Korea is also screwed up
           in that they use CDMA. You have the U.S. to thank for that.
           You can find out more info on each country at
        \_ Then, there is China, who is trying to be different:
        \_ If you are in Japan, you are out of luck completley.  Even if you
           are traveling to GSM area such as China and Europe, you need to
           make sure two things: 1. Your phone is so-called tri-band GSM
           phone.  The reason behind this is that everywhere else in the
           world uses frequency 1800 MHZ, but here in USA, the military
           occupied 1800 MHZ and not willing to release it.  As result,
           USA's GSM uses 1900 MHZ.  Typically, you need to make sure your
           GSM phone has ability to use 1900 MHZ (given, considered that you
           bought in USA) and one of the frequencies: 1800 MHZ or 900 MHZ,
           with 900 MHZ as remote second choice.  Most tri-band phone uses
           all three (1900/1800/900) frequencies.
           2. Before you take off, call AT&T as ask them to unlock your
           phone.  Most of the GSM phones sold in USA are locked to a
           specific carrier, thus, you won't able to use other SIM card.
           They could easily unlock the phone by sending you some weir
           SMS or something like that.
           \_ No can do. AT&T refuses to provide the network unlock codes
              because "AT&T works overseas". That's just AT&T bullshit.
              You can get your phone unlocked at many Chinatown shops.
              I got mine unlocked at the AT&T store in Cupertinio Village
              for about $20. If you go with T-Mobile or Cingular, they'll
              do it for you.
           Then, it's just matter of buying a pre-paid SIM card at whatever
           airport you arrived in.  Very convenient.
                                -GSM/GPRS fan
              \_ All this talk, but it won't work at all in Japan? -op
                 \_ No, it won't.  The first response already answered your
                    question, but, since you are either illiterate or a
                    chowderhead (that's a technical term), I'll explain it in
                    simple terms you can understand.  Of course, that still
                    won't help if the problem is the former.  You can't use a
                    GSM phone in Japan for the same reason you can't use a GSM
                    phone with Verizon or Sprint service here in the US.  The
                    hardware radio in your phone uses a different technology
                    that operates at a different frequency and uses a
                    different protocol compared to the hardware radio of a
                    Verizon or Sprint phone (various flavors of CDMA) or a
                    Japanese phone (UMTS).  Get it? - wielder of the cluestick
2004/1/19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11828 Activity:nil
1/18    [ Don't do selective deletions. ]
        \_ agreed. chicom troll bash restored.
2004/1/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:11829, category id '18005#14.5' has no name! , ] UID:11829 Activity:high
1/19    Someone asked about how caucuses work, or about Iowa or something.
        Here is a good explanation of the Iowa caucus that's going on
        today.  This system applies to both parties in Iowa when they do not
        have an incumbent president.
        \_ more info:
        \_ the clearest description I've read of what actually happens on
           caucus night:
           \_ The NYT article was much clearer.  This guy seems shocked at
              the process.  It's not nearly as arbitrary as he seems to
              \_ the NYT article only gave caucus history, and didn't explain
                 anything about actual methodology.
        \_ So basically you need 15% of a precinct's attendees (or higher
           in certain cases) to stand in your corner, or you don't get any
           county delegates for that precint?  Also, this means that at the
           national primary, you can end up with split votes from Iowa for
           different Democratic candidates?
           \_ I think you get this for all primaries... each state has
              a certain number of delegates that gets divvied up according
              to each state's primary/caucus votes.
              \_ so in other words, it's not like the Electoral College for
                 the vast majority of states, where you get "all or nothing"
                 toward one Presidential candidate?
                 \_ The all or nothing thing was borne from least resistance
                    politics.  I wouldn't have any problem with the electoral
                    college if it were anything near representational, but the
                    bullshit of the all-or-nothing method makes me ill.
                 \_ yes. It's not like the Electoral College.
2004/1/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:11830 Activity:nil
1/19    I need to acquire a couple of episodes of TV shows that I watch.  Can
        anyone here recommend me to a good bittorrent site?  TIA.
        \_ What is bittorrent?
           \_ STFW
2004/1/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11831 Activity:very high
1/19    Why does /csua/bin/motdbrowser format the line-indents(tabs&spaces)
        differently from simply: less /etc/motd?
        \_ Because they're using "less -r" instead of "less -R"
           \_ neither less -r nor less -R give the indenting of motdbrowser.
              see the first two replies in the caucus thread below for an
              example, or the first line of the Stock market post below.
              \_ Um..  Did you even read the script?  Come back when you
                 have a clue.
                 \_ open(LESS, "| less -r")
                    while (<MOTD>) { ... print LESS; }
                    so why does piping the file line-by-line thru less -r
                    give a different stdout than "less -r /etc/motd?" The
                    difference seems to be related to how the "| less -r"
                    interprets tabs, but seems inconsistent.
                    \_ Not the tabs.  The color codes.
2004/1/19-20 [Reference/Tax] UID:11832 Activity:very high
1/19    Stock market is bouncing back so I'm polling people here with stock
        options and ESPP that are worth something.  What percentage is your
        vested stock options and ESPP as a portion of your total liquid
        assets?  I'm thinking of cashing out some of my options, but the
        tax implications are quite significant.  The percentage of my liquid
        assets in company's stock is about 50% right now. Quite a lot since
        it has gone up a lot in the past year.  I know I should diversify but
        I hate paying a shit load of taxes also.   Just wondering about what
        the rest of you are doing.  Thanks.
        \_ My opinion: do the AMT calculations and sell enough to put you just
           under AMT if AMT would have you paying more.  You should really talk
           to an accountant/tax expert if you have significant bucks floating
           around.  Find one now because by tax time they'll all be too busy.
        \_ You might want to look into, if you are interested
           in hedging your bets or just deferring taxes. Make you understand
           all the tax implications before you do it. I did not, but it
           worked out in my favor anyway, since Bush lowered the long term
           capital gains rate. -ausman
2004/1/19 [Uncategorized] UID:11833 Activity:nil
1/19    No place for geeks in the EU!
        \_ Story not found!!!
2004/1/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:11834 Activity:insanely high
1/19    Are you changing your beef eating habits?  How?
        \_ I am probably being stupid, but do we know whether the agent which
           causes 'mad cow disease' causes any human diseases?  There was this
           odd epidemic in england a few years ago, but I don't know of anything
           conclusive. -- ilyas
           \_ You get vCJD from eating cows with BSE (mad cow).
           \_ you mean besides "variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease"?
              \_ Is there proof the agent responsible for the BSE causes
                 CJD?  In fact, is there proof CJD is contagious in any way?
                   -- ilyas
        \_ We're only eating Niman Ranch, now, for the most part. The biggest
           thing we both miss is pho since it's made from beef bones. We're not
           touching the stuff until there's something done to win back our
           faith in the cattle industry.
           \_ you know they've been doing what they're doing for years, and
              you've been eating it for years, right?
              \_ Grim, isn't it? Still, that's not reason enough to continue
                 now that we know the system is flawed.
                 \_ oh please. even if i'd told you, you'd still have eaten
                    beef. it was a real case that finally put the scare in you.
                    btw, for those who haven't, now would be a fine time to
                    read _fast food nation_.
           \_ Try Whole Foods, or better yet, Prather Ranch. Prather ranch
              has a closed herd, organic, no hormones or antibiotics. they
              have a booth now at the ferry bldg (though, they didn't name
              it prather ranch). You can also order stuff online, I think
              at At whole foods, you can ask about
              the herds they supply from. usually they are hormone and
              antibiotic free, and free-range.
        \_ EMRG set to go up again bigtime tomrrow , also ICGE to follow
           \_ thanks for the tips.  Should we start buying beef stocks
              that have been hit hard?  Anyone still go to Outback
              \_ I thought Outback sells Australian beef.  No?
                 \_ As if that is safe?
        \_ bones from Mad cow in Vietnamese restaurants we eat at by my
           house in fremont, newark,hell yeah i am waiting for cows
           to be tracked and tested for BSE.
                \_ what?
                   \_ All your BSE are belong to us!!!
        \_ Yes.  No beef or cow organs at all now.
           \_ do you think your fear is reasonable?
              \_ Yes.  Unlike other diseases, BSE can't be prevented by
                 thorough cooking.  And unlike mercury, one dose of it is
                 thorough cooking.  And unlike mercury, one doze of it is
                 enough to kill you.
        \_ yes.  Converted entire family to ban beef.  Organic beef is a
           possibility but haven't done it yet... and no, ANY risk of having
           your brain rot without a cure is too much, so if anyone else has
           stopped for that reason, I am with you.
           \_ how about having your brain crushed in a car accident?
           \_ that would be your choice.  If I don't drive, I can't get to
              work.  If I don't eat beef, I eat less fat and cause less damage
              to my digestive system... soo... that makes you a TROLL!!!
              \_ hmm, no, that makes you stupid. your argument is totally
                 off base.
              don't drive, the risks are too high!!!
        \_ Unfortunately, yes.  I figure it will take about 3 years to check
           and purge the current herds and crush any stockyards that are still
           misfeeding their cows.  No cow products for me.  My dog is still
           getting steak, though.  --loves a good steak, sadly
        \_ I stopped eating all non-seafood meat about a month ago.  I'll
           start again when both houses and the whitehouse are controlled by
           Democrats and the USDA is restructured to represent the citizen
           instead of corporate interests.  I'm not doing this out of fear of
           contracting BSE, but rather to send the only kind of message those
           bastards are capable of understanding that they will be
           economically punished for their behavior.  [formatd]
           \_ won't companies who track mad cow become profitable?
           \_ So you just swallow mercury and god only knows what else by the
              bucket?  You're better off with pork and chicken.  Salmonella(sp?)
              doesn't kill and I haven't heard of a trichinosis case in years.
              \_ Did you read my post?  It's not getting sick I'm worried about,
                 it's a boycott.  The same companies that sell beef sell
                 \_ If your reasons are purely political then you're off topic
                    anyway.  Eating a fish based diet is pretty insane these
                    days.  Good luck with that one.
                    \_ arrrrgggg!  look, I'm not eating a "fish based diet,"
                       I'm eating a vegetarian diet where I won't go out of
                       my way to avoid fish occasionally.  And it's not off
                       topic since it's a reaction to the policies that
                       caused the BSE scare in the first place.
                       caused the BSE scare in the first place.
                       \_ thank you for saving the world.
        \_ I had already reduced my beef eating by quite a bit a few years ago,
           and reinforced by the initial British scare. I still occasionally
           eat some but I've decided to avoid ground beef as much as I can. I'm
           somewhat concerned about the possibility of restaurants using beef
           stuff in soups/broths etc. I actually enjoy vegetarian food, but I'm
           no cook and restaurant choices are iffy. I order vegetarian when it
           looks decent.
        \_ didn't eat beef before, so no changes there.  All organic/high-
           quality chicken & pork only, occasional fish.
           \_ I'm glad there's one thing that liberals believe in
              self-control instead of govern't control.
                 \_ easy.  those who sell bad beef go out of business.  those
                    who sell free range, whatever-free, grain fed beef stay in
                    business and make a big profit.  why is this so hard to
                    figure out?  maybe you don't understand how the free market
                    works: it is reactive, not proactive.  it punishes bad
                    behaviour and rewards good.  the punishment is usually
                    corporate execution.
              \_ please explain how your precious free market has protected
                 us from BSE so far, asshole.
              \_ We still want an disinterested party to qualify the label of
                 organic, though.
              \_ Self control sure isn't helping the fish not to have mercury
                 or the fish stocks even to be sustainably harvested.
        \_ Christ.  Chance of actually dying from this disease in Britain
           is about 1 in 3 or 4 million.  If you can't live with that sort
           of risk, there is absolutely no activity on earth you can clear
           yourself to partake in.
           \_ Is that 1 in 3 or 4 million per meal including beef, or per year
              or meals including beef?
                   \_ here's a case of using statistics to lie.  good job.
                \_ 60 million people in Britain, 20 die per year.  It is per
                   inhabitant-of-Britain year lived.
        \_ No, but I don't eat red meat that often.  Occasional Korean BBQ
           and steak.
           \_ mmm.... kalbi... mmm...
           \_ Yo Queiro Taco Bell!!
              'In California, cow brains are commonly sold as taco filling and
               called by their Spanish name, "sesos."'
                \_These are actually calf brains, and perfectly safe.  BSE
                  cannot incubate in a calf's lifetime, and so there are no
                  mad calves.  Eating veal is also perfectly safe.
                     \_ yes. it is. once it is in your brain you're fucked. if
                        the calf has BSE and you eat the brain, you should go
                        write your will while you still can.
                  \_ incubate?? That doesn't seem like the right word to use.
              \_ Brains are all we ever get in this rotten fuckin' place,
                 hey hey brains are all we ever get
                 why can't we have a change of pace
                 brains for dinner
                 brains for lunch
                 brains for breakfast
                 brains for brunch
                 brains at every single meal why can't we have some guts!
                 \_ have some prions.
                     Isn't BSE a protein called a prion?
           \_ "Brains... brains!  Use your brains to help us."
2004/1/19-20 [Health/Women] UID:11835 Activity:very high
1/19    Is there something that works like a headphone but is made specifically
        for pregnant women to adhere or fasten to their stomach to play music
        to the unborn babies?  Is there a term for such devices?  I searched
        "phone" in but didn't see anything.  Thanks.
        \_ You know, that really does absolutely nothing for the kid. Why don't
           you just start preparing to read to the kid as an infant, instead of
           making futile efforts now.
           \_ I don't know.  All that pregnancy material I read says this
              helps the baby develop hearing.  So I thought it's the right
              thing to do.  BTW I'm also reading story books to my wife's
              stomach, but I can't read long without drying up my throat.
              \_ Develop hearing?  The rest of us manage to hear stuff every
                 day.  Stop the insanity.  Just have a kid.  Go watch MP's
                 The Meaning of Life and pay very close attention to the
                 part on child birth in the West.
2004/1/19-20 [Computer/Domains] UID:11836 Activity:kinda low
1/19    Bow to the great masters:
2004/1/19-20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11837 Activity:very high
1/19    Procmail Question: I'm trying to figure out how to use '{}' for
        spam filtering. I want to delete everything with a score of 6 or
        higher, but put other stuff into a spam folder. What I have is
        below, any pointers/tips would be appreciated. tia.

        * ^X-spam-status: Yes
                :0 w: $SPAMFOLDER/$LOCKEXT
                * ^X-Spam-Level: \*\*\*\*\*\*

                :0 w: $SPAMFOLDER/$LOCKEXT
        \_ Looks ok at first glance.  Test it and if it works, great.  I don't
           use named lock files.  Unless you get a *lot* of mail you probably
           don't either.  Oh yeah, you can do better than scanning the whole
           message.  RTFM to get the syntax for checking only headers.
           \_ IIRC, procmail only examines headers by default.  I believe
              that checking the body requires an explicit flag.  It's in the
              procmailrc man page, and the op seems smart enough so he/she
              can probably figure it out.
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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