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2004/1/18 [Reference/BayArea] UID:11821 Activity:nil
1/17    What's a good store to buy a watch? SF/Berkeley. Looking to
        spend <$100, mens watch. Either sporty or elegant, but not
        oldfashioned boring, not digital Casio type.
        \_ I don't know a good watch for <$100.  I know a good watch for
           less than <$300 (might be able to get it for <$200 now).  -- ilyas
        \_ What is a "good" watch for you anyway?  They'll all keep proper
           time.  Just set to the clock tower and don't worry about it.  Who
           are you trying to impress with this <$100 decent watch?
        \_ Macy's.
        \_ Swatch chronographs are ~$100... somewhere from $90-130. There are
           some nice sporty ones you can get.
        \_ Skagen watches have a nice sense of design and there are ones that
           clock in at less than $100.
        \_ seiko automatic dive watch.  a little more than $100, but never
           buy stupid stinking batteries for your watch ever again.
        \_ I like Mondaine watches. Simple and nice.  $125 and up.
2004/1/18-20 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11822 Activity:high
1/17    What's the difference between nylon and polyester?
        Especially for waterproof (with GoreTex) parkas. thanks.
        \_ The folks at REI are really good at explaining what all the things
           are for and why.
           \-if you are looking for water resistence, polyester should
                be better. nylon material will retain more water. they may
                feel (weave, fiber quality) and wear (p stretchs more than
                n) a little different. a very large percentage of REI people
                could probably explain how to make a bong better than explain
                technical aspects of outdoor gear. these are sort of broad
                terms. e.g. not all wool is alike. --psb
                \_ Thanks. -op
                \_ I'm sure they can do both.  Unlike you I've actually been
                   there and asked them similar questions and got more info
                   than I could possibly need and without your snooty holier-
                   than-thou bullshit (and more informative than you, too)
                   \_ And, amazingly, you seem to be able to format posts
                      correctly also.
                      \_ And not at all amazingly you have added nothing to
                         this thread.  tom?
                      \- can some neutral 3rd party volunteer to ask a
                         "random" REI employee this question? to be fair,
                         they do ok on some questions ... like fitting bpacks,
                         the bike geeks and climbing geeks might know their
                         stuff about some gear but on techical stuff, say like
                         this one, or some techical question on GPS [like on
                         SA or WAAS] or on water filters, camping stoves, they
                         dont tend to do well. here is another question: ask
                         someone at the 'biner sales desk "what is a newton?"
                         the avg quality of the staff even goes down more when
                         they hire "transient staff" for sales and xmas season.
                         i do think the REI "fact sheets" on stuff like
                         "how to buy a sleeping bag" with the table of
                         comparison data are valuable if you know what specs
                         you are looking for and are trying to narrow the
                         choce of models. --psb
                        \_ I've found pretty extreme variability in REI
                           employees.  Some of them really know thier stuff,
                           while others have to consult those little REI fliers
                           to answer any questions.  Regarding the original
                           question, I believe that GoreTex is waterproof
                           independent of the shell that it's laminated to.
                                -- mikeym
2004/1/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11823 Activity:low
1/17    Thank God the motd has once again been stripped of any interesting
        content.  I'm glad there was nothing here that could possible stimulate
        a conversation longer than 3 line replies.  That way my poor silly
        little head won't hurt when I read the motd.  It's nice and 'safe' for
        all us stupid people.  Stupid is as stupid does my Mama always used
        to say!  [heh, and then the censorbot is so thin skinned s/he can't
        even deal with comments on how boring and utterly vacuous s/he is and
        censored _this_, too!  I love it!  Restored as usual, with additional
        commentary.]  [twice]  [several times]
        \_ Think the censorbot uses motdedit?
2004/1/18-19 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:11824 Activity:nil
1/17    Any good motorcycle street racing games?  Midnight club seems to be
        mostly about cars.
        \_ Maybe.
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