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2004/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:11752 Activity:high
1/11    *YEAH* This is so cool:
              \_ I really enjoy the frenzied paroxysms of dementia
                 leftists and communists suffer as their party goes
                 down in flames.  Thanks for the entertainment...
                 oh, and free mumia and end racism.
                 \_ Free Mumia!... with the purchase of any Mumia of
                    equal or greater value!
                    \_ that's so fucking funny!  thanks!
                 \_ Thanks for the hyperbole.
                    \_ I saw nothing hyperbolic about it.  Care to explain?
                 \_ Is it really that hard to format your posts properly?
        \_ I can't wait for some of these spots to air in October.
2004/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11753 Activity:nil
1/11    Watch 60 minutees tonight at 7:
        \_ But no, we can't trust this "liberal" biased media. Oh no. We
           must listen to Hanity and his Fox News buddies.
           \_ Even O'reily says the President should apologize for
              over-selling the WMD threat.
              \_ We should take care of every two-bit dictator in the world.
                 \_ We've taken very good care of them in the past.
2004/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:11755 Activity:low
1/11 so if Dean
        was pro-war in the fall of 2002, how can anyone say they're voting for
        Dean because he opposes the war?
        [reposted after some self deluded person deleted it to avoid the truth]
        \_ Here's the only quote on the subject in the 2nd to last paragraph:
           "Kerry said that in fall 2002, Dean spoke in support of
            congressional legislation that would have given Bush the authority
            to use force in Iraq, so long as he notified Congress in advance."
           Dean has said repeatedly that he did not think the war was
           _justified_ based on the evidence at the time(March 2003).  He
           asserted from the beginning of the war that there was not enough
           proof concerning the harboring of WMD by Saddam.  Turns out he was
           The fact that he supported giving the president the power to go to
           war is different from supporting the war.  Dean supported giving
           Bush the power to go to war, but Bush abused the power.  These are
           different issues, and Kerry and you are both disingenuous.
           \_ Wow that was an amazing piece of dodging and duck work!  Sir,
              I salute you for your single minded determination to stick to
              your guns (so to speak) despite clear contrary evidence!  Three
              cheers for selective blindness!
              \_ As if any piece of selective blindness could match the
                 the article you posted.
2004/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:11756 Activity:high
1/11    In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding
        warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500)
        target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive
        felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.
        \_ Hmm... which is more likely?
           A) Illegal aliens commit 95% of murders
           B) Illegal aliens are much more likely to run away or hide.
              \_ While I agree with you, please don't edit my response.
                 \_ I'm sorry.  Let me fix that:
           \_ I think you may have intended to append "...if suspected,
           \_ I think may have intended to append "...if suspected,
              regardless of actual guilt" to option B.
           \_ Of course they're more likely to run away or hide.  It's easier
              for them to commit crimes and disappear.  This is good how?
              \_ Well, if they could get drivers licenses, health care, submit
                 W-2s and all the miscellany that most people have, it would be
                 \_ Those "most people" are citizens, son.  This is a country
                    and a nation, not a free travel zone opened to the world.
                    Onlt the US and third world nations have such porous
                    borders.  The third world has an excuse.
                 a lot easier to track them down.
                 \_ Or we could just enforce our existing immigration laws.
                    \_ But it's impossible to seal the borders totally.  People
                       \_ Just because it is hard or not economically feasible
                          to do something at 100% is not in any way a good
                          reason to not put in the 99% effort.  For example,
                          it is *extremely* expensive to run a 100% uptime
                          network of servers but you can run a 99.999% uptime
                          system for something most mid- and some small-sized
                          companies can afford.  The only 100% system I've
                          ever seen was in a *very* high end government lab
                          and cost the tax payers hundreds of millions to
                          build and maintain.
                          \_ You must be using some technical definition of '100%'
                             I am not familiar with.  Nothing can be fully reliable,
                             as you well know, regardless of how much money you
                             spend on it.
                       will get in, so we might as well know they exist.
                        \_ And what happens when they obtain 5 or 6 pieces
                           of indentification, like they do now?
                       \_ And as soon as we know they exist, we deport them.
                          Legal immigration rates should probably be increased,
                          but illegal immigration should not be tolerated.
                          \_ See, this is why I can't understand the Right's
                             opposition to driver's licences for illegal
                             aliens: once they're registered, you'll know
                             right away where they are and whether you can
                             deport them. The beauty of the system is that
                             \_ "and whether you can deport them": if they're
                                here illegally they can be deported.
                             the aliens themselves will come to you!
                             \_ I think the idea is that illegals can get a
                                drivers license and not be deported just based
                                on that.  They can be deported if found out by
                                other means though.  The upside for the state
                                is that illegals are at least subject to the
                                \_ Why would an illegal bother?  They're
                                   getting along just fine right now without
                                   being 'on the books'.  I wonder how many of
                                   you actually know any illegals and I don't
                                   mean the anonymous faces that you see doing
                                   gardening or construction.
                                   \_ 1) Under the mistaken impression that
                                      they won't be deported the next time
                                      they're pulled over, and 2) thanks for
                                      the non-sequitur.
                                requirements of licensing and insurance.
        \_ Why do we need immigration at all any more?  Are we really running
           low on people?  -ax
           \_ We're low on people who will do crappy jobs for minimum wage.
              Also, it's a fairness issue, unless your parents are both Native
              \_ Fairness?  Please explain.  I was going to go off on you but
                 maybe you're not saying wha t think you're saying so I'll
                 reserve judgement for now.
              \_ End welfare and people will work.
                 \_ Those damn 5 year olds on AFDC, why won't they get a job!
                    \_ That coal isn't going to mine itself, you know!
                    \_ Why should the parents be allowed to have 10 children
                       while on welfare?
                       \_ What are the alrernatives?  Deny welfare to a woman
                          with 10 children and probably no marketable skills,
                          forced abortion, forced sterilization.  None of these
                          seem reasonable.
                          \_ You seem oblivious to how government handouts
                             work.  When you give people free money or
                             healthcare the take all they can and will
                             act in a way to maximize their return.
                             \_ I'm not at all oblivious.  I know all about
                                incentives and market forces.  I'm a former
                                Libertarian.  I'm saying you can't pull the
                                rug out from under people without causing big
                                \_ Libertarian turned statist?  Admit it you
                                   want someone to take care of you.  You
                                   want cradle to grave protection by some
                                   faceless bureaucrat.
                                   You don't have the ability to make your
                                   own decisions and live with the
           \_ And therein lies the paradox:  California agribusiness is built
              on the labor of people who are criminally underpaid; they
              continue to be criminally underpaid because they have no legal
              status and will be deported if they complain or try to organize,
              but the institution of employing them remains because if all
              illegal aliens were deported, agribusiness would be forced to
              pay minimum wage to American workers and that would bankrupt
              California agribusiness.  The parallels between the current
              labor situation in California and the pre-Civil War agricultural
              economy of the South are striking.
                \_ The cost breakdown in agriculture is ~ 10% labor.
                   \_ The margins are tiny though.
                   \_ And what would that be if ag was paying $6.75 per hour?
                          but illegal immigration should not be tolerated.
2004/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11757 Activity:nil
1/11    Look at the body on Harris (Florida 2000)!  I'd vote for *that*!
        \_ It's amazing the kind of body a Republican bribe can buy....
           \_ I think she was born with it.
              \_ As was Pamela Anderson.
        \_ You better not look too closely at the face though:
           \_ Bag it, flip the lights, nail it.  Be happy.
2004/1/12-14 [Recreation/Sports] UID:11758 Activity:nil
1/11    Is Chess part of the Russian culture?
        \_ Is futbol (soccer) part of Mexican culture?  A game not invented
           there which is taken very seriously.  I'd say yes on both questions
           but it's a qualitative question.
        \_ Is Chess part of the American culture?
           \_ Less so than Russian, but yes.
2004/1/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11759 Activity:nil
1/11    Good thing DeLay stopped the Democrats from Gerrymandering Texas:
        \_ Gah, must control fist of death.
        \_ No worse than CA or any other state.
2004/1/12-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:11760 Activity:nil
1/11    Why do a few new looking cars have a license number with the pattern
                1ABC123 (notice the "1" at the front)
        \_ probably comes from the dealer. like that "NU HONDA" plate
           from some honda dealer in the bay area.
        \_ Is a leading "1" reserved for trucks?
           \_ in case you're not very observant, license plate numbers in
              CA are pretty much sequential. newer cars/trucks generally have
              lexicographically higher plate numbers.
           \_ I've seen it on cars.
           \_ I believe trucks get licence plates of the pattern
              1A11111 (i.e. just one alpha char, the rest are numbers).
        \_ maybe license plates transferred from old cars?
           \_ is that possible?  I thought re-use was not suggested.
              \_ I know it's legal, but I don't know how it works.
        \_ Special plates (Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Kids) have a reserved
           sequence that hasn't been exhausted yet. My Yosemite plates
           starts with 1VBA. The car I replaced had Yosemite plates from
           10 years ago that started with 1UAB.
           \_ that's the answer.  Most "1"'s have Yosemite Plates
2004/1/12-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:11761 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Does AAA insure motorcycles?
        \_ Progressive and geico.  geico was cheaper for me...
                \_ need a cheap insurance for both auto + moto
                   \_ I would have liked that too, but it just wasn't
                      available that I could find.  So, stuck with Mercury
                      for the car (very affordable, and a great agent in
                      albany), and geico for the bike, which was cheaper
                      than progressive...
        \_ AAA car insurance tends to be expensive and "not there" when you
           need it.  I wouldn't use it if I had another choice even if they
           do bikes.  Call and ask.
           \_ It may have to do with who your agent is.  My x-gf and her family
              had AAA, and they had great services through their agent.
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