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2004/1/11-14 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:11747 Activity:nil
1/10    Lenscrafters sucks. Any recommendations for places to buy
        frames and lenses? Berkeley or downtown SF.
        \_ Costco is pretty cheap.
        \_ I like Dr. Harlan Wong, but he ain't cheap. -ausman
        \_ Focal Point Opticians, Ashby ave in Berkeley.
        \_ Dr. Stephen Chun, Berkeley Optometric Group, Shattack & Haste.
2004/1/11 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:11748 Activity:nil
1/10    New low for idiotic use of the word "hacker."
        Beavis and Butthead start world war III from a payphone--news at 11.
2004/1/11-14 [Recreation/Pets] UID:11749 Activity:nil
1/10    How do I get emacs to do nice indenting on html files? Thx.
        \_ meta-x left-shift-control-hst (at the same time)-html-indent-style-
           number-XYZ (where xyz is a number from 3 to 628) -fix-indent while
           singing dixie and dancing nude upon your desktop while swinging a
           black cat three times around the room praying to the moon goddess
           just moments before you toss the cat in a boiling cauldron (other
           black cat three times around the room praying to the mooon goddess
           just moment before you toss the cat in a boiling cauldron (other
           contents are in the emacs faq) and you jump into the roaring fire.
2004/1/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:11750 Activity:nil
1/10    FYI: for those of you running linux boxes with a lot of remote users:
        boxes aregetting rooted right and left beause of this "dobrk" bug.
        the crackers are using snifferes and webs of trust to really increase
        the scope of the breakins, so it's probably worth trimming back the
        remote access as much as you can and worth applying either the patch
        to the running kernel or upgrade. this is going to cost some people a
        lot of money. --psb
        \_ anyone with such a system who hasn't upgraded by now deserves
           to get hacked.
           \- well my point is that local exploits come out "everyday".
              this one really matters. some of us are forced to use
              linux and have other things to do than installing RPMs.
              a lot of people i know are also delaying fixing linux boxes
              as they are waiting to deal with RH licensing issues. this
              is really risky in university type environments right now.--psb
           \_ no.  the real answer is anyone who runs such a shitty OS and
              allows public access to it guarantees they'll get hacked.  any
              system, such as linux or windows, that requires such an intense
              level of handholding babying isn't ready for prime time in a
              hostile environment and especially not on the public net.
              \_ you forgot to sarcastically use "37337 5pEEk" and to imply
                 that all Linux users are 12.
        \_ I got hit by this over Thanksgiving and it was a pain. Some
           dumb kid leaves his Linux box open on campus, the hacker uses
           ettercap to get some passwords, a professor connects remotely
           to my site and it is downhill from there. Damage wasn't bad for
           me, but do go get the latest kernel and stop running SSH 1.0.
           The latest kernel fixes mremap() also.
2004/1/11-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:11751 Activity:nil
1/10    What's a good way to find a cheap place to do smog check in S Cal?
        \_ why not ask some socal natives where they get their smog checks...
2004/1/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:11754 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Harry Braun in 2004!!!
        \_ That picture totally needs some flying cars and Zeppelins in the
           \_ It iz about doing bad thingz!  To good people!  Mit Zcienze!
              \_ source?
                 \_ The Tick.
           \_ _Your_ movie is here: (Apple preview)
        \_ I would so vote for him if I thought he had a chance in hell of
           \_ you can see him and 14 other random, unknown candidates
              talk at click on the "lesser known candidates"
              forum video on the left hand side fo the page.  There
              are a few republicans and a bunch of democrats, and it
              makes for interesting watching.
              \_this is totally fucking hilarious.  You have to see this.
        \_ If he gets together with Clark we can have time travel and
           energy supplies from perpetual motion machines.. WOO HOO!
           \_ Was Clark a part of the philadelphia experiment?
              \_ That was the Navy, son.
                 \_ Oh yeah.  Forgot.  Did the army have its own time machine
                    and invisibility program?
                    \_ Well, the Air Force has Stargate SG-1....
                       \_ They should just huck some nukes out the bad guy's
                          portals and be done with it.  I never understood
                          the whole "send 4 people out to go stir up shit"
                          thing.  It's very non-military culture.
                          \_ Yeah, but while the nuke option is much more
                             reasonable, it doesn't make for a good serial.
              \_ No but he said he thinks we can travel faster than the
                 speed of light.
                 \_ I can!  I hold my breath and spin and spin and spin and
                    tap my ruby slippers three times and I'm back in Arkansas!
        \_ My question is, why can't we get Mary Carey to run?  Did you
           see those babajangas?
           \_ her hamburgers are too big, they spill out of the bun.
           \_ Babajangas?  The motd has taught me a new term.  Thank you.
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