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2004/1/7-8 [Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:11694 Activity:nil
1/6     Special Announcement in re: WizWar-TNG.
        I have communicated with the wizwar owner and have been advised that
        WW-TNF is back in "limbo" due to the Chessex Corporation blocking
        on the graphics production. So no specific date, but "flakiness"
        on the part of the "graphics layout guy" is the hold up, not sub-
        stantial work on the part of the game design people. ok tnx --psb
        \_ We knew you were old but now you're really dating yourself....
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?
        \_ I emailed em a week ago-ish, and they were saying they hope to have
           it out Real Soon Now, like in the next few months. Good thing I'm
           almost done with my home-made copy! -chialea
2004/1/7 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:11695 Activity:nil
1/6     People have said to me, "Arnold, isn't it a terrible burden being
        governor at a time of such crisis?"  I tell them, no, not at all.
        To crush your enemies, have them driven before you and hear the
        lamentation of their women - that is best in life.
        \_ I read the motd for this sort of deep philosophic thought.  Thank
2004/1/7-8 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:11696 Activity:moderate
1/6     For those who listen to NPR via the web.  Is there anyway I can
        download the streaming programs into an  independent file so I can
        transfer them on my Palm PDA and listen to it while I commute?
        All their audio links are embedded in some sort of javascript
        which makes "save the link as" impossible.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Have you considered getting an FM radio?  In the Bay Area, you
           can listen to 88.5 FM.
        \_ Yes.  Isn't commuting bad enough?  You want to listen to NPR, too?
           Will you also dig ditches and shovel shit?
        \_ Total Recorder will do this. I have a friend who has CDs of This
        American Life that he rips from the website.
           \_ Total Recorder only runs on Windows.  I found an open source
              program called StreamRipper which can rip ShoutCast or
              IceCast to mp3, but it doesn't rip RealAudio.  Does anyone
              know of a RealAudio ripper which works on LINUX/FREEBSD? - !op
              \_ Are you nuts?  The .ra format is copyright.  To create a
                 'free' version would be a copyright violation.  Copyright
                 law is the *only* thing upon which the GPL is based.  If
                 you go around violating copyright laws willy nilly then you
                 should also be ok when linux and other gpl'd code is stolen
                 by corporations and used without releasing source.  What
                 you're asking for is morally wrong and legally insane for
                 any pro-gpl advocate.
                 \_ Just because the real-audio format is copyrighted doesn't
                    mean I can't build a device which can decode and play it
                    back. It will, however, probably violate some sort of
                    patent. Since software patents aren't upheld by other
                    countries it probably wouldn't violate the GPL, at
                    least not internationally. Technically speaking,
                    decoding a format isn't copying the format, it's
                    violating the copyright of the content, and because
                    it's content, one could argue fair-use.
                    \_ One could argue the moon is made of cheese and twist
                       in the wind while splitting hairs.  One would still be
                       a hypocrite.  One could make the case that the GPL is
                       unlawful and therefore using Linux source code in
                       closed products without releasing said source is
                       therefore technically "ok".  One would be wrong on
                       that as well.  One can not have one's cake and eat
                       it too.
                 \_ You can't copyright a format.
                    \_ But USPTO will give you a patent.
                    \_ Yes, you can.  And they are.  And it's still theft.
                       And you're still hurting the GPL and a hypocrite if
                       you do so.  No different than any software pirate.
2004/1/7 [Uncategorized] UID:11697 Activity:nil
1/6     What's another term for mud shark?  I remember hearing it in this
        movie once but I can't recall the exact phrase...
        \_ dirt fish?
2004/1/7 [Recreation/Humor] UID:11698 Activity:nil
1/6     Actually amusing
        \_ Background story?
2004/1/7 [Uncategorized] UID:11699 Activity:nil 66%like:12375
        not work safe!
        \_ eh?  I need to create an account to read the thread?  no thanks.
2004/1/7-8 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:11700 Activity:high
1/6  The world's first hybrid luxury SUV.
        I'm going to buy one!  I've avoided buying a prius because it's too
        small.  But this announcement from toyota changes everything.
        \_ it's not out yet
        \_ Is that thing really much bigger than a Prius? They said the
           new Prius is supposed to be as roomy as a Camry inside. You
           probably can't tow stuff with that SUV. Just admit you're
           in it for the yuppie trendiness.
           \_ The Prius is not as roomy as a Camry.  Much closer to an Echo.
              \_ "new Prius" too?
              \_ Saw the "new Prius" over the weekend.  I say it is
                 between Corolla and Camry.  The exterior styling is
                 still kinda out there.
                 \_ Someone overwrote my post, but Edmunds stats would say
                    the same thing. I'm testdriving one today. Too bad the
                    Prius is only a $1500 tax break whereas the Hummer is a
                    $50000 tax break.
                    \_ Isn't the prius a $1500 tax _refund_?  Also, the Hummer
                       is only a tax break if you file a schedule C, i think.
                       \_ Prius has a $1500 credit for your AGI.  So it is
                          a credit for your taxable income, not a refund
                          to the actual tax.
                    \_ Check out the Hybrid Humvee: 10mph higher top speed,
                       twice as fast in 0-50mph, 2.5 times faster climbing 60%
                       grade, twice fuel economy.  And for the military or if
                       you're spying on your SO, it can run stealth (no sound,
                       no IR).  1/5/98
           \_ Lexus claims the hybrid will have _more_ power than the
              gasoline engine.
              \_ That's easy.  Just use the same engine and add in an electric
                 \_ Yeah, but you have to fit everything under the hood.
2004/1/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:11701 Activity:nil
1/6     Pete Rose is a liar and a scumbag.
        \_ I was shocked, shocked to hear that he had bet on baseball.
           \_ Casablanca reference acknowledged.
        \_ please tell us how you really feel about him
        \_ Why is he a scumbag, aside from betting on baseball and then lying
           about it?  I'm serious.
           \_ baseball elders get cranky when you bet on baseball,
              especially if you are managing a team.  ever
              heard of the "black sox"?
           \_ well what you mention is at the center of it.  It's also about
              him constantly pandering for attention, refusing to admit to
              truth, showing no remorse or guilt for wrong-doing.  If you
              believe Gioso, he also had no qualms about corking his bat.
              What about the insinuation that since he bet everyday on
              games, and on the Reds, who he managed, only sometimes, that
              the very act of "not betting" on the Reds is a signal that
              he thought the Reds might lose.  Oh, and perhaps the only
              reason that this news is hitting the airwaves "now," is
              because Pete stands to profit from a book, and the HOF
              announcement is today.
              \_ I hadn't heard about any bat corking.  Re: the gambling, I
                 think that although it was against the rules, it was not
                 "wrong".  Lying about it was, but not bad enough to make him a
                 \_ bat corking:
                    also, the gambling is wrong.  Again, do you really think
                    Pete would manage the same when he bet for the Reds to
                    win and when he did not bet for the Reds to win?  What
                    about blowing out a pitcher's arm in May in order to get
                    that crucial last inning when there's 5 months of
                    baseball left?  Furthermore, Pete had to know that not
                    betting on the Reds would signal the mob bosses.  How
                    hard do you think he played to win while he had that
                    \_ I would expect that rather than doing a half-assed job
                       when he didn't have any bets going, it's more likely
                       that he placed bets when he had "inside information"
                       which favored the Reds.  This would be insider trading
                       with respect to his bookie, but that doesn't bother me.
                       \_ of course he had inside information. he was their
                          manager.  What about the situation which may or may
                          not have happened where he gets pressure put on him
                          by mob bosses to whom he owes money to throw a game?
                          If the betting on baseball doesn't bother you, and
                          the inherent conflict in interest involved, whether
                          he was betting to win or to lose, and the lying,
                          public pandering, and insincere begging he has done
                          in public since 1989 don't bother you, then maybe
                          in your eyes he's not a scumbag.  These things do
                          bother me, however.  In general, it's been his
                          character, his willingness to do anything for a $,
                          and his willingness to do anything, say anything
                          to get back into the HOF regardless of what he hurts
                          or what he has to say to do it.
                          \_ some people just don't care about character.  to
                             them there is nothing someone can do that is
                             'wrong' or immoral because they don't believe in
                             morality.  anything that someone can get away
                             with is ok because they have no sense of right
                             and wrong.  you're wasting your time trying to
                             explain immorality to someone that has no morals.
                             \_ you people are incredible. we just had a thread
                                about how EVIL teachers are bleeding the
                                taxpayer dry with their 30k/yr salaries for
                                teaching kids, but when it comes to baseball
                                subsidised by the taxpayer for the profit
                                of a few millionares all you fuckers
                                care about is who gambled or cheated.
                                \_ 30k/year?  Bullshit.  In CA, try 50k for
                                   passing the 10th grade level exam and 70-80k
                                   for taking a few night or summer classes and
                                   getting an "advanced" teaching credential or
                                   "masters" in education from *any* third rate
                                   school.  You're so full of crap.  You know
                                   nothing about the teacher's union or
                                   teaching.  You're not even trolling anymore.
                                   You're just spreading outright lies and
                                   complete misinformation at best.  Please
                                   just go away.
        \_ Is there anything more boring than baseball.  I'd rather watch
           grass grow.
           \_ Yes, there is.  It's called Cricket.
2004/1/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:11702 Activity:nil
1/6     I don't know if any of you know or care about the Winter Music
        Conference in Miami, but in case you do, I'm playing at one of the
        parties there:
2004/1/7-14 [Industry/Jobs] UID:11703 Activity:nil
1/6     Java Development Engineer position available at PlanetOut.
        Ask me out if you have any question. -ausman
2004/1/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:11704 Activity:insanely high
1/7     Court: N.C. must broaden its Medicaid coverage for illegal
        \_ It only makes sense.  Legislation through the courts is the only
           way the minority party can push their agenda.  It's been this way
           for years.
           \_ If you agree with what the court is doing, its fair and
              reasonable.  If you disagree, its "legislative activism."
              There is no political party I know if thats actually
              consistent about this, other than maybe the libertarians,
              and they have virtually nobody in office that I recall.
              \_ There are libertarians in office.  They just call themselves
                 socially liberal Republicans, or fiscally conservative
                 Democrats because no-one votes for a third party.
2004/1/7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:11705 Activity:nil
1/7     I haven't been doing very much career-maintenance (don't know J2EE,
        .NET, web services, etc.). What are the preferred ways (by employers)
        to pick up experience in current stuff?
        \_ by employers, buy your own books. by employee, get them to pay for
        classes, books etc.
2004/1/7-8 [Reference/Celebration, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11706 Activity:nil
1/7     Christmas in Iraq:
2004/1/7-8 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:11707 Activity:nil
1/7     thanks guy who recommened EMRG at .60 (now at 3.90) and ICGE!
        \_ Damn, I never got that notice. Be louder next time!
        \_ $1.7 million in cash, lost $2 million in the quarter ended 9/30
           on revenues of $254K.  My advice is to take your profit, fast. -tom
           \_ I heard on wall that pepsi was the place to invest my life
              \_ no, you didn't.  -tom
                 \_ sure I did.  It was at about 48.5 at the time.  CNNfn
                    says it's now at 46.44, down .50 since opening.  I'll bet
                    the wall logs say who came up with this winner.... heh.
                    \_ I think PEP is a fine company to own.  It's certainly
                       not "the place to invest your life savings."  If your
                       time horizon on stock performance is 2 weeks, it's not
                       a stock for you.  -tom
        \_ and now look at SCOX!  1.09 a year ago and now 17!
2004/1/7-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:11708 Activity:nil
1/7     If I never come back to the thrice-accursed land of Berkeley, do
        I still have to pay off my parking ticket?
        \_ If you get pulled over in CA and the cops run your plates, they
           can arrest you.  At that point you can either pay the ticket and
           all accumulated penalties, or spend a day or 2 in jail.
           At least that's what I've heard.
           \_ Just paid... goddamn $30 late fee on a $36 ticket.
              \_ Not-so-fun fact:  Berkeley derives >1% of revenue from parking
                 \_ Uh... try 7%...
                    page 14.
                    And a 30% increase in fines this year.
        \_ if you wish to register your car again in California, you'll pay
           your parking tickets then. Only if it waits until registration those
           $25 tickets will now be $80 tickets.  If you're leaving the state,
           you might get away with ignoring them.
        \_ I accidentally ran this particular experiment while leaving Seattle.
           Email me if you'd like to know the outcome or else just know that
           this is not a bright idea. -- ulysses
           \_ One of the conductors I sing with had a similar thing happen.
              He was pulled over on vacation on a fixit violation, and they
              confiscated his car. --scotsman
           \_ Why not just tell us?
              \_ what would partha do? -ali
        \_ i had a car maybe all of 5 days in 4 years of berkeley.  i got
           one parking ticket. :/
2004/1/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:11709 Activity:insanely high
1/7   Hillary Clinton jokes about Mahatma Gandhi and Gas stations:
      \_ Why are conservatives so obsessed with Hillary Clinton?
              \_ Well I dunno could it be she is the star of the
                 Democratic party and is fawned over by the media?
                 \_ Good one.  That had me going for ages...
                 Why do the commies obsess over Bush?
                 \_ Hey, didn't you get the memo?  You're suppposed to
                    call people "terrorists" now, not "commies."
                    \_ Hah! i knew it--you're a Soviet spy, aren't you?
           \_ Because they hate women and fear peace and understanding.
            \_ there are lots of good conservative women out there.
                 \_ Yes, barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen, right?
                  \_ once again, leftists stereotypes persist.
                     \_ Surely they're only stereotypes if they're not
                        based on real-life examples.
                        \_ wow, what an asshole, even for a troll.
                           \_ Aw, did I hit a nerve?
                              \_ not at all.  you're just a troll and an
                                 asshole.  your stereotype is sexist and
                                 anti-intellectual as well as being just
                                 plain wrong which makes you stupid as well.
                                 \_ Please. The core Repub values include
                                    archaic gender roles and the recognition
                                    of male superiority. If you haven't
                                    figure this out by now, you're not paying
                           \_ I agree.  you are a troll and an idiot.
                              I'm refering to 'Surely they're only
                              stereotypes if they're not based
                              on real life examples'
                        \_ why are you and far leftists so anti-pregnant?
                           is it so wrong to be pregnant?  Is it wrong
                           to have a family?
                             \_ it's only ok if you're republican.
                                \_ That's what the Repubs tell us.
         \_ I'm not.  She got a lucky niche in NY when the competition
            was forced to bow out for medical reasons.  That's as far as
            her political career will ever go.  She's not a has-been, but
            more like a never-was-or-will-be.  I say you boys should put
            her up for election every 4 years forever.  --conservative
            \_ So that's why she's the most admired woman in America?
               \_ One has little to do with the other.  It is *very*
                  common for the First Lady to get that title each year
                  yet none of them ever had a chance of being elected to
                  anything.  Apples n oranges.
                  \_ She got that "title" this year too, dunderhead.
                     \_ Uh yeah, go re-read what I said and seek the less
                        juvenile interpretation.  Assume I'm aware of who
                          juvenile interpretation.  Assume I'm award of who
                        the current President, FL, and Jr. Senator from NY
                        are at the present time.  Anyway, getting the most
                        admired title has nothing to do with election
                        chances.  It's only a measure of how many people
                        can name her from thin air.  She's done little that's
                        actually admirable, especially if you're one of her
                        White House Travel Office or other victims.
                  \_ the report I heard said that the First Lady doesn't
                     get most admired woman status (remember, First Lady
                     is Mrs. Bush).
                     \_ I said it is very common for her to do so in the past
                        which is not the same as 100% of the time.  Why must
                        I explain such trivial statements to college students
                        or possibly graduates?
                          \_ Because you make overreaching generalizations
                             and fail to back them up with anything resembling
                             sense.  Speak clearly, or stfu.
                           \_ It was neither overreaching or required a lot
                              of sense to understand.  The problem is the
                              reader, not the writer in this case.
                              \_ Actually, you said that many First Ladies
                                 win the title of "most admired." You did not
                                 expand to include ex-First Ladies.  Again,
                             sense.  Speak clearly, or stfu.
                                 speak clearly, or stfu.
                     \_ Clinton isn't still president?!
                     \_ Clinton isn't still president?!
                        \_ He is on TV.  Watch more West Wing.
            \_ You must be a very important man indeed to consider a
               United States Senator a nobody. Can I ask which billionaire
               or head of state is posting in the motd?
               \_ The Jr. Senator from NY who has written no legislation and
                 or head of state is posting in the motd?
                  co-authored nothing and chairs no committees and is a
                  member of the minority party?  Oh, please.  My dog's vet
                  is more important.
      \_ Once upon a time, prior to the great depression, the Hayes Code,
         gas chambers (and gas stations), in the era of the Thin Man and
         W.C. Fields, when America desperately needed a collective drink,
         there was a thing called humor.  It was funny.  Hillary Clinton
         is about as funny as plague.  The gas station joke, on the other
         hand, is very funny.  -John
         \_ I dunno... which plague are you referring to?
         \_ I didn't get the joke.  Can you explain it please?
      \_ Lets not forget about her "fucking jew bastard" comment.
         \_ That's ok.  She's part-Jew (it's very trendy these days to claim
              most admired woman so it's ok.
            some Jew blood but don't actually be a real Jew because we hate
            them) so she can say things like that.  And anyway, she's the
            most admired woman so it's ok.
2004/1/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11710 Activity:very high
1/7   More rights removed:,1848,61792,00.html
      \_ Happy New Year!
      \_ Whiner.  What's wrong with this?  It just makes official what has
         always go on anyway.
         \_ Why do you hate America? Oh, yes, it says here in your file
            that you're a fifth column saboteur working for the terrorists.
            \_ I don't hate America.  What a stupid waste of bits.  Here's
               my genius quality counter punch: Why do you hate America? Oh,
               yes, it says here in your file that you're a fifth column
               saboteur working for the terrorists.  How cool is that?  I've
               just repeated what you said and it applies equally well!  That
               is to say, it doesn't apply at all to either of us.
               \_ So basically what you're saying is, its okay that our
                  privacy is being violated, since we're law abiding citizens,
                  what do we have to fear, etc. etc. etc.?  I thought the
                  motd was teeming with libertarians, not authoritarians.
                  \_ I never said any such thing.  I said they're already
                     doing it and have been for years.  This just makes it
                     official and publicly known.  You invented the rest of
                     that and put it in my mouth.  I'm neither libertarian
                     or authoritarian.  I'm pragmatic.
                     \_ They've been doing this for years, so its okay?
                        First of all, I don't see how that justifies it,
                        and second of all, how the hell do you know about
                        it?  I consider myself a reasonably informed
                        person and this is the first I've heard of the FBI
                        having carte blanche to investigate your every
                        financial move without any warrant or justification.
                        So either you've got a tinfoil hat on, and are
                        convinced the government is always out to get us,
                        or you're just pulling something out of your
                        ass to try to justify something inexcusable.
                        \_ The motd is really good at telling me what it
                           thinks I believe lately.  I suspect this is the
                           same person each time.  I'll explain again.  I
                           do not believe the anyone is out to get me or most
                           of the rest of us.  I do not own a tinfoil hat. I
                           do believe that the government has been able to
                           acquire almost any information it wants about
                           most of us for a very long time.  It is just a
                           case of "why bother?".  I'm not the tinfoil hat
                           guy here.  I don't think anyone would waste even
                           a moment of cpu time checking my financial
                           records (or yours either) because we're both
                           complete and total nobodies.  I've met real life
                           active duty federal agents.  The kind that shoot
                           people and then check the corpse for ID.  They're
                           not like us.  They don't care about us.  I'm not
                           at all concerned these people are prying into my
                           (or your) financial or any other records.  My
                           only concern is if they confuse me for someone
                           else on the street that that'll check the ID on
                           my corpse instead of asking for it at gun point.
                           These people have existed long before Bush was
                           even born so don't even go there.  You're totally
                           naive if you think all government evil started
                           when GWB was inaugurated.
                           \_ thinking that all the people on the motd with
                              similar opinions are the same person is a sign
                              of paranoia.  watch the motd for a couple hours
                              if you care.  there are lots of people from
                              all corners of the political spectrum here,
                              many of whom probably respond to your posts in
                              similar ways.  for instance, I have posted
                              nothing on today's motd other than this, but
                              agree with everything the guy arguing with
                              you has said so far, and also think you're
                              a paranoid idiot.
                           \_ You're right, this is not just a GWB thing.
                              Your comment about this not being new, and
                              that we shouldn't get bothered about it is
                              fallacious-- it is _new_ in that it is now
                              no longer covert, and we should be bothered
                              about it because this makes it so much easier
                              for the innocent (like you) to get mistakenly
                              dragged into the fray based solely on any
                              given FBI Agent's suspicion. I know FBI agents,
                              too, and I know that most are not bad.  There
                              are some, however, whose bad side I never want
                              to get on.  The potential for abuse is so great
                              that the power does not need to exist.
2004/1/7-8 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11711 Activity:very high
1/7     Anyone else having problems with email sent from csua being
        considered Yahoo spam?
        \_ Their spam detection has been going whacko for weeks.  They
           have some major people pissed at them for it. --scotsman
        \_ Hmm, yup. Never had a problem before sending email from here to my
           yahoo account before until just now. Even marking as "Not Spam"
           doesn't help.
           \_ I think spam filters mark messages with "Not Spam" as spam.
              \_ I think we're talking about two different things. In Yahoo
                 Mail, when you're in your Bulk Folder, you can click on a
                 message and click the button "Not Spam". And supposedly,
                 the spam filtering engine learns from this and won't mark
                 this email address as spam again in the future.
           \_ Yahoo has rejected csua email a couple times in the past,
              thinking that soda.csua was an open relay.  Check the motd
           yahoo account before until just now. Even marking as "Not Spam"
           doesn't help.
        \_ They block all sorts of shit seemingly at random.  It's for your
           own good.  Just stop using Yahoo.

e/7     I haven't been doing very much career-maintenance (don't know J2EE,
        .NET, web services, etc.). What are the preferred ways (by employers)
        to pick up experience in current stuff?
        \_ by employers, buy your own books. by employee, get them to pay for
                 \_ Nice catch-22!  You get the "uselessly stupid reply" award
                    for the week!
        classes, books etc.
           \_ Sorry, I should have specified that I meant "prospective
              \_ get a job using the current stuff.
                 \_ Nice catch-22!  You get the "uselessly stupid reply" award
                    for the week!
        \_ .Net = .Dead
           \_ I'm actually seeing a lot of jobs for people with experience
              with .NET and SQL Server. -op
              \_ my father in law has been a software engineer at a big
                 insurance company for the last 25 years, and he's being
                 forced to learn .net by his employer.  of course, this same
                 company is forcing their new hires to learn COBOL also.
              \_ where at? - turin
                 \_ various posts on craigslist
                   \_ thanks
        \_ get Microsoft Certifications (MCSD)
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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