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2004/1/5 [Academia/UCLA] UID:11657 Activity:kinda low
1/4     ilyas goes to UCLA:
panther:~> finger ilyas
Login name: ilyas                       In real life: Ilya Shpitser
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No Plan.
        \_ ok, so are you trying to point out his bad taste in shells, or what.
                \_ no, it just tells us who exactly is the ucla cs student
                who is having a lot of sex and having  alot of fun
                \_ i thought you might be suggesting that, but figured you
                   wouldn't be stupid enough to make that implication.
                   i stand corrected.
                \_ You could have figured out where I was by going to my csua
                   homepage, or simply asking me.  And no, the 'ucla cs guy'
                   is not me.  I know at least 2 csua members at UCLA right
                   now, and about 10 former Berkeley students.  -- ilyas
                   \_ next, our genius op will discover who the guy who works
                      in the south bay is, and who the guy from fremont is, and
                      all anonymity will be gone forever.
        \_ By that logic, I go to Stanford. - pst
           hey Ilya, check out Ars Gladitoria:
                \_ alright, so ilyas isn't having a lot of fun/sex in ucla.
                   by the process of elimination, who else is left?
                   \_ Yermom.
2004/1/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:11658 Activity:nil
1/4     Is there a broadband ISP covering Mountain View offering a good price
        (<30/m) for longer than 6 months without a year long contract?
        \_ your neighbor's wifi. otherwise, no.
              \_ Honor thy fiber and thy modem.
        \_ I thought SBC offered 'midband' service for around that price...
2004/1/5 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:11659 Activity:nil
1/4     Ares is the new P2P client. Kazaa-like interface, no ad-ware,
        good selection with good bitrates based on my initial searching.
        \_ How does it compare to Kazaa-lite?
2004/1/5 [Finance/Shopping] UID:11660 Activity:nil
1/4     I'm moving.  I need a lot of bubble wrap.  I live in the South Bay.
        Can anyone recommend an economical local source for buying packing
        materials in quantity?
        \_ I just use old newspaper.
        \_'s kinda expensive to buy a lot, but at least you'll
           now know a guaranteed place to get some.
        \_ ebay?  old newspaper as the person above suggested?
           Old recycled papers?  UPS store?  Office Depot?  Office Max?
        \_ uline or u-line.  I remember it was definitely cheaper than uhaul.
2004/1/5 [Computer/SW] UID:11661 Activity:nil
1/5     Anybody reads/writes japanese would like to help me out?  I want to ask
        the person who maintains this website to make available (or send me)
        high resolution version of a couple of pictures.
        Particularly of the street on icho26.  They're pictures of ginkgos
        in the fall.  I think it's Tokyo University.  I'll take any version
        of the photos.  But I'm hoping that there's a picture before the
        sweeping started when the street is covered in beautiful golden leaves.
        I can't find an email address on the web site otherwise I'd send him
        a note in english hoping that he'd understand what I'm talking about.
        Thanks you very much.
        \_ Why don't you try English?
2004/1/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:11662 Activity:very high
1/4     Ok so what's the next bowl game for the bears?
        \_ 2010
        \_ If we don't go to a major bowl next year, it will be a
           disappointment.  We lose very little from this team, so both
           offense and defense should be better next year than they were
           this year.  We have playmakers on both sides of the ball.  -tom
           \_ so are we done this year?  We did Insight Bowl, now what's next?
              (if anything)?
2004/1/5-6 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:11663 Activity:nil
1/5     Not something you want to see before making a trade:
        An error has occured while processing request:
        Message: [JSP 1.0 Processor] reported an error
        ... along with the associated Java stack trace.
2004/1/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:11664 Activity:nil 66%like:12375
        (work safe)
        \_ but not epileptic safe
2004/1/5-6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:11665 Activity:low
1/5     Do most people use Spanish names in the Philippines?  Thx.
        \_ Filipinos took whatever suited their fancy regardig names
        -- it was common for members of the same family to have
        different surnames, if the sundry individuals took them at all
           \_ not so common in present day.
        -- until 1849, when the Spanish governor published a huge
        catalog of Spanish & Filipino surnames and required everyone
        to pick one per family and stick with it. The normalization
        of surnames was rather haphazard: some took a name from the
        catalog assigned by the local governor, who sometimes just
        ripped out a page and passed it around; others stuck with
        old surnames, Spanish or Filipino; more than a few picked
        the name of a favorite saint (hence, the popularity of "delos
        Santos"). In short, yes. -elizp, one fly Pinay
        \_ Most people use their own names.
           \_ BTW, why is "Maria" so popular among Filipinos?
              \_ I don't know. Why is "Jennifer" so popular among Americans?
                 \_ If she were Asian, she'd go by "Jen".
              \_ Religion.
                 \_ Did you know that up until around 1880 almost no girls were
                    named Mary in the U.S. because the name was considered too
                    holy?  After it became OK to name your daughter Mary it
                    became someitng of a name fad.
              \_ Gracing the beginning of your name with "Maria" is
                 supposed to make it holy. Even guys get named Maria.
                 But it isn't practical to have a community where everyone
                 goes by the same first name, so most go by their middle
                 names (ie, "Ma. Jennifer Aniston") or some distinguishing
                 nickname ("Ma. Joker Garcia" is my favorite). -elizp
              \_ Men are commonly named "Jose-Marias"+surname.  It's a
                 Catholic thing you heathen bastards. - Pinoy.
        \_ It depends. Some names are from pre-Spanish times.
        \_ first names or surnames?
           \_ I was asking about first names, because I thought surnames were
              fixed in families just like in most other cultures.
              \_ first names are mostly Christian, Filipino, American,
                 and Hispanic.  I don't remember meeting many "Heather"'s,
        \_ What about Malou Nubla?
           \_ what about her?  Malou is a pretty common Filipino Name.
              \_ "Baby", "Boy", and "Junior" are common nicknames.
2004/1/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:11666 Activity:nil 53%like:30787
1/5     All my emails sent to yahoo mail are classified as Bulk Mail.  Do you
        have the same problem?
        \_ Only when I want to help people "En1argee yor 0rgan!"
2004/1/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:11667 Activity:very high
1/5     Hits the nail on the head regarding living in the Bay Area
        \_ Yup, just because someone is a liberal doesn't make him any
           smarter or a better person than the average joe. It just makes
           him more hypocritical. Hopefully they'll die out because they
           don't appear to be having a lot of kids.
           \_ Not all liberals are hypocritical.  And not everyone in the
              bay area is rude.  And us non-rude liberals get just as
              \_ The author never claims this. The 5th to the last paragraph
                 says essentially the same thing.
                 \_ I was addressing both the article and the above reply.
              frustrated about the rudeness as our couterparts.  Also I
              have never seen such behaviour towards my sisters (two kids
              apiece) or my friends who have been pregnant recently.  Perhaps
              this particular woman is rude herself, and gets it back in
              spades. --scotsman
           \_ It is really funny to watch conservatives accuse liberals of
              being hypocritical. See Rush Limbaugh, William Bennett, Strom
              Thurmond and many many others just in the last couple of months.
              Can you name one famous liberal of similar hypocrisy? Can you
              say "projection"? I knew you could.
              \_ Barbara Streisand, Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore.
              \_ Barbara Streisand, Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore, ELF.
                 \_ I think part of ELF's hypocracy is not the organization but
                    its members.  These people commit vandalism and endanger
                    people they disagree with, but yet you know ELF members
                    were strongly protesting the war.
                    \_ I don't know that at all. Did ELF take a stand on
                       the war?
                       \_ I didn't say ELF had a stance.  I'm just saying I'd
                          bet you dollars-to-donuts that ELF members were
                          against the war.
                 \_ What do these people preach that they do not practice?
                    You do know the definition of hypocricy, right?
                    \_ Google the following:
                       "barbara streisand environment"
                       "michael moore fear-mongering"
           right to left.  c.f. "hate speech," "racism," "diversity"
                       \_ ad hominem attacks does not suddenly make that
                          person an hypocrite.
                          \_ no but criticising the gun lobby of using fear
                             tactics while using fear tactics himself to
                             advocate social welfare does
                             \_ You think they're fear tactics?  Did you even
                                watch the film?
                                \_ yes, I watched the film. And you do not
                                   think they're fear tactics? Manipulated
           who expects society to bend over backwards to accomidate her
                       "ted kennedy chappaquiddick"
           can't get over the shock of having race and class privilege.
                       "elf desctruction"
                        \_ See your problem is that you don't know what the
                           word hypocricy means. When did Ted Kennedy or
                           liberals in general advocate not driving drunk?
                           Did elf ever advocate non-violence? I am not
                           sure what your beef with Barbara Striesand and
                           the enviornment is, but you might have one there.
                           \_ Babs advocates enviornmentalism and conservation
                              but owns a huge house with air conditioning.
                              \_ Um, she also sued a scientist who was
                                 studying the effects of erosion on the
                                 California coast. Did anybody actually
                                 Google the terms above?
                                 \_ And there was that time she turned into a
                                    giant fire-breathing robot and flattened a
                                    hick mountain town in Colorado.
                           \_ Strom Thurmond never advocated white men not
                              having sex with black women either. ELF claims
                              to be for protecting the environment, but their
                              actions have done more harm to the environment
                              than good.
                              \_ He most certainly was against miscegenation:
                                 And your opinion of ELF's actions is
                                 debatable. They think what they do helps
                                 the environment, and so do I.
                              \_ How have ELF's actions done more harm to the
                                 environment than good?  What, people have
                                 started hating trees because the ELF's been
                                 firebombing construction sites?
                                 \_ I agree that it's debatable. In the long
                                    term one can argue that they've increased
                                    awareness of their cause. But in the short
                                    term, the polution caused by the fires
                                    they set have done more harm then what
                                    they targetted. The sad thing is the
                                    author is right. Most people in the Bay
                                    Area are incapable of seeing more than
                                    one side of an issue.
                                    \_ Tell me the name of a place where people
                                       are not like that.
                                    \_ They delayed clear-cutting by months in
                                       some cases at a minimal cost in burned
                                       material.  This is clearly a plus for
                                       the environment. Of course, it's also
                                       a huge minus for environmentalists who
                                       want to be taken seriously, which I
                                       suspect was more your original point.
        \_ She didn't even mention by far the worst part about the
           Bay Area, and the one reason I'll never move back: housing.
           She's probably stuck in some idiotic mortgage on an overpriced
           home just like all the flame warriors here.
           \_ I'm guessing she didn't mention it because the essay was about
              society, not the economy.
              \_ She mostly just sounds like she has a bug up her ass.  I've
                 never seen anyone with the attitude about children that she
                 describes.  If she wants to bash stupid Bay Area lefties, how
                 about the Critical Mass yahoos or ACT UP SF (the offshoot
                 ACT UP group that spreads the HIV IS A LIE meme).  She's
                 right about the turn signal thing, but thats got nothing to
                 do with politics, for fuck's sake - if anything George
                 Deukmejian's cuts to drivers ed programs in the '80s have more
                 to do with that.
        \_ waah waah!  I'm oppressed!
        \_ "Jennifer Nelson, an Oakland writer, worked in policymaking
            positions in the Deukmejian and Wilson administrations."
           Hell, she's lucky she hasn't been lynched.
        \_ One more demonstration of how political language migrates from
           left to right.  c.f. "hate speech," "racism," "diversity"
           \- i think the author should have focused on "chez panisse
              liberalism" or on anti-children seniments. they are different
              phenomena and combining them sounds like random bitching
              rather than dissecting something coherent. --psb
        \_ Her problem is that she is a white person with three children
           who expects society to bend over backwards to accommodate her
           and her concerns. Here she is nothing special and she still
           can't get over the shock of not having race and class privilege.
        \_ The responses on this motd illustate her point perfectly.  -ax
           \_ Do you think people like her deserve special treatment?
2004/1/5-6 [Reference/Celebration] UID:11668 Activity:nil
1/5     Holidays are over, and we're back to our usual censorship standards.
        How about a Merry Fucking Christmas and a Happy Fucking New Year to the
        Humorless Motd Censor, back on the job after a well deserved break?
2004/1/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:11669 Activity:low
1/5     Cal Bears prediction (football): Major bowl in two years.
        Then Tedford becomes an assistant coach in the NFL.
        Cal Bears become a bad team again.
        \_ Then Tedford will be back in the college ranks in 2-3 years after.
           We all know how well college coaches do in the NFL (see Spurrier,
           Erickson, June Jones)
           \_ uh, practically all NFL coaches were college coaches first.
              But I'm fairly optimistic that Tedford will hang around a
              while.  -tom
           \_ Erickson will probably be fired in two years.
              Tedford to coach the Niners?
        \_ Remember the last bowl game? REmember how quickly the coach
           left? Two years? Try two months.
           \_ I think Tedford is more dedicated to Cal than Mariucci was.
              Only time will tell though.
              \_ Mooch seemed pretty dedicated too. That is, until Seifert was
                 fired, and that golden opportunity arose.
                 \_ When asked what his goals were when he came to Cal, Mooch
                    said "A Rose Bowl in 5 years, a Super Bowl in 10."  -tom
                    \_ Hmm, so he still has 2 years to accomplish the latter.
                        \_ ain't gonna happen in Detroit.  -tom
              However, I'm optimistic about Tedford's willingness to stay at
              Cal.  -tom
2004/1/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:11670 Activity:nil
1/5     Long live the king:
        \_ Interesting.  But legitimacy is never the sole factor in determining
           who gets the crown.  Otherwise there'd never have been change of
2004/1/5-6 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:11678 Activity:high
1/5     Anyone care to share their Bay Area housing market predicitons?
        These current prices can't possibly hold up, IMO.
        \_ factor of two drop within ten years.
        \_ I said it before and I will say it again. These prices will
           hold up as long as interest rates stay down. Once rates start
           going up, prices will stop going up and will probably drop
           a bit. -ausman
           \_ That as well as the projected population and the projected
              supply of whores is way out of balance, favoring a shortage
              of whores. They've run projections through the next 20-50
              years and unless we get some hundreds of thousands more
              whores than planned we're still going to be short.
              \_ Sure, that is why in the long run, pimping is still a good
                 investment, imo.
        \_ Bay Area whore market opinions on the motd are trollbait, IMO.
        \_ This is the only area in the country considered to have a housing
           crisis (in the sense that there isn't enough).  Do the math.
              supply of housing is way out of balance, favoring a shortage
              of housing. They've run projections through the next 20-50
              years and unless we build some hundreds of thousands more
              dwellings than planned we're still going to be short.
        \_ Bay Area housing market opinions on the motd are trollbait, IMO.
2004/1/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29741 Activity:nil
1/5     Hello, I'm a hairy man. I have a lot of facial/chest hair. If I want
        to please the ladies, should I shave my chest hair? I mean, I think
        it's pretty sexy, but do the ladies think it's sexy?
        \_ Lots of women like hairy men.  Lots of women don't.  I don't think
           the net number of women that will like you will change much if you
           get rid of all that hair, but if you're looking to attract a
           specific woman that's really insistent, go ahead.  By the way, do
           NOT shave your chesthair - that's asking for a world of hurt via
           ingrown hairs.  Go to a good waxer, its the only really decent
2004/1/5-6 [Computer/SW/Editors] UID:29742 Activity:nil
1/5     Puns:
        \_ "innvoation"?  I don't get it.
           \_ I would suppose that's a typo.  You'd think a copy editor
              would catch that.  You'd be wrong.
              \_ not a typo
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