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2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:11620 Activity:nil
12/30   When copying a file from one IDE hard disk to another in one PC,
        what's to prevent a bit from getting flipped? are there hardware
        \_ yes, but....  Once you start copying gigs or TBs around the
           error rates are high enough that bad bits really happen.  The
           odds of this happening on your mp3 or porn collection are really
           slim and the odds that the altered bit actually changes a file
           in such a way that you notice is even slimmer but yes it can
           and does happen in the real world on PC quality hardware.
           \_ isn't there error-checking?  IDE drives are supposed to resend
              data when there's too much cross-talk, aren't they?
              \_ Get what you pay for, caveat emptor, and all those
                 other platitudes...
           \_ urlP
        \_ I don't know the answer, but you can do a file compare afterwards if
           there's a way to tell the OS to flush all file cache.
2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:11621 Activity:nil
12/30   Three weeks ago I accidentally overclocked my AthlonXP 2000MHz to
        2500MHz for 24 hours running setiathome.  A test with memtest86
        showed no errors, but since then, I've had three different disk
        drives get corrupt data with "IO" errors.  I fear this is related.
        badblocks -w showed no errors. drives work fine after reformatting
        ext3. The overclocking was done with very fast case fans and a
        copper CPU cooler rated for overclocking.  The CPU fan was turned
        up all the way.  Do you think overclocking damage would cause this
        error?  Could overclocking fry an IDE controller?
        \_ If you overclock the front side bus, you are stressing everything
           on that bus, including IDE interfaces.
        \_ It's quite likely you fucked your system, yes.  Did you have
           temp measurements before and during for this 'test' or did you
           just figure it'd be fun to fry an expensive new chip?
                \_ He said he'd done it accidentally.
        \_ I had this EXACT same problem when I fried a memory stick.
           Put a new RAM chip in and see if it goes away.  Also, make
           SURE that there is good air flow over the memory (I.e.. no
           drive cables occluding the case air flow).
                \_ I fried a mem as well. There were no smoke whatsoever, but
                   it's a goner forever. Overclocking ain't what it used to be
           \_ I ran memtest86 for many hours w/o a single flaw. -op
               \_ Really-  just try to put in a new mem stick.  In general,
                  don't trust software-  Its a 10 minute experiment.
                  \_ then what? how to corrupt a hard drive in 10 min?
2003/12/31 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:11622 Activity:nil
12/30   Does anyone know of a practical way to find out the sequence of
        calls to functions from dynamically-linked libraries in a program
        that doesn't have debug info? This is on solaris 8, btw. Also,
        is there a utility that will show all the functions in a static or
        shared library (on unix in general)? Thanks.
        \_ "truss -u library program" will show you the function calls;
           "nm" will list the functions.
           \_ thanks! i always assumed truss only did syscalls.
2003/12/31 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:11623 Activity:kinda low
12/30   The sickness has spread to Canada.
        \_ By way of the Dallas News, yet another bastion of unbiased news.
           If you really want to read this drivel, go ahead and use the
           csua account instead of registering:
  , pwd=csuamotd
        \_ This seems like a shill.  It is not that hard to get a gun in canada
           and I can't imagine anyone having "booed a speaker at the podium
           whose father had died on Sept. 11"  (Though, since the article
           doesn't specify WHEN this happened it is hard to confirm/deny)
           Tnx to the replyer for the login.  -phuqm
           \_ You must have missed the Bill Reilly show where the son of one
              of the victims of the Second WTC attack was being chastised for
              being against the Second Iraq War.
        \_ sorry for not giving the login.  I created it and figured it was
           obvious.  --op
        \_ Of course, it could simply be a difference of opinion, rather than a
           sickness.  But that would require you to address content rather than
           hurl ad hominem.
        \_ You are right. It is time to teach these Canadians a lesson.
           Can we rename Canadian Bacon to Freedom Bacon?
2003/12/31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11624 Activity:nil
12/30   What's the best way to sign up for spam mail? I want to set an account
        that collects spam for analysis, thanks.
        \_ post to usenet, post your resume (fake one, obviously) to the net,
           put your email on some mailing lists, and the best way is to
           put your email on some maillist lists, and the best way is to
           respond to any spams you do get from these other sources.
        \_ Best way is to post e-mail address on web pages that are linked to
           from sites already in the search engines.
2003/12/31 [Industry/Startup] UID:11625 Activity:nil
12/30   Suppose I send a money order to a new guy on eBay. The MO is addressed
        to "Company LLC". What are some ways he could screw me up? Could
        he cash the check even if Company LLC doesn't exist?
        \_ You should look into their buyer protection policy and see how
           well you're covered.
        \_ Ebay is built entirely on trust.  Period.
        \_ You could ask for escrow.
2003/12/31 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:11626 Activity:nil
12/30 - anyone played this? Cool or crap?
        \_ Reviewed on
2003/12/31 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:11627 Activity:nil
12/30   Special counsel to investigate Plame leak; Ashcroft recuses himself
        from the investigation.  I hear the other shoe dropping.
        \_ and if he didnt remove himself you'd be screaming he's hiding
           something.  it must be nice to think you're right and the other
           guy is the Devil no matter what he does.
           \_ He should have done it on day one, but better late
              than never. -!op
2003/12/31 [Reference/Military] UID:11628 Activity:moderate
12/30   How come sniper rifles need cranking? Why can't they be made
        automatic like machine guns or the pistols?
        \_ I suppose by what you call "cranking" is properly referred to
           as bolt-action. THere are few "sniper" rifles that are semi-auto
           like the M21/M25 (based on the M-14). What the public thinks
           and fears as "sniper" rifle is more than likely based upon
           hunting rifles. Cycling the bolt slowly minimizes movement of
           the entire gun. Also the springs in box magazines are affected
           by weather. in fact, snipers often use the same kind round out
           of the same box when zereoing them for training and operations
        \_ bolt action is simpler than any automatic/semi-automatic.
           in addition to less movement, less parts to get involved
           the shooting process in general.  but there are many fine
           semi-automatic "sniping" rifiles.  check out this site:
           \_ Bolt action rifles are more accurate (complex feed mechanisms
              affect accuracy).  Furthermore, a sniper often wants control
              over when the round gets ejected, something many semi-autos
              do not give him.  Nothing is worse than a tell-tale "plink"
              noise from an ejected round when the enemy is around, something
              american GIs with garand rifles found out the hard way in WWII.
                -- ilyas
        \_ One Shot, One Kill!  Only street sweeping punks use anything else.
        \_ The above are all wrong.  It's simple: One Shot, One Kill, baby!
2003/12/31 [Transportation/Car] UID:11629 Activity:nil
12/30   Hmm, it seems smog tests cost rought 2x as much here as they do in
        Socal.  Anyone reccommend a Cheap place to get my practically new
        car smogged in or around Oakland?  (410 miles on a new honda and
        I have to get it smogged 'cause i bought it used.  It's so nice to
        live in a state/county with such reasonable laws).
        \_ what prices are you comparing? smog tests in norcal just doubled
           back in october.. and probably in socal as well.
        \_ move to SoCal, everything is cheaper, like housing, food,
           transportation, movies, entertainment, asian massage parlor,
           etc.         -ucla cs guy
           \_ aren't you afraid of catching STDs, ucla cs guy?
              \_ heh, i don't think he worries too much about it anymore,
                 seeing as how he's already collected a small menagerie
                 of em.
                 \_ more to share with everyone!
2003/12/31-2004/1/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:11631 Activity:moderate
12/31   How do I go about getting tickets for Friday night's Cal BBall game?
        I'm an alum.  I've never gone to a Cal ball game before. -crebbs
        \_ why are you going now?
            \_ Part of friend's 30th B-day.
           if there are any left. If not, you can try craigslist
                \_ Isn't that illegal?
           or stubhub, or if you are really determined, buy them
           scalpers outside the arena before the game. -ausman
           or stubhub, or if you are really determined, buy them
           from scalpers outside the arena before the game. -ausman
                \_ Isn't that illegal?
                   \_ No, it's not. Scalping tickets for less than or equal to
                      the amount than the printed price on the ticket is
                      perfectly legal.
2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Politics/Domestic] UID:11632 Activity:kinda low
12/31   No mocking of Republicans in the motd will be tolerated.
        \_ I mock any labels for the sheer fact they are not all true.
           \_ It wasn't the Republicans that started the whole
              "freedom fries" nonsenese?
2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Industry/Startup] UID:11633 Activity:nil
12/31   Suppose I give money order to Company LLC to a friend but he doesn't
        really own that company yet (didn't yet incorporate Company LLC).
        Can he cash that money order in the bank or somewhere else?
        \_Yes, as long as he has a business bank account under the name of
          said company.
2003/12/31-2004/1/6 [Industry/Jobs] UID:11634 Activity:nil
12/31   I'd like to see more Berkeley grads work at AMZN so I'm announcing this
        one more time.  Anyone here looking for a job?  AMZN is aggressively
        hiring SDE IIs and IIIs right now.  Pretty much all positions are up in
        Seattle though.  Send me your resume and I'll refer you -larryl
        \_ I thought they are expanding down in the Bay Area?
           \_ I believe they have announced moving a small search division
              there.  Don't count on too many positions though.
        \_ what are SDE's?
           \_ Software Development Engineer (as opposed to hardware, tech
        \_ What is a "SDE"?
           \_ Software Development Engineer?
           Software Development Environment
              Shared Data Environment
        \_ Maybe no one wants to work with someone who is such a moron he
           uses stock symbols for company names.  Doesn't it hurt when
           someone asks you where you work and you choke on saying AMZN and
           cover them in spit and they beat the shit out of you?
              wierd. They seemed more like recent initiates into a religious
           \_ What world do you live in where anyone cares about this crap?!
           \_ I don't know about that. I have never met larryl. I did live for
              in Seattle for two and half years. The Amazon kids were a little
              weird. They seemed more like recent initiates into a religious
              cult than employees. Anybody else have this impression?
           \_ I thought using AMZN was okay.
                \_ Well AMZN we at least get. What about SDE ?
                   \_ I emailed larryl a tongue-in-cheek letter asking him
                      what amazon was doing with second order stochastic
                      differential equations, it was the only thing I could
                      think of when I saw SDE-II. First time I saw his post
                      I thought it was some sort of brokerage firm looking
                      for a math person to do voodoo forcasting on stocks.
                      If said person is really serious about looking for
                      candidates, he should post a complete description
                      written in standard english to the motd and to
                      the /csua/pub/jobs directory. I mean seriously, stop
                      wasting other people's time if you're just fucking around.
                      \_ Isn't "wasting other people's time if you're just
                         fucking around" exactly what you were doing with
                         your "tongue-in-cheek letter"?
        \_ You fruits are all lame.  He's offering a referral to work at a
           stable, reputable company, even if you have to move to Seattle.
           I also had no problem with reading the terms "AMZN" and "SDE II".
           \_ So what is an SDE II? Why not say s/w engineer or s/w
              developer? "SDE II" is too fucking formal for the motd. What's
              the difference between an "SDE II" and an "SDE III" (or an
              "SDE I" for that matter)?
              \_ If you don't know what it stands for, just ask.  No need
                 to resort to profanity (too formal of a word for you?).
                 I thought it's nice gesture.  And to people who have
                \_ Well AMZN we at least get. What about SDE ?
                 worked for a while, SDE, SQA are quite common terms.
                 Have you thought of the possibility that he was
                 trying to filter out people who have no prior experience?
                 \_ 9 years experience and never heard of SDE. You ever
                    hear of MTS?
                    \_ You know, it's okay to be ignorant.  No one's going
                       to hold it against you if you have to ask what a given
                       acronym means.  You can even do it politely without
                       \_ Here's a good acronym: FOAD
                    \_ Member of Technical Staff
2003/12/31-2004/1/2 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11635 Activity:nil
12/30   Does anyone know if Bear Mountain has a ski class?
        \_ don't all ski resorts have ski classes?
        \_ I'm bored this New Year so I googled for you:
           \_ Pretty much. ObGoogle.
2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Computer/SW] UID:11640 Activity:nil
12/31   Anyone seen this offer for "3 years of free web hosting"?
        ( - what's the catch?
        \_ have you tried reading the page explaining exactly "what the catch"
           \_  Yes.  Do you believe everything you read?
               \_ do you always ask dumb questions like this? what about it
                  don't you understand? if you don't give them payment info
                  (which they don't ask for, btw), what catch can there
                  possibly be?
                  \_ Lots of popup ads?  -- !OP
                     \_ they say no popups. ok, there are lots of *possible*
                        catches, but if you're not paying anything or giving
                        away any real important info, what do you really care.
                        maybe they're actually telling the truth, then you win.
        \_ Looks legit! (tried it out) - 500 MB of free web storage, for 3
           years... -OP
        \_ Most likely the catch is marketing, i.e. they'll attract lots of
                people and those who sign up may or may not be grandfathered
                into their for-fee services that will come.
                \_ they tel you as much. also, learn to format.
                        \_ umm there's no definitive motd formatting guide, ok?
                           \_ umm yeah, but there's common sense, ok?
2003/12/31 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:29739 Activity:high
12/31   So I understand that we are supposed to call French Fries and
        French Toast, Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast now, but what
        about French Kissing? Should I call it "Freedom Kissing" now?
        How about French Bread or French Poodles? Is it now Freedom
        Bread and Freedom Poodles? The last one sounds kind of
        funny to me.
        \_ And don't forget French onion soup, French dip and French coffee to
           complete a five-course French cuisine.
        \_ The "french" in french fries has nothing to do with France and
           shouldn't even be capitalized.  Is Quayle back in DC?
2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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