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2003/12/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:11593 Activity:nil
12/25   Merry Christmas, MOTD!  Happy Holidays to everyone else.
2003/12/26-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11594 Activity:low
12/26   Where is that guy who guaranteed we would find WMD in Iraq?
        Kay is quitting, the search team is disbanding, ready to
        admit that you were conned yet?
        \_ wmd moved to Syria and Iran.. vials of stuff
        \_ Kay is quitting?  So he's a quitter?  And?  When they send someone
           who is willing to do the job and not looking for a quickie career
           boost, let us know.  And why are you such a hater?  Why do you
           enjoy the apparent failure of others?  Would you be upset if we
           had found tons of the stuff on day 1 and Bush looked like a genius
           to the whole world?  I'll bet you would.  No one likes a hater.
           \_ Why don't you just admit you were wrong and move on? No one
              likes someone who refuses to admit their mistakes.
              \_ Exactly right.
              \_ Because you can't prove a negative.  They hid entire air
                 bases full of air craft.  We've found mobile labs that had
                 no use other than making germs.  Connect the dots.
           \_ I am a hater because Bush lied us into war, costed us 150
              billion in tax dollars, and distracted us from the real national
              security issues.  Then again, I should of known better when
              GWB conned into the office at first place.
              \_ Every intelligence agency in the world and the UN believed
                 Saddam had WMDs.  If it was a lie, everyone agreed on it.
                 Only after it was clear 1441 was ignored by Iraq (and people
                 started to believe Bush would begin the war) did people start
                 claiming there were no WMDs.
                 \_ You keep claiming that, but it is no more true today
                    than it was a year ago. France and Russia, particularly
                    disagreed with the Wolfowitz led assessment:
                    \_ Well for some reason these people disagree with
                       you: Clinton, Tom Daschle, Bob Kerry, Byron Dorgan
                       Jesse Helms, Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin,
                       Trent Lott ... from the Congressional Record:
                       Then again you probably have better sources than
                       Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
                       \_ You know those resolutions are from 1998, right?
                          Do you know what the shelf life of nerve agent is?
                          And they do not have anything to do with the idea
                          that "every intelligence agency in the world" agreed
                          with Bush.
                          \_ Tell us.  What is the shelf life of nerve agent?
                             So they had them in 1998 but *after* the UN/US
                             inspectors left they suddenly stopped making
                             them?  That's just plain stupid.  Get out of here
                             with that noise.
                          \_ Oh yes, our friends the French... who built
                             Khomeini a nuclear reactor until Isreal blew it
                             up and provided the Exocet missile and mirage
                             fighter to attack the USS Stark.  And now the
                             left is relying on intelligence from what is
                             effectively the KGB?  Never mind the billions
                             in oil contracts these countries had negotiated
                             despite UN sanctions or the oil-for-aid
                             \_ What's wrong with the left relying on the KGB?
                                It's not like the KGB hasn't been funding them
                                since the 50's if not earlier.  It makes sense.
                    \_ From resolution 1441:
                       Recognizing the threat Iraq's non-compliance with Council
                       resolutions and proliferation of weapons of mass
                       destruction and long-range missiles poses to
                       international peace and security,
                       Yeah, the one that passed uninimously through the
                       Security Council.
                       Yeah, the one that pssed uninimously through the Security
2003/12/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11595 Activity:nil
12/26   SpamAssassin on soda in SERIOUS need of upgrade to latest version.
        Got 36 spams in my inbox just since yesterday.
        \_ Have you e-mailed root or VP and offered?
        \_ I use the latest version and I STILL get a lot of spams. It seems
           as if the spammers are getting smarter and smarter with their
           spam contents that get flagged with very little points. *SIGH*
           Fighting spam is like fighting AIDS. You think you can get rid
           of it permanently with the tri-cocktail dosage, and BAMM! It
           comes back and you have no choice but to use other drugs to
           suppress it, and the cycle goes on and on...
           \_ sounds like you didn't turn on the bayesian classifier.
           \_ I mostly having problem with Blomingdale spam. and Bayesian
              filter is not doing the job.
        \_ I use an ancient version and it works fine.  User error.
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