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2003/12/25-27 [Finance/CC] UID:11586 Activity:nil
12/24   If anyone is looking for a good deal on a credit card, check here:
        It's from a motley fool newsletter. Apply by 12/31, get $50 credit
        on your statement. No annual fee, 1% straight cash rebate, paid
        yearly, visa platinum benefits. Fairly low APR, but you're a little
        dumb if you keep a balance on a credit card anyway.
        \_ Who offers that credit card? Who gets paid for clicks on that link?
           \_ MBNA and motley fool. presumably motley fool gets paid,
              since it's from their newsletter. certainly not me, anyway. -op
              \_ The deal notwithstanding, I'd never acknowledge interest in
                 an MBNA product. They're vultures. I've been trying to
                 untangle my credit score from the mess they made for a couple
                 years now. Just be careful and know that, once they have you,
                 they won't ever let you go. This is, BTW, on a card I never
                 carried a balance on. -- ulysses
                 \_ could you please elaborate?
                   \_ Briefly, my alumni assoc offered a card through MBNA. I
                      took it. I canceled after two years of near non-use. They
                      never cancelled the card. I found out and determined the
                      undead card was affecting my credit score (check it, this
                      is true) and found out they hadn't canceled it despite
                      my request on their records. I asked for cancellation
                      again, and a letter. I got the letter but they never told
                      Equifax and the rest. Three months ago I figured out the
                      card is still there on my credit record as account open.
                      Meanwhile, MBNA has been pinging my credit record with
                      credit checks about every three months. This is harmless,
                      I am told. The last is my request to Equifax that they
                      correct their records (Everyone should go to
                      and order a free report by mail, btw. There were
                      numerous errors and they have no incentive to correct.)
                      As far as I know, it's now all fixed.
                      This is aside from the dangerous credit card checks they
                      mail to all their customers, even after repeatedly
                      telling them not to. On that issue, I eventually got an
                      operator willing to tell me the truth - that they have no
                      policy except to always send those checks out.
                      \_ WHAT IS THE LINK FOR THE FREE REPORT?   I just see
                         reports for sale.
                      \_ just because you've had a bad experience doesn't
                         mean everyone else will. the post below me probably
                         contains more truth than the poster thinks. i've
                         heard bank one horror stories, but i've had two cards
                         with them for a few years, and everything's gone quite
                         fine. i don't doubt both of them being platinum cards
                         has at least a small bit to do with it.
                         \_ I'll accept his bad experience over yours because
                            if they treat one person that way they can treat
                            me that way too.  For example just because my
                            friend hasn't yet been screwed by PayPal doesn't
                            mean it's safe to use PayPal.
                      \_ i requested mbna to stop sending me those and they
                         did indeed stop...   maybe they only play nice with
                         "platinum plus" customers.
                         \_ Mine was a standard card at the time so perhaps.
                            -- ulysses
                      \_ I thought you could get 1 free report per year.  Does
                         equifax do this?
                         \_ Are you in CA?  I've only see them charge, never
                 \_ thank you for posting the one non-useless/idiotic post
                    on this thread.
        \_ Not dumb to keep a balance if you get 0% or 2.9% interest rate
           on balance transfers. I will borrow all the money I can at
           those rates.
           \_ you'll pay finance charges too, and whatever other fees they
              can manage for you. also, maxing out your credit line does
              not look good on your credit report.
           \_ You get the 2.9% or they get the 2.9%?  At 0%, sure that's fine,
              but read the fine print to make sure there's no end of the year
              gotcha or other penalty.  They have to zing you somehow to make
              their money.
              \_ They're betting you'll forget a month's payment  somewhere
                 along the line.  AT this point they cancel the 0%, and
                 charge you $35 late fee.  And most of those balance transfer
                 deals come with a 3% balance-transfer fee.  Occasionally they
                 do wave the transfer fee, so watch carefully.
                 \_ why bother?  why not just live within your means?
                    \_ Leverage. If you try to pay cash for everything
                       you will ever buy (house, car, tuition) you are
                       burning capital. Use your capital where you need it
                       most. Many companies, for example, buy items on
                       credit even when they have lots of $$$ in the bank.
                       Why pay today when you can pay later?
                       \_ What he said. Plus, if you can borrow money at
                          2.9% and use it to buy bonds paying 4.5%, you
                          get free money. Will you lend me $1M at 2.9%
                          interest rate? Pretty please?
                          \_ what kind of bonds?  some bonds are pretty
                             risky these days.
                             \_ he's talking about the return on his investment
                                in the bondage video industry.
                             \_ 10 year US Government treasury bonds.
                                \_ According to Mr. Inflation on the other
                                   thread up top, we're all doomed if we
                                   invest in America.
                                   \_ i think if you invest in the bondage
                                      video industry as i suggest, you will
                                      not be doomed.  besides, the Yen
                                      is doing just fine.
                                      \_ The Indian and Chinese porn industries
                                         are putting them out of business with
                                         all that off shore porning.
                                   \_ there are still some reasonable
                                      investments in the US (carefully
                                      picked stocks for instance), but
                                      don't "invest in America", invest
                                      for your own gain.  That's not only
                                      in accordance to the market principle,
                                      it's also in the best interest of
                                      America (use foreigners to earn money
                                      for us).
                                      \_ Uhm duh?  There isn't an "invest in
                                         America" option.  No one is going to
                                         blindly "invest in America".  They're
                                         going to put their money on something
                                         they believe will increase their net
                                         worth or short term income.
                                \_ which may fall like a rock once interest
                                   rates rise?
        \_ How is this better than Discover?
2003/12/25-26 [Reference/Celebration] UID:11587 Activity:high 50%like:11592
12/24   Merry Christmas, motd'ers!
        \_ Yeah, screw the Jews, the Muslims, and everyone else.
           \_ If I were christian, I'd be a lot more irritated by christmas
              than I am.  It's not my holy day that's been twisted into a
              demented buying spree/ traffic jam.  The idea of celebrating
              some messiah's  birthday and getting together to eat with the
              family seems fine to me, even though I'm not christian.  too
              bad modern American christmas is 1% about religion and 99% about
              buying shit.
           \_ Screw yourself, dude -- OP didn't say anything about screwing
                 \_ Jesus H Christ, what a whiny little bitch you are!  Post
              anybody.  Happy Holidays, MOTD!
              \_ Sin by omission, jerk.  You'd be mighty pissed off if every
                 fucking year you had to hear all this merry this and that
                 crap and everyone asked you what you're doing for the
                 not-christmas holiday and never mentioned christmas.
                 \_ I'm an atheist and not at all offended.
                    \_ Dude, he's a militant asshole looking for an excuse to
                       get pissed and rant about his religion -- even if it
                       means he has to attack well-meaning harmless posters.
                    It's not like anybody's stopping you, Mr Oversensitive.
                       interest in understanding.
                       \_ You'd think he'd know how to spell goyim...  Troll.
                       If he could have his way, we'd all be saying 'Happy
                       Hanukkah (and Fuck Christmas)!'.
                       \_ No, I wouldn't because as I said I don't push my
                          beliefs down other's throats and it's not harmless
                          when others do it with theirs.  It's easy to kick
                          back and say, "hey shut up and just go with the flow!
                          it's harmless!" when you're in the majority and share
                          the same belief.  Stuff the ad hominen.  It is
                          unbecoming and inappropriate for a serious topic.
                          \_ for the record, i'm a jewish atheist and i think
                             you sound like a fucking tool.  This is my
                             first(and last) contribution to this thread.
                             \_ Maybe my age is catching up with me, but who/
           \_ In Soviet Russia, the Muslim screws YOU!
                                what is the whiny militant guy a tool for?  Or
                                is this a new colloquial usage of the term?
                 \_ Jesus H Christ, what a whiny little bitch you are!  Post a
                    'Happy Hanukkah' or 'Happy Holidays' message or something.
                    It's not like anybody's stopping you, Mr Oversensitive.
                    \_ They're not public holiday.  They're Holy Days and it
                       isn't my place to wish a bunch of goyum like you a
                       happy holy day you wouldn't understand and have no
                       interest in understanding.
                       \_ You'd think he'd know how to spell goyim...  Troll.
                          \_ It's yiddish, there's no official translation.
                             You'd think you might know that before doing an
                             incorrect spelling flame.
                             \_ well, in the spirit of petty language flames,
                                you mean transliteration, not translation.
           \_ In Soviet Russia, the Muslim screws YOU!
               \_ Being Jewish or Buddhist or anyone who doesn't celebrate
                  Xmas is like being gay, but not as bad.  Everyone,
                  particularly strangers, assumes you celebrate Xmas.  The
                  cashier at the grocery store asks you if you finished
                  your Xmas shopping.  And people look at you in disbelief
                  if you bluntly say that you don't celebrate Xmas.  And
                  you don't feel like explaining that to a stranger anyway.
                  Of course, op didn't mean any harm or do anything wrong.
                  But I personally don't like it when someone directs a
                  comment at me assuming that I celebrate Xmas when I don't.
                  Stuff like saying Merry Xmas on the motd doesn't bother
                  me though.  -!whiny little bitch above, but I can relate.
                  \_ No, no, no, you must either be an active participant in
                     the _dominant_ culture or tell them you're a sub culture
                     alien and get strange looks and ugly comments for that.
                     Otherwise you're just a whiny little bitch.
                \_ All you militant oversensitive complainers ARE bitches.
                   Upset your non-christmas religions aren't recognized
                   here in america (rather, they aren't recognized
                   strong enough)? Then leave the country! This is a
                   Christian country whether you like it or not. If in
                   doubt, check out history, all of our currency, the
                   beginning 5 minutes of every session of congress, and
                   countless other places. Goodnight, tools. Merry
                   christmas to the rest of you.
2003/12/25-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:11588 Activity:nil
12/25   An excellent thread on the Cal. energy deregulation...
        and Gov. Arnold's new 'plan'.
        \_ I can do the summary without reading the link: everyone in CA
           though energy deregulation would lower rates due to the magic of
           a competitive economy for power distribution.  The legislators
           voted for it without even having read the thing because it was
           so incredibly complex and they're a bunch of stupid fucks who
           couldn't have understood it anyway.  What they enacted was a cap
           was an odd form of partial deregulation that a 5th grader could've
           figured out how to manipulate.  Move forward a few years and a few
           Enrons later and 2 or 3 black outs and here we are.  I've no idea
           what Arnold's plan is and don't intend to read a freeper link to
           find out and frankly it doesn't matter to me what he does since I
           did not and will not vote for him then or in the future.
                \_ Naa not even close.  You should read it - it starts to
                   get good at about the 6th paragraph.  What it describes
                   is how corporations use non-profit foundations and
                   goverment regulations to corner markets.
                   \_ Those are just details of how the scam was conducted.
                      What I said is all still true.
2003/12/25-26 [Reference/Religion] UID:11589 Activity:nil
12/24   Your boy Dean is now a fundamentalist Christian!  It's so great how
        he can be whatever he needs to be instantly for any audience.  The
        guy is the ultimate chameleon candidate.  BTW, anyone have any idea
        what he's trying to hide in his sealed Vermont records? from
        \_ Ah, so "fundamentalist" means believing in Jesus and God and going
           to church occasionally.  Ok, whatever, buddy.
        \_ I didn't bother reading that but he always did talk about being
           Christian in candidate Q&A's etc. I doubt you'll find him thumping
           bibles etc.
           \_ If you read the link you'd see his latest transformation into
              bible thumper and according to his own quotes in the link which
              you failed to read he has kept his religion and personal life
              quiet and personal until now.
2003/12/25-26 [Reference/Celebration] UID:11590 Activity:nil
12/25   Christmas spirit!
2003/12/25-26 [Computer/SW] UID:11591 Activity:nil
12/25   What is a *.OPJ file?
2003/12/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:11592 Activity:nil 50%like:11587
12/25   Restored!  Merry Christmas to the Censor Drone!  Ho Ho Ho!
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