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2003/12/13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11440 Activity:nil
12/13   Of all the price comparison sites there, which ones are best for
        CS books, for new ones and/or for use/out-of-prints?
        \_ depends on your definition of CS. See, business majors think that
           CS is making web pages and programming. But real CS is theory.
           CLR is the best.
           \_  That doesn't seem to be relevant.
           \_ What about CS books for web pages and programming?
2003/12/13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Military] UID:11441 Activity:very high
        Doesn't it seem kind of strange to you that terrorist are
        allowed to buy guns in America.
        \_ I'm more struck by a college-educate American reading USA Today.
           \_ I am impressed by your educate. By the way, it is 2 cups to
              a pint, 2 pints to a quart, and 4 quarts to a gallon. A cup
              is 8 fluid ounces. A pound is 16 ounces, which has nothing
              to do with fluid ounces. How much longer before my Cal
              degree is worth the same as one from CSU?
2003/12/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:11442 Activity:nil
12/12   Is there a soda group going to see LOTR next week?
        Which theater/which show?
2003/12/13 [Science/Space] UID:11443 Activity:nil
12/12   What's the amount of water people advice to drinking? Is it 8 cups/day?
        or 8oz/day?
        \_ 8 cups (8 oz / cup)
          \_ that would be 4 gallons
             \_ Troll? 8 cups = 0.5 gallon
        \_ 8 gallons
          \_ that would be 16 cups
           \_ no that would be 4 gallons
            \_ doesn't one gallon = 128 fl. oz?
               \_ google : "convert 1 gallon to cups" or whatever  unit
                  you want.  this works for an amazing array of units,
                  and google even has the physical constants correct
                  to the right number of decimal places.
               \_ Yes.  4 quarts to the gallon, 2 pints to the quart, and 4 cups
                  to the pint.  1 cup = 8 fl. oz.
             \_ can either of you fools do basic arithmetic?
        \_ There was an recent article in Runner's World magazine basically
           debunking the 8 cups/day myth. They could find not one bit of
           scientific backing to support it. They said 8 cups a day is
           overkill for most people, though it doesn't hurt (they actually
           recommend about 6 cups a day, more if you exercise).
           \- i think there may be indirect effects ... like if you
              drink some largish amount of water, that might "crowd out"
              drinking too much sugar. --psb
           \_ There was also one in newsweek about a year ago, too. But
              doctors still believe drinking about 8 cups/day is beneficial
              and also a minimum.
              \_ right. 8 cups a day, regardless of weight, age, gender,
                 humidity, temperature, altitude, or metabolism.  That's
                 the stupidest shit i've ever heard, and no i don't care
                 if some doctors also believe it, it's just common sense that
                 it's stupid.
                 \_ Your well-placed vitriol attracts me.  Tell me more.
                    \_ the rant below is entirely for your entertainment.
                       we aim to please.
                 \_ Not drinking enough water each day makes your kidneys
                    work harder (storing toxins 'n all). 8 glasses a day
                    is the minimum you should drink, but it's your
                    \_ I'm not making an excuse to drink a small amount of
                       water.  I probably drink way more than that. I'm making
                       an observation about the real world vs. stupid wives
                       tales that get turned into medical "fact" by dittohead
                       morons.  Weights of humans vary by as much as a factor
                       of four, pressure that people live in can vary as much
                       as 25-30% by elevation, and temperature and humidity
                       that people live in can vary by absurdly large amaounts
                       also.  Common sense dictates that there is at least
                       a factor of four difference in the minimum healthy
                       water intake for different people under different
                       circumstances.  My observation of having to deal with
                       pre-meds in college is that they lack common
                       sense, and so i don't really care how many doctors
                       fail to see the obvious.  a 250 pound foot soldier in
                       iraq has slightly different water needs than a 125 pound
                       old lady in a temperate climate.
                        \_ yeah but how many of us are soldiers in iraq?
                           I bet you everyone on this motd is very similar in
                           physical characteristics and lifestyle. nice try though.
                       \- "the kidney is the smartest organ in the body"
                               --what my affilates learned in med school
                       \_ why do you think that _weight_ alone has anything to
                          do with how much water you drink? Yes, some has to be
                          to replace water (e.g., thru normal function,
                          exercise, etc), but that has less to do with the
                          health of your kidney. if you want some layman's
                          level knowledge about how much water you need and
                          why, try reading some low-carbo books (atkins,
                          protein power, etc).
        \_ I've read that we need 64 oz of water a day-
                90% of which COMES FROM THE FOOD WE EAT.
                The second half of the quoted analysis
                was left out in the mainstream media.  -ax
2003/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:11446 Activity:nil
2003/12/13-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:11447 Activity:nil
12/13   Why do yahoo, ebay, and a host of other sites that require a
        password and may contain personal information still default to
        use non SSL to transmit passwords?  Several times I've forgotten
        to click the elective secure login button!
        \_ it puts more load on their systems, and really, they don't give
           a shit about your account, unless they're providing financial
           \_ yes.. extra load on their systems.. also some people are in
              environments where https is not an option. if you haven't
              noticed, whenever you access something they think is trully
              sensitive they switch to requiring https and ask for your
              "security key" which is separate from your password
2003/12/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:11448 Activity:nil
12/13 has serious fault tolerant/scalabitily issues.
        Clearly it's written by French artsie programmers who make cute
        looking GUIs but have very little understanding of scalability.
        \_ then don't play it.
           \_ When I tried to play I couldn't...  Not good for popularity.
        \_ what problems were you having? the only problem i noticed was
          finding an empty game, so i usually just create my own. play
          viral pursuit if you want to stick to 1 player games that dont have
          scalability issues.
        \_ What do you expect, they are French after all...
           \_ Aesthetic goes before functionality. You dumb Americans
              just don't get it.
              \_ grrrrrrr. don't even get me started.  fucking frogs.
              \_ So how do you explain ocaml?  It's french.  It's also
                 ugly and functional (pun intended).  -- ilyas
                 \_ and there are American products that are beutiful
                    and useless.  so what?   it's a trend to which
                    there are exceptions, but in my experience french
                    people will put form over function to a degree
                    that is quite simply unprofessional for a scientist
                    or engineer.
                    \_ Your experience?  How many french products do you
                       actually use?  -- ilyas
2003/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:29716 Activity:nil
12/13   Whoever posted the site... SCREW YOU!!! I can't sleep
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