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2003/11/27 [Computer/HW] UID:11244 Activity:nil
11/26   Dell to move corporate call centers back here:
2003/11/27 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:11245 Activity:nil
11/26   Massachusetts Supreme Court abolishes capitalism!
        \_ Ugh.  Coulter.  Nothing this woman says is remotely interesting
           or credible.  She's Goebbels with tits.
                \_ She makes a good point.  Mass. constitution has been
                   around over 200 yrs, why now?
                   \- Helo you may wish to read "The Nature of the Judicial
                      Process" by Benjamin N. Cardozo. --psb
                   \_ Sigh...Must we go through this argument AGAIN?  Just give
                      up, you'll never win.
2003/11/27 [Transportation/Misc] UID:11246 Activity:nil
11/26   When Geeks Go Bad:
2003/11/27 [Uncategorized] UID:11247 Activity:nil
11/26   Looking for Santa/Elf/Angle porns, what are some good ones?
                              \_ acute or obtuse?
                                 \_ I would classify this troll as both
                                    acute and obtuse.
        \_ My God.  Why are some people so fucking stupid and lame?
           \_ My God.  Why are some people so prone to fall for obvious
              \_ But see, the troll is so obviously lame.
                 \_ But then why even respond to it?  See, maybe this troll
                    isn't so lame, because the very depth of his lameness
                    has resulted in four responses already.
2003/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:11248 Activity:nil
11/26   This should be censored really fast.  More on the media's left bias:
        \_ What about the WMD (or lack thereof) stories that get buried on
           the back pages?  The fact is that the media is biased against
           anything that doesn't sell to the lowest common denominator,
           because they are corporate owned and beholden to the almighty bottom
           line.  Obscure political scandals aren't juicy enough until they
           snowball, preferably with public hearings, and even then you need
           an obvious villian and an obvious victim.  Both the right wing
           and left wing need to stop whining about this and do something
           about it, if they really care.  This is what independent media is
           all about.
           \_ WMD?  So you want an above the fold front page headline every
              day that says, "STILL NO WMD!"?  Uhm, hello?
              \_ Uhm hello to you.  Remember the "chemical weapons vans?"
                 Remember where THAT story got retracted?  Scandals take
                 a very long time to build.  The original article is just
                 bitching because the scandal isn't nearly as interesting
                 as the columnist wants it to be.
                 \_ And "interesting" as the media defines it is "sounds good
                    in a 10 second sound bite" and "preferably involves sex
                    and/or drugs" and "can be understood by someone with the
                    mental capacity of a turnip."  Look at the Michael
                    Jackson story, for instance - even better since it
                    involves a celebrity, though that isn't required
                    (c.f. Laci Peterson).
                 \_ Where did the chemical weapons van story get retracted?
                    AIRC, the end of the story was the vans might have been
                    used as such and probably had the capability of such and
                    were scrubbed clean in a suspicious way to eliminate all
                    possible evidence of such leaving us with a good guess
                    that they were used as such but not solid proof as they
                    were cleaned of such.  Such is the way of things.  So what
                    was there to retract?
           \_ Also, never underestimate the influence of press "turf wars" on
              what does and does not get covered.  The NYTimes and the WaPo
              have a long standing rivalry, and often if the WaPo is
              taking the lead on a juicy story the Times will try to pretend
              it doesn't exist.  This is why the Times was so far behind
              the WaPo on Watergate, apparently.
              \_ Wait... if you are competing, pretending the story doesn't
                 exist is idiotic.
                 \_ I didn't say it wasn't, though I'd use the phrase "stupid
                    pride" as a more accurate description.  I was just
                    pointing something out that happens.  Why do computer
                    people always assume that everyone simply obeys logic?
                    \_ Why do you assume I am a computer person?
                       \_ Lets see.  You have a soda account.  You write to
                          the motd.  You seem to thinking only in terms of
                          binary logic when terms like "turf war" and
                          "rivalry" can imply something other than logic.
                          Seems pretty likely that you are a computer
                          \_ You may be surprised to learn that the CSUA grants
                             accounts to any berkeley undergrad interested in
                             CS, not just 'computer people.'  Furthermore,
                             the only thing I said was that ignoring a story
                             during journalistic competition is idiotic
                             (which is true).  There can certainly be many
                             reasons why people may have ignored a story.
                             Political bias, pride, incompetence, etc.
                             These are all reasons.  This doesn't change
                             the inherent idiocy of the situation, and I don't
                             think me pointing this out entitles you to any
                             judgements about me using 'binary logic', whatever
                             the hell that means (presumably some sort of
2003/11/27-28 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:11249 Activity:nil 50%like:29672
11/26   Berkeley Frat House Article on Chronicle: (
        \_ I read this out of sheer boredom.  Why do we care that some frat
           boys are living in an old house?  Most of them are old houses.
2003/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11252 Activity:nil
11/26   When I do "finger @hostname" or "w" I can find out if the other
        user has typed something on his tty or not by looking at the idle
        time. But when the other user is using xterm, his tty isn't displayed.
        How do you detect that?
        \_ Hint: you don't need a tty to log on.
        \_ You want help stalking someone?  You could email them, you could
           call them, you could send a talk request and say, "hey, are you
           idle right now?"
            \_ Yeah, that wouldn't be annoying or anything. :)
               \_ Makes it hard to stalk, huh?  Or hey, maybe a write request?
                  That would be tough.
2003/11/27 [Reference/Celebration] UID:11253 Activity:nil
11/27   Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys!
        \_ Happy Christmas decorations!
           \_ Xmas?  Everyone started that a month ago.  Spend!  Consume!
              \_ I'm prepping for Easter.
2003/11/27 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:29672 Activity:nil 50%like:11249
11/26   Berkeley Frat House Article on Chronicle:
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