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2003/11/23-24 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:11197 Activity:low
11/23   A friend has a website that's become very popular recently (no, it's
        not porn). Up until now he's been relying on the kindness of strangers
        to host it but recently the large amount of bandwidth it's taking up
        has made that no longer an option. I'm trying to help him figure out
        how/where to host his site, any advice would be appreciated. The
        site had a recent spike in popularity which may or may not continue,
        the last few days it's used up about 13 GB of bandwidth a day. It
        doesn't need a lot of storage space (< 100 MB).
        \_          be sure your friend's site
                is not for profit!  No porn!            -brain
        \_ 13 gigs a day!?! wow, and it's really not porn?  What is it.
           That is a crazy amount of traffic for a non porn site.
           \_ warez, mp3, porn.  pick 2.
              \_ no, none of these... it's just gotten some press in the last
                 few days. -op
                 \_ so what's the site?
                \_ it's gotta be friendster, no?
           \_ 13GB/(24 * 60 * 60) = 150KB/s or 1.2 Mb/s
              This is not enough to fill a T1. How can CS students really
              be this dense?
              \_ Traffic is a spikey thing.  Peaks of 10 times
                 your average traffic are not uncommon.
                 \_ Perhaps. But I work at a site that is not even
                    in the top 500 of web sites and we do 200X this
                    much traffic. Lots of sites that aren't porn do
                    much more than 13GB/day.
                    \_ it is a hell of a lot of traffic for a site that is
                       being run on dontated bandwidth.
                       \_ he just doesn't have the right friends.  1.5mbs
                          would barely show on the graph where I am.
        \_ BitTorrent.
2003/11/23-24 [Reference/Military] UID:11198 Activity:kinda low
11/23   "Iraq is the final nail in the coffin for the M-16," said a commander
        who asked not to be identified.
        \_ About time, too.  Next up, blasters!
           \_ I'll drink to that.  In the meantime, the Brits are very
              seriously considering these beauties:
              \_ The brits are going to replace their main assault rifle with
                 a submachine gun?  Are you joking?
                 \_ What's the difference between an assualt rifle and a
                    machine gun?  Both can keep on firing as long as you hold
                    the trigger, right?  -- newbie
                    \_ The difference is range and stopping power.
                       A submachine gun fires pistol rounds, an assault rifle
                       fires 'hybrid rounds', i.e. half way between a pistol
                       and a bolt-action rifle round.  In WWII armies used
                       a mix of rifles firing 'big rounds' which had range
                       and accuracy, but not a lot of firepower, and
                       submachine guns which had firepower but no range.
                       After the war, most armies moved to use assault
                       rifles (a german WWII invention, incidentally),
                       something which combined the advantages of a bolt
                       action rifle and a submachine gun.  -- ilyas
                    \_ An assault rifle is an semi-automatic or automatic
                       rifle (think long barrel). Semi-automatic means you
                       need to pull the trigger for each shot (no cocking or
                       reloading motion needed). Machine guns have an automatic
                       mode (hold trigger, shoots more than one shot). It
                       can be a pistol or a rifle.
                       \_ Does anyone make a fully-automatic pistol?  Why would
                          anyone want to use them except to haphazardly shoot
                          everyone in the general vicinity?
                          \_ What about that automatic gun with very short
                             barrel that was used by Reagan's bodyguards during
                             his assasination?  Is that classified as a pistol?
                      \_ machine guns firing pistol rounds (45ACP 10mm 9mm etc)
                         are called submachineguns.  think uzi, HK MP5, MAC-10
                         A pistol that can fire as a fully automatic weapon is
                         called a select-fire pistol
2003/11/23-24 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:11199 Activity:nil
1/23    Any recommendations for a Linux tool to merge two disk partitions into
        one. Does the partition that will get deleted would need to me
        empty? I don't want to loose the data that's on it. Thanks.
        \_ Get PartitionMagic ($70 or steal), I believe it works on merging
           Linux partitions. Get a PC running Windows, install it, then attach
           the HD to a free IDE (or SCSI) port and repartition. Non-optimal
           solution, but hey, you don't partition on a daily basis.
           \_ PM has a boot disk version.  You don't need to move the HD.
        \_ partition-mergeTwoToOne is a good tool.
        \_ You probably don't want to "lose" the data, either.
                \_ hey you're so funny!
                   \_ I'm on a roll, baby!
           \_ any experience with parted for resizing ext/fat partitions?
2003/11/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:11200 Activity:nil
11/23   I interviewed at  This is what it felt like:
        \_ told you it was a cult.  -wouldn't sell house to move to mtn view
           \_ Next time lie. That'll learn 'em.
              \_ not worth it.  they'd just sacrifice me to the blood gods.
           \_ I meant to ask before -- what city do you live in now?
              \_ east bay.  it's about a 40 minute drive door to door.
        \_ how far did you get in the interview process?
2003/11/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11201 Activity:nil
11/23   "We will in fact, be greeted as liberators." -Dick Cheney
        Is this what Dick meant?
        \_ absolutely.  what's the problem?
           \_ I don't know.  When US GI liberated France half century
                     pluralize this _/                   \_ missing article.
                       \_ you                                 \_ are
              ago.  Soldiers don't get killed on daily basis.
          comma _/            \_ didn't          \_ missing article
             \_ a                 \_ pedantic        \_ twit.
                                                        \_ This might be a
                                                           fair assessment if
                                                           the guy had made one
                                                           error, then got
                                                           yelled at for
                                                           posting ESL crap.
              \_ Holy cow, how many errors can you make in a 2 line post???
        \_ I like how you pro-war neocons are pretty quiet about stuff
           like this.  Is it because you now know everyone thinks you're
           full of shit?
           \_ If your boys hadn't proved to be such wimps in Iran and
              Somalia then the rest of the world wouldn't think they can
              chase us off with a few bodies dragged through the street on
              camera and a hostage or two.  As far as "quiet about stuff like
              this" goes, I didn't even bother to read the link.  What's the
              point?  If 24.999 million Iraqis came out with flowers and the
              last guy moped in his room that day, you'd flash the headline,
              "Iraqi hates Americans!  Wants Saddam back!  Film at 11".
              There's no point in responding because nothing we can say would
              satisfy you in any way.  If your boy had said and done the same
              things, you'd be the first out there saying how important it is
              to free the Iraqi people and too fucking bad if a few jarheads
              get wasted because, hey, that's what they're for, right?  That's
              paraphrasing your girl Albright, btw.
              \_ This is a great example of neocon ignorance and rage. "I don't
                 even need to read what you have to say, since I believe
                 everything BushCo and Faux News tells me." GO TEAM!
           \_ Stuff like what?  We WERE greeted like liberators.  Sure,
              there are some people in Iraq who don't like americans.
              There are plenty of people here in the US of A with that
              property too.  There are quite a few places here in the US
              where the locals would be more than happy to drag around the
              bloodied corpses of police officers.  What's your point?
              \_ We were greeted as liberators by about 15 people.  Have you
                 looked closely at the images of the Saddam statue falling?
                 The media outnumbered the participants 1.5:1.
                 \_ I have seen home videos shot by soldiers.  They were
                    greeted by a fair bit more than 15 people as they were
                    driving around Baghdad.  People of all ages.
              \_ [ non-sequitur deleted again ]
2003/11/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:11205 Activity:nil
11/23   Doesn't it make you feel all warm and Hoovery inside?
2003/11/23 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29663 Activity:nil
11/22   Anyone know of a USB 2.0 hard drive enclusure that supports drives over
        137GB (48-but addressing limit)? --dgies
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