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2003/11/21 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:11164 Activity:nil
11/20   Setting up colours on my emacs. How do I check what colors are
        available on my OSX? thanks.
        \- mr. emacs doesnt like helping people with font-lock or color
           questions but mr. emacs suggesting trying M-x list-colors-display.
           On the question of homosexual marriage: try "papaya whip"
2003/11/21 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11165 Activity:nil
11/20   FreeBSD box i'm not root on:  Why is rsync resulting in new files/dirs
        being created world unreadable, unwritable and unexecutable. Going over
        ssh, but "ssh touch hello" has the perms i'd expect. (i.e.
        755).  There is nothing obviously weird about the rsync executable.
        \_ I don't know beans about rsync, but I think you need to provide more
           info to get a helpful response-- does the same thing happen to/from
           soda?  What options are you using?  Etc.
        \_ It's not done yet and/or it is crashing? Rsync changes the
           perms later in the process. Just a guess.
2003/11/21 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:11166 Activity:high
11/21   Syph, aids, gay men, etc:
        \_ Do you get some kind of sexual satisfaction from rehashing this
           topic over and over again?
           \_ Hating gays helps distract him from his celibacy.
2003/11/21 [Consumer/Audio] UID:11167 Activity:nil
11/21   iPod Sharing:,2125,61242,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1
        \_ You and other people, please use motdedit!
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Food] UID:11168 Activity:high
11/20   One of the ethanol pdfs posted in the last few days mentions
        high-fructose corn syrup as the most harmful human food additives in
        US history.  What does HFCS do to you?
        \_ It makes me energetic and happy, but tired and grumpy about an hour
        \_ as an additive it has made many foods much higher in calories.
           Cheap corn sugar is one of the main reasons out country is so obese.
           Also eating too much sugar can lead to diabeties.
           \_ NY Times magazine had a great article about this in the first
              week of October.  There's a direct link between corn subsidies
              and obesity, though like any complex issue its not the only
              cause.  I'd put an URL, but unfortunately NY Times wants you
              to pay for their archived articles now.
2003/11/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11169 Activity:high
11/20   Fair warning to the censors: if you keep it up, the rest of the motd
        is going, too.  New policy as of now until the content censorship
        \_ Why do I think this will be ineffective?...
           \_ just cleaning off unwanted content.  just like the censor does.
              desirable content will remain.
        \_ from /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd:
           Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
           of your account.
           \_ If this was enforced, half the alumni on soda should have
              lost their accounts by now.
              \_ if this was enforced the content censors would be long gone.
        \_ You know guys, my guess is that 80-90% of what ppl claim is
           censorship is simply ppl overwriting other posts b/c they're
           lazy.  Run motdwatch, take a look.  -nivra
           \_ Considering the selectivity of threads being nuked, the specific
              content that seems to consistently be removed, etc, I find this
              very unlikely.  I mean, when motd is repeatedly reduced by
              entire threads of strictly non-boring-technical content....
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11170 Activity:high
11/20   Everytime I get into a new relationship I get a lot of sex, but
        after a year or so I get almost no sex. Is this a common problem
        and what do you do besides getting into a new relationship?
        \_ It's because your relationship is built on that spark everyone gets
           from something new.  When the spark dies, you see what little there
           really was.  If you want a LTR based on more than sex you need to
           get to know each other better, not fuck in the first 5 seconds
           on your way home drunk from some party.  Stop meeting chicks at
           parties.  Try the library.
           \_ but please be quiet in the library!
2003/11/21 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/Military] UID:11171 Activity:high
11/20   The Germans had the V1/V2 cruise missile and the Japanese had germ and
        chemicals. Rather than bombing London with traditional explosives
        and incendiaries, why didn't they borrow germ/chemical technologies
        on the Brits?
        \_ Oh ignorant one of history, Hitler fondly remembers being attacked
           by chemicla weapons in WWI as measily Corporal and that's one of
           the reasons why he didn't do the same.
        \_ At the end of the war, pounded from all sides, the Axis were
           anything but monolithic.  I am guessing there simply wasn't enough
           communication between Germany and Japan by the time Hitler became
           desperate enough to seriously consider 'miracle weapons' like
           toxins and germs.  Furthermore, even if Japan agreed to make
           available to Germany the results of its germs/toxins programs, there
           would be staggering logistical difficulties in moving the required
           materials to Germany.  Japan had a hard enough time moving oil
           and essential supplies through American bombers and ships.
             -- ilyas
        \_ they needed to have insurance (Nukes) first so there wouldn't be
           any severe retaliation from nukes dropped on Germany.
        \_ chemical warfare has never been really effective and germ warfare
           is very difficult to do right and there's always the worry that
           some bug you release will come back and wipe you out, too.  so
           even if they could've done it, neither was a good plan.
           \_ on battle field, true.  against civilian, you would be suprised
              how effective it is on reducing population.  Japanese at the
              had enough anthrex to kill entire world's population, I heard
              \_ no.  effective dispersal is *very* difficult.  it comes down
                 to this: if you need to get a person into the chemical or germ
                 zone to have an effect, it is cheaper to just bomb them.  if
                 it is some brutal pathogen that spreads easily then you can
                 get wiped out by it, too.  anthrax is a really shitty mass bio
                 weapon, btw.
                 \_ This must be emphasized. Even in WWI, gas attacks were
                    effective primarily because of weather conditions and that
                    soldiers had to stay where they were, in low-lying areas,
                    so they wouldn't get shot. Wind, perciptation, temperature
                    all affect the effectiveness of chem/bio weapons.
                    \_ They'd be even more effective in the case of a high tech
                       force fighting a low tech one, but the western
                       hight-tech armies have sworn to not use them.  Which
                       is a pity considering that most of their battlese these
                       days seem to be against vastly inferior tech-wise
                       opponents. The ineffectiveness of chem weapons in WWI
                       was more one of stupid generals not taking proper
                       advantage of them.  The first use of Chlorine at Ypres
                       caused a breach in the French lines that the Germans
                       didn't bother to exploit.  No weapon is effective in
                       incompetant hands.
                       \_ are you saying they'd be a good weapon against
                          civilians today?  in WWII in London?  it's still
                          way easier to just bomb someone.
                       \_ Ah, I'm guessing you're a "destroy-the-village"
                          kinda guy.
                          \_ when the enemy combatantants are indistinguishable
                             from the village, and/or are supported by the
                             village, is the distinction not blurred?
2003/11/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:11172 Activity:nil
11/21   The other post reminded me I need a new home printer since my inkjet
        died.  I want to get a laser printer.  B/W only is fine.  Cost and
        resupply cost is important.  Print speed is important.  Reasonable
        print quality is required but I'm not sending documents to God so
        I'm not willing to pay 2x for the very best print outs.  Any
        suggestions on what I should look at?  Thanks!
        \_ samsung makes some good cheap laser printers
           \_ speaking of that, amazon has one for ~$104 after rebate.
              \_ thank you all but this url poster rocks!  thank you!  --op
        \_ The HP LaserJet 1012 is not bad if you just want to hook the
           printer up to a single computer. Brother and Lexmark also
           have sub $150 printers that are pretty good.
2003/11/21-22 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:11173 Activity:nil
11/21   Is it better for a laser printer to be left on or only turned on
        when I need it?
        \_ doesn't your printer go to sleep?  That should pretty much be
           the best of both worlds.
        \_ in an office where is it going to be used all day just leave it on.
           at home where you use it every few days or whatever, keep it off.
        \_ I have an HP 4L (5L and 6L are similar) and I leave it on 24x7 even
        though I only use it about once a week, if that. It doesn't make any
        noise and seems to be in some low power mode, although maybe I just
        think that because no lights are on... do you leave your microwave
        plugged in all the time?
2003/11/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:11174 Activity:nil
11/21   Someone mentioned some hostility toward VxWorks-- since I have to use
        it, would you mind explaining your experience with it?
2003/11/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11175 Activity:low
11/21   America vs. the World:
        \_ Did this strike anyone else as somewhat double-speakish?  I would
           hardly classify the current state of American affairs as a vibrant
           democracy.  You can't speak out against the White House without them
           outing your undercover wife, the newspapers are afraid to ask tough
           questions because they'll be sent to the back of the pressroom and
           \_ I haven't seen/heard of any such problems. The papers are full
              of anti-White House/Bush articles as is tv.
              \_ but radio is full of rush limbaugh clones so we should censor
                 radio and get a tax payer funded left wing station going.  oh
                 wait, we already have npr.  nevermind!
                 \_ NPR gets around 2% of its funding from the government.
                    \_ They're cronies of the left anyway.
           \_ Hey is there any proof of the wife thing?
              \_ There is proof that the identity of an undercover agent
                 WAS leaked by at least one member of Whitehouse staff.
                 Draw your own conclusions from there.
                 \_ Ok, what proof?  Incidentally, the wife in question is
                    decidedly NOT an undercover agent.  Read the news.
                    \_ Sigh...must the motd continually revisit the same
                       endless arguments over and over again?
                       \_ as long as you keep repeating lies, yes.
                       \_ IFILE!
                          \_ no, ED!
        \_ Wasn't digging up yer past the Clinton method of
           sqelching "Bimbo Eruptions?"
2003/11/21-22 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:11176 Activity:nil
11/19   I remember someone on here saying that pine is a crappy mail
        program. What mail program would you guys recomend?
        \_ if you are female, nmh
                \_ Female?  What's that have to do with it?
                        \_ It has *everything* to do with it.
                          \_ Such as?
                             \_ nothing.  he's being random.
                \_Sorry but i am male. Now whats a good mail program?
        \_ why does someone remove mh+procmail responses? too political? hah!
           you all fear the superior mail handling system!
                  \_ so you really want a good male program...  elm/mh/mh-e
                     \_ he said he wanted a good mail program.  there are no
                        good male programs here.
                        \_ What about 'man'?
                           \_ as if anyone uses that.
        \_ If you're still overcoming pine withdrawal, try mutt.  If you're
           ready to move onto something smaller and simpler and you're
           used to vi (unlikely if you used pine), then try elm.  It's
           quite good once configured properly, and the version on soda
           has all the exciting patches to make it do mime and pgp shit
           \_ this is absurd.  mutt is 500K--that's tiny these days.
              and it works better and is easier to use than elm.  -tom
              \_ mh is effectively zero. it works better and is more powerful
                 than mutt.
              \_ Pfft.  How much of this 500K is WORTHLESS CURSOR POSITION
                 CODE AND HELPSCREENS!?
           \_ What if I prefer VIM -- is there an elm-improved?
              \_ just setenv EDITOR to whatever is right ofor you.
                 \_ That's not what I mean.  I mean that the elm interface
                    is a bit clunky, and I was wondering if there was a
                    program like elm, but with a slightly better interface.
                    \_ yes.  It's called mutt.  -tom
              \_ then you obviously havent fully explored the power of ex/ed
                \_ /bin/cat!!!
                   \_ Not every female thinks that cat is a good substitute for
                      \_ what about a male cat?
                         \_ It's called mcat
                            \_ thats a different sort of test.
              \_ Then there is no hope for you.
                 \_ hope: Command not found.   Hmm, yeah you're right.
        \_ and if you're ready to truly take charge of your mail handling and
           you can rtfm, you want mh+procmail.
2003/11/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29653 Activity:very high
11/20   How often should I have alignment done on my car.  If I also need new
        tires, should I replace the tires first or have alignment done first?
        \_ If you absolutely must do one before the other, I would lean toward
           the tires first.  It's a basic safety issue: old tires are less
           likely to be effective during heavy rain, and they're more likely
           to have a catastrophic blowout.
        \_ why not do them both at the same time?
           \_ I thought I'll get new tires at Costco, and Costso doesn't do
              alignment.  So I'll have to go to either Costco than a mechanic,
              or a mechanic then Costco.
        \_ There is no point getting an alignment first. Change the tires
           and then get an alignment.
        \_ Every day or two is usually enough.
           \_ Not really.  For optimal performance at least twice a day.
2003/11/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:29654 Activity:high
11/20   I have a couple binaries (foo, bar) that I need to call from a C
        program, and I need to get their exit codes.  If I use system("foo")
        I'll get the return code of the shell that executed foo, so that's
        out.  What's the best way to pass back this single int of status info?
        \_ What OS?
        \_ What OS? -_ Unix
        \_ use exec() instead.
           \_ How do I get back to the context of my C program?  Exec never
              \_ fork first
2003/11/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29655 Activity:nil
11/20   Cool, thanks for trimming the motd down to the most absolutely boring
        shit ever.  Why bother?  Why don't you just zero the fucking thing and
        get it over with instead of pretending that you're performing a useful
        service?  Do you knuckleheads *really* want to go back to constant
        motd purges that make it totally empty for most of the day and no
        thread survives more than 5 minutes?  So fucking stupid.  You cut off
        your nose to spite your face.  Keep it up and no one will have it.
        \_ shut up, paolo.
2003/11/21 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29656 Activity:nil
11/20   On the question of homosexual marriage:
        Syphilis rate rises for second consecutive year
        \_ That has nothing to do with gay marriage.
           Wouldn't gay marriage REDUCE the STD rate? Less promiscuity adn all
            \_ what makes you think gay are less promiscuous?
                        - straight live with a gay for one year.
2003/11/21 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29657 Activity:nil
11/20   George W. Bush "lost the popular vote." So did JFK.
        \_ stop spnning the issue.  If he and his brother didn't rigged the
           votes in Florida, I wouldn't have problem the legimacy of his
           presidency reguardless the popular votes.
2003/11/21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:29658 Activity:moderate
11/19   Nuclear launch detected.
        \_ Nukers aint nuthin but ho's an tricks
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29659 Activity:very high
11/19   First we had Silver, then Gold, then Platinum, and now First
        USA is offering Titanium Visa.  The question is, my girlfriend
        is encouraging me to mess around with her best friend.  Does
        this sound really weird to anyone?  The friend seems interested
        but doesn't know my girlfriend wants something to happen.
        \_ Ask them if they'll both come to bed with you at the same
                time.  Only then will you be a true pimp daddy.  -John
                \_ Already did that.  I love watching lesbo sex.  Getting a
                double blow was great too.
        \_   ____         ____                      _
            / ___| ___   | __ )  ___  __ _ _ __ ___| |
           | |  _ / _ \  |  _ \ / _ \/ _` | '__/ __| |
           | |_| | (_) | | |_) |  __/ (_| | |  \__ \_|
            \____|\___/  |____/ \___|\__,_|_|  |___(_)
                \_ Go Ali!
           \_ Its spelled: GO BEAH!
        \_ What does that have to do with credit cards?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
        \_ Titanium is nothing, man.  MBNA has been mailing me "Quantim" card
           offers for the past year.  Speaking of term inflation.
        \_ You should definitely max out on your 401k, especially if
           your company matches.
        \_ Is she cute?  Is she Asian?  Then go for it! (unless you're
           white) - hoyt s.
           \_ Akin to first response, is she a she?
                \_ When she got off the bus, then the he was a she
           \_ I think you should look into the different interest rates
                on the two of them, as well as fees and anything else
                they might offer, such as free phone calls, frequent flyer
                miles, and decide if the higher limit is worth it.  -John
           \_ You and he should have a frank conversation.
              Then go down on each other.
              \_ why do we need to involve Frank?
                 \_ and don't call me shirley!
        \_ Sounds like she is ready to dump you.
           \_ No no no. You got it all wrong. Brown shoes with brown belts.
              Black belts with black shoes. Matching wallets a plus, but
           \_ Okay, let's all step back from this for a second and
              remember: an OS is a tool to get things done.  One may be
              more appropriate in one situation than another, but the
              reverse may be true.
        \_ This whole discussion is hypothetical because guys on soda
           don't have girlfriends.
           \_ Shit man, I have VirtuaGirlfriend. That's all I need.
           \_ I did, but then I got married.  So technically she's no
              longer my girlfriend.
           \_ Wait, you told me last night that we were a couple!
        \_ download a copy of petz5 off the net.  that'll do it.
2003/11/21 [Uncategorized] UID:29660 Activity:nil
11/19   play this yr's int-fiction competition winner!  simply run:
                \_ /csua/bin/cmlee
                        \_ no, no, it's /csua/bin/photopia
           \_ cool!
              \_ schizophrenic, aka "Short attention span theater"
                                        \_ a la pulp fiction
                \_ so which character do you identify with the most?
                   \_ definately the female from outer space.
                      Babarella, anyone?
                        \_ I hate Jane but she was looking pretty good in
                           that bear skin blanket.
2003/11/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29661 Activity:nil
11/21   How much of a discount on 2003 cars can I expect once the 2004 model
        comes out?  Is it worth waiting?  (assume a car with an average
        popularity.  There will still be a few 2003s left in stock)
        \_ depends on what model, how desperate that dealer is, etc.  they're
           not going to give it away free.  it still has tremendous value.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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