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2003/11/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:11153 Activity:nil
11/19   My lab got a bunch of computers and it's idling most of the time.
        I guess I could download that ET signal program, but what other
        things can I use it for?
        \_ cure cancer!
        \_ I recommend omega@home!  Join the worldwide effort to solve all
           open mathematical problems!  -- ilyas
                \_ can't find it on google
                   \_ Sorry it's a bit of a geek joke.  The program doesn't
                      exist yet, but the "all" is actually real.  The idea
                      is that you want to find bounds on a certain
                      number called Chaitin's omega.  If you know something
                      about that number you can solve lots of problems.
                      In fact, if you know that number precisely you can
                      solve any problem which can be precisely stated.
                      You get lower bounds by simulating programs until they
                      stop, and you get upper bounds by searching for programs
                      that print certain strings.
                        -- ilyas
                   \_ didn't you learn in high school to take "all" with a
                      grain of salt? i guess not, since you never learned
                      to format either.
                      \_ who learns to format the motd in high school....
                         \_ I had that in class.
        \_ Duh.  Game servers.
           \_ Well, that consumes bandwidth too.
              \_ So?  If the lab is idle most of the time, it's idle.
        \_ I seem to remember there was a guy in your situation and his
           university fired him and had him charged with unauthorized use
           of their equipment and he got like 1 year of probation and a big
           fine.  Sorry, don't remember the exact details.
           \_ IIRC it was the UofGeorgia.  I didn't know Georgia even had a
              university.  I thought they stopped at 5th grade.
        \_ Turn them off while not in use.  Saves power.
2003/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:11154 Activity:very high
11/19   \_ People in *USA* need to realize that USA is not the greatest nation
           at certain things. Infant mortality rate is just one example.
           Adult illiteracy rate and  percentage of adult incarcerated are
           also among the highest among industrialized nation.  Not to mention
           math/science score among teenagers...
                \_ No one said the US was the greatest wrt infant mortality.
                   I think the point in that thread was that the US was
                   *industrialized* and sufficiently technological that it
                   makes little sense to eschew that for home birthing crap.
                   Reading comprehension--, grasshopper.
                   \_ People believe in all sorts of crap.  Look at the morons
                      who refuse to vaccinate their kids these days at a time
                      when we need them more than ever.  Here comes the plague.
                \_ yep, and US has one of the biggest white hate groups (KKK),
                   white hating groups (Black Panthers), white trash,
                   religious phreaks (Davidians), crazy guys (Kazinsky),
                   conspiracy groups (Tennessee Militias), etc etc. Go
                \_ well I attribute most of it to blacks, mexicans, and the
                   rednecks. I bet if you disregard results from them the
                   score would be so much higher.
                   \_ DEAN!
                      \_ huh? btw, it's a factual statement that those groups
                         are more illiterate and more incarcerated. Is it
                         racist to say that?
                         \_ Depends, are you saying that those people commit
                            more crime and are slow learners?  Or are you just
                            a smug asshole who points out the difference between
                            "verbal" and "oral"?
                            \_ Per capita, they commit more crimes.  And don't
                               get oral with me, young man.
                                \_ per capita, the poor and uneducated commit
                                   more crimes, yes.  Defining it in terms of
                                   ethnic groups is divisive and unhelpful.
                                   Is it Tiger Woods' fault?  Or A-Rod's? -tom
                                   \_ TW is asian.  Mixed race at best.  No, it
                                      is not the fault of any one individual of
                                      any race.  No one said it was.  We were
                                      talking per capita.  Where'd you get this
                                      TW crap from?  That has nothing to do
                                      with anything.
                                        \_ It's not the fault of the race,
                                           either.  -tom
                         \_ These days, yes.  You can't state a fact if it
                            offends someone without being called racist.  You
                            must be new to Berkeley.  You've erred when someone
                            else's feelings are hurt.  There are no standards.
                            \_ Stop being so petulant, man, it really doesn't
                               give your arguments much weight.  You might also
                               want to take into consideration that statistics
                               without context are largely meaningless and can
                               pretty much be distorted to mean anything....
                               \_ I'm not.  It's the truth.  You're either a
                                  Cal student or alum, right?  You should
                                  know that victimhood is now defined by the
                                  alleged victim.  If she says it's rape, it's
                                  rape.  If he says you're racist, you're
                                  racist, because you're white, he's not and
                                  you hurt his feelings.
                                  \_ Boohoo! We are victims of non-white
                                     male victimhood!
                                     \_ Wow, you're an idiot.  How do you ever
                                        expect anyone to ever get along and
                                        end the hate when you believe it's ok
                                        to hate certain people?  Talk about
                                        totally missing the point.  You missed
                                        the entire universe.
                            \_ I think it's still ok to hurt the feelings of
                               certain white folks.
                               \_ That was always ok.  White people aren't
                                  really human so anything goes.
                                  \_ Hey, stop trying to be the victim.
                                     \_ what's really funny is that most of
                                        this thread/flamewar is in reply to
                                        the one line troll "DEAN!"
                                        \_ no that was ignored if you read the
                                           thing that actually replied to it.
                                           but it is funny that you think so.
                                           \_ fine.  at least we both think
                                              *something's* funny.
                                     \_ Sorry, I forgot.  White people have no
                                        rights.  White people are all evil just
                                        because they're white.  Kill whitey!
2003/11/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:11155 Activity:nil
11/19   I've never seen any of his links posted here, so...
        What does the csua think of Joel (as in "On Software")?
        \_ Seems like any moderately competent mentor.
2003/11/20 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:11156 Activity:nil
11/19   What happened to Paris Hilton thread?
        \_ /csua/tmp/paris_hilton.wmv
        \_ Who's the guy in the video?
           \_ Does he make you wet?
           \_ Rick Soloman.  He made the video and is now suing the person who
              gave it to a porn company.
        \_ Paris Hilton: yet another nobody famous for being nobody.  sheesh.
        \_ Paris Hilton... zzzz....
2003/11/20 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:11157 Activity:nil
11/19   A good summary of ethanol:
        \_ This has nothing to say about air cleanliness.
        \_ and... as it is right now, it takes *MORE* energy to produce
           Et-OH from corn than the energy contained in Et-OH.
           \_ Not according to that article. That article plays some
              weird sleight of hand by claiming that solar energy is
              not free.
              \_ He's not discounting solar energy.  Let C be the amount
                 of corn required to produce the equivalent of 1 gallon
                 of gas in ethanol.  He's saying that through fertilizers,
                 tractors, irrigation, harvesting, drying, and conversion,
                 1 gallon of real gasoline is used to grow and convert C.
                 It's zero sum, you could have burned that same gallon of
                 gas directly.
        \_ If you have even one scientific article claiming the EtOH
        \_ If you have even one scientific artile claiming the EtOH
           does not decrease emissions, I would like to see it. It might
           not be worth the cost, but it certainly cleans the air in CA.
        \_ Here is a good cost/benifit analysis saying the whole thing
           is not really worth it:
        \_ ok, here's the deal: gasoline is bad for the environment.  the stuff
           we add to it doesnt change that much.  nothing much will happen
           until we get a non-oil based economy going.  don't hold your
           breath for that one, folks.
2003/11/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:11158 Activity:high
11/20   I watched the matrix 3 last weekend on IMAX.  It was great!  I heard
        all the people bitching on the motd about how bad the movie was so
        I went in with low expectations.  I enjoyed the movie.  Yeah, it's
        mostly fighting and not much story development.  But hey, we already
        know the story.  It's a trilogy.  Imagine if Morpheus pontificated
        all the time in all 3 movies.  That would be a disaster.  I like
        the "mech warrior" fighting scenes a lot.
        \_ Morpheus going off all the time about fate and The One and all that
           bullshit was a low point in the other movies.  It was actually
           painful to watch in the second movie.
           \_ he was basically reduced to copilot for #3. fine by me,
              especially after his painful speech in #2
              \_ It made my skin crawl and I squirmed in my seat in movie 2.
        \_ No, it was not a trilogy.  It was a movie, then an afterthough movie
           split into:  two movies, a collection of animation, a single-player
           video game, and a MMORPG.
        \_ Did you enjoy the nipple twisting scene?
           \_ meh. enjoyed bullucci's breasts a whole lot more.
              \_ They look even better on IMAX.
                 \_ Would be even better if there's a 3D version of the movie.
              \_ I thought those are big, until I searched her pics in other
                 settings in Google.  Now I think they're just pushed-up in M3.
                 \_ Of course they are, that's what bondage clothing does best.
        \_ This is an excellent summary of Matrix 3:
           \_ BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
              \_ i especially like how he does give spoiler warnings... at the
                 end of the article.
        \_ Filmforce is saying Revolutions on DVD by Jan 6th. Is that some kind
           of record for fastest theatre release to video release turnaround?
           \_ No.
2003/11/20 [Health] UID:11159 Activity:nil
11/19   This hasn't been posted in a while, if ever.  The intellectual
        whores homepage!  Take it to heart, it's 99% true.
2003/11/20-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:11160 Activity:high
11/20   Does anyone else use eMule to pirate games/sw? It's great!
        \_ Don't Copy That Floppy!
           \_ Best. Video. Ever.
        \_ usenet.  the only way you can be tracked is if your isp turns over
        \_ I like W.A.S.T.E. but you need ot trust your friends, and it doesn't
           scale too well
           \_ how do new warez get into the system?
              \_ By the whim of trystero...
2003/11/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:11161 Activity:kinda low
11/20   What kind of Windows and Office were sold on the market between
        2/18/1995 and 12/15/2001? I'm asking because I'm filling out the
        M$ claim form and I don't want to put anything that is wrong, like
        adding WinXP or OfficeXP when it wasn't out in 12/15/01. Thanks.
        \_ I bought Windows 3.1 (retail ~$100), Word/Excel 6 (retail ~$120) both
           in early 1995.
           \_ are you sure about that?  Windows 95 was retailed at $80-$88
              at the time.  I remember this because it was the only legit
              MS copy I ever purchased, and I bought it at 10% of the retail
              price because my friend got it at for me at employer's
                        -ashamed to admit that I once actually purchased M$
        \_ 95,98,nt,2k, and maybe ME.  word95,97,2k and maybe others.
        \_ So you didn't actually buy any Windows or Office during that time
           but you're just filling out the form to get money from M$?  Cool!
        \_ xp was definitely out in 2001. my laptop from 11/2001 came with
           a copy preinstalled.
2003/11/20-21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11162 Activity:high
11/20   Keep deleting, and I'll keep restoring, fuckwit.  What are you afraid
        of, anyway?
        Richard Perle admits invasion of Iraq was illegal:,2763,1089158,00.html
        \_ Our wonderful Anonymous MOTD Censor is terrified that there might
           actually be non-technical conversation that would highlight his
           complete lack of real world savvy.  Poor, twisted, socially inept
        \_ No.  There is no such thing as international law.  We've been over
           this before.  Laws with no enforcement mechanism are not laws.  They
           are suggestions.  Get over it.  Not interested in your or GW Sr's
           New World Order, thanks.
           \_ I'm curious - why is this rigid debating style of immediate
              dismissal, moral absolutes, and snap judgement so popular?
              It makes you look like an idiot, and makes everyone listening
              or reading just tune out.  The hard right and hard left are
              equally guilty of it.
              \_ It isn't a debating style.  It's a fact.  A law with no
                 enforcement mechanism isn't a law.  If there is no statuatory
                 punshiment associated with a violation of an alleged law,
                 then how can be there a law?  Using my brain and knowing what
                 a law is will only make me look like an idiot to the ignorant.
                 \_ Regardless of the fact that you completely ignored my
                    question, I'll take your bait.  Of course there's a law.
                    The WTO and UN, for instance, both have systems to
                    enforce their rules.  These rules worked pretty well in
                    both the first Gulf War and the US action in Afghanistan.
                    We decided to flagrantly violate them in Iraq because
                    we weren't getting our way.  We can't just pick and choose
                    which laws we choose to follow based on whether we are
                    getting our way in a given situation.  How can we ever
                    expect any other country to take international law
                    seriously if we don't?  International law has got some
                    really important aspects, chief among them the Nuclear
                    Non Proliferation Treaty.  For an even more recent
                    example, look up Bush's decisions on steel and textile
                    tariffs, which are the antithesis of good trade policy
                    and only serve his immediate political gain.
        \_ Bush took an oath to uphold the law of the U.S., not to placate the
           rest of the world.  I didn't agree with the way the Iraq war was
           carried out, but I agree strongly that doing the right thing
           should take precedence over following a European interpretation of
           "law."  [formatd]
            \_ I just find this extremely interesting because in the whole
               build up to the war, they kept saying that the war _was_
               justified under international war via the original UN
               resolution.  No one bought this argument, and now Perle is
               simply admitting that the war was illegal under generally
               accepted terms of international law, not a "European
               interpretation" as you put it.  If the "war on terror" is
               ever to be successful, we need to work with and through
               international bodies, not against them.  Unilateralism and
               projection of military power isn't enough, and probably
               just works against us in the long run.
               \_ I agree that unilateralsim is a bad idea in general
                  and i agree that it was a bad idea in this case.  I just
                  think that there are circumstances in which it would
                  be justified, regardless of international law.
               \_ Richard Perle is not a decision maker.  He is an advisor.
                  Also, do you believe in following any law just because it is
                  a law or do you believe it is ok to violate an unjust law?
                  If you believe the latter, you can't cherry pick which laws
                  are ok to violate and which are not.
2003/11/20 [Reference/BayArea] UID:29646 Activity:very high
11/19   So how many of you Berkeley educated Bay Area sysadmins are going
        to make more than $107k this year:
           I'm not a sysadmin, and my salary is less than 107k, but it's
           worth more because of lower cost of living here: .
           I am 3133+: .
           Not me: .
        \_ How many of your Berkeley educated Bay Area non-sysadmins have a
           bigger dick than this guy?  I'm guessing all of us.
        \_ what is 3133+e, spell it out, don't use uncommon wire messages.
           you are not an alien.  If sysadmins get paid $107k/yr, should
           software engineers get paid more than that?
                \_ Depends on yer benefit to the company. If everyone
                   depends on you to keep yer servers up, might be worth
                   more than a programmer...
                   \_ Supply and demand. Good people of any type are hard to
                \_ what makes you think a programmer is worth more than a
                   sysadmin, other than your being a programmer?  the schools
                   are cranking out good coders.  they're not making sysadmins.
                   it's also pretty hard to outsource your sysadmins to india.
                   programming is getting easier every year.  sysadmining is
        \_ is that adjusting for public sector being 20-50% under industry?
        \_ What's special about 107K?  I guess it's your salary.  Well,
           I happen to earn more than that.
2003/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:29647 Activity:high
11/19   'Operation Iron Hammer' name used by Nazis for operation against Russia (
        \_ Hey, and I use an Iron Hammer for carpentry projects at home!
        \_ That proves...? You know the names of the Operations depends on
           the level it was initiated at, and purpose. Operation Gothic
           Serpent sounds particularly non-Pentagon but taht's what
           Black Hawk Down was first known as.
           \_ I never implied it proves anything.  I do think it's somewhat
              ironic and humorous. -op
        \_ I was going to explain how they come up with op names but nevermind.
           You don't really care and it doesn't matter anyway.
           \_ Please explain!  I'm interested.  -- !OP
           \_ Please explain!  I'm interested.  Also, I wonder why they bother
              to come up with operation names for operations that are not
              secret.  Isn't the purpose of op names to cover up the
              operation?  -- !OP
2003/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:29648 Activity:nil
11/19   Pile on!
        \_ catpile is the word you're looking for.
2003/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:29649 Activity:nil
11/19   Alright, 2nd try. Any google employees on soda? Please send me
        an email. I'd like to ask you some questions about working there.
        Thanks          - rory
2003/11/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:29650 Activity:kinda low
11/19   Can someone explain the existence of Kinney?  Who was he?  Why did
        he post such scatterbrained essays?  Drugs?
        \_ I don't know, but my last post which you(?) keep deleting reminded
           me of kinney too!  (and why do you keep deleting it?  Just 'cause
           it is so long? or because you are one of the ADM dupes? I see
           the summary was kept, is this a compromise?  Should i stop
           reposting my overly-long response to a dead thread?
           \_ yes please.
2003/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:29651 Activity:nil
11/19   First is steel, now, textile.  Please don't tell me American
        is defender of capitalist free trade.
2003/11/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:29652 Activity:nil
11/20   What kind of Windows and Office were sold on the market between
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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