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2003/11/15 [Uncategorized] UID:11080 Activity:nil
11/14   perhaps we learn more about the insanity of the motd by what is deleted
        and what is restored than we do from any post.
        \_ it mostly gets deleted from the bottom, at least today
           \_ Except for the porn thread, which was deliberately restored.
              Because of the obvious value it adds to the lives of geeks.
2003/11/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:11081 Activity:nil
11/14   Cool (and kinda scary) speculative fiction about the coming robotic
        \_ Communist garbage.
        \_ I like Marshall Brain, and I think How Stuff Works is the single
           most useful website on the web.  That said, this reads like
           an entry for NaNoWriMo.
        \_ Oh god... so let's have a poll.  The human race will be destroyed
           by (feel free to add your own):
        evil robots of our own design:
        evil nanotech robots of our own design:
        global warming:
        asteroid/comet impact: .
        sunspot cooking:
        nuclear winter:
        bioweapon escaped from US lab:
        bioweapon escaped from Chinese/old Russian/N. Korean/Iranian/Israeli lab: .
        Damn Dirty Apes:
        Cptn. Trips:
        race wars:
        sterility as seen in europe right now:
        \_ this might end western civ. but it certainly won't end humanity.
        hurricanes/earthquakes/other natural local disasters:
        no more food:
        no more rain:
        no more clean water:
        George Bush:
        George W Bush:
        Bill Clinton:
        The French:
        godless communists:
        idiot geeks with a messiah complex:
        Broken Arab culture that can't accept peace, democracy, progress or
        anything else good for their own people or their neighbors:.
        Garden Weasel:.
        \_ if the world is destroyed by any of the above, doesn't that count
           as armageddon by definition?  will we all die of an acute case
           of death?
           \_ But if you capitalize Armageddon, you are probably referring
              to events described in the book of Revelations.  And because
              I am in a crappy mood today, I add this:  you are an idiot for
              not thinking of this yourself.  Idiot.
        \_ this soda male one won't happen unless a quake destroys the net.
        introduction of infertile males of soda into general population: .
2003/11/15 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:11082 Activity:moderate
11/14   Is the Paris Hilton sex video real? The one I've seen is shot in
        nightvision, there's a TV in the background, and she answers her
        cell phone in the middle.
        \_ First of all, I have no idea who Paris Hilton is. Why is she
           so significant?
           \_ she's this extremely horrible person who is an heir to the Hilton
                (the hotel chain) fortune.  She and her sister are famous for
                partying 24/7, having sex with movie stars, and spending more
                money than you will likely ever see on clothing.  Unfortunately
                I am not exaggerating.  The Hilton sisters are a perfect
                example of what is wrong with our society- why should they
                \_ I find this interesting.  what is wrong with _our_
                   society?  If this is what's wrong with _our_ society,
                   will you please point out a society that has solved this
                   \_ yeah, those islamic fundamentalist types don't have
                      these problems.
                   \_ so it has to be solved in order for you to understand
                      it's a problem?
                       \_ boy, you are a bit of an idiot, that person's point
                          was not that it wasn't a problem but that it wasn't
                          specific to US.  Please find a clue stick and beat
                          yourself with it. -phuqm
                care about people who have less than 100 million dollars?
                What have you done for them recently?  Pass me the ecstasty!
                We're living in a music video!  WOOOOOOO!
        \_ It's real.  There are a lot of fakes out there though...
           \_ Yeah, no kidding. The real one is around 5MB. Crappy quality,
              and yeah, it's the green nightvision one. Too bad she really
              isn't that hot to begin with.
              \_ Her body's a work of art though.  Looks like she's 5'8",
                 125lbs and sporting 34C's.
                 \_ 34C?  All her pics I saw are flat-chested.  Looks more like
                    an A.
                    \_ He must've seen the wrong video.
                       \_ No I didn't see the video.  I only searched in
              \_ As porn, it sucks; however, since it's not supposed to be
                 distributed, that makes it a bit more interesting.
                 \_ Yeah but what drugs was she on?  The last thing I really
                    wanted to see was some rich bitch doing her own very lame
        \_ I never heard of her before I saw the video.  BFD.
                    porn video while blasted out of her mind on something.
        \_ I never heard of her before I saw the video.  BFD.
              \_ I heard the 5MB one is culled from a 45-minute tape.
        \_ is dedicated to this sort of thing. from the creator
           of, a legit media tracking site (sorta like
2003/11/15-16 [Health/Women] UID:11086 Activity:nil
11/15   Chewable "Pill" approved by the FDA:
        \_ cool, now we can feed the pill to 12 year olds like bubble gum so
           you guys don't have to worry about your children having to wait
           6 years before your gf can drive them around.
2003/11/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:11087 Activity:nil
11/15   Linux Back Door Attempt (sorry if this is old news):
        \_ It is.
2003/11/15 [Uncategorized] UID:11088 Activity:nil
11/14   Anyone seen "Looney Tunes: Back in Action"?  Reviews?  -- misha.
        \_ If you didn't squirm in agony when you saw the preview you'll
           like it.
           \_ Thank you.  That was informative.  -- misha.
2003/11/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:11089 Activity:nil
11/15   Anybody know anbody who works at Altova?
2003/11/15-16 [Industry/Jobs, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:11097 Activity:nil
11/15   When IT jobs disappear
        \_ All this lumping of IT together is inane.  Just because few car
           manufacturing jobs are left in the US doesn't mean all car jobs are
           gone.  If you're not the brains behind your company, or you're not
           doing a job that requires you to be on-site, you might as well be
           manufacturing buggy-whips.  Otherwise, your job is likely safe...for
           \_ la la la!  I'm a sysadmin, not a java monkey, la la la, gotta
              be on site, got job security, la la la!  One day I'll also be
              fat *and* a libertarian! --skinny employed onsite sysadmin
                \_ But how much money do you make?
                   \_ $120k/year with a raise coming by Xmas.  You?  -seos
2003/11/15 [Uncategorized] UID:29637 Activity:nil
11/14   Can someone who can read Japanese or possibly Chinese please decipher
        this page for me?
        It's a shop or something, but I can't tell what the units of currency
        etc. are.
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