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2003/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:11064 Activity:nil
        This is so great!  Ann Coulter talking action figures for sale!
        God damn, I love the net!  You can find anything!
2003/11/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11065 Activity:nil
        "Abandoned" building has owner and textile machinery which
        got wrecked by US plane strafing it.  Or is that a different
        \_ Same building.  Is Bush personally directing the strikes?
           \_ Yes, it's just like Johnson in Vietnam.  He's actually on the
              radio counting down to tell the pilot when to drop each set of
              bombs.  War is so cool when you're the king!
2003/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:11066 Activity:nil
11/13   Anyone else get a California - Microsoft Settlement mail?
        what are you going to do about it?  (postal mail)
        \_ I already sent in my claim.  When will we get our money
           \_ how did they get all of our mailing addresses?
              \_ We are Microsoft.  All your info are belong to us!
              \_ That's what I'd like to know.
              \_ addresses are public info. stop being an ignorant paranoid.
        \_ Yes, and I plan to milk them for as much as I can. Is there
           somewhere we can look to find out more information about this
        \_ You need proof you bought something in that time frame.  Your
           warez copy of office and win2k doesn't count.
           \_ It says you don't need a receipt.
2003/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11067 Activity:kinda low
11/13   The other day on the motd, I said that there are only like 200
        guerillas in Iraq.  Now, the Bush administration is saying that it's
        like 5000.  Guess I am wrong.  Sorry for being a moron.
        \_ Bastard piece of shit.  *I* said it was 200-300 and the Bush admin
           today said it's more like 3000.  Do you have to lie while being an
           asshole?  I'd rather be wrong than a liar like you.  And I didn't
           get my 200-300 from the Bush admin.  It was my own guess for the
           number in the Sunni triangle area, not the entire country.
        \_ I am sorry you believe what Bush tells you, too. But thanks for
           the apology.
           \_ Who do you think you are to not believe what our president
              tells us?  He is a most honest man.  Besides, he got the
              data from the most seniorest American commander in the middle
              east.  Even Christian lass Condoleeza Rice agreed.  She never
              lies.  Have you even been to Iraq?
              tells us?  He is a most honest man.  Besides, he got it from
              the most seniorest American commander in the middle east.
              Even Christian Condoleeza Rice agreed.  She never lies.
              Have you even been to Iraq?
2003/11/14 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:11068 Activity:nil
11/13   Destroying empty building boost moral.  Consider what we and others
        has done in the past for devastating other's moral or boost our own
        (i.e. drop nuclear bomb, fire bombing defendless Dresen, and killing
        300,000 in Nanjing), I would say this is, though stupid, pretty
        \_ The firebombing of Dresden was done not to boost morale, but to
           destroy the enemy willingness to fight.  The allies believed,
           and Hitler's rhetoric supported this belief, that WWII was a total
           war, not just a war between opposing armed forces.  The nuclear
           bomb was dropped as a message to Stalin, and perhaps to force
           the japanese surrender (though there are indications the
           japanese were ready to surrender as is).
           \_ That is the point.  I really hate the idea of doing something
              for the purpose of devastating enemy's "willingness to fight."
              We've done it in Dresen, German has done it in Russia, and
              Japanese have done it in Nanjing.  Yet, somehow, only German
               got punished.  Japanese got a slap on the wrist, and Americans,
              some of them (see below) still felt that their action was
              justified, not realizing that they have gotten away with
              crime against humanity only because they won the war.
              \_ No way in hell was it worth the estimated 100,000 American
                 lives to take the mainland vs any number of Japanese to drop
                 the bomb.  Not 1 American life.  The idea that we magically
                 knew they were ready to surrender and nuked them anyway just
                 because is pure bullshit.
              \_ You may really hate the idea of destroying enemy's
                 willingness to fight, but that is the essence of war.
                 Some Sun Tzu and Clausewitz might be helpful.
                 \_ I agree.  When in war, you do what you have to
                    do to end it quickly.
                    \_ That's not what Sun Tzu said though.
                       \_ sounds good enough, but that's what I heard
                          some generals say.
                          \_ Powell Doctrine.
           \_ The Japanese didn't surrender even after the first bomb hit
              Hiroshima.  They surrendered only after the second bomb hit
              Nagasaki.  So they weren't ready to surrender without us bombing.
        \_ Dresden was a key transhipment (something ~ 3rd largest) for
           the German military.  As we all know (or should) war is all
           about logistics. It was a valid military target.  The Japanese
           had ample time and warning to unconditionally surrender.
           Realistically invasion of the home islands would have
           incurred millions of casualties.  There were 300,000+ on
           Okinawa alone.  We also had to stop the Russians from
           entering the war, etc. etc.
        \_ (1) "moral" != "morale"
           (2) destroying buildings in a "regime change" operation
               may undermine morale of the civilian population who
               is supposedly on our side.  I much prefer bombing
               the shit out enemies types of operations as opposed to
               gnarly regime change types of operations.
        \_ Yea, like when commie chinese attacked commie vietnamese,
           they had a really bad time cause the vietnamese were
           like very tough after fighting usa for a long time, so
           the chinese commie gave up, but instead of like admitting
           defeat, they blew up the two vietnamese cities in their hands,
           dynamiting like every single damn hutch they found, to
           boost morale and show they have big penis.
           \_ i forgot. all commies, aside from the size of penis, are all
                the same.
        \_ Yea, like Microsoft bombed Netscape out of existence and will
           soon finish off Realplayer and then screw Google.
           And if they can't win, they'll ship old Java.
           \_ Screw google.  They haven't returned decent results in months.
              And Netscape, too, while you're at it.  They had given up and
              stop improving their browser around version 3.x or 4.x depending
              on who you ask while MS continued to work on theirs.  Go load up
              an old NS and feel the pain.  NS sucked and deserved no less
              than death by that point.
              \_ What about NS 6.x and 7.x?
                 \_ 7.x is broken mozilla 1.0 and 6.x was unspeakably bad.
                    Did anyone actually use 6.x if there was any other
                    choice for their OS?  Anyway, by then NS was long gone.
                    \_ I'm using 7.1 and it seems much better than 4.8 except
                       bigger memory footprint.
2003/11/14 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:11069 Activity:nil
11/13   Ex-Mexican consul arrested in connection with trafficking of
        illegal Arab migrants
        \_ Government Employees (Foreign or Domestic) - The Enemy Within!!
2003/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:11070 Activity:nil
11/13   Socket question: how do I reduce the timeout for a socket to connect()?
2003/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11071 Activity:nil
11/13   Is there a politics code (a la the geek code)?
        \_ 3 choices: (D) (R) (I)
                      \_ Yeah man, DRI rules!  But Sick of it All is better.
                         \_ play pac man and i watch TV!
                            i'm so happy cause it pleases me!
                            couldn't really ask for anything else
                            maybe my own chain of taco bells!!!!!!!
        \_ my favorite category is poor whites who vote based on coded
           appeals to race. boy the republicans are fucking those guys
           up the ass.
           \_ wow, what a weak ass troll!  go home, boy!  there's no room for
              little boys on this ride.
2003/11/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:11072 Activity:high
11/14   About Judge Moore, I'm curious about the anti-Moore people here.
        Moore was elected by the people to his office.  Do you think it
        is ok that some appointed body removed him from office?  If so,
        did you think it was *not* ok for the people of CA to vote to
        remove an official the people of CA elected?  If so, how do you
        reconcile that double standard and why place an appointed body
        above the will of the people in the greater scheme of things?
        What was so wrong about the 10 commandments statue that it required
        Moore's immediate removal by an appointed body while we were supposed
        to wait until the next election to remove Davis in a time of crisis?
        It's 8am.  I hope that's not too early to try to start a real non-troll
        discussion on a hot topic.
        \_ it's worth pointing out that the decision to remove him was a
          *unanimous* one, made by a group of legal experts from both the
           Democrat and Republican party, which included elected officials.
           The issue at stake was not the ten commandments statue, it was
           an open contempt for the law.
        \_ Judge Moore is a complete moron, I don't see how anyone can
           defend him hauling his 10 ton commandments monument
           mind boggles.
           \_ Yeah. The guy keeps saying that he's being forced to "deny god".
              What an absolutely refrickindiculous statement. Hey Christians,
              do you have giant statues with biblical crap on them in your
              workplace? If not you're denying god and will BURN.
        \_ this "judge" reffered to homosexuality as a "violation of the laws
           of nature and of nature's God upon which this nation and our laws
           are predicated."  That means that 10 percent of the Alabama
           citizens who walk through his courtroom door have already commited
           a mortal sin in his eyes before their guilt or innocence
           is determined.  This man cannot be allowed to be a judge.
           I believe this case is severe enought to warrant *any* action
           to remove this man from power.  Don't forget that majority will
           of the people of Alabama was to hold *slaves* until we beat
           them in a war, and to have black people live as second class
           citizens until we had to send troops down there in the 60's.
           If it comes to war again, so be it.
                \_ In the 1700s there were more slaves in New York than
                   all of South.  Only a few percent of Southerners, ie.
                   landed aristocrats, were slave holders.
                   For 2000 years homosexuality has been considered
                   unnatural - they can't reproduce!  Don't you secular
                   humanists see the contradiction with evolution?
                   \_ I want more fags and less lesbos in the world.
                      That way there's less competition for the women.
                   \_ And i suppose that all the animals who demonstrate
                      homosexuality in the wild are just victims of an
                      evil liberal conspiracy by the Clintons?
                   \_ Being gay may be an evolutionary disadvantage, but having
                      some 'gay' behaviors may be an advantage, so the gene
                      lives on.  Sort of like a heterozygus recessive, if
                      you'll pardon the pun.
                   \_ So then it would be morally wrong for a guy to just work
                      all the time and never date?  I mean he can't
                        \_ The question is why some minority group deserves
                           special protection under the law simply because
                           of what the do in the bedroom.  The irony is
                           this exact was predicted in a concurring opinion
                           in Griswald vs. Connecticut.
                           \_ This is a canard. No one (almost no one, okay)
                              wants special protection, just equal treatment.
                                \_ That is not what existing statutes
                                   provide for.  So now "equal treatment"
                                   based on how you have sex is a natural
                                   right? As dictated and
                                   regulated by who?  How do renconcile
                                   this with freedom of association.  Now
                                   the government tells us how we have to
                                   treat people because of what they do in
                                   the bedroom.
                                   \_ No, the government is telling us we
                                      must treat all people equally
                                      _regardless_ of what they do in the
                                      bedroom.  How this is not simply
                                      common sense seriously boggles the mind.
                                        \_ So if a congregation believes
                                           homosexuality is a sin the
                                           government has the power to force
                                           it to accept a gay pastor in the
                                           name of being 'fair'.  The term 'fair'
                                           when related to sexual choice
                                           is so vague that its invites
                                           gross abuse and the infringement
                                           of freedom of association.
                                           Now bestiality fetishes
                                           and trangenders have the right
                                           to force businesses them to hire
                                           them because its 'fair'.  Sorry,
                                           you are a fascist.  You should
                                           not have the right to force
                                           your bizarre agenda on other
                                           people.  If you want to do
                                           it through 1) referendum
                                           2) the legislature, fine.
                                           However, as you know that will
                                           never succeed.
                                           \_ Bestiality involves non-
                                              consensual sex.  It is possible
                                              (and preferable) to make rules
                                              that allow for certain conduct
                                              while continuing to outlaw
                                              other conduct.  The Santorum
                                              argument ignores the ability
                                              of people to make moral
                                              distinctions outside of Biblical
                                              proclamations.  Stop trying to
                                              throw the baby out with the
                                              bath water.
                                           \_ Never is a long time. People
                                              thought slavery would last
                                              forever, too.
                   \_ I think it's unnatural to drive a car.  Thus, it's
                      immoral!  And airplanes are even more immoral.  Fire
                      too!  Let's all go back into our caves.
                      \_ RIDE BIKE! LIGHT CANDLE! USE LINUX!
                   \_ Dead wrong.  The Catholic Church widely condoned
                      homosexuality until about the 13th C, and even allowed
                      gay marriages.  -- hetersexual catholic
                        \_ I think you mean clerical marriage.
                           John Boswell died of AIDS complications at
                           age 42 - think he could have had an agenda?
                           This is called historical revisionism, an art
                           perfected by the left.
                           \_ That's right.  And the banner that read
                              "Mission Accomplished" was mysteriously
                              hung on the aircraft carrier by leftist
                                \_ Yawn, redirection with a puerile
                                   display of stupidity.
                                   \_ Yet another classic case of right-wing
           of civil disobedience, but if you are at all familiar with the
           concept as practiced by Ghandi, King and Thoreau, you understand
                                      issue dodging.  No, seriously, you
                                      don't believe the right engages in
                                      historical revisionism?
                           \_ I agree.  the left does historical revisionism
           \_ To a Christian, all men are sinners, and all sins are
              mortal.  Adultery is sin too, for example.  That doesn't
           book, just a simple political power struggle, which he lost.
           \_ nice.
              mean they would advocate criminalizing adultery.
              \_ Well, yes and no.  Most sins can be forgiven if the sinner
                 repents or feels remorse and goes to confession.  You can be
                 in a state of grace at least some of the time.  Homosexuality
                 is unrepentant, ongoing sin.  Isn't alabama one of the states
                 that has sodomy laws which are technically still enforced?
           the US Circuit Court judges for ignoring the 1st and 10th
              \_ there are also venal sins. er, venial.
           \_ Do you have a source that 10% of people are homosexual?
              I don't believe this claim to be true, from personal
              experience. -- ilyas
              \_ Even if it's one percent or half a percent -- the man is a
                 JUDGE -- he's supposed to be passing judgement based on the
                 laws in the LAW books...not the religious ones.  The exact
                 figure is kind of irrelevant.
                        \_ When has he ever stated that he ignores the law
                           in favor of the Bible.  In the interviews I've
                           seen he states just the opposite.
              \_ The 10% is based on the Kinsey study, which I personally
                 think overstated it, since they based it on lifetime
                 behavior not self-identification. But there are many
                 studies (use google) that indicate that the real percentage
                 of active GLBT in the general population is at least
                 4-5% -ausman
                 \_ I don't know.  I lived in San Francisco, Berkeley, and
                    Los Angeles, not the most sexually repressed places
                    in the world.  The figure of 4-5% still seems quite high.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ My estimate is kind of on the conservative side,
                       actually. I am only including people who are
                       sexually active. Look at this study:
                       Do you think that 4-5% of SF is gay? You have got
                       to be kidding me. The real number is more like 15-20%.
                       \_ I don't think ilya gets out much.
                 \_ When I was in the co-ops, I'd guess 2% gay,
                    additional 2% Bi
                    \_ 2% bi?  Heh, not among the girls.  Sweet!
                    \_ Straights have notoriously bad gay-dar.
        \_ A judge takes a vow to uphold the law. Moore believed himself to
           be above the law and willfully violated it. So yes, I think
           he should have been removed. I am well aware of the principle
           of civil disobedience, but if you are familiar with the concept
           as practiced by Ghandi, King and Thoreau, you understand
           that you accept the punishment that comes from violating the law
           as part of the deal. Additionally, they were not judges. I think
           by holding himself above the law, he made a mockery of the
           whole idea. He was not engaging in civil disobedience in my
           book, just a simple political power struggle, which he lost.
           \_ nice.
           \_ he's preparing for a senate run, or governorship, duh
              he's happy to be removed, do you think he's that dumb?
        \_ If you support his removal then you must also support impeachment
           the US Circuit Court judges for ignoring the 1st and 10th
           \_ If you think that boolean logic applies to the real world,
              you must be a hopeless twink.
                \_ If an appreciation of the historical context of the
                   amendments and their authors designates a twink,
                   I suppose so.
                   \_ Nice try, but your twinkness hinges on your inability
                      to see the shading between black and white, a disability
                      that will make you a great and courageous crusader, but
                      a poorly socialized member of society and a twink.
2003/11/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:11073 Activity:nil
11/14   BLAM!!  Take that you mean and humorless juvenile motd!  BLAM!!!!
2003/11/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11074 Activity:insanely high
11/14   Story time!  Everyone add five words.
        There once was a hoser
         Who owned a bulldozer
          And rode it to Cal every day
          His major was EECS
          His Classmates were freaks
          And now he's decided he's gay.
        He had posted to the motd
        He could not go potty!
        And now he is messy all over.
        So then he did yermom.
        or so he thought--but it was tom!
        yermom looks like tom?
        Then MOTD censor erased everything.
        because of his small thing.
        Who needs the Quick-E-mart?
        To buy condoms, you say.
        That does not make sense
        "It does if you're making spunk parfait!
        Fuck you, MOTD censor"
        So said the Fuzzy Bunny.
        Who forgot to add zinc
        \_ Apparently a lot of you either don't know how to read instructions
           or don't know how to count to five.
           \_ IFILE.
2003/11/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:11075 Activity:high
11/14   Do I have to register as a Democrat to vote in the primary?
        \_ I believe the 'open primary' law was struck down.  Stil plenty of
           time to register, though.  Also, party registration is not needed
           to vote on any ballot measures on the primary.
           \_ Open Primary was squished by Supreme Court.  If you want to
              vote for a particular Dem candidate, you'll need to register
              as a Dem.
              \_ what was the reasoning for the squish?
                 \_ Private organizations (the parties) have the right to
                    control who can vote in the organization.  Althouth I
                    liked the open primary, it sets bad legal precedant.
                    \_ I think private organizations should pay for the
                       poll and hold it themselves then. If the government
                       (public) is paying for it then everyone should be
                       able to vote in it. --dim
                        \_ Well, they can vote in the other primary. Why do
                           people want to help choose a different party's
                           candidate? You don't support that party anyway.
                           Would the repubs vote for someone they like, or
                           someone they think would be a bad candidate?
                           \_ Personally, I voted for the guy I liked most. If
                              this is a Party thing then the Party should
                              conduct its own selection process and let us
                              all know who they chose instead of putting it
                              on a general ballot.
                    \_ If my heart is with the Republicans, can I register as
                       a Democrat and then vote for the lamest one among the
                       Democratic candidates in their primary?  And vice versa?
                       \_ No, you may not.  As a Republican, you're bound by
                          the supposedly higher morality that your kind
                          constantly bray about to vote your conscience, not
                          for political gain.  Anything else would be
                          hypocritical.  The rest of us godless heathens,
                          OTOH, are free to make sure that bozos like Bill
                          Simon represent you in close elections.
                          \_ nice.
        \_ no, you have to register as a hypocrite first.
2003/11/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11076 Activity:very high
11/14   ausman, stop overwriting other people's posts, you bastard.
        \_ motdedit is not an excuse for just overwriting what people
           have written.  grow up and take some responsibility.
           \_ Why do programmers use CVS? If you are a CS person and you
              do not understand the need for version control, they I pity you.
           \_ What about re-writing motdedit to patch/merge the new file with
              an updated motd.public?  It would reduce lock-contention and
              would make the pseudonymous posters (who don't use the locks)
        \_ Write your post in a separate editor.  Use motdedit.  Paste your
           your post in.  Save.  Haven't gotten a warning to overwrite
           someone else's changes in a long time.
           \_ Or not.  Motdedit isn't a requirement.  It's an option some
              choose not to  use.  Look, we've been down this path before and
              you can't force people to use motdedit.  Using motdedit doesn't
              provide the moral authority to overwrite other people's comments
              either.  I neither use motdedit not do I overwrite other's
              comments.  It is possible to do.  But when I see some arrogant
              self righteous motdedit using asshole overwrite stuff I feel
              no guilt smashing over their shit immediately no matter whose
              comments they rudely destroyed.
              \_ Whoever you are, you just overwrote _two_ other people's
                 comments, at least one of whom(me), who doesn't overwrite
                 other comments.
                 \_ Acutally, that probably me.  I had an ohno-second.  Sorry.
                    \_ the overwrite happened at the same time(2:48:40) as
                       the above post.  Both overwrites now restored.
              \_ If you cannot see the impossibility of resolving
                 simultaneous conflicting edits, you are a moron and
                 I am annoyed that you matriculated from Berkeley.
        \_ out of curiosity, shouldn't it be possible to make the motd file
           such that it can ONLY be modified by people using an access script,
           forcing the serialization of edits?
           \_ yes, with root level support and the like, but then you lose
              pseudonymity, which people seem to like.  If we improve motdedit
              to use patch/merge, then we reduce the window of opportunity for
        \_ I'll think about it. I still think you should stop jumping the
           queue and expecting others to merge your changes. -ausman
           \_ I use JOVE.  It tells me when changes have been made to the
              doc since I started working on it.  I then copy whatever I've
              just written, exit without saving, open the motd again and
              paste.  If everyone did something similar, we wouldn't have
              this problem.
              \_ I use MOTDEDIT. It tells me when someone else is editing the
                 motd.  I then wait for that person to stop finish, then write
                 my post. If everyone did something similar, we wouldn't have
                 this problem.
2003/11/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11077 Activity:moderate
11/14   Posted on slashdot yesterday, Gore Vidal interview.
        \_ [Franklin:] I am in favor of this Constitution, as flawed as it is,
           because we need good government and we need it fast.  But then,
           Franklin said, it will fail, as all such constitutions have in
           the past, because of the essential corruption of the people. He
           pointed his finger at all the American people. And when the people
           become so corrupt, he said, we will find it is not a republic that
           they want but rather despotism  government suitable for such a
           \_ In other words, we get the government we deserve.
2003/11/14-15 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:11078 Activity:very high
11/14   What's a good site for getting FREE (I say FREE) cell phone ring tones.
        It could even be the kind you have to enter the notes by hand.  Gracias.
        \_ FOAD
           \_ I'll second that.       -mice
        \_ for the love of god, don't use custom ring tones, okay?
           \_ HEY MACARENA!
              \_ If I owned a gun, you'd be dead.
                 \_ this little one's not worth the effort.
                    now, come, let me get you something...
                 \_ I have ten.
                    \_ All it takes is one.
                    \_ What, one for each finger?  Go, Johnny Socko!
        \_ Please die.  Cell phones are annoying enough.  Now we're going to
           have another 100 million cell phone using idiots using the cell
           as their only phone soon and each moron thinking they're special
           unique with their obnoxious and tweaky ringtone set so loud it
           wakes up the dead two BART cars over.  Put it to rest.
           \_ there are technical solutions to deal with assholes who use
              cell phones, but then you become an asshole as well.
        \_ Wow, I never know what's going to set you socially-retarded geeks off.
           You know, I know how to set the ring volume to low.  - o.p.
           \_ *clap* Nice troll op.  Nice follow up troll too.
           \_ *we're* the social retards?  you're the one who wants to annoy
              everyone around you with a ring-tone.
        \_ Here's the California Fight Song! Not free though.
2003/11/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:11079 Activity:very high
11/14   why did They travel millions of miles just to stick metal things up
        our asses?
        \_ Huh?
        \_ Because they can.
        \_ All the asses on their home planet already have metal things in them
           \_ Exactly.  It's a limited resource issue.
                \_ wrong, too much metal on their planet, have to put it
        \_ if they were all R2-D2's, that's the only access ports their
           dimunitive bodies could reach.
2003/11/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:11083 Activity:nil
11/14   job opp:
2003/11/14-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:11084 Activity:nil
11/14   macboy here. I updated Office to 10.1.2, then had to update Entourage
        (?) to 10.1.4, then updated to 10.1.5. No crashes so far. BTW, this
        isn't my computer, I run Win2k, I'm helping out a friend who loves Macs
        but is more clueless than me.
        \_ try reversing the polarity.
        \_ if you vector the tachyon particles through the deflector grid array
           then surely the muon flux capacitor will align with the anti matter
           wave field.  Or maybe the entire universe will disappear.  I'm not
           sure.  Give it a try.
           \_ and if that doesn't work, read the man page, look at the source
              code, and recompile the kernel.
2003/11/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:11085 Activity:nil
11/14   In Fortran, runtime can be found by t1=TIME(), t2=TIME(),
         runtime=t2-t1.  What's the equivalent to TIME() in C?
        \_ man gettimeofday (time in seconds + useconds since 1970)
           \_ Or, if you're lazy and just want seconds, you can use C's
              own time() function: time_t t1 = time(NULL);
2003/11/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29634 Activity:nil
11/13   CNN: "An AC-130 Spectre gunship was called in to destroy a warehouse
        in southern Baghdad used by Iraqi insurgents to meet and plan attacks
        against U.S. forces around the Iraqi capital, the officials said.
        There were no known casualties in the incident."
        Great, so we shoot up an empty building (so we won't accidentally kill
        civilians) with a plane with a big cannon, and this is the war on
        the insurgency?
        \_ Hey! It helps to build morale.
           \_ According to _Jarhead_ by Swocroft, this is true.  Blowing
              things up will most certainly raise GI morale.
              \_ that's Swofford. and I wouldn't exactly describe his state
                 at the end of the book as one of "high morale" after
                 blowing shit up.
        \_ They destroyed an abandoned building instead of wasting troops
           sitting there to patrol and guard it.  What's your beef?
           \_ my troll is bigger than yours!
              \_ uh?  yermom!
           \_ That's great. But why stop at "abandoned" buildings? Just
              get rid of Baghdad altogether, and go home.
2003/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:29635 Activity:nil
11/13   I heard somewhere that Kuninich supports an anti flag-burning
        constitutional amendmant.  Is this true?  It seems out of character.
        \_ You're thinking of Clark:
           \_ I know about Clark.  But et tu, Kuninich?  -op
              \_ Check the bottom of the article.
        \_ What about burning hair pieces?
           \_ Banned.  Too smelly.
        \_ Does it matter?  He's not getting more than 5% anyway.
2003/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:29636 Activity:nil
11/14   Story time!  Everyone add five words.
        There once was a hoser
         Who owned a bulldozer
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