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2003/11/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11032 Activity:nil
11/11   Man, Jessica Lynch is CUTE CUTE CUTE! Too bad she's not a virgin
        anymore, heh.                           -desperate soda guy
        \_ Lemme guess, you are... FYI, virgins are overrated, they're really
           hard to fuck the first time unless you lube up real well.
           \_ Let me guess... you fucked your share of virgins.
              \_ Wow, you're quick, aren't you...
           \_ umm, well. even non-virgins are hard to fuck when not wet.
              maybe unless they've popped out a few, or get rammed by
              pornstar-sized dicks often; i wouldn't know much about those
              \_ the worst is when you're fucking a girl, and she goes dry
                 in the middle.
                 \_ Or when the condom breaks.
        \_ go talk to Larry Flynt, he might give you the two topless photo
           he has on his hand
2003/11/12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11033 Activity:nil
11/11   does anyone know how to extend this makefile to support make clean
        on sub dirs?? thx
        .PHONY: all clean subdirs $(SUBDIRS)
        all: subdirs
        subdirs: $(SUBDIRS)
                $(MAKE) -C $@
        \_ insert the unix find command with -exec?  You can run unix commands
           in a makefile.  Or use a "for" construct.
        \_ Isn't the idea that the subdirs would each have a makefile that
           this makefile would call and give clean as a parameter?
        \_ .include <> if you are using bsd make.
2003/11/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11034 Activity:nil
        Check out your "President"'s latest lie.  Now they're 'finding' a
        huge bomb just kind of driving around the streets.  Uh huh, riiight!
        \_ I bet it was planted personally by Bush to make it look like things
           we're going well in Iraq!  Lying scum!
2003/11/12 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:11035 Activity:nil
11/11   Support the president!
        \_ support his impeachment!
        \_ Support from the commercial sector seems stronger.
2003/11/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:11036 Activity:nil
11/11   Argh.  Why isn't this working?
        perl -p -i.bak -e 's#\n\n#\n#gsm'
        I've got to change
        /* comment */

        /* comment */
        \_ man perlrun, and look at the explanation of -p. --scotsman
        \_ s/^\n// worked for me. and no emacs needed.
        \- you can use an emacs kbdmacro, then use the macro2elisp
           "complier" and then tweak the function to do this.
           there might be a simpler way to do this with
           query-replace* ... depends on the exact details. --psb
        \_ I wound up doing s/\n/FOOBAR/g; s/FOOBARFOOBARint/FOOBARint/g;
           s/FOOBAR/\n/g; .  That's it.  Fuck this, I'm leaving.  And
           thanks for the suggestions.
           \_ The reason it didn't work is b/c -p only gets one line at a time,
              so the entire string you get to match is, for instance,
              "/* comment */\n", not the 3 lines you were looking for.
              Getting rid of the \n's first let you have it all on one line.
              \_ perl -p -i.bak -e 's#^\n##'
2003/11/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:11037 Activity:nil
11/11   In KDE 3, every time I highlight a URL with my mouse, a little
        popup on the lower right side of the screen asks me if I want
        to open it with either Netscape, Mozilla, or Konquerer. I don't
        use...I only use Firebird .7. Can I modify that popup box to
        have it include firebird in its short menu? Thanks.
        \_ It's a setting for Kopy or Klipboard or whatever it's called.
           Right-click on the clipboard icon in your taskbar.
                \_ Cool, thanks. It was the Klipper Clipboard preferences
2003/11/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:11038 Activity:nil
11/11   8/10 want a new job:
        \_ I blame Clinton!
           \_ the revolution is in my pants!
2003/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:11039 Activity:nil
11/11   McDonald's loses fight to change definition of "McJob"
        which reminds me of a favorite quote:
        "Dictionaries are opinion, presented as fact, in alphabetical order."
                --John Ralston Saul
                  \_ wudda moron!
2003/11/12-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:11041 Activity:nil
11/12   Anyone ever successfully used the mod-ssl directive SSLRequire
        (not to be confused with SSLRequireSSL)?  I'd like to use it to
        require ssl to access resources that use Basic or Digest
        authentication.  Something along the lines of:
        SSLRequire %{AUTH_TYPE} eq "Basic" or %{AUTH_TYPE} eq "Digest"
        SSLRequire %{AUTH_TYPE} ne ""
        Unfortunately the SSLRequire doesn't appear to work *at all*,
        even for simple cases like:
        SSLRequire 2 < 1
        Suggestions?  Is there a simpler way to accomplish the above?
        The alternative of requiring that SSLRequireSSL directives be
        sprinkled into every .htaccess file that specifies AuthType is lame
        and unmaintainable. -dans
        \_ A more useful answer than doing SSLRequire is to do a Redirect
           to the same URL but https:// in each situation.  Two caveats:
           1) this still doesn't solve the logic problem (if AUTH_TYPE ...)
           2) you _can't_ do this in .htaccess, it has to be in the httpd.conf
              in a <Directory> or <Location> tag.  If you put it in the
              .htaccess, it will try to do the redirect _after_ the basic auth
              <DEAD><DEAD>e to think of it, you may be having the same problem w/
              your SSLRequire; try putting it in the httpd.conf  --dbushong
              \_ I've actually done this in the past, and it is a nice way
                 to smooth over a user-unfriendly Forbidden message.
                 Unfortunately it suffers from the same maintainability
                 problems as teh sprinkling SSLRequireSSL statements
                 everywhere :(.  As for SSLRequire, I haven't been able to
                 get it to work properly anywhere, either httpd.conf or
                 .htaccess.  Thanks for the response. -dans
2003/11/12 [Health/Women] UID:11042 Activity:nil
11/11   It is estimated that 25% of the pregnancies end up as miscarriage
        within the first week of conception, extending the period to 4-6
        weeks. So wouldn't it be possible that rather than having abnormal
        period, she simply had a miscarriage?
        \_ Are you the rhythm/withdrawal guy?
        \_ Dude, relax.  Don't be panicking.  First of all, if your gf doesn't
           normally have large variances in her cycle, she should schedule
           an appointment with her ob/gyn.  Second of all, it just doesn't
           make any sense to try and self-diagnose; esp. when a huge number of
           things can cause these sorts of irregularities.  Get her to see a
           doctor, then go from there.  There's no use getting worked up or
           freaked out until then.  Third and last, MOTD is SO not the right
           place to seek out advice for this -- there are better, more informed
           sources of information available; you just have calm down and look.
           Good luck, guy.
        \_ PAPPA! DADDY! You need to schedule an appt. with BDG rigth away!
           \_ At this stage, it's a little too late for BDG.  BDG can help
              if you're thinking about getting into a relationship.
              \_ What is BDG?  B.. D... Gynecologyst?
                 \_ bitter divorced gynocologyst/guy.
2003/11/12 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:11043 Activity:nil
11/12   A cute little adventure-ish game that doesn't take too long to finish.
2003/11/12 [Reference/BayArea] UID:11044 Activity:insanely high
11/12   What is America's shittiest city or metropolitan area? vote now!
        Bay Area in General: .......
        \_ ugly girls, lack of girls, overpriced housing, pay sucks relative
           to cost of living, gas expensive, car maintenance expensive,
           Chinese restaurants inferior to Los Angeles
           \_ Lack of girls?  Someone needs to get out of the 3rd floor of soda.
              \_ They're there, but they are ugly. On the plus side, they are
                 less picky than the princesses in LA.
                 \_ Yup, and they give it up a lot more often.
        Berkeley, CA: ...
        \_ you guys haven't seen shit then.
           \_ Let's see, 4 years in Berkeley and I have had:
                bank robbery: 1
                break in: 1 (stolen VCR, etc.)
                thefts: 4 (2 bikes plus 2 bike wheels, 1 leather jacket)
                car jack at gun point: 1 (ok, not me but my friend)
                con job: 1 (got conned for $50, ok, I was a dumb freshie
                         then. did catch the con man trying to con
                         another student several weeks later, and told
                         him to fuck off.)
                \_ brother of my friend got hit with a fucking iron pipe on
                   the head from behind, while he was walking home from Soda
                   along that dark little diagonal passageway with bushes all
                   around.  Managed to come to later, and crawl to the
                   hospital.  Yay Berkeley!
                \_ I've lived in Berkeley all my 23 years and the only crime I
                   was a 'victim' of was living with a screaming crazy person
                   for 3 months.  Are you guys just really unlucky?
                   \_ more likely just really naive easy targets
                      \_ If walking along dark little paths after dark is
                         indicative, then I'd have to say 'Yes'.
                \_ My friend was offered a pile of human feces on wax paper.
                   \_ I don't think stealing my stories works with cable modem.
                \_ lock both bike wheels to the bike/post, don't leave leather
                   jackets unattended in the library/cafe
                \_ what was the con?
                \_ first summer, broken into and tied up in bed with electric
                cords from alarm. Chased down in my own complex's court yard
                by Police who broke the fence into a secured apartment
                complex and  chased me into my own apartment for standing
                outside in my own courtyard.
        Anywhere in Utah: .
        Cleveland, OH: .
        Detroit, MI: .
        Houston, TX: .
        Oakland, CA: ..
        Washington, DC:
        San Francisco: ..
        \_ What are you crazy?  Oh right, motd people only like bland suburbs
           with spacious parking and plenty of franchise restaurants.
           \_ Are you wearing enough flair?
           \_ I work and socialize there.  It's a dump.  It was semi decent
              about 15 years ago but is shit today.  So yeah, SF gets a vote.
              Why do you assume I prefer bland?  I prefer not stepping around
              homeless people shitting on the side walks or seeing the
              aftermath of my friend getting a gun put in his face after they
              pistol whipped him and stole the few things he had on him.  So,
              yeah, did I remember the "fuck you!" part of this?  I think I
              didn't.  Here comes!  Fuck you!
               \_ How about Compton?  Surely SF can't be worse than Compton?
                  Even if you think they are both dangerous or have too
                  many homeless people/social problems, at least SF also has
                  many good points, good restaurants, culture, public
                  transportation, etc.
                  \_ I added my city.  Go add compton if you want.  I've never
                     been there.
              \_ Hey, how about fuck YOU?  All urban areas have problems.  Go
                 to the suburbs if you don't want to see them.  San Francisco
                 has lots of nice neighborhoods and tons of incredible culture
                 and residents.  If you just hang out in SOMA with the rest of
                 the clubbers, and downtown with the rest of the office drones,
                 yeah, you'll think its a dump.  Get a life, Mr. Bridge and
                 Tunnel, and try some of the other parts of the city.  You might
                 even learn something.  Fucker.
                 \_ I've lived in several big cities, and I think San Francisco
                    is below average.  I like the Bay Area, but not San
                    Francisco.  - yet another poster
                    \_ I love surface judgements.  When I used to live in
                       Oakland, people would talk mad shit about how horrible
                       it was, and yet most of them had never done more than
                       drive through it once or twice and maybe had lunch
                       downtown or been to a party or three.  They just listened
                       to other people's preconceived notions or whatever bs
                       the chronicle published.  Once you got to know it, it
                       was a really interesting place with lots of buried
                       little secrets.  And best of all, there weren't any
                       morons around because they were too busy listening to
                       people's stupid attitudes about the place.  Yeah, its
                       got big issues, but so does any place that isn't a bland
                       suburban nightmare.  I can also say that though I lived
                       in a supposedly "bad," working class neighborhood of
                       Oakland for four years, the ONLY place I was ever a
                       victim of crime was in Berkeley.  As for San Francisco,
                       once again, most of the places that "visitors" flock to
                       are for sucktards.  I live in Hayes Valley now, just
                       north of the Lower Haight, and I wouldn't want to live
                       anywhere else.
                       in a supposedly "bad," working class neighborhood for
                       four years, the ONLY place I was  ever a victim of
                       crime was in Berkeley.  As for San Francisco, once
                       again, most of the places that "visitors" flock to are
                       for sucktards.  I live in Hayes Valley and I wouldn't
                       want to live anywhere else.
        Reno, NV: .
        Carson City, NV: .
        Las Vegas, NV: .
        Kenner, LA: .
        Baltimore, MD: .
        Philadelphia: .
        San Bernardino, CA: .
        Wherever It Is You Fuckwits Live: .
        \_ you know where they live.  just put "california." see above.
           \_ I'm glad you tards are staying out of California.  Housing prices
        Reno, NV: .
        Carson City, NV: .
        Las Vegas, NV: .
        Kenner, LA: .
        Baltimore, MD: .
        Philadelphia: .
              are high enough as it is with you and your larvae.
              \_ the idiotic housing shortage isn't caused by overcrowding,
                 dumbass.  I'd say something about what the problem is, but
                 your genius governor would make me do 400 situps.
                 \_ Talk about missing the point.
2003/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:11045 Activity:nil
11/12   yesterday's stupid nerdy shit no one cared about purged
2003/11/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11046 Activity:high
11/12   Pictures of vanished America, circa late '30s/early '40s
        \_ Wow. Thank you.
        \_ thanks, I love old color photos.
        \_ These are great! Thanks for the link.
        \_ Beautiful.. How'd you come across these? --scotsman
           \_ (erased by moron not using motdedit)
              \_ Yay!  Score one for the good guys!!
           \_ metafilter, baby!  --lye (was erased by moron not using motdedit)
        \_ I'm glad they included the margins, instead of cropping.
2003/11/12-13 [Recreation/Humor] UID:11047 Activity:high
11/12   I'm getting bored. Can we have a special link of the day section in
        say, motd.joke, containing links to jokes, interesting pictures,
        proverbs, quotes from famous people, sick pictures, etc? Thanks.
        \_ It's commonly referred to as the wall.
           \_ wall is 95% irrelevant trash.
              \_ and doesn't have that many links, jokes, etc, anyway -!op
2003/11/12-13 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11048 Activity:nil
11/12   We like to accuse other countries of war crimes, but won't own up to
        our own:
        Interestingly, Donald Rumsfeld was ALSO the Secretary of Defense when
        the investigation was simply filed away and covered up.
        \_ America, love it or leave it.
           \_ Or fix it.
           \_ I like to memorize bumper stickers instead of thinking for myself,
           \_ this comment is beyond stupid
              \_ has it crossed into the realm of dubya?
           \_ Is this what you would have said to Patrick Henry? Could you
              stare George Washington in the face and say this? "Stupid
              Revolutionaries, if you don't like the colonies being ruled
              by England, just leave!". Do me a favor and fuck yourself.
              \_ I think he was trolling. He got 4, 3 were small though.
                 Anyway it's better than "My country, right or wrong!"
        \_ Heh, I was going to say there hasn't been anything even remotely
           like a war crime since Vietnam and then, hey, what did you dig up
           but stuff about Vietnam?  What next?  Some of the founders owned
           slaves!  Whatever.
           \_ Those who don't learn from the past...
              \_ Yawn.  Which war crimes are being committed today by US
                 \_ I would think whatever is happening in guantanamo bay
                    would considered as war crime.  The administration
                    repeatly state that fight against Terror is a different
                    kind of war, thus, international rule doesn't apply.  This
                    arguement is errily similiar to what Hitler has told his
                    staff regards to war against the USSR.
                    \_ You think holding some dudes against their will is a
                       war crime?  Are you one of those people who thinks in
                       black'n'white on every subject?  A war crime is being
                       resposible for the deaths of hundreds, thousands or in
                       WW2, millions of civilians.  A war crime is the scum at
                       the UN engaged in the sex slave trade who are the same
                       people responsible for ending it.  A war crime is one
                       group of people genociding another.  Getting put on a
                       plane to gitmo, given 3 squares and a Koran, a compass
                       and access to Muslim clerics is not a war crime, son.
                       \_ Dude, it's the ESL Conspiracy Theorist Guy.  He's so
                          mired in his Anti-US Utopia, that he's invented his
                          own english-like vocabulary and a unique sort of
                          logic to support his POV.
                       \_ Alright, who let the John Bircher out of his cage
           \_ Last time I checked, we were still trying Nazi Criminals couple
              years ago.  If the statue of limitation is more than 50 years
              (as how we treats the Nazis), I think a lot of people deserve
              to be hung.
              \_ They were convicted in 1945.  There's no place in the world
                 where running away for long enough after a conviction gets
                 you off the hook.  But, yes, I agree with you that a lot of
                 people deserve to be hung, statute of limitations or not.
2003/11/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:11049 Activity:high
11/12   Traitorous CIA trying to run our Heroic President down:
        \_ We must purge the counterrevolutionary elements!
           \_ death to capitalist roaders!!
        \_ Your link says nothing like that.  Keep posting mislabeled links
           and find them purged.  It was a good link for a real conversation.
           It's too bad you're too stupid to see that and ruined it.
2003/11/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:11050 Activity:high
11/12   Does Ramadan always come in the fall/winter, or does is slowly move
        from year-to-year such that it sometimes falls in the summer?
        \) it moves
        \_ They use a 12 (lunar) month calendar.  No leap months.  So, it
           shifts backwards about 3 weeks each year.
           \_ Thanks.  I guess fasting will get a bit more unpleasant in about
              6 years. -op
           \_ Why is Chinese NY always near the beginning of the year, then?
              Isn't that also on the lunar calendar?
              \_ they use ~13 lunar months
              \_ I believe they have a leap month, so sometimes the year
                 is 12 months, sometimes 13.  That's how the Jewish
                 calendar is too.
                 \_ The Jews, always trying to screw up what day Christmas
                    falls on each year.  I hate that.
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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