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2003/11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:10970 Activity:nil
11/6    restored again.  -backup motd restorer
2003/11/7-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10971 Activity:nil
11/6    restored.
        \_ love you, man
2003/11/7 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10972 Activity:kinda low
11/6    Doubts about the profiteering motives of the Iraq action?
        \_ And they say there's no looting:
           "At a Democratic Policy Committee hearing, Melanie Sloan,
           executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for
           Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, testified that
           "Halliburton [formerly headed by Vice President Dick
           Cheney] has charged an average price of $2.65 a gallon
           of gasoline imported into Iraq from Kuwait, despite experts'
           conclusions that the total price should be less than $1 a
           gallon."  Sloan added that Iraq's state oil company is
           importing "the exact same gas" for 97 cents.
           \_ Experts?  Which experts?  Gas in a war torn country still
              suffering partisan attacks should pay half of what I do in
              the most stable country on the planet?  I think not.  Also,
              that's not called looting.  The word you're looking for is
              'gouging'.  The real gouging is going on right here in the
              Bay Area.  I'd bet a buck you're one of the RIDE BIKE! folks
              who think high gas prices here are a good thing while at the
              same time you're bitching about the high price somewhere else.
              \_ personally, i believe gas prices, like other prices,
                 shoule be determined by the free market.  Maybe the
                 market would set prices in iraq at 4 bucks per gallon,
                 and at one dollar per gallon in the bay area, but
                 we won't know until we try will we?  It's ironic
                 that the profiteers who have taken control of our
                 federal gonvernment claim to be pro-free market
                 and then appear to be socialists when it makes their
                 business associates rich.
              \_ (1) Iraq is in an area where people are swimming in oil,
                     and they don't have to ship it half way around the
                     world, yet they are paying $2.65 which is much higher
                     than what most of this country is paying.
                 (2) There is a big difference between higher gasoline
                     prices due to taxes (that goes to pay infrastructure
                     improvements and pollution control, etc.) and
                     higher gasoline prices due to price gouging that
                     goes straight to pockets of fat cats like Dick Cheney.
                  \_ If location is so important please explain to me why I
                     pay 25 cents more per gallon living near a few refineries
                     than I do when I drive to the more remote parts of the
                     Bay Area which is getting their gas from the same
                     refineries?  It's called price gouging.  As for your
                     second point, you have absolutely no idea what the price
                     breakdown is for taxes,fuel costs, transport, security or
                     anything on Iraqi gas (or US gas either I'd guess).  The
                     real price gouging is going on right here in the Bay Area.
                     Tell me, you out there RIDING BIKE!?
                     \_ Since you insist on being a moron, I will explain
                        it to you.  Difference in transportation cost is
                        insignificant between where you live and other areas
                        of the Bay Area compared to the other costs of
                        the gasoline.  However, difference in tranportation
                        cost becomes significant when it is half way around
                        the world compared to right at the doorstep (i.e.
                        Kuwait to Iraq).  As for the breakdown of price,
                        the Iraqi state oil company is selling at $1 per
                        gallon, so can you tell us which of the factors
                        you mentioned (tax, fuel, transport, security) is
                        the cause of the additional $1.65 Halliburton is
                        \_ You completely ignored my question about why I pay
                           more living next to a refinery than I do when I
                           drive 200 miles in land where gas comes from the
                           same refinery.  If you're going to call someone a
                           moron and then explain why they're a moron, at least
                           put some effort into your proof.  This is the point
                           where I'm supposed to call you a moron in return but
                           I won't.  Your intellectual dishonesty speaks for
                        \_ BC raised taxes throughout his administration and
                           you're worried about a measly $1.65?  Grow up.
                           \_ Non-sequitor post of the day.
                              \_ free Kevin!!
                           \_ That totally follows...
                              OP: Something bad has happened in the Bush
                              Rep: It's Bill Clinton's fault!!
2003/11/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:10973 Activity:nil
11/6    I have 1024MB of RAM in my debian linux server, but free, top and
        /proc/meminfo all report only Mem: 901392. Why?  I'm running the
        2.4.18-k7 debian kernel, an Asus A7v8x + Athlon 2000MHz processor.
        \_ in redhat and lilo i have to put a line like "mem = 1024M"
           to recognize more than a gig of RAM but that might not
           be your problem. - danh
           \_ I tried this line in lilo.conf, still doesn't see all the ram:
        \_ What do you have your AGP aperature set to?  My understanding is
           that ify  our video card wants memory for textures, it takes
           the memory off the top.  I could be wrong :-)
        \_ Are you counting the fs cache in your 901392?
2003/11/7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:10974 Activity:nil
11/6    Does anybody know what the difference is between these two procs:
        1) VIA Cyrix III 650AMHz (100 X 6.5)
        2) VIA C3        650MHz  (100 X 6.5)
        \_ IIRC, Cyrix was faster but ran hotter.  Via's chips were all low
2003/11/7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10975 Activity:nil
11/6    Newbie C qutions:  how do you pass a variable to a system call.
        I think you have to define an array with sprintf and then pass it
        like so...
        // stuff include stdio, argv and argc def and main, etc...
        char *cmd;
        // lots of stuff here
        cmd = sprintf("echo echoing %s is arg1 ", argv[1]);

        It compiles but seg faults.  What am i doing wrong? (tnx)
        \_ See sprintf(3) man page.
        \_ Your bug is about sprintf().  It has nothing to do with system call.
        \_ More explicitly (and you'd better be C newbie), you need to allocate
           memory for cmd, not just define a pointer to it:
           char cmd[128]; // cmd now points to the first of 128 chars on the stack
           snprintf(cmd, 128, "echo echoing %s is arg1 ", argv[1]);
                         \_ better: sizeof cmd
           \_ snprintf() is not ANSI C
              \_ yeah yeah yeah, but "good habits" and some other fucker
                 dinged me for not checking strlen(argv[1]).
              \_ snprintf is standardized in C99.

  11/6  Day 241 since the Invasion of Iraq.
        Still no WMD.
        \_ Bush never said it was about WMD
                \_ sure he did.  several times.  I still don't think
                   that's why we went there in the first place, it makes
                   me sad our president is so dishonest.
                   \_ I take a president who lies about blowjob than
                      a president who lies about going to war any day.
                      \_ Yeah the lesser of two evils is always good.
             \_ COUGH COUGH!
           \_ It amazes me that you would try to make this claim:
        \_ "The American people know that Saddam Hussein was a gathering
           danger, as I said.  And the world is safer as a result for us
           removing him from power. ... Saddam Hussein is a man who hid
           programs and weapons for years.  He was a master at hiding things."
           \_ That's actually true.
               \_ no it's not.  Yes, Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man,
                  but we had no problem with that in the past.  He is
                  ambitious, yet RATIONAL.  By removing him, we have
                  open up all sort of possiblility in Iraq.  It is
                  unlikely that pro-western democracy will prevail, nor
                  is likely that a relatively non-religious dictator will
                  again rule Iraq.  At best, there will be some sort of
                  Fundamental Islamic Revolution similiar to Iran 30 yr ago,
                  worse, it will be a land of anarchy that is heaven for all
                  the mulism fanatics world wide.
                  \_ Excuse me?  Iraq has *never* been ruled by religious
                     fundamentalists in anything even remotely like modern
                     times.  And you may have noted the religious government
                     in Iran is cracking and won't be with us soon.  You have
                     no basis what so ever for any of your predictions.
                  \_ Uh...  What's not true?  That Saddam hid programs and
                     weapons for years?  That's clearly and demonstrably true.
                     That he is a master of hiding things?  Also true.
                       I think you are reading more into this quote than it
                     actually says.
                     \_ The world is far more dangerous as a result of the
                        \_ Why?  The spacemonkeys are going to blow themselves
                           up in Iraq, not on US soil.  More dangerous for
                           soldiers, less dangerous for civilians.  As it
                           should be.  War is war, after all.
                           \_ for once, step outside of United States,
                              you will see anti-US setiment is at the highest
                              level EVER among citizens of other nations.
                              This includes Germany, France, as well as
                              non-Middle-Eastern, non-Muslim nations.
                              Like it or not, *EVERYONE* think USA is the
                              aggressor.  And Everyone is nerveous about
                              they are the next target in Bush's crosshair.
                              \_ Ok, let's accept your claim for a moment.  So
                                 what?  Are you aware they invented a new term
                                 for the US?  We're no longer a mere Super
                                 Power, but a Hyper Power.  An entity of such
                                 incredible military, cultural, and economic
                                 super might the likes of which the world has
                                 has never seen before.  The United States has
                                 the ability to 100% impose it's will upon the
                                 rest of the world.  *That* is what the EU and
                                 everyone is afraid of.  The reason they hate
                                 us is because we *dont* impose our will in
                                 the same way they would or have in the past
                                 when they got the chance.  They know there's
                                 nothing they can do to prevent American
                                 culture from taking over the world and we're
                                 not even trying!
                     \_ Do you honestly still believe that Saddam Hussein was
                        "a gathering danger"?
                        \_ Yes I do.  The man was a nutcase in power.  Those
                           need to be removed.

  11/6    Why vote for Dean?  Why donate to Dean?  Convince me.
          \_ for me it comes down to one issue: health care.  I've worked full
           time and had no health care and i know how much that sucks.
           40 million americans have no health insurance, which effectively
           means that they can't get health care.  I don't think any of the
           other candicates care about this, can get elected, and will
           have the will to make a national healthcare plan work.
           I believe Dean does.  Also, don't believe the hype about
           Dean being an ultra-leftist.  go read his positions on issues
           on his website and blog, and listen to the debates on cspan.
           he's a moderate who might just change one of the biggest
           injustices in our society.
                \_ Ever hear of Kaiser Permenante? Just buy it, how
                   stupid can you be?  Instead you want freebies that other
                   people pay for. Leech.
                   \_ Let them eat cake!
           \_ please use motdedit, you overwrote my response.
              \_ Fuck motdedit.  In the ear.
              \_ sorry.  could someone post where the documentation for
                 motdedit is for the thousanth time please?  -evil vi user
                 \_ motdedit -h?
                   \_ I don't know about documentation, but reading the source
                      it seems it invokes what is set as your $EDITOR variable
                      The file is /csua/bin/motdedit and is written in Perl.
                    \_ you can also use the shortcut "me" which is the same
                       file.  Less typing!  More locking!  All is good.
          \_ Because Kuninich could never get elected in a million years.
        \_ Because he is !Bush.
          \_ click "On The Issues" in the sidebar.
             Start with Economy, then Foreign Policy, Health, Campaign Finance,
             ... well, anything you're interested in.  He's got real plans
             that can work in the real world.  Is he going to be everything
             you ever hoped for in a candidate?  No.  But he has good
           \_ I like Dean's straight talk. You won't always agree with
              him on every issue, but you will know his reasons and he
              is the kind of guy who listens to FACTS, unlike the
              ideologues who have the RNC in a headlock. This next
              election is crucial and Dean is the one to restore real
              ethics and our government and real security to our country
              with an effective, multilateral foreign policy. You can't
              fight terrorism without winning hearts and minds. --aaron
              \_ At least we know *you* don't have any biases or an axe
                 to grind.  Now I know I can safely vote for anyone but
                 Dean and not feel bad for not checking him out.
        \_ His site runs FreeBSD
           \_ See!  Ties to Satan!  (Daemon-worship)
        \_ OK.  So I'm convinced that Dean is the best candidate
           in terms of health care.  But I'm concerned about other
           issues, such as foreign policy.  Tell me why Dean is better
           for foreign policy than Lieberman or any of the other strong
           Democratic candidates.
           \_ Presuming you also read the FP link on deanforamerica: I'm
              impressed by his attitude toward fighting terrorism, which seems
              to be that, yes, we need to destroy the terrorist orgs, but we
              we also need to avoid turning more young men into terrorists.
              It seems like he understands that men in their 20s, with a wife
              and 2 kids at home, don't strap bombs to their torsos because
              Allah told them to-- in most cases, it's because they've lost all
              hope of ever resolving the issue peacefully.
              \_ Oh My gosh, you are saying that Muslim are human too?
                 Did i just sense sanity in Motd?
          \_ I was convinced just watching him. Find some video of his speeches.
             I watched him talk in Iowa on CSPAN and it was clear. The other
             candidates with a chance don't have a strong message. They do
             nothing but attack Dean now. They simply can't win vs. Bush. Kerry
             "looks" presidential but that's about it. They act like typical
             politicians, criticizing while trying to avoid saying anything too
             specific that would open themselves to criticism.
2003/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:10976 Activity:high
        More proof that evil old dead rich white business people are out
        to destroy the left in this country.  I think we should raise taxes
        to match this amount in support.  It's only fair.
        \_ Governor Wilson, is that you?
           \_ Yes, I've kept my account all these years after graduation.  I've
              never forgotten my CS root at Cal.  --GW
2003/11/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10977 Activity:moderate
11/7    I have an XP installation that reboots itself before it finishes
        booting up, and I'd like to do a fresh install but it was cd-key'd
        by my old school and I don't know the key.  Is there a way to get
        the CD-key from the repair console or from a rescue disk?
        \_ that is why I hate XP.  This may sounds unproductive, but I would
           just reinstall Windows 2000 instead.  Same kernel, same File System
           thus, same OS.  Personally, I can live without those eye candies
                    \_ Yea, some military doctors says her some of her
                       wounds are unlikely to be caused by the Humvee crash.
                       She herself remembers nothing except that she was
                       treated well througout her captivity.
           and product activation "features."
        \_ Yes, there is.  Look for "XPKey".  It took me about 10 minutes to
           find both a working key extractor and a new key generator.  The
           key generator took about 2 hours to create a valid key on my
           ancient PIII.  The key extractor takes zero time to find and display
           your current key.  No, I won't give you my name or put copies in
           /tmp or anything like that.  google.
                                        \_ is this why MS wants to buy google?
           \_ How about an URL from google?
           \_ I'll sell you a full install CD (from Dell) for $60 obo, including
              the certificate of authenticity.
        \_ A little effort and you can find a copy of XP Corporate (same as
           Professional, except without activation).  That + XPKey will get you
           working without activation.  If you have a legal license of XP Pro,
           it is (IMO) an ethical solution.
           \_ Saving files off USENET isn't any effort.
2003/11/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:10978 Activity:nil
11/7    Here's one for the motd censors:
2003/11/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:10979 Activity:high 66%like:12088
11/7    motd poll: best movie ever:
        9 1/2 weeks but the original story was way hotter: .
        \_ what is this about?
        Office Space: ..
        conan: ..
        Contact: .
        yermom does dallas: ..
        Deep Throat:
        videodrome: .
        Dr. Strangelove: .
        Fargo: .
        City of Lost Children: .
        8 1/2 inches: .
        Seven Samurai: .
        Angels and Insects: .
        Amadeus: .
2003/11/7-8 [Computer/HW] UID:10980 Activity:nil
11/7    Can I upgrade motherboards in my Gateway computer or do they use
        some proprietary screw pattern?
        \_ Probably.  They tend to use standard parts to keep things cheap.
           It's likely you'll find at least 3 matching screw holes.
2003/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:10981 Activity:nil
11/7    I've got a redhat 9 firewall question.  I've *never* used the fw stuff
        on linux so please help a total newbie.  The right man pages or the
        straight answer are both good.  I've got a freshly installed RH9 box
        and I want to block everything except incoming port 22 and some other
        random ports but only for a certain set of IPs on the same subnet.
        How do I do that?  Thanks!
        \_ C'mon, I can't believe no one here can help me get a start with
           firewall configuration on redhat.  -op
        \_ This is the best doc on ipchains. There are other ways to
           firewall the box, but this is the most secure way:
           \_ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  -op
2003/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:10982 Activity:nil
2003/11/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:10983 Activity:nil
        FLASH animation
        \_ good one (may not be work safe, but it got through my filter ok)
        \_ just how not worksafe is it?  -at work in big open slave pen
           \_ need headphones(as with any flash movie), otherwise, it's just
2003/11/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10984 Activity:high
11/7    Please, please use motdedit.  You're overwriting my posts and creating
        a censorship boogyman for idiots to point at.  If you don't like
        motdedit, I'd really like to hear why.  Are you an emacs user who
        doesn't like to leave the emacs shell?  Specifically, I don't want to
        hear from pro-me people, just the people who don't like it.  Perhaps we
        can make it better.
        \_ Ooh!  This sounds fun!  Guess who I am?
        \_ hey, maybe you should post where motdedit is found, and where
           the documentation is, and then repost it after it's instantly
           deleted a few times.  some of us just don't know where it is.
           ]man motdedit
           No manual entry for motdedit
           \_ /csua/bin/motdedit.
              \_ right.  so there is no documentation, and you have to
                 use EMACS.  fuck that.  I'll just write my own, or
                 stick with vi until someone else writes something
                 \_ Not at all.  It tries to use your VISUAL_EDITOR env var,
                    then EDITOR, then emacs as a last resort.  In tcsh, try
                    % setenv EDITOR vi
                    then run motdedit again.
                    \_ ok, that's a start, but there's still no documentation.
                       how do i save without writing over someone else's post?
                       did someone seriously write this thing and write
                       *no* documentation at all?  if so, i'll refuse to use
                       it on general principle, since people like that
                       should have their engineering degrees taken away and
                       be held up for public ridicule.
                       \_ Dude.  /csua/bin/motdedit -h.  Try thinking for
                          yourself. --scotsman
                       \_ If you're using motdedit, the only way you'd save
                          over someone else's changes is if they did not use
                          motdedit.  When you start motdedit, it tries to
                          aquire a lock.  If it's already locked, you have to
                          wait to edit.  Once you edit, it locks so that other
                          people can't edit, unless they are being hosers by
                          not using motdedit and ignoring your lock.
                          In re: no documentation.  It's not very complicated
                          and the code is pretty well documented.
                          \_ "The code wasn't complicated so we didn't document
                             anything". --pre-Y2k programmers around the world.
                             \_ It's just a flame-editing program installed on
                                a single student-group machine.  Best
                                engineering practices are sometimes impractical
                                \_ right. so writing a one paragraph
                                   description of what it does and
                                   how to use it is "impractical."
                                   fuck you and fuck all the arrogant dick
                                   hackers like you.
                                   \_ I was refering to making and installing
                                      a man page.  I'm not root, are you?
                                   \_ There's a 1-paragraph description at the
                                      top of the file.  It's a perl script.
                                      Learn from it.
                       \_ Who let this idiot into CSUA?
                          \_ Who let this idiot into CSUA?  Who not teach this
                             idiot about article part of English, "the"?
        \_ it's another anti pseudo-anonymity feature.  *I* don't smash new
           stuff on the motd but I've noticed that arrogant self righteous
           motdedit users do so I have no sympathy.
           \_ I regularly smash other people's stuff with motdedit. Why?
              Because when vi tells me that the file has changed, in order to
              preserve other people's comments 1) I have to make a copy of my
              comments in some other buffer 2) read the file again 3) paste my
              comments back again and hope that someone else didn't edit the
              file while I was doing all this. And why should I be doing all of
              this?  Just because you're too good not to use motdedit?
              \_ You're a lazy and arrogant prick.  That's exactly what I do
                 as a non-motdedit user.  Why should I be doing all of this?
                 To save the text of some lazy good for nothing asshole who
                 has nothing worth saying anyway?  I do it because it's right.
           \_ I blame it on Clinton
           \_ Nothing on the motd is anonymous anyways, Jeffrey.  With or
              without motdedit, which I notice you don't use.
              \_ Jeffrey?  Heh, try again.  If you're going to name names get
                 it right.  Don't leave yourself looking like a fool.  Your
                 system script fu is weak!
                 \_ I guess yours is better, ecchang? -!op
                    \_ *hah!* wrong again!
                    \_ huh?  - ecchang
                    \_ Dude, it's easy to scp the update into /etc/motd.public.
                       \_ Don't even have to do that.
                       \_ vi myproject.c    then :r /etc/motd.public, edit away
                           :w! /etc/motd.public  then go back to editing your
                           original file for a while, then exit your vi.
                           And of course this is all trivial if you edit the
                           motd in an emacs buffer without starting/stopping
                           emacs.    Watching the motd is near impossible on
                           a busy system, without kernel hacks, if the motd
                           editors are trying to hide. -ERic
                           \_ ERic, are you the author of motdwatch?
                           \_ That's a good one but it really doesn't even
                              require that much effort.
2003/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:10985 Activity:nil
11/7    If you're looking for a good, monospaced programming font, check out .  Mac, Windows, *nix.
        \_ This is new.  I didn't know there were font nerds.
           \_ Consider yourself lucky.  I knew a very hardcore font nerd in
              highschool.  his parents used to get him fonts for christmas.
              no joke.
              \_ Weird.  He go into publishing or the nuthouse?
           \_ Hey, a good font can make a day of coding *much* easier on the
              eyes, reduce mistakes, etc.
        \_ After looking at this, I still prefer Lucida Console on windows.
           Less vertical space.
2003/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10986 Activity:high
11/7    Pvt. Lynch upset about the filming and portrayal of her rescue.
        \_ this is controversial because??
         \_ Aren't you a little upset that the government fabricated
            a nice media story about a dangerous midnight special forces
            rescue while tacitly admitting that the situation was safe
            enough to have a CAMERAMAN there?
            \_ The camera was held by a special forces guy, not someone from
               the NYT.  Feel better now?  Or just less ignorant?
               \_ Obviously it was a special forces guy.  Why did he have it?
                  Was it to protect his squad, or just to get American hearts
                  pumping proud patriotic blood?  It reminded me of Wag the
                  Dog-- 8 macho americans storm a dangerous terrorist hospital
                  and rescue the pretty blonde princess from the axis of evil...
                  and we've got VIDEO!
                  \_ because they film a lot of stuff for both training and
                     how-can-we-improve purposes.  if you weren't so anti-
                     military you might understand how it works.
                     \_ Which is of course why we see so much footage of bombed
                        out schools and dead soldiers on the evening news.  I'm
                        not anti-military, I'm against the spin efforts the
                        government is pushing.  It's not fair to the american
                        public and the soldiers themselves to release footage of
                        a quasi-staged rescue but forbid releasing footage of
                        military failures.
           \_ if you have to ask...
              \_ you're useless
           \_ 1. She didn't fight until the bitter end.  Her gun was jammed.
              2. Contrary to US media, she was not mistreated after her
                 \_ interestingly, in today's chron they're reporting there
                    is evidence of sexual assault in her capture.  Article
                    Titled "POW Lynch was raped by Iraqi Captors, biography says"
                    \_ [Graphic detail censored to keep motd work-safe.]
                       \_ one of the few news worthy items got censored?  for
                          work safeness?  so its ok for your boss to see the
                          junk on the motd on your screen wasting company time
                          and resources but not if it refers to a soldier's
                          anal rape at the hands of her barbaric captors?
                    \_ They lied about WMD.  They lied about her going
                       down fighting.  They lied about circumstances of
                       her rescue.  Could they be lying about her having
                       been raped?
                 \_ not mistreated?  so get anally raped by one or more Iraqis
                    doesn't count as mistreatment?  there's a human rights
                    violation investigation going on since shortly after the
                    government fell.  The WP misreported.  Bush nor any other
                    admin figure said she went down fighting.
                    \_ Yea, some military doctors says some of her
                       wounds are unlikely to be caused by the Humvee crash.
                       She herself remembers nothing except that she was
                       treated well throughout her captivity.
                       \_ They're lying about her not being raped, too!
                          Those bastards!
2003/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:29622 Activity:nil
11/7    Its time for a new verb:
        clinton (v), as in "to clinton," to assign blame for your own mistakes,
        or those of the people that you support, on someone wholly unconnected
        to the mistake in question.  e.g., "I screwed up the quarterly report,
        so I called my boss and clintoned Bob.  He totally fell for it."
2003/11/7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:29623 Activity:nil
11/7    Another Republican victory.  Internet tax ban upheld for 5 more years.
        \_ right. republicans like Ron Wyden.  Good point.  This isn't a
           party issue, jackass.
2003/11/7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29624 Activity:high
11/7    Another chopper is down in Iraq...
        \_ Duh, it's post-war partisan cleanup.  It happens.  Only children
           and the naive think war is like G.I.Joe vs Cobra.  Say a prayer
           for the families of the soldiers.
           \_ And blame the men who put them in harm's way needlessly while
              lying to the world and destroying your nation's moral authority.
              \_ needless is a matter of opinion.  what's the exchange rate
                 between moral authority and something of value?
                 \_ I don't know but I do know that we
                    should have a damn good reason (instead of
                    constantly changing reasons for the war)
                    for sacrificing American lives.
           \_ I prefer to pray for the deaths of Iraqi guerillas and
              all anti-American Iraqis.  I wish they all die and rot
              in hell.
              \_ troll
                 \_ like the first one wasn't?
                 \_ what makes it a troll?  it isn't. --not praying for anything
        \_ "Bring 'em on!" -GWB
        \_ Bush just created six new job openings in Iraq!
2003/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29625 Activity:nil
11/7    Turkey is not sending trops to Iraq. A blow to President Bush,
        perhaps, but Turkey troop would of caused more problem than it
        would resolve if they are actually being send ti Iraq anyway.
        \_ What is going on at the White House??
        \_ "would of"?
        \_ The Iraqi Governing Council was screaming bloody murder about the
           possibility so we didn't push it.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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