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2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10959 Activity:nil
11/5    Does the ASUC store still sell school rings?  I checked the ASUC store
        page (which I got from  Under
        jewelry they have watches and cuff links and so on, but no school
        rings.  Anyone knows where else I can buy that?  Thanks.
        \_ I will never understand why a man would want to wear jewelry.
           ( I also don't understand why a woman would want to wear a "class
             ring"  but then, there is so much i don't understand about
             women that specifying just one like this is kind of silly) -phuqm
             P.S. There should be an uber high sales tax on jewelry
             and at least 100% on "jewelery" diamonds.
             \_ The mark up on jewelry is already near infinite.  What's wrong
                with jewelry such that society needs to burden those who wear
                it?  I don't and I think punching holes in your flesh to wear
                some of it is odd but I don't see the societal harm.  My
                question to the OP is why would you want a class ring?  It's
                not like we have a real 'class' at Cal like other schools where
                people might know each other from year after year starting as
                freshies through senior, sharing classes, profs, experiences,
                etc.  Of the small percent that make it only a tiny itty bitty
                fraction of those make it in 4 years.  Put it on your resume
                and forget about it.
                 \_ Umm, why does society need to "burden" those that make 35K
                     a year doing manual labor?  They should "burden" those
                     who wear it because they obviously have more money than
                     they need or are capable of spending reasonably, and,
                     theoretically, you could then use that money to lower the
                     burden on someone who may actually need their money or
                     be able to put it to better use.  Specifically, you could
                     lower property taxes which are often a real burnden unlike
                     a diamond tax -phuqm
                     \_ Whoa!  A card carrying communist hits the motd!  And
                        here I thought we stopped at the extreme left of simple
                        socialism but you like to go all the way, eh?  Hey, why
                        should that rich guy who works his ass off for what he
                        has have to support some slacker loser who has never
                        done anything for himself?  Why not just give everyone
                        a government issued allowance of $5/day so we can feel
                        like we have some control over our lives and have real
                        choices and just have the government take care of us?
                     \_ You are no conservative phuqm!  What's with taxing
                        stuff 'just because'?
                \_ It's not me who want a class ring.  It's my father who wants
                   one.  He didn't even get to attend high school when he was
                   a kid, and having a college degree was his childhood dream.
                   So now he just wants a class ring to feel good about having
                   a son graduating from Cal.  Yeah I have Asian parents.  --OP
                   \_ In that case, just get one from Josten's.  You can
                      pick a school of your choice.
                      \_ Got it!  Thanks a bunch!!  Gee,
                         price tags starts around a whopping $500.
                \_ two words: status symbol
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:10960 Activity:nil
11/5    How many people have left software work to move to other
        careers?  What fields?
        \_ Education .
        \_ nuclear eng: .
        \_ fast food: .
        \_ I think it's funny that the education person was the only one to not
           use a colon.  But that's just me.
           \_ "... not to ..."  -- !education person
              \_ BZZZZT!  Try again?  As posted it was correct.
2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10961 Activity:kinda low 50%like:13489
        \_ How long has it been since the last official squishing?
           \_ new politburo policy as of the paolo administration is that
              it's OK to have automatic scripts deleting the MOTD.  -tom
                \_ how about past users who were squished? take kchang
                   for example. some guy wrote a "kchang is a fag" motd
                   adder script and tricked him into writing a motd deletion
                   script which got him squished.
                \_ i hate it when people trick me into writing complicated
                   perl scripts!  damn kids.
                    \_ Is that really why kchang was sorried?  If so, that's
                        fucked up. -phuqm
                        \_ no.
                        \_ Don't believe the hype.  Ask someone who was on
                           politburo at the time if you're really interested.
                           \_ The blame falls squarely on Clinton's shoulders.
                \_ really?  so if I add a line to my .login that zeros the motd
                   the politburo and everyone else thinks that's just spiffy?
                        \_ no.  that would fall under the definition of
                           being "fucking retarded", like the guy posting
                           motds from previous months.  If you can't tell
                           the difference, please kill yourself, thanks.
2003/11/6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10962 Activity:kinda low
11/5    Total amount of lend lease for Russia from US: 11 billion.
        That is significant but it's still a small sum compared to
        what Russia produced.  Granted it's in 1940s dollars (I
        presume), but just a few months of a small war against a
        minor power like Iraq already cost us like 200 billion.
        \_ According to the bottom of the page
  most of the stuff
           was sent afterthey had announced that they intended to take over
           the world and fight a war against the US?  WTF?  And we sent them
           2.2lb of uranium metal and 1000+ pounds of uranium compound?
           \_ Well the US did invade the Soviet Union. You can see them being
              upset about it.
        \_ 200 billion is nothing.  You need to compare the $$$ spent vs the
           GNP or GDP during each conflict to see what fraction of the economy
           went towards war.  The figures in WWII are astounding.  The numbers
           today are so miniscule it's barely a line item in the budget by
           \_ I would welcome figures for:
                * The equivalent of 11 billion in today's dollars.
                * GDP of Soviet Union in the 1940s in 1940s dollars.
                \_ no, you need figures for the US since it was all done in
                   US currency, then and now.  obgoogle.
                   \_ No, what we need is SU's GDP in US dollars so we
                      can compare that to the "11 billion" of lend lease.
                      I think everyone except you understood that's what
                      is needed and that's what I was asking for.
        \_ What exactly does "lend lease" mean?  Is Russia supposed to pay us
           \_ The UK, USSR, China, and British Commonwealth were "lent" money
              for war material. At some point, they provided material for US
              troops there (reverse lend lease). After the war, arrangements
              were made to pay off the loans. A good percentage was dismissed.
              The Soviets stopped payment some time in the late 50's but then
              a deal was made with Russia who made a final payment in 2001.
        \_ In terms of finished military hardware produced (e.g tanks) it was
           not as significant but the raw materials were very significant.
           Throughout the 30's we were giving the Soviets pieces
           of our nuclear weapons program and nuclear supplies.  FDR and
           Stalin were in love.
           \_ Trucks.  Truck were useful.  Trucks >> anything else, as far as
              supplies were concerned.
           \_ We didn't even have a nuclear weapons program in the 30's.
              Take your pathetic lies elsewhere.
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:10963 Activity:kinda low
11/5    Matrix thread tactically nuked for those who haven't see the movie
        \_ thank you.  lets give it a few days at least for crying out loud.
        \_ The Matrix is the name of Neo's sled when he was a child.
2003/11/6-7 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Media] UID:10964 Activity:nil 62%like:29618
11/5    Don't post shit about the movie.  Fuck.  It's not like the rest of
        us have bothered to see the movie since it opened on Wednesday.
        \_ Roseanne Barr was awesome as the Oracle.
        \_ nuked from orbit.
2003/11/6 [Science/Electric] UID:10965 Activity:nil
11/6    For AC adapters, if something says it needs 4.5V 300mA, is it all right
        to use something higher-rated, like 4.5V 500mA? Why or why not? Thanks.
        \_ The neutron flux can break down the gamma field.
           Get some ball bearings.
           \_ Good advice.  Also, don't cross the streams or there will be a
              total protonic reversal.
              \_ and don't forget that in the interstitial space-time vortex,
                 E=mc^3, not mc^2.
                 \_ Only one other person got the joke :-(
                 \_ It's ok if it goes through the deflector shields after a
                    biphase zeta wave realignment of .856 megaparticles.
                    \_ And dial down the induction manifold to -3i to
                       delay the capacitance of the electrostatic relay
                       \_ Captain!  No don't!  You forgot about the tachyon
                          wave emitters!  We'll fry the transdiode reverse
                          \_ Don't worry, this is all taken care of by
                             the Heisenberg Compensator.
                             \_ As long you don't forget to reverse the
                                polarity of the phased conjugate graviton
                                beams you'll be okay.
              \_ Important safety tip!
        \_ yes it is ok, though dont go *too* far overrated.  And, of course,
           make sure you're matching DC/AC, and polarity of plugs.
           \_ The reason why it is OK is because the current is just the
              maximum current the adapter can put out.  If your adapter can
              put out 2A, and you need 1mA, nothing will blow up.
        \_ I think these guys are screwing with you.  I once plugged an AC
           adapter for a phone into my Speak 'n' Read and that shit blowed up.
           I think the wattage on the adapter is what it puts out, not what it's
           capable of handling.
           \_ Unless you can tell me the voltage of the adapter and the voltage
              your Speak 'n' Read needs, it just sounds like you mismatched
              voltages, which will obviously be bad.
              \_ Yeah, I was probably 6 or 7 years old at the time.
        \_ Current = Voltage / Impedance.  For a 120V input the max current
           an adapter can put out is determined by it's impedance.  When you
           hook up something to an adapter, you get a more complicated circuit.
           The current the adapter can put out is the limit before its internal
           resistance becomes a factor.  When you need way less than that, the
           resistance of your device is the limiting factor.  It's sort of like
           how it's OK to run a garden hose off of a huge pipe (high current)
           just as long as the pressure isn't too high (high voltage).
           \_ it's also worth pointing out that the consequences of doing
              screwy things with the power depend strongly on how well-designed
              the device is.  A good designer should *assume* that the user will
              do horrible things to the power, and plan accordingly so no
              damage is done unless you do something *really* terrible.
              On the other hand, there are more horse's asses in the world
              then there are horses.
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:10966 Activity:nil
11/6    humorless person: go away.  all silly star trek references restored.
        \_ you also restored a brilliant obscure Dr. Who reference.
           can you spot it?
2003/11/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:10967 Activity:nil
11/6    How do i get the local port number of a socket after it connects
        in c? (solaris). i am doing socket() followed by connect()...
        Thanks a lot!!
        \_ I believe you can check the sin_port field of the sockaddr_in
           structure after calling connect().
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:10968 Activity:nil
        URL says it all... I suggest the free tour.
        \_ work safe?
           \_ nothing obscene... but your co-workers might think you
              are very strange if they see.
2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:10969 Activity:moderate 58%like:12090
11/6    Anybody know what happened to BDG?  Your fans need you.  Don't leave
        the motd without some explanation!  - BDG #1 fan
        \_ The sad truth is that he is recently betrothed. And so it goes...
           \_ No, that's a lie!  That's a squishable offense!  --BDG #2 Fan
           \_ bring on Bitter Twice-Divorced Guy!
              \_ BDG is dead! Long live BDG!
        \_ Intolerable Cruelty has some interesting dialogue on pre-nups.
           \_ You spent money on that?  Your money?
           \_ That made my day. Thanks.
           \_ I looked a little deeper and he got an email from a woman asking
              that he have some of the more rare ones verified as genuine.  He
              replies that he doesn't know if any are fake and makes no
              gaurantees.  He blocks the complaining woman from bidding, but
              she makes a new ID and is the winning bidder for $860.  Some of
              them are fakes and she complains...
                \_ Obviously the seller knew the rare ones were fakes.
                   (not that i give a rats ass) -phuqm
                \_Complaint : 5 FAKES among 26. Honest Listing? Ha!
                        HE HAS A WIFE not an EX-wife.
                Response by thedrunkensailor - This wench used a second ID
                        to bid after i blocked her and I am dishonest? B*tch
                Follow-up by glorybeeto - 2d ID breach of 'Bay rules;
                        selling counterfeits Fed CRIMINAL offense.

                Where is BDG when you need him? But seriously, he had to know
                they were fakes. Do you know how much those camels go for???
                \_ As he made no claims to the authenticity, you, and the
                   dumbass bidders have very little to stand on.
                \_ As he made no claims to the authenticity, the
                   dumbass bidder has very little to stand on.
2003/11/6 [Politics] UID:29614 Activity:high
11/5    Hey weener-boy.  Why do you insist on bringing these dead motds back
        to life?
        \_ Why do you insist on blindly wiping the entire motd that other
           people were still using to discuss active topics?  Is this where
           I'm supposed to add some childish personal insult?  They're only
           dead because some moron killed them.  Think about it.
           \_ I didn't wipe it, but I was really glad to see it go.  Let's
              face it, the motd is a toilet for the feces of the human mind.
              Best to just flush it.
              \_ Mr. Hanky was here.
              \_ And yet you still keep coming back for more.
                 \_ Yes, its a kind of sick fascination with the innards of
                    the human psyche.  However, I'm not blinkered enough to
                    spend my time backing up and restoring all this nonsense.
                    \_ yeah the 'cp' command is a tough one.  "man cp"
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:29615 Activity:nil
        Change simulation speed with 's'
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:29616 Activity:nil
11/5    Thank for further chipping away at my faith in
        humanity, assholes! - danh
        \_ thank you for bitching about it! -asshole
        \_ You had any faith left?
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:29617 Activity:nil 70%like:11013
11/5    Someone want to explain to me why all of the Agent Smith's
        started to all explode suddenly at the end?
2003/11/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:29618 Activity:very high 62%like:10964 50%like:29629
11/5    Don't post shit about the movie.  Fuck.  It's not like the rest of
        us ran out to see it at 6am.
        \_ I saw it as a matinee (345pm at the Grand Lake Theater). I'm
           happy I saw it (sense of completion), but I'm glad I only paid
           matinee price. --erikred
           \_ so, if the movie were better, you would regret not paying
              nine bucks?  huh?
              \_ no, but if I had paid nine bucks and the movie had not been
                 better, I would feel ripped off. --erikred
           \_ Matinee price is what I'm pretty much prepared to pay for most
              movies. M3 qualifies.
           \_ I was actually surprised the 6 am show was matinee priced. I
              thought they'd try to milk more money out of the people who
              are willing to wake up early enough to see it.
                \_ weren't they showing it at 10pm the night before like they
                   did for m2?
        \_ Why are engineers so underpaid these days that a movie is worth
           $6 but not $8??? If you're that frugal, just use an old student
           \_ It's the principle of the matter. And I got out of work early
              to watch it 'cause Enterprise was on last night!
              \_ You are a sick, sick man.
2003/11/6 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Health/Women] UID:29619 Activity:nil
11/6    Fox asks health care, education, protection for Mexican migrants
        The president of Mexico called Wednesday for improved
        treatment of Mexicans who enter the United States, including
        better health care and education and respect for the human
        rights of migrants...
        "We must work together so that they can have health insurance,"
2003/11/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29620 Activity:nil
11/6    Sanity from the Economist
        \_ You just wanted to tie in to the Beanie thread below:
           "For all his rhetoric about keeping Washington in check, Mr Bush,
            as one Republican analyst puts it, has been spending like 'a
            drunken sailor'."
           \_ yeah, but it's all on the war against terrorism, not on
              government handouts and abortionists -troll
              \_ I thought it was all spent on Halliburton contracts and
                 scaring Americans into thinking they're faced with imminent
                 nuclear destruction.
2003/11/6 [Uncategorized] UID:29621 Activity:nil
11/6    What are the top Nerdiest references/topics?
        \_ I could tell you, but you wouldn't understand.
        \_ fnord
        \_ "Could you use it for dating?"
           "Yes, but the matches would be so perfect it would eliminate the
            thrill of romantic conquest."
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