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2003/11/2 [Recreation/Celebrity, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:10900 Activity:nil
11/1    The Hunt for Iraq's Weapons (David Kay corrects Post
        Writers for misrepresentation).  Note this is on A21, Gellmans
        lead story on front page.
        \_ OWNED!
        \_ Yawn.  "I'm sticking by what I wrote in my report!  Much work to
           be done!  Can't draw conclusions yet!  Needle is still in haystack!"
           \_ It's important that the lying media be corrected at every turn.
              The problem is that it's the same media who lied on the front
              page in an above the fold headline that buries the correction
              way back on A21.
              \_ Sure, sure, Jason Blair, yadda yadda yadda.  Got it.  It's
                 important for Kay's credibility, but it doesn't advance the
                 search for WMD.
                 \_ Jason Blair?  Who said anything about Jason Blair?  We're
                    talking media bias, not incompetence.  And it does advance
                    the search to correct the media lies because without the
                    support and correct understanding of the American people
                    we'll pull out before the job is done.  Exactly what your
                    leftist media would like to see happen.
2003/11/2 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10901 Activity:moderate
        "US Considering Recaling Units of Old Iraq Army"
        Like I said, it's a huge mistake to disband the Iraqi army.
        Our brilliant leaders are finally realizing it.  Disbanding the
        army unnecessarily creates many enemies from those who can cause
        the most problems.
        \_ That's very doubtful.  It creates problems by leaving a huge pool
           of unemployed people, though I suspect that very few of those are
           are actually being recruited by terrorists in the way you seem to
           be implying.
           \_ You don't need many.  Just 10% will give you a 50000 strong
              guerilla army.
              \_ But in context, even 1% is an obscenely unrealistic number.
                 \_ why?  is it that hard to believe that some iraqis
                    don't think we should be occupying their country?
                    \_ I'm sure many more than that don't want us there.
                       However, that dislike is not going to 100% translate
                       into the desire to drive a truck bomb into the Red Cross
                       HQ.  If there was a 50000 or even 5000 strong guerilla
                       army running around there'd be a lot more killing going
                       on.  Nothing that's happened so far requires more than
                       100-200 people around the entire country.
                       \_ There are 25-35 attacks A DAY on our troops in Iraq.
                          \_ Yes.  Everytime a soldier stubs his toe it's
                             counted as an attack.  Do you really want a
                             Vietnam style body count?
                             \_ You're being ridiculous and in the process
                       \_ I think most of the attacks are non-suicidal,
                                belittling the real attacks that are taking
                                \_ There are plenty of real attacks.  However,
                                   I don't think every toe stubbing counts.
                       \_ Most of the attacks are non-suicidal,
                          just road side bombs that can be triggered,
                          rocket propelled grenades and a few mortars,
                          precisely the things people with military
                          training would be good at, and most are targetted
                          directly at the occupational forces.  The
                          rest are targetted at "collaborators".
                          \_ Few militaries are trained to set road side bombs,
                          rest are targetted at "collaborators".
                             and if they were ex-army and using army weapons
                             such as mortars they weren't trained very well
                             because their success rate with standard military
                             weapons is hovering just above the "got lucky"
                             level.  These are random fucks, not ex-army.
                       \_ If there were only 100-200 people, they would've
                          been wiped out by now from attrition, or we
                          can just capture one or two and get them to
                          lead us to the rest.  The reason we have not
                          been able to do that shows that the "100-200"
                          is just the tip of a huge iceberg from which
                          acitve ones can be drawn from.
                          \_ Maybe.  Maybe not.  How many of these attackers
                             have been caught?  Zero according to US media.
        \_ WTF why haven't you been appointed Supreme Allied Commander
           a long time ago!!!
                         next bath house 'date'.
                         \_ It is almost impossible to be more arrogant than Bush
           \_ This is basic common sense.  Arrogance makes our leaders out
              of touch with reality until it splatters all over their face.
                \_ I nominate you for Secretary of Defense and five
                   star general!!!
                   \_ I don't know about five star general, but yea, I
                      will take Secretary of Defense, or better yet,
                      Commander in Chief.
                      \_ Those are positions that must be earned.  You're more
                         arrogant than anyone in the administration.  We'd all
                         be seriously fucked for years to come if some ninny
                         like you had any say in anything more than which of
                         last week's dirty underwear you'll be wearing on your
                         next bath house 'date'.
                         \_ It is almost impossible to be more arrogant than
                            \_ So do you think Bush is more arrogant or more
                         \_ Yea, we all should learn from you and prostrate
                            in front of our supreme leaders Donald and Bush
                            and say everything they did were wonderful.
                            I think you will do well as a court jester
                            or eunuch.
                            \_ *laugh*  Nice attempt but no dice.  *I* was not
                               the topic here.  Idiot head above saying he
                               could do better was.  I merely observe facts.
                                \_ The media is biaaaaasssed against the right!
        \_ Yeah and if they had left it in place and the people revolted
           because this very same army was directly responsible for murdering
           tens of thousands of Iraqis then you'd be here screaming how the
           arrogant American leadership didn't listen to you when you said to
           disband the evil marauders.  It must be great to always be right,
           at least on the motd, eh?  [restored]
           \_ Wrong, I said it was a mistake right after they announced
              they are disbanding the Iraqi army wholesale.  The view that
              that there is a murderous Iraqi army distinct and seperate
              from the Iraqi people who were its victims is a naive view.
              The Iraqi army is a huge conscript army of 500000 which Saddam
              himself doesn't fully trust.  That means almost everyone (all
              the Sunnis at least) should have a family member, relative, good
              friend in the army.
              \_ WTF does have a family member have to do with anything?!?
                 How exactly do you figure that the average post-Saddam citizen
                 is going to be thrilled to see the Iraqi army stomping around
2003/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10902 Activity:nil
11/1    Um, my spamassassin rules don't filter out spam mails that solicit
        anti-spam software. What to do now?
        \_ IFILE!
           \_ Oh yeah?  Can IFILE! figure out my taxes?
                \_ DEAN!
                   \_ RIDE IFILE!  LIGHT DEAN!
                        \_ LOVE MAC!
                           \_ I love you guys!  You make the motd great.
        \_ ifile?
2003/11/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10903 Activity:nil
11/2    My question is, who else, aside from USA, Russia, and China that
        makes shoulder-launch missile?
2003/11/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, ERROR, uid:10904, category id '18005#5.8925' has no name! , ] UID:10904 Activity:low
11/1    Poor Dean.  Too liberal.  Too elite.  Too special for the rest of us
        poor dumb shlobs to understand your greatness.  We hardly knew you
        but you sure as hell knew nothing about anyone else:
        \_ Do you seriously think Bush is doing a good job?
           \_ Yes.  On most things.  I wouldn't be 100% happy with anyone but
              myself but I don't have time to run the country so I'll settle
              for the current administration.
        \_ It's Bill Bradley all over again, minus the progressive attitude.
        \_ You're just bringing him down cuz you're scared of him.
           \_ No, I'm showing you ultra leftists you're backing a loser.  He
              understands he's too far left but has no fucking clue how to
              appeal to the very people he's insulting.  Bring on this dog
              and we'll have 4 more years!
              \_ Do you think guys with confederate flags in the back of
                 their pickups find this insulting? Do you even know anyone
                 like that?
                 \_ Do you even understand who he's bashing?  You don't.
2003/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:10905 Activity:nil
11/2    Learn English and try again.  I realize that there are graduates
        of my alma matter who have third grade level writing skills, but
        I don't need to be reminded of it every day on the motd.
2003/11/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10906 Activity:very high
11/2  So you all read this right?
      and here Seymore Hersh gives an interview on it: - danh
        \_ Read what?  Maybe you'd like to give a short summary before we
           all rush off to read the link?  Your name on the URL is not enough.
        \_ Look, deleting a post because your response was overwritten by
           some jackass not using motdedit is not helpful.
2003/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10907 Activity:nil
11/2    Is there a good reason to run FreeBSD 5.x instead of
        4? - danh
        \_ Yeah--a lot of cool apps and features, like OpenBSD
           pf, and 32-bit pccard support.  It runs rock-solid on
           a P120, and won't budge on a brand new Thinkpad, so your
           mileage may vary.  -John
           \_ it dies a lot on my laptop and I was wondering
              if others have the same experience, I guess so! - danh
                \_ 5.1 has major problems with ACPI support.  That may
                   have something to do with it.  A lot of code for core
                   system components (cardbus, usb bridge, etc.) has been
                   heavily rewritten and isn't mature yet.  -John
        \_ 5.x is cool.  4.8 is stable.  Your choice.
2003/11/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10908 Activity:moderate
11/2    What are liberals and conservatives thinking is the best approach in
        Iraq right now? If we get out, we admit defeat but save billions,
        but also leave Iraq w/ no security...
        \_ Hand over power to an Iraqi governing council, withdraw; when
           "resistance fighters" start attacking again (and this time it
           will be Iraq and not the US they're attacking), back Iraqi
           plea for International Peacekeepers, re-enter country as such,
           with full UN/World support.  A more moral plan would include the
           liberation of Kurdistan, but hey, one step at a time.
        \_ Fence.  Nukes.  Pave.  Hand over massive smoldering parking lot
           to Iranians as gesture of goodwill.  Make nasty faces at
           Syrians and Palestinians.  -John
           \_ Nah, just send them all to Switzerland.
                \_ No room;  the Yugoslavs and Tamils (don't ask) are all
                   here already
                   \_ nuke it first then.
        \_ "Admit defeat"? To whom? Bush claims he is planning to hand Iraq
           back over to the Iraqis in any case. How would doing this
           quickly mean admitting defeat?
           \_ Because it is obvious we'd be retreating.  The country is not
              ready to run itself yet and everyone on the planet except you
              knows that.
              \_ 38 percent of Americans say it is time to get out of Iraq.
                 I am all by myself, 38% of Americans? Wow, wish I had
                 known that earlier. Let me guess: you are the same moron
                 that said "everyone knows Saddam Hussein has WMD" right?
                 \_ Cool, let's do math wars!  62 percent of Americans do not
                    say it is time to get out of Iraq.  38 percent huh?  That's
                    remarkably close to the percent of BC voters.  Odd, that?
                    It couldn't possibly be that these same people who are
                    opposed to our current policy are simply opposed to
                    *anything* this administration does, could it?  As far as
                    the _appointed by Americans_ council running Iraq, the
                    council members themselves say they're not ready so it
                    would definitely look like we're fleeing and you'd hear
                    the phrase "paper tiger" a lot just like when Carter was
                    in office.  You *do* remember Carter being in office?  That
                    nasty little hostage crisis bit?  Us doing nothing?
        \_ Lock down entire cities, search every building, check point at
           every block.  Open it up section by section as it's cleaned out.
           And give the Kurds their own land for God's sake.  They're
           treated almost as badly as the Jews, the Irish, or Tibetans
           have been.
2003/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10914 Activity:nil
11/2    Stupid question--nfs mount as root, between 2 FreeBSD boxes.
        How do I allow root on the client to chown files in the mounted
        directory?  -John
        \_ nfs mount option...there is some default option that maps root.
           disable it. --aaron
           \_ actually its a NFS export option from the NFS server.  Old-school
              exports format is the -root=(hosts) directive, for hosts that
              get to mount the file system without root being mapped. -ERic
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