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2003/10/22-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10726 Activity:nil
10/21   If you were as impressed with Mozilla Firebird 0.7 as I was,
        wait until you turn on pipelining:

        Look for pipelining, but instead of using user.js, go to
        about:config and use that interface to change the three pipelining
        options. That's what worked for me. --aaron
        \_ What does it do?
           \_ Download multiple files in tandem. ie, grab several images in a
              link simultaneously instead of sequentially.
              \_ you mean... parallel pipelined porn?
                 \_ new meaning for PPP
              \_ uh, no.  it pipelines http requests in the socket rather than
                 suffering RTT delay to synchronize request/response pairs.
                 some older servers may choke on this.
                 \_ I stand corrected. I guess I can't believe everything I
                    read in Linux Magazine.
        \_ How do I know when pipelining is working?  The user.js method
           seemed to work for me; about:config shows the options as true.
           However, network.http.pipelining.firstrequest,
           which is not user set, is still false.  Do I need to flip this to
           true?  What's a good way to see the before and after of turning on
           \_ i don't think you need to worry about firstrequest. if you
              REALLY want to verify it's working, you'll need to snoop the
              headers of your http connections. there are lots of tools.
              any reason why you are so sure they aren't?
           \_ motd formatting daemon, stat!
                \_ glad to be of service
           \_ How bout, pages start loading totally dangitty-smackin' fast?
              \_ Placebo effect!
                 \_ it depends what sort of sites you are using to compare.
                    loaded sites like <DEAD><DEAD> are undisputably
                    faster for me with pipelining. i would guess their
                    setup has high per-connection costs.
                 \_ Well, to be honest I also changed the initialpaint delay.
                    I haven't bothered looking at the pipelining alone.
        \_ How can you get it to keep the same tabs open the next time you run Firebird?
           And when I drag links to the toolbar below the address bar, the link doesn't stay.
           Bug to be worked out in next version?
2003/10/22 [Politics/Foreign] UID:10727 Activity:low
10/21   Is there any good way to turn gold jewelry into cash, and what
        is the typical premium paid to get it in the form of jewelry?
        (as opposed to just a gold bar or ingot, for instance.)  We
        received several gold chains/etc as wedding gifts, and would
        rather put the inherent value to use instead of having them
        just sit in a safety deposit box...  (they aren't very
        practical). Any resale options other than a pawn shop or ebay?
        Or just hold on to them for the next depression?
        \_ So you stole some shit and your fence got busted before you could
           cash out the loot?  Yeah, that's tough when it happens.
           \_ Nah, I think they just have Asian parents.
              \_ exactly! - OP
                 \_ you're both a bunch of racists.
                    \_ I'm no racist.  I just happen to also have Asian
                       parents and I got a lot of gold necklaces and bracelets
                       when I got married.  - !OP
                       \_ Did you really go to Berkeley?  look, if you're
                          not standing on Sproul shouting about affirmative
                          action and setting fire to stacks of Daily Cals,
                          you're a RACIST!!!!
                    \_ Pointing out a cultural tradition is not racist, it is
                       a statement of fact.
        \_ schmelt it into a bar and take it to Thailand and exchange
          for nicer stuff. 1 to 1 exchange rate.
          \_ Have you done this?  Where did you have it made into a bar, and
             how much did that cost?
          \_ Bah, it's worth more in a formed state than as gold mint tabs.
             You're not going to make up the cost of the jewlery. Depending
             on how quick you want to get the money and how nice the pieces
             are, an independent jeweler may be your best bet.
        \_ In the US, you'll lose about 20-30% if you're lucky... that is,
           selling the jewelry. If you turn it into gold, you'll lose way more.
           If you go to less industrialized nations that have lots of gold
           (e.g. Turkey, E. Asia???), the jeweler might only eat 5-10%. YMMVg
        \_ Kitco will give you 90% of melt price:
           \_ perfect, thanks!
              \_ As someone else pointed out, melt price is a lot less than
                 price as jewelry. Most of the cost of a piece of jewelry is
                 the labor to make it. --dim
                 \_ LOL.  you get the stupidest comment of the day award.
                    \_ Obviously you've never had jewelry made. Why do
                       you think a necklace made of QUARTZ can cost over
                       $10K? Could it be the WORKMANSHIP? Go price some
                       stones and then go price the jewelry. Jewelry has
                       a huge mark-up. "Cost" here means cost to the
                       dealer, not the consumer. Melt the gold down and
                       it's suddenly worth a lot less than it was finished.
                 \_ It's a cool web site, though, and is a useful option if
                    ebay and an exchange in asia don't work out...
2003/10/22 [Health/Men] UID:10728 Activity:high
10/21   I don't understand why Viagra is making money. Most of my married
        friends don't have a problem with impotence, and their problem is
        that their wives don't want to have sex. If anything, shouldn't
        the companies make drugs that will make women more horny than
        the other way around?
        \_ "I can't understand why people might want to fuck longer and
           more often! It's so fucking puzzling!"
        \_ you know what's going to kick ass? when you can have muscles
           put into your dick instead of erectile tissue.  then you could
           operate the mouse with your dick while you type with both hands,
           like Zimbu the monkey.
        \_ umm...are you or your friends at least 40+?
        \_ I think women have less of a problem with themselves not being
           able to "perform".  One, "So what?".  Two, if they really need to
           perform, they can just resort to cheap KY and fake it.  But men have
           a big problem with that.  One, it's not just "So what?"  Two, they
           can't fake it.
           \_ A erection is obvious but men can fake orgasm too as long as
              she's somewhat clueless.  --only done it once
              \_ You could fake it with no cum?  Where did you find such a
                 clueless gal???  I wanna get one too.
                 \_ Use a condom and figure it out.
                    \_ You fingered her and she could't even tell?  She's gotta
                       be a hot virgin.  I envy you.
        \_ Remember who Viagra is marketed at: Over-50 guys with money.
           These guys are a) having difficulty getting it up and b) rich
           enough to afford to pay for it.  What do you think was the drug of
           choice for the Japanese orgy in China recently?  Trust me, Pfizer's
           only worry is competition from Levitra and Cialis.
        \_ Viagra isn't just for impotence.  You stay hard even after
        \_ Viagra just isn't for impotence.  You stay hard even after
           several orgasms, which is good for women who take a long time
           to climax.  And if they climax more often, they are more inclined
           to want sex.  --sky
           \_ Do you keep your desire after the first orgasm moreso than w/o
                \_ It's a chicken and egg problem.  Do I have a throbbing
                   erection because I am horny?  Am I horny because I have
                   a throbbing erection?  Does it really matter?  --sky
                   a throbbing erection?  Does it really matter?  --sky
                   \_ My worry was throbbing erection and no horniness. tnx
                   \_ Drugs aren't bad.  'Recreational' drugs that destroy
                      user's lives and/or are incredibly addictive are bad.
                       \_ first a question:  Do you think Viagra is
                          "Recreational" or no ?  Second:  things aren't
                          bad.  NO "thing" is bad.  What people do with
                          things can be bad or good.  For example:   It is
                          good to hang out on Fri night with friends and
                          have a recreational and highly addictive glass of
                          beer.  It is bad to give a 5 year old ritalin.
                          \_ Feeling pedantic today?  When people say "xyz is
                             bad" they're saying "Using XYZ in the way most
                             people talk about using XYZ is bad".  I know
                             you're not an idiot so do yourself a favor and
                             stop trying to look like one.  I didn't tell you
                             anything new about common usage in the English
                             language.  So "amen!" to all the self destructive
                             drug users out there rationalising away their
                             selfish addiction.  I wish your families well.
                                           spelling fairy was here _/
                             \_ that means *you*
                      user's lives and/or are incredibly addictive are bad.
                          \_ amen!
                \_ Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?
        \_ Gay men
2003/10/22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10729 Activity:nil
10/21   umm, is there any browser out there that is going to balk if i feed
        it a .jpg file labeled as a .gif file.  It seems to be no problem
        on windows exploder or mozilla, but what about macs and others?
        \_ why would you want to do such a thing?
            \_ laziness is the primary answer.  The code i'm using calls for
                .gifs i want to use jpgs, i have not found any problem simply
                renamimng my .jpg files to .gif, however, i don't want that
                to end up with a broken image on some Mac. or whatever.
                \_ can you change the code? wrong file extensions are LAME.
                   \_ yeah, no one knows the answer to your question because
                      no one has any experience with doing something this dumb.
                   \_ no, file extensions are lame.  the idea that you'd use
                      the filename to determine the file type is an MS assault
                      on common decency.  "man file".
                      \_ True, but this guy is actively trying to mislead with
                         a bad extension.
2003/10/22 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:10730 Activity:nil
10/21   Why, specifically, do gay men have a higher chance of getting
        \_ because it bleeds.
        \_ and because gay men are more promiscuous.
        \_ Comparing to whom?  Straight men?  Lesbian women?
           \_ My god, are people still buying this crap?  From the NIH:
              \_ I think the South African govt still does.
                 \_ And you wonder why they have the highest infection rate
                    in Africa?  Burying your head in the sand does not help.
        \_ CDC to the rescue:
        \_ It is better to give than to receive.
           \_ Oh, that's why those priests "gave" to the young boys all the
2003/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:10731 Activity:nil
10/21   Is there a POSIX/ISO/??? standard for getting the current time?
        My function needs to timeout after X useconds, but I don't know
        how to compare startTime to endTime.  Thanks.
        \_ use time() to get the seconds since the epoch.
           \_ that won't yield useconds.
        \_ gettimeofday()? But if you want to wait, use select.
2003/10/22 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:10732 Activity:nil
10/21   Security researcher and security content analyst positions at
        Zone Labs.  See ~sky/job/{zone,zone2}.txt.  Sorry I was too
        lazy to format nice.  WARNING: may require sitting for for
        extended periods of time.  (More positions will be added soon)
                                      \_ do I have to bend over too? :(
        \_ sygate is far more superior
           \_ I respect your opinion...  just curious why you think so.
              thanks.   --sky
           \_ 1) sky is not on my favorite person list, 2) i have no contact
    :( --sky _/
              or association with zone labs beyond being a user, 3) your
              lack of english skills are painful, 4) sygate sucks donkey dick.
              I tried these and several others and zonelabs was the best at
              dealing with rogue apps calling home.  zonelabs + winroute for
              port and protocol screening make a really good combo.
              \_ Do you actually know sky, or is your opinion of the gent
                 strictly based on motd?                     -mice
                 \_ Either way, I wouldn't blame the poster for his/her
                    opinion.  I've had more than my fair share of problems in
                    the past, which manifest themeselves both in my real
                    life interactions with people and in the motd.  --sky
2003/10/22-27 [Industry/Jobs] UID:10733 Activity:nil
10/21   Positions available at Zone Labs updated.
        Positions include Unix device driver developer,
        NDIS device driver developer, security researcher, QA engineer (2),
        java developer (2), content analyst, and Sr. engineering manager.
        See ~sky/jobs or email for details.
        \_ We love you sky!
           \_ Right on...he's OUR sky!
              \_ WOOT!!!!  --sky #1 Fan
                \_ Uhhh..uh..uh...uhhh...fuggit  -Sparky
2003/10/22 [Finance/Investment] UID:10734 Activity:nil
10/22   Niagara Jumper:  Why?
2003/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:10735 Activity:nil
10/21   On eBay, can the merchants see the amount of your maximum bid?
        \_ no
2003/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:10736 Activity:nil
10/21   How exactly did tom fart in class (was he dumb or lazy)? Or did
        he cheat, get caught, and never got his degree afterwards?
2003/10/22-23 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:10737 Activity:nil
10/21   Elliot Smith, RIP
2003/10/22-23 [Reference/BayArea] UID:10738 Activity:nil
10/21   For South Bay folks: Top Dog opening in San Jose.
        \_ Finally!!
        \_ Now you can get ill in two counties!
        \_ Wow, you should hurry to apply!
        \_ Life. is. good.
2003/10/22-23 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10739 Activity:nil
10/22   My sister's computer has been making weird "clicky" sounds at startup,
        and she's also having probs starting applications (win98).  She's on
        a dialup modem and uses those free AOL discs.  The weirdest thing is
        that when she checks her email (hotmail) the username "ihatedeva"
        keeps popping up in the username field of the form.  This is not her
        email nor any of her roommates or anyone she knows.  Has anyone else
        seen/heard about this?  Google shows one livejournal user called
        ihatedeva, but nothing about viruses.
        \_ clicky sounds:  Your hard drive is due for imminent failure.  Get
           a new one.  Reformat, re-install WinXP or Win2K.
           ihatedeva:  Someone clicked "Yes" in Internet Explorer when asked
           whether they want to install a random ActiveX control.  You have
           adware!  Install SpyBot and Norton AntiVirus.
           \_ is ihatedeva specific to a certain adware program?
              \_ I don't know; it's purely a guess that it's related to
                 adware.  Also, there are settings in IE for auto-complete
                 and cookies that you can clean.
        \_ ihatedeva = Roomate's friend who used your computer?
        \_ ihatedeva = her password she accidentally typed into the wrong
            field, now IE remembers it.
        \_ Lesson: IE and yahoo and aol suck.  I agree with the above, the HD
           is going soon.  Unless... is there a floppy in there?  A bad cd?
2003/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10740 Activity:nil
10/22   Hasbro files suit against Ghettopoly maker:
        \_ good idea, but he should have known he would need permission
        \_ not the first sued for trying to rip off their game
2003/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10741 Activity:nil
10/22   Prices of 2200 sq ft homes around the country.
2003/10/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10742 Activity:nil
10/22   What's a good place to learned about the mmap and vfork architectures?
        Like how they work in the OS, etc etc. Thanks.
        \_ If you're just starting out, I recommend the following articles.
           They're interesting and fairly contemporary, and the author /
           interviewee is coming to a CSUA meeting tomorrow.  Hint hint.
        \_ APUE by Richard Stevens
           \_ As far as I remember, APUE only tells you what mmap and vfork do
              and when to use them but it doesn't tell you how those system
              calls are actually implemented.
           \_ Isn't Apue the guy on the simpsons?
        \_ /usr/src
2003/10/22-23 [Computer/HW/IO, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:10743 Activity:nil
10/22   Just bought a Mac but I REALLY want to use a PC keyboard. Are there
        PC to Mac keyboard converters out there (PS2 to USB for example),
        and which keys correspond to Option and the Open Apple keys?
        \_ I think most MS Natural keyboards come with a PS2->USB dongle.
           grab one from a friend.
           \_ Only the MS Natural Keyboard Elite has the PS/2->USB adapter.
              The fancier and more basic ones do not.  The generic
              PS/2->USB adapters for the most part suck.
        \_ If you do this, don't you lose some of the apple key functions?
           \_ The question implies that.
        \_ /Applications/Utilities/Key Caps will tell you what keys do what.
           If you need a key that isn't there, remap your keyboard.
        \_ I've got a Sun Type 6 USB on my Mac - the Alt key is Option,
                and the Diamond/Meta key is Apple/Command/Pretzel. -alan-
        \_ Any USB keyboard should work fine.  Why bother with PS2?  -tom
           \_ Because *the* PS2 keyboard is one of the best keyboards ever
              made.  It was forged by angels working directly under God.
2003/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10744 Activity:nil
10/22   I've got a Celeron 2.0GHz 400FSB.  What speed is the RAM supposed
        to run at?
        \_ 400MHz, 300MHz, 200MHz, or 100MHz, and maybe some others.
2003/10/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10745 Activity:nil
10/22   Well, i didn't think it would ever happen.  But i'm officially
        for de-anonymizing the motd.  Conditioned on the inclusion
        of de-anonymizing deletes. -anonymous coward
        And by the way,  can someone (the person in question maybe)
        please tell me the motivation for editing a particular thread?
        not deleting the whole thing, just the interesting responses
        For example: from sky's job posting.
                    \_ Restored.  Happy now?
                         \_ not really, it was just an example.  And
                            Perhaps not a great one.  At least there
                            they killed all the comments, leaving just
                            the original post.  That is better than many
                            of the cases where single threads of response
                            have been culled leaving others.  Anyway, i
                            just wanted to bitch, if i had wanted
                            something done, i would have done it, (and/or
                            maybe signed my name.)  -crebbs
        \_ What makes you think you're anonymous crebbs?  And
           dim should use motdedit
            \_ I'm not anonymous to YOU.  Obvioulsy if i cared to hide
               from anyone who cared i wouldn't be using motdedit. Most
               of us, are too lazy and/or don't care enough to find out
               who is writing what on a post-by-post basis. -crebbs
            \_ motdedit blows. --dim
           \_ Please open source the motd poster ID script.  Thanks.
              \_ motdwatch + fstat + possibly ps should suffice.
                \_ it was just ps aux|grep motd.public
                   \_ oh no!  The Big Secret is out!
                      \_ how do I detect people who scp the file to soda?
        \_ Well, I'm not sure someone would want to sign his name when he's
           saying that he faked an erection.
            \_ well, for the record - since i'm deanonymized - i should say
               that I DON'T ACTUALLY support de-anonymizing the motd.  I
               was just bitching about selective deletes, which seem to be
               taking place a lot more now than they used to. -crebbs
            \_ Hey, I faked it and I was proud to do so.  I was bored and
               wanted her to leave but didn't want her telling everyone I
               was defective or something.  I told my friends after and we
               all had a good laugh.  That's no different than what women do.
        \_ I chopped off the drug part of the Viagra post. Why? The thread
           was getting long, and I thought to let the trolling stay to Viagra.
           If you prefer, next time, I'll just separate the posts. Long threads
           are hard to follow.
           \_ Thank god we have you to make these decisions for us.
2003/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10753 Activity:very high
10/22   Is sky the guy who posted a link to pictures of his gf awhile back?
        \_ 1. Posting that picture was in bad taste but
           2. I had poor impulse control due to the amount of drugs I was
              taking at the time...e.g, I set up a webcam so people could
              watch me freebase live over the internet....nevertheless,
           3. That was my fiance at the time.  However, we've since broken up
              and I've been engaged to someone else for the last 3 years.
           4. Why do people keep bringing that up?
                \_ because she's hot and I wanna bone her too
           \_ I don't know about the others but I sure miss those two pictures.
              (yy2.JPG and yy7.JPG).  Is it possible to post them again, or
              even her other pics?  Many thanks!
              \_ I'm not sure which is worse.  sky posting her pics while
                 fucked out of his mind but being sorry later or you begging
                 to use his ex as free pr0n.  Hmmm, yeah, it'd be you.
        \_ that's also kchang
           \_ Are they still a thing? I just looked at kchang's web page and he
              looks well, gay. This was his real web page, not the one lila put
              Is it possible to post them again, or even her other pics?  Many
2003/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:29586 Activity:nil
10/21   When was the last time the whities had a Whitie Club? Or anything
        that showed whitie pride?       -curious troll
        \_ I'm sorry, but whoever has been trolling this afternoon/evening
           really, really sucks
           \_ Sorry, I've been offline and busy all day.  --regular troll
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