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2003/10/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:10689 Activity:nil
10/18   Has anybody tried GotoMyPC?  Perform well?  Secure?  What if you're
        DHCP'd behind a fw?  [formatd]
2003/10/19-20 [Finance/Investment] UID:10690 Activity:high
10/18   I want to buy HK / China stocks (ADRs and region funds won't do).
        Does anyone have any experience in regard to the feasibility
        (procedure, costs, tax, currency conversions, etc.) of opening
        a brokerage account (preferably online brokerage) in say Hong Kong
        for a US resident?  Any recommendations on which brokerage (HK or
        otherwise) to use?
        \_ or
           \_ thanks
        \_ Losing money on the Nasdaq and NYSE isn't good enough for you?
           See the link below about trudy the monkey.
           \_ It's been a very good year for me on Nasdaq and NYSE, but
              relatively speaking, US stocks are kind of expensive now,
           \_ It's been a good year for me on Nasdaq and NYSE, but
              and asia is where the growth is.  Used to be US falls,
              asia falls, because US is the market, but with booming
              China, recovering Japan, big US trade and budget deficits,
              I feel that this is no longer true.  I like Russia with
              Putin too.
              \_ You like Russia?  Say, why don't you just withdraw cash
                 from your bank account and throw it in the bay?  Better yet,
                 give it to me.
                 \_ If you look at what happened when the tech bubble
                    burst, US is as dangerous as any where else.  Yes,
                    burst, US is as dangerous as any where else.  Yes,
                    I like Russia.  Country was recently raised to
                    I like Russia.  Country was rescently raised to
                    investment grade.  Compare price and prospects of
                    say VIP and MBT versus Verizon and Sprint PCS with
                    all their debt, for example.
                        \_ yup, you have to be very careful but high risk =
                                high reward. I made a lot of money on VIP.
                           \_ Me too, 46% gain, and the good thing is it
                              still looks cheap.  Hey, let's exchange
                              stock tips sometime.
                              \_ So considering high risk = high reward, what
                                 is this difference between this and high stakes
                                 \_ The fundametals of VIP is good.  Compared
                                    to US wireless service providers, it has
                                    better valuation, it's market has more
                                    growth potential and less competition,
                                    and it has lower debt levels.
                                    \_ That's nice.  You didn't answer my
                                       question.  Why don't you try Vegas,
                                       there's more pussy than there is at
                                       Etrade, and its cheap!
                                       \_ troll, by research one can make a
                                          judgement that the odds of reward
                                          meet a certain level. in vegas, it's
                                       \_ Odds are better with stock trading.
                                          I think it's more than 50%.  As
                                          a game it's also more fun than
                                          blackjack, which bores me to tears.
                                          Pai Gow poker is more fun and
                                          slower in terms of losing money,
                                          but it is still not as fun as
                                          trading stocks.  There are risks
                                          no matter where you put your
                                          money.  Feel free to put it in
                                          a money market account if you
                                          feel that helps in earning you
                                          a comfortable retirement.  Note
              relatively speaking, US stocks are kind of expensive
              and asia is where the growth is.  Used to be US falls,
              asia falls because US is the market, but no longer.
              I like Russia with Putin too.
                 give it to me.
                    say VIP and MBT versus Verizon and Sprint PCS with
                    all their debt, for example.
                                       question.  Why don't you try Vegas,
                                       there's more pussy than there is at
                                       Etrade, and its cheap!
                                          that US$ will likely fall
                                          another 10-15% versus yen / euro
                                          in the coming months.
2003/10/19 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:10691 Activity:nil 84%like:10684
10/18   Does anyone have any ideas of how to cure a wet pussy? I accidentally
        kept my pussy in my pants as I ran them through the washing machine.
        \_ changing "phone" to "pussy" was only a little funny the first time,
           but the second time, it's just hilarious!  genius!
        \_ Run it through the dryer to dry it out!
        \_ Prob hosed. Buy a new one.
        \_ I forgot I have my clunky old motorola startac pussy in my shorts
           pocket when I jumped into the fox river to pull my canoe to
           shore.  The pussy would not power up at first, but slowly came
           back to life after a few days (no response -> static -> power
           up and down constantly -> works).  However, it did develop a
           problem where once in a while, if I flip it open or close too
           fast, it would power off by itself, which is quite annoying.
           Try to be patient and wait a few days before powering it up.
           All the pussy numbers in the pussybook still remained.
                \_ I actually have a startac (that hasn't been
                   drenched yet) that has that same problem (turning off
                   by itself when I flip it open/shut too fast). So
                   your startac is probably fully functionally then.
                   \_ good to know. guess it's a systemic pussy problem then.
        \_ it is NOT hosed! You need a LOT of work and patience to save its
           life. First of all, if there are contaminants inside the pussy,
           you gotta get rid of them. Contaminants include sugar goo, salt
           (REALLY bad), and other chemicals. You gotta get rid of them by
           dipping the entire pussy into DISTILLED water. It must be distilled
           water or else it's no good. Then shake the pussy for a few minutes
           while in the distilled water, and repeat using new distilled water.
           Do it a few times, 10-15 would be ideal. Afterwards, you gotta
           dry your pussy. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT power on the pussy when
           it is wet. Now wait 3-5 days while baking your pussy under the
           sun and then give it a try. It should work afterwards.
2003/10/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:10692 Activity:low 66%like:10002
10/18   Um, what is the purpose of /vol/office?
        \_ It's the directory where office is stored.
        \_ why are you starting this sentence with "Um"?  Are you
           from China?
           \_ um, why would you say that?
2003/10/19-20 [Consumer/Audio] UID:10693 Activity:nil
10/18   I need a good place to buy higher-end audio stuff. Like a good pair of
        headphones, good receiver etc. in the South Bay. Any suggestions?
        (I want to look at stuff so no online). Thanks.
        \_ Laserland & Bay Area Audio, both on Saratoga-Sunnyvale near I85.
           Both have very friendly staffs, in my experience.
        \_ You might want to do some research on-line first.  For headphones
           start at since B&M store selection can be quite limited.
  for more organized written info.  I personally just
           got into the hi-fi headphone stuff a little over a year ago.  Also,
           there may be an occassional Bay Area headphone meet once in a while.
           You can get usually get a good sampling of the cans, amps, and
           sources at meets.
                                               -amateur headphone geek-oid
           \_ meets? jeez. I wasn't planning on making this a way of life.
              Well, I did check around a bit online a little while ago, but
              there's only so much to learn there, with various people
              contradicting each other. I thought of trying maybe Sennheiser
              590. Thanks for the links.
              \_ NP.  Senn 580 or 600 (used) are good starting off points.  If
                 you prefer a brighter sound, Grados are the way to go.  If you
                 want earbud-type portability, I'd go with Etymotics.  I would
                 check out the FS/WTB forum as you can probably find some
                 pretty decent deal for used equipment.
2003/10/19-20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:10697 Activity:nil
10/18   does my csua email work with a pop client like Outlook, or Yahoo mail?
        \_ sure, why not.
        \_ only pop3 over SSL.  Port 995
           \_ or if you set up an ssh tunnel from your computer to soda, and
              point your mail client at localhost.
2003/10/19 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29579 Activity:nil
10/18   It's a guud teeme-a tu be-a a Repoobleecun.  Ve-a tuuk CA.  Ve-a tuuk
        FL.  Ve'fe-a gut ell 3 brunches ooff gufernment.  In 2004 ve'll hefe-a
        un incoombent preseedent roonneeng egeeenst ieezeer un unelecteble-a
        ultra leeberel oor a retured Repoobleecun generel es zee frunt mun
        fur zee meenurity perty.  Bork Bork Bork!
        \_ hi!  go fuck yourself!  You've destroyed the economy, and are
           doing a great job of destroying the government.   I think if
           Bush wins another term things will get bad enough that the
           government will actually collapse into civil war.  when that
           happends i'll enjoy killing fucks like you.
        \_ You already took CA long ago - this state has been very busy
           dismantling the school system and building a gigantic prison
           system for over 20 years - Gray Davis represented the status quo
           and was about as Republican a Democrat as you could get.
        \_ Mmmm, yummy tasty troll.
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