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2003/10/17 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10667 Activity:nil
10/16   Such reasoning washes away any differentiation between good and
        evil, and turns the United Nations into an asinine debating
        society where the representative of a genocidal dictator gets
        his "turn" to criticize how, say, Iceland doesn't have
        enough homosexual out-reach programs.
        \_ Ya know, freeperguy, I love ya, and the stuff you post is usually
           on target but your points would be better served with links from
           news sites that say the same things, not opinion sites like
           That being said, it is true that the UN is exactly as described. The
           idea that unelected third world murderers should even be invited to
           join a world body is ridiculous.  Their opinions are meaningless.
           And the extra 'gotcha' is they all hang out in NY, rape American
           women, ignore traffic tickets and then just fly home under the
           protection of diplomatic immunity.  It's a joke.  If the UN disolved
           tomorrow, the world wouldn't change in the least for good or bad.
           \_ Or maybe people could look at the facts instead of rejecting
              everything because of the ideological leaning of the source.  That
              goes for people from the left, right, and center.
           \_ The problem with freeper articles is that they want to throw
              out the baby with the bath water.  The UN is a good idea.
              expelling nations that have no democractically elected leaders
              is not a bad idea.  Universal sanctions on the bastards is an
              even better idea.  Reform the UN, don't just sink it.
        \_ I hear Bernie Goetz is looking for a job.  -John
2003/10/17 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:10668 Activity:nil 54%like:11489
        \_ from the early days of Planned Parenthood maybe?
2003/10/17 [Uncategorized] UID:10669 Activity:nil
10/16   I'm glad to see that real live world leaders agree with certain
        motd posters about the jews.  You've got some real support out there!
2003/10/17 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10670 Activity:nil
10/16   If the Chinese invented gunpowdah, why the hell didn't they use it
        for guns and other weaponries? Couldn't they have used the
        technology to expand their empire further?
        \_ Why bother with guns if you have flying emperors?
           \_ yea, we all know you love chinese.
        \_ China wasn't expansionist.
           \_ Wahahahahhahahahahaaa!!!  They tell you that in 5th grade?
              \_ I agree with op.  Relatively speaking, China is less
                 expansionist.  Partly, it's due to anal retentive
                 confucian morality, but moslty it's because Chinese
                 prefer to stay at home and enjoy life.
                        \_ I also prefer to stay at home and enjoy life.
                           Why is America expanding in Iraq?
                           \_ The US is not expanding in Iraq.  Iraq will
                              retain its identity as a separate nation.
                        \_ No, they've already conquered everything around them
                           that was easy to take over.  They hit the ocean and
                           the desert and the mountains and thus were stopped
                           only the the surrounding terrain.  There was no
                           where left to expand.  Go buy a globe.
                           \_ Actually they stopped because the Emperor told
                              them to stop. Felt there was no need to conquer
                              anything else because it was unworthy. Go buy a
                              history book.
                           \_ Nah, when Zheng He and his mightly fleet sailed
                              the seven seas, they could easily have invaded
                              many lands but they didn't.

        \_ There was some PBS show (connections? James Burkley?). He
           mentioned that is was cultural. Using gunpowder for fire crackers
           for ceremonies and stuff like that. It took a western view to see
           gunpowder in a different light, and adapting the "bell" for
           another use (as a cannon, basically).
                \_ so you're implying that white men are evil? racist.
                   \_ well, those are your words, not mine (they are evil
                      buggers, though, aren't they?).
                   \_ no he's implying that chinese lack imagination and that's
                      why they're still a 3rd world power.
                      \_ No, actually they thought they had already done
                         it all and perfected their civilization (or something
                         to that effect).
           \_ Actually, I think a lot of it was because China controlled the
              areas it wanted to rule without huge opposition. Creating and
              mass producing new exotic weapons like guns aren't a priority.
         \_ in addition to all above, in order to have an arms race you need
            two or more powers matched closely enough in order to be racing!
            otherwise the dominant power tends to institutionalize its current
            methods.  fear often overrides concerns of honor, sportsmanship,
            or whatever concept binds one to the old ways.
        \_ Actually, they did, according to this NOVA interview:
2003/10/17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10671 Activity:nil
10/16   Mozilla Firebird kicks butt. This latest version is the first of these
        free browsers that I'm 100% satisfied with.
        \_ I'd like it if it weren't so buggy.
           \_ did you delete your old install completely AND create a new
              profile? yeah it's lame but you gotta. --aaron
              \_ *that* means its buggy.
       \_ someone else posted this, but I didn't see any response:  What do
          you guys move over from your old installs after upgrading, and
          how do you do it?
          \_ Yeah, I originally asked that...  I ended up just installing
             over my other version, and haven't had any problems so far.
             (It did wipe out my extensions)
2003/10/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:10672 Activity:nil
10/16   I remember there were some postings here about some alumni list of
        recommended mechanics, plumbers, contractors, etc.  Can someone remind
        where to look for this list again?  Thanks.
           \_ I followed this advice a couple weeks ago:
              and it worked perfectly.
           \_ this site is useful for Berkeley and the east bay... does anyone
              have any recommendations for a good general practice doctor
              in or around Mountain View? -!op
              \_ The Stanford CSUA, perhaps?

emacs user was here
2003/10/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10673 Activity:nil
10/16   Now we have confirmation that China is not expansionistic, "partly,
        it's due to anal retentive confucian morality, but moslty
        it's because Chinese prefer to stay at home and enjoy life".  Here
        ya go:
        \_ First, we are talking about gunpower era, not present day.
           Thanks for taking my writing out of context.  Second,
           if manned space flight and dual use satellites are
           considered expansionistic, we would have to conclude that
           the US is the most expansionistic nation on earth, with
           spy satellites all over the sky and spy stations all
           around China (in S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia,
           central asia, etc.)
        \_ white men are greedy and acquisitive. Look at the way they treated
           black slaves and how Manifest Destiny included plans to kill
           Indians with smallpox. White men like to have sex more often to
           spread their seeds around the world. It's all in the genes.
           \_ Who's yo daddy?!
              \_ George H.W. Bush!
        \_ Firstly, why post the same link twice?  Secondly, both of the
           articles quote the exact same source: a Lt. Stokes, director of
           the Taiwan desk at the Pentagon...  hrmm... must be unbiased.
           \_ simple cut'n'paste error.  why else?  -op
        \_ If you enjoy reading alarmist literature, you should try
           Jack London's "The Unparalled Invasion".  Here is a short
           summary of it:
           "... Jack London's 1910 The Unparalleld Invasion (which calls
           for an aerial bombardment of the Chinese by fragile glass tubes
           that carry every possible biological weapon - and those that
           flee are felled by the powers at their borders, the land is
           disinfected and then whites move into a cleansed China)."
           An excerpt of the aftermath:
           "They found China devastated, a howling wilderness through
           which wandered bands of wild dogs and desperate bandits who
           had survived. All survivors were put to death wherever found.
           And then began the great task, the sanitation of China."
           Here is the full version:
           \_ Is that your idea of foreign policy and containment?
           \_ And I bet you had yellow fever before too
           \_ Is this the Jack London at Jack London Square in Oakland?
              \_ yes. and our alumnus.
2003/10/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:10674 Activity:nil
10/16   I need an inexpensive registrar of the .be domain that supports
        glue records and has an english language interface. recommendations?
        \_ .be?  You've already asked this and no one knew before.  Why would
           they know 4 days later?  google.
        \_ op, you are very silly- I typed "" as a URL and it is a
           real web site.  maybe you should use a search engine or something?
           \_ where did you find ""? did you just guess it?
              Infoware is about the same price as 30 euro/yr.
              actually doesn't work. works.
           \_ where did you find ""? did you guess it?
              they are just about the same price as 30 euro/yr.
2003/10/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:10675 Activity:nil
10/17   Anynone seen "Underworld"?  Is it good?  -- misha.
        \_ no.  it sucks.  I snuck in and I still feel ripped off. - danh
        \_ Worst vampire movie, ever. Actually, it was just a bad movie.
           \_ what about From Dusk Till Dawn or something like that.
              \_ No dude -- John Carpenter's Vampires is even worse.  I mean,
                 take any cool or interesting or sexy imagery associated with
                 vampires.  Now throw it away.  What you've got left is that
                 hideous piece of crap made with Jon Bon Jovi then remade
                 (with virtually no changes) with James Woods.  How I loathe
                 late night cable tv.
              \_ Hmm, I guess I'm fortunate to have missed that one. But
                 Underworld was a clusterfuck of a movie.
        \_ Underworld was perhaps among one of the best movies ever made.
           If you didn't like it you went in with the wrong mindset.
        \_ I liked Underworld but it wasn't a masterpiece.  I think a bunch
           of you got sucked in by the poster or previews or something.  It was
           a straight forward, no sex, all violence vampires vs werewolves
           modern day flick.  There are many worse movies out every week.
           Guns, action, death, blood, weak plot, no sex, somewhat hot chick.
           Very simple.  Like that idea?  See a matinee.  Otherwise skip it.
           I'd do a real review but it's late and I'm busy.  --MMC
           \_ Why can't someone do a decent World of Darkness movie?
              \_ cuz very few gamers are capable of writing decent screenplays
           \_ Making a movie isn't very hard, all you need is a gun and
              a girl. --JLG
              \_ And, perhaps, a camera.
2003/10/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:10676 Activity:nil
10/16   Typical leftist anti-Jew racism and stereotyping but he said he's
        oh so sorry,
        \_ Since when has The New Republic been considered "leftist"?
           Hint: neoliberalism is not the same thing as liberalism.
           Wait, I have just been trolled, haven't I?
           \_ Smile!  You are on motd camera!
2003/10/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10677 Activity:nil
10/16   " campaign that sent hundreds of identical letters to hometown
        newspapers promoting soldiers' rebuilding efforts in Iraq."
        \_ Old news, son.  Increase your refresh rates.
        \_ where've you been?  this is last week's news.
2003/10/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10678 Activity:kinda low
        Ah yes, the General says his God is bigger than the Muslim God.
        \_ He said his God was bigger than the Somalian warlord's "God" - that
           the warlord's god was an idol.  Of course he is not speaking
           about good, freedom-loving Muslims and their God.
           [There was my try at being right-wing.  How was I?]
           \_ He was exercising his freedom of speech rights.  Are you trying
              to take away what makes this country great?  Why do you democrats
              hate America so much?
              \_ Much better imitation of a conservative.
2003/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10679 Activity:nil
10/17   I'm having trouble viewing the online Fry's ad at the site. Everything on the page except for the ad
        image shows up. IE6.0SP1, Win98SE. Help me please!
        \_ Here's a nickel, kid. Go buy yourself a real computer.
           \_ Hey, our good friend "blah, blah, blah, kid", "blah, blah,
              blah, son" is back.  You always add such value to the motd,
              welcome back!
              \_ I don't think it's a single guy -- I think it's more of a
                 motd-culture thing.  You know, mixing old alums with young
                 ugrads, etc.
              \_ He is quoting old Dilbert, you illiterate ape.
                 \_ yeah, 'cause if you don't read Dilbert, surely you
                    have no culture and must be illiterate
                    \_ wow, *whew* it's good to see that you understand.
                 \_ You're one of those condescending UNIX computer users!
                    \_ No, he's probably a linux user and candle lighter.
                 \_ Actually, I read Dilbert and watch the Dilbert TV show.
                    Must have missed that one.
                    \_ It was posted for a couple years by more than one prof
                       on seventh floor soda.  Perhaps you need to renew your
                       credentials, young padawan.
                          \_ Nerd!
                       \_ Oh please, like any of us was still on campus after
                          they finished building Bathroom Hall.  I could find
                          it with a map and a hottie ugrad chick to keep me
                          warm, nothing less.
                          \_ They were there for years, man.  Years.  Just
                             be a man, and admit that you're an idiot.
                             \_ Years?  They?  WTF are you drooling about?
                                Where is my hottie?  You don't qualify.  Send
                                in the freshman chicks!
                    \_ 1995
                 \_ Does CSUA still make people draw pictures of theirmom
                    in order to get an account?  Harken to 5th flr E.
        \_ Switch to Mozilla Firebird. The latest version rocks my socks.
           \_ You mean r0x0rz y00r b0x0rz!
           \_ It kicks ass.  And check out the extensions.  Woood!
           \_ Too bad my mouse wheel doesn't work in Firebird.
              \_ mine does. nyah nyah nyah.
                 \_ you win the nerd of the day award.  mouse wheels are a ms
                    invention to make up in part for their shitty UI.
2003/10/17-18 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10680 Activity:kinda low
10/17   What's up with all the Asians and non-white golf players playing
        and winning LPGA and PGA tours? Whatever happened to the good 'ol
        all white domination?
        \_ Motd poll: This post is:
                a)  lamest troll ever:  .
                b)  a run-of-the-mill-troll: ..
                    \_ like golf isn't boring enough without golf trolls.
                       \_ surely you've never played
                c)  the product of a sick racist bigot:
                        \_ Berkeley does not have a single racist bigot.
                           It is simply unheard of. Therefore this category
                           is a troll bait.
                \_ d) regurtitating days old news
2003/10/17 [Uncategorized] UID:29574 Activity:nil 50%like:29576
10/16   I have libs in /usr/local/lib that aren't getting found by a program,
        but libs in /usr/lib they get found. How can I fix this?
2003/10/17 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:29575 Activity:high
10/16   So when will the U.S./Israel execute a surgical strike on Iranian
        nuclear facilities?  Can Iran do anything in return?  Sounds like
        what Reagan would do, doesn't it?
        \_ They could strike Israel with their Shahab missiles in return,
           possibly with a WMD-loaded warhead. Also, how do you know if a
           surgical strike will be successful in terminating their nulcear
           program? Are you sure they don't have any well hidden, unknown to the
           west nuclear sites?
           \_ That's what the IAEA inspectors are for.  Besides, it worked
              in Iraq 22 years ago.  Bring 'em on! -dubya
        \_ WWRD?
        \_ What the fuck? Since when is it a crime to have nuclear weapon?
                          \_ Since Iran has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation
                             \_ i thought nonproliferation means not giving
                                away nuclear weapon technology.
           \_ Because we've got bigger guns? fuck off!
        \_ I'll say we surgical strike nuclear facilities in North Korea too.
           While we are at it, we might as well take out China's nuclear
           capability.  Then, We fly to Russia via China's north west, take
           out Russian's nuclear weapons.  It will be santa claus time.
                \_ you totally missed India and Pakistan.
           \_ China will happen the day after we activate the ballistic
              missile defense.
2003/10/17 [Uncategorized] UID:29576 Activity:nil 50%like:29574
10/16   Some libs in /usr/local/lib don't get found by a program I complied
        Is this set by an environment variable?
        \_ LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?
           \_ Yup. that works! thanks. :)
2018/11/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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