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2003/10/13 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10603 Activity:low
10/11   Drugs, Russia and Terrorism, Part 1
        Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West
        \_ This shouldn't be news to anyone that can read and isn't naive.
           \_ "who can read"
2003/10/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10605 Activity:nil
10/11   Interesting Smithsonian article about the history of Iraq:
        \_ does it cover the stuff about being kicked out of the garden and
           settling there and thus the modern day iraqis are the direct
           line from adam and as people who walked the earth before jesus
           should be granted deference and respect due the children of god?
           just curious.
           \_ We are all the children of God, and every sperm is sacred.
              \_ Sorry children, but I have to sell you all for medical
              \_ Amen, brother!  Amen!
2003/10/13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:10606 Activity:nil
10/13   If you've falling from you motorcycle before, which part of body
        is disfigured/maimed/lost? Just curious... and nweaver, please post!
2003/10/13-14 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:10607 Activity:nil
10/13   Ninja robots are coming:
        \_ Even better.  Ninja MONKEY robots!
2003/10/13 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:10609 Activity:high
10/13   What kind of protection do you use and why?
        \_ it is what she prefers
        \_ too much hassle
        nothing: .
        \_ cuz it feels better
           \_ and you want to be a daddy
        \_ What is up with the safe sex questions lately on the motd?  Did
           none of you get basic sex education in school?  Do you not know
           how to use google?
                \_ well I used to use the condom but lately I've been
                   using nothing and it feel SOOOOOOOOOO much better and
                   now I don't ever want to go back using the condom.
                   \_ What's up, Daddy?
           \_ Catholics trying to figure out if the Church was lying when
              it said condoms don't prevent the spread of AIDS?
        sleep with _your_ wife/gf: .
        \_ so you can raise my kids
        abstinence: .
        my geekly magnetism driving away the girls:
        \_ hi geordan!
        chastity belt:
2003/10/13-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:10610 Activity:low
10/13   I've always wondered what makes a 2 wheeled vehicle turn when it
        is fast. Whenever I see people turn on their bikes, they don't turn
        the wheels but instead lean towards the turn. What baffles me the
        most is their wheels are straight in the turn! What exactly is the
        physical force that makes it turn? Is it the angular momentum or
        some other mechanism?                           -not physics buff
        \_ "when it is fast"? yikes.
        the wheels but instead lean towards the turn. What baffles me the
        most is their wheels are straight in the turn! What exactly is the
        physical force that makes it turn? Is it the angular momentum or
        some other mechanism?                           -not physics buff
        \_ nor would you want to turn your steering column if you were
           going 80MPH on a bike
                \_ why not?
                   \_ dying would be one of the main reasons.
                   \_ Try it sometime!
        \_ torque.  angular momentum.  cross product.
           \_ What torque?  I thought it's the frictional force between the
              tires and the road which points to the center of curvature.
              \_ So how do you explain that leaning over would change
                 the center of curvature?
                 \_ Where does the torque come from?
                    \_ Gravity.  When you lean over, you're trying to rotate the
                       bike (and gravity is helping you) perpendicular to the
                       current axis of rotation.
        \_ How do you know the steering isn't being turned by a miniscule amt.?
           \_ because circles of large curvature are really flat, just like
              the earth!
        \_ The leaning is not what causes the bike to turn. The leaning is done
           so that the bike doesn't fall over in the opposite direction from the
           centrifugal force from turning. You need to lean more when taking
           a turn at a higher speed than at a lower speed.
        \_ Here's a fun experiment you can do with a tire... attach it to
           some sort of rod or something, then start spinning it... then move
           the rod and notice the resistance you get. Not exactly the same
           thing as turning, but maybe you'll start to feel/see forces that
           you didn't quite understand before.
           \_ Look up gyroscope in  They have a video
        \_ You never try to  turn the steering wheel while riding.  Instead,
           you push down on the direction that you want to go.  There is a
           small angle in the steering column relative from a right angle to
           the ground which generated a slight turn in the front wheel.
           Pushing down in the direction you want to go also leans your weight
           into the turn. At least that's how i ride.
           into the turn.
2003/10/13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:10611 Activity:high
10/11   Not that TV is a great source of news and facts, but it brought my
        attention to the following issue covered by a BBC special when I
        was in Hong Kong.

        Do any of you (Bush supporters, especially) realize that we
        have been kidnapping people (i.e. without proper extradite proceedings)
        from over 3 continents and locking them up in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,
        without charging them with a crime, denying them access to lawyers,
        without providing any judicial oversight whatsoever, and trying
        them in a kangaroo court set up by a military commission?
                \_ Soon everyone will know the TRU7H tnx to MIT:
        \_ we don't really hear about this on mainstream news, but I can
           assure you that everyone in Europe does.

        What happened to the human rights that we've been talking about?
        \_ Yes, I'm perfectly aware and didn't need to watch HK BBC to find
           out like it's some BushCo Conspiracy to hide it from the American
           people.  As a "Bush supporter, specifically", my response is two
           fold: 1) so what?  2) get your facts straight, there haven't been
           any trials and there won't ever be.
                        --Evil BushCo Republican Conspirator
           \_ so what?  do you have a conscience?  Guantanomo Bay is a legal
              blackhole; 35+ have attempted suicide so far. We don't know what
              is going on in there. There may even be a torture chamber. Do
              you realize that the difference between terrorists and
              non-terrorists lies not in their beliefs, but in the methods
              with which they carry out their goals?  If we deny them their
              right to fair trial, if we end up torturing people who are
              innocent, then what is the difference between US and THEM?
              \_ What the US was *intended* to be and what it *is* and has
                 been since the 60's are very different places.  Why pretend?
                 If you want the America the FF promised us "if we could keep
                 it" then you should be deeply disappointed in what you've
                 had for 40 years or more.  G.Bay is just one more example of
                 the US involving itself in foreign affairs when we really
                 should have packed up our bags and left the rest of the world
                 to rot after WWII.  Actually, this reminds me of a PC game
                 from the early 90s called "Balance of Power".  After numerous
                 attempts to crush the Russians with aggresive foreign policy
                 which usually lead to my downfall or nuclear war, I racked up
                 an off the charts high score by pulling back all troops and
                 all foreign aid money from everywhere and doing nothing for
                 my 8 years in office.  I wonder if the writers did that
                 intentionally or that's really the way the world is....  And
                 yes I know the world isn't a video game, so don't bother.  It
                 was an aside.
                 \_ Embittered? No hope? Then take your nihilist punk ass out
                    back and blow your head off so the rest of us can get on
                    with trying to make the world a better place.
                    \_ I'm not at all embittered and certainly not a nihilist.
                       I'm a realist and I don't pretend that we still follow
                       the FF's ideals.  This country is nothing like they
                       intended and never will be again so long as idealists
                       such as yourself only choose the bits and pieces of what
                       they wanted while discarding all those annoying bits
                       you don't like.  It's an all or nothing deal and we've
                       already chosen nothing.  Go read the Federalist Papers
                       and see how your world view dramatically differs from
                       the FF's.  Punk ass?  Suicide?  Not even close.  Someone
                       like you actually making the world a better place? That
                       is even less likely than me suiciding to "clear the way"
                       for you to fuck things up even more with your selective
                       minimalist version of the FF's dream and your arrogant
                       and obnoxious "I'm holier than thou and making the world
                       a better place!" bullshit.  Tell me exactly what *you*
                       are personally doing to "make the world a better place"
                       and what you've accomplished so far besides sloganeering
                       and being a self righteous twit.  --E. BC. C.
                       \_ Sure.  Sign your csua user name, and I'll gladly
                          email you with my list of contributions.
                          \_ You should be proud of your great contribuations
                             to humanity.  Please share with us all.
                             \_ Ah, I see that we are both of us trolls.
                                \_ No, I'm not.  But since you are you can go
                                   away now.  Bye.
        \_ What happened to proper use of English?
           \_ aside from attacking my language skills, do you have
              anything valid to say?  or are you the type who thinks that
              anything Bush does is righteous?
              \_ Ok, how about some proof that we kidnapped anyone?
                 \_ Not only did we kidnap people, but rightfully so.  Fuck
                    the terrorists.  The ones in GB are lucky we didn't take
                    care of them the way the Russians do and start excuting
                    their family members.  --Evil BushCo Conspirator
              \_ what human rights have we been talking about? arguably,
                 some humans really should be treated like animals though.
                 but yeah, bush is a moron anyway.
        \_ Might makes Right.
           \_ That's always been true.
        \_ Virtually all of those people in the camp somehow ended up
           in US custody without legal extradite proceeding.  So, by
           UN convention, we are kidnapping them to Guantanamo Bay.  Not even
           American lawyers have access to them because GB is not considered
           a soverign territory of the USA.
           \_ Some body delete this thread before me Engrish become so bad.
              \_ Censoring is english guantanmo bay hong news is yes, lah!
           \_ Yes, we kidnapped them but not by UN anything.  The UN is a
              powerless and meaningless coffee chat parlor house and thank
              god because the last thing the freedom loving West needs is
              all those self appointed third world military dictators (who are
              a majority in the UN) getting any real power on the world stage.
        \_ there was a time I vividly remember when we blamed German citizens
           who turned a blind eye towards what was going on in the
           concentration camps.  It's interesting that most of our own
           citizens have turned a blind eye towards what is going on within
           our own government while critizing other citizens for doing the
           same thing.
           \_ I didn't realise anyone here was old enough to remember the
              1930s, much less remember them vividly.  Seriously, I find your
              comparison to Nazi Germany highly offensive.  Rounding up a few
              hundred foreign terrorists with criminal backgrounds is not in
              any way comparable to the mass displacement, loss of property,
              and finally mass murder of 6+ million Jews, plus countless
              Gypsies and an unknown number of other German "undesirables".
              Shame on you.
              \_ Do you deny we have turned a blind eye to G.Bay, though?
                 We have absolutely NO IDEA what is happening there.  We
                 don't know WHO is there.  They have no legal recourse.
                 The comparison to Nazi Germany, while highly charged, has
                 a valid premise which you ignored.
                 \_ No, it doesn't and I didn't ignore it.  It's sickening and
                    wrong as I said.  But since you're so dense and have
                    apparently never seen the bodies or the 'survivors' of the
                    camps once the Allies showed up, I'll explain it to you:
                    In the Nazi camps, they took their own citizens by the
                    millions and those of 'undesirable' racial and other status
                    from surrounding conquered nations, took everything they
                    owned, put them in cattle cars where many died on their
                    way to the camps, shot a bunch of arrival until they
                    decided bullets were too good for them and 6 million
                    bullets would be very expensive so they gassed them to
                    death and tossed the bodies in ovens because burial is
                    time and space consuming and hey they were only jews and
                    other trash so who cares anyway.  The 'survivors' such as
                    they were underwent horrendous medical 'experiments' akin
                    to what a cruel 5 year old does to captured butterflies,
                    except these were real people.  Someone's mother, father,
                    someone's sister or brother, a son or daughter.  They were
                    all someone' neighbor.  Those who weren't cut open, burned,
                    frozen, poisoned, or murdered in some other way were left
                    staving down to skeletons.  Most were so close to death
                    from starvation when the Allies showed they couldn't stand.
                    I have no sympathy for foreign criminal terrorists getting
                    rounded up and shot.  I certainly have none for foreign
                    criminal terrorists who get rounded up and sent to summer
                    camp where they get coddled, are allowed to pray three
                    times a day, get tax payer funded Muslim holy men to visit
                    them, lead them in prayers, and oh yeah, betray this
                    country along the way.  Your comparison is sickening and
                    I categorically deny there is any similarity whatosever
                    between the two cases.  Shame on you twice for your
                    ignorance and your returning to insist on spreading your
                    ignorance a second time.
                    \_ Imagine just how much of all of this could have been
                       avoided if the people had stood up and denounced the
                       Nazi concentration camps.  No, Camp X-ray is not a
                       a genocidal concentration camp.  It is, however, a
                       denigration of human rights, and as such forms the
                       top of a slippery moral slope that could one day lead
                       to wholesale incarceration of a people simply because
                       of their race/creed.  We have an opportunity to nip
                       this in the bud before it becomes more of an atrocity,
                       and we should do so.
                       \_ With rights comes responsibilities.  People who go
                          around blowing shit up have yielded those rights.
                          I see no slippery slope.  Any people or culture or
                          nation that won't defend itself from enemies without
                          or enemies within is doomed.  By sitting on our
                          hands crying about the human rights of terrorists we
                          are committing suicide as a people.
                          \_ Agreed!  But _alleged_ terrorists should have
                             the same rights to defend themselves against
                             the charges as any other accused criminal.
                             Prove that our system works by convicting the
                             terrorists in our criminal courts, or admit
                             that the system is flawed, reform it, and THEN
                             try them.  Military tribunals and an opaque
                             basis for incarceration will not convince
                             anyone that we are right.
                             \_ Would you give someone a nice friendly public
                                trial if it meant the prosecution would have to
                                give up sources, witnesses, intelligence,
                                methods and other info that would allow your
                                enemy to keep you from successfully
                                infiltrating their groups and preventing
                                future attacks?  I wouldn't.  These aren't
                                standard civil criminal cases.  We're at war.
                                The enemy is well funded, dispersed, lives
                                among us and our allies, hates us for what
                                we are and is willing to send their children
                                to die in the name of their god in an effort
                                to destroy us and convert the world to their
                                religion.  I'll take a pass on the FBI style
                                civilian criminal justice trial, thanks.
                                \_ When the FBI busts a mafia figure, do
                                   they have to give up everyone of their
                                   sources to the public?  I think not.
                                   You're too quick to embrace breaching
                                   the Bill of Rights in an attempt to
                                   catch the baddies without looking at
                                   the less-civil-rights-infringing
                                   alternatives that already exist.
                                   \_ Actually, yes, that's what the witness
                                      protection program is all about.
                                      \_ Ridiculous.  This is not all of
                                         their sources.  A good deal remains
                                \_ This is the kind of attitude that leads
                                   to excess. Is there anything you would
                                   not support in your endless, unwinnable
                                   "war" against an invisible enemy that
                                   lurks amongst us?
                                   \_ People use this 'Orwell argument' a lot.
                                      The trouble is, in Orwell's world, the
                                      invisible enemy was made up.  In our
                                      case the invisible enemy is real.
                                      Do you honestly believe all the happy
                                      terrorist cells are made up by the
                                      government so they can take your
                                      liberties away?  Yes it sucks, but this
                                      is the price of being successful, people
                                      will always be gunning after you and your
                                      way of life.
          \_ btw, you should use the word "hypocrisy" here. -MOTD GRAMMAR GOD
2003/10/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:10612 Activity:high
10/13   Why was Sir Walter Raleigh such a stupid git?
        \_ you're so tired?
            \_ yes and yes, but i'd still like to know what if anything
                J.L. meant.
                \_ Sir Walter Raleigh was the founder of North Carolina
                   and is credited with starting the tobacco growing
                   industry. I think there is/was also a cigarette brand
                   called "Sir Walter Raleigh", so it's unclear if he's
                   cursing the man or the brand of cigarettes or both.
        \_ Because he was stuck in a 5 pound can?
           \_ Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
              \_ Is your refrigerator running?
                 \_ Can I speak to Seymore Butts, please?
           Read the story of his life. I think it would be obvious
           why someone might say that about him.
2003/10/13-14 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:10613 Activity:high
10/13   <troll> SEX! </troll>
        \_ <countertroll> segue into politics </countertroll>
2003/10/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:10614 Activity:kinda low
10/13   WTF?!
        \_ Are you meaning to mock my representative on earth? --god
        \_ JESUS CHRIST!
        \_ that's a nimbus.
           \_ It's not photoshopped.  There's a presidential seal in the press
              room, and for some reason people get a hard-on from taking a
              picture of the Pres. in front of it like it's a halo.  Never seen
              this with any previous president.
2003/10/13-14 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10615 Activity:kinda low
        Can someone explain kchang's testimonial? I don't get it.
        \_ curse you! i just wasted an hour looking at the profiles of
           half the dorks from my highschool.  i blame you.
        \_ If you have to ask...
           \_ nonono, the right phrase is, "Those who know, don't tell, those
              who tell, don't know".
              \_ Again.  If you have to ask...
        \_ Wait, since when is kchang lila's friend?
2003/10/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:10616 Activity:kinda low 50%like:10102
10/13   Damn you motd censor. I was having fun toying with the
        paranoid schizophrenic. -AML
        \_ No, you were just wrong and decided to start trolling once you
           ran out of points.  If you're going to insult someone please at
           least understand what the words mean.  Go look up paranoid
           schizophrenia.  This isn't highschool where you were the only
           smart kid.
           \_ bwahahaha.  You actually thought the fob and the troll were
              the same person?
              \_ shhh... THEY might be listening in...
2003/10/13-14 [Computer/Theory] UID:10617 Activity:high
10/13   Second WALKING robot out of Japan.  First one was Honda's ASIMO.
        Is anybody else even in this field?
        \_ learn to scroll.  Specifically, downwards.
        \_ More importantly, why bother being in this field?  Is building a
           robotic version of a human really all that useful?  I'd rather
           have numerous cheaper specialized robots than 1 general purpose
           one that can sort of do a number of things ok.  Like it would be
           nice if my vacuum cleaner would just turn on and clean up when
           I'm not around and then go back to it's closet.
           \_ Or a robot grammarian.          \_ its god damn it. it's not hard
           \_ I think such vacuum cleaner aleardy exists.
           \_ Or a robot grammarian.
           \_ Wait until they have sex slave robots made in the image of
              your choosing. Then you'd have something.
        \_ Wasn't the first one a Honda/Sony joint venture?
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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