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2003/10/12-13 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10598 Activity:nil
10/11   Somewhat related to the free trade discussion below...Current farm
        subsidy program hurts free trade and may be making us into a nation of
        fat people through excess food production:
        \_ we become fat by excess food consumption, not production
           \_ True, but excess food production is an incentive to food
              companies to increase the caloric values of their products.
              Try reading the article.
           \_ I'm a low-carber and eat like a pig. I've lost lots of weight
              eating right. Atkins (and others) were onto something.
                            \_ "if he's so smart, how come he's dead?"
                               \_ because everyone dies, duh.
              \_ Becoming a meth addict "works" also.  does that mean that
                 your local friendly meth dealer is "onto something?"
                 \_ This is not a logical argument.  Keep trying, son.
                    \_ the atkins diet and meth addiction are both
                       spectacularly unhealthy lifestyles that eventually
                       lead to death by heart disease.  they both are also
                       pretty much garaunteed to cause weight-loss.
                       you can be a patronizing fuck about it (which would
                       be the typical response of the typical atkins nut)
                       and it will change nothing.  you can officaially
                       claim victory on the motd, and i'll just live a
                       long healthy life while eating a balanced diet and
                       excersising regularly while you die in front of
                       your terminal in your 40's
                       \_ I'm not on any diet and I think the Atkins people are
                          nuts but there is *no* proof that their diet will
                          lead to early death by heart disease or anything
                       \_ Better, but still not totally logical...and emotional
                          now, too.  Work it, kid, work it.
                          \_ FOAD
                          \_ instead of being a stupid dick, why not actually
                             respond to the point? -someone else
                             \_ Uhm, because trolling the moron is so much
                                more fun.
2003/10/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10599 Activity:nil
10/11   Dick Cheney Was Right
        \_ I can smell the troll from here!
           \_ doesn't fit your world view so it must be a troll.  typical.
              we know that when you've got nothing to say you always resort
              to the thoughtless "it's a troll!" response.  why bother even
              posting anymore?  we already know you've got no response and
              nothing to add.  RTFA and you'll see real facts.  Hurts, huh? !op
        \_ "We don't know," said Cheney today.
           On March 16, just before the war started, Vice President Cheney
           said, "We know that [Saddam Hussein] has a long-standing
           relationship with various terrorist groups, including the Al
           Qaeda organization."
           To bad he didn't tell the truth back in March, eh?
                \_ Did you read the article?  It addresses your concern.
                   They were two different questions.  The question in the
                   article was about Sept. 11.  What was the question
                   for your quote.  You're being intellectually dishonest.
                                    \_ tjb?  what are you doing here?!?
                                       \_ standard motd leftist: if you can't
                                          dispute the facts, insult the speaker
                                          \_ Typical motd child: Doesn't know
                                             jack doodly about the poster, so
                                             he must be on the Other team
                                             (since ALL politics can be
                                             trivially divided into two teams).
                                             \_ Good try.  Take another shot?
                                                \_ Do you even know who tjb
                                                   \_ yup.  and?
                                                      \_ You're way too serious
                                                         or take yourself way
                                                         too seriously.
                                                         Lighten up, chum.
                                          \_ leftists like Bill O'Reilly?
                                             \_ BO'R is an entertainer, not a
                                                politcal figure.
                                          \_ Standard motd rightist: post
                                             uninteresting opinion peice
                                             from right wing magazine, then
                                             claim that it is indisputable
                                             "facts," and get all huffy and
                                             pious when people insult you.
                                             \_ Better to post something than
                                                just rant about the evil BushCo
                                                conspiracy and blindly write
                                                off the opposition without so
                                                much as a link, good or bad.
                                                I'm not the op but still no one
                                                has disproved anything in that
                                                URL at all.  Just fired up the
                                                old "its a troll!" gun and
                                                ripped off a few shots into
                                                the dark.
2003/10/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:10600 Activity:nil
10/11   I'm trying to find hh.  I have something that belongs to him that
        I want to return.  Does anyone have a current email address?  Mail
        me if you do.  - raytrace@csua
        \_ WOW you are so nice. People usually just keep the stuff I lend
           them and never return them. I've lost at least $1000 worth of
           stuff in the past 10 years, including text bks, money, games,
           comic books, etc etc etc.
        \_ have you tried: hh@scam.XCF.Berkeley.EDU ?
        \_ his love child?
           \_ the father of my love child was ZUUL. -raytrace
              \_ are you the key master?
2003/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Shopping] UID:10601 Activity:nil
10/11   My friend just asked me what "pegged pants" are. I couldn't find
        any good pictures on google. Any better googlers out there?
        This is as good as I could find:
        \_ Couldn't find pegged jeans, but this is pretty funny:
        \_ Why don't you fold your jeans, roll them, and let him see for
           himself.  If it helps, wear some reebok hightops (or vans w/ no
           socks) and a T&C Surf Designs shirt.  If you really want a picture,
           please take one and post it on the web, I'd like to see it too.
           \_ I did this last weekend for an 80's party. HORRID. Utterly
              horrid. If I end up with any pictures of myself, I'll make sure
              to burn them.
        \_ Does anyone have a copy of "The Official Preppy Handbook". Quotes:
           "Blucher moccasins or Sperry Top-siders?", "whales or ducks?"...
           "to Lacoste or not to Lacoste and if so collar up or down?"
2003/10/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10602 Activity:nil
10/11   Many soldiers, same letter:
        \_ Yeah and they all vote the same, too!  We should make sure they
           can't vote and corrupt our democracy anymore.
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