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2003/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:10586 Activity:nil
10/10   Like father-in-law, like son:
        \_ HOLY SHIT!  Isn't it illegal to dig up a corpse??!!?
2003/10/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:10587 Activity:moderate
10/10   Which OS will run best on a K6-2 400MHz, 128meg ram, 4gig hard
        drive laptop: NT4, Win2k, or WinXP? My software requires NTFS.
                \_ try double your ram
        \_ reply hazy ask again later
        \_ Someone says for machines with 128MB RAM or more, XP actually
           manages memory better than NT.  Don't know if it's true or not.
           I have Celeron 400 128MB RAM running NT, and I also wonder which
           of 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP will have the best performance on such a
        \_ probably nt4. i had a k6-2 350 with 128MB and xp was quite slow.
           2k was bearable, but not exactly speedy. it ran 98 a long time
           ago, and that ran pretty well. obviously, all else being equal,
           the os that does less bookkeeping and uses less memory is going
           to be faster.
        \_ Win98 with NTFS drivers off the net.
        \_ Probably NT4.  I certainly wouldn't run 2K or XP without >128 MB ram.
2003/10/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:10588 Activity:nil
10/10   Sweatshop Protests May Hurt, Not Help, Poor Workers
        \_ woo woo, prostitution
        \_ We should never protest evil because otherwise some other evil
           might happen in it's place.  It's better if we just don't worry
           our pretty little heads over it and let Bad Things Happen To
           Other People because ya know, hey, some economists said so!
           \_ Having trouble with arguing against that part that points
              out that "no one is forcing the workers to the factories,"
              aren't you.  News flash: Industrial Revolution NOT bad!
2003/10/11 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:10589 Activity:nil
10/10   Rush admits being addicted to Oxycontin and Vicodin:
        \_ at least had the courage to admit it
           \_ Yeah, after every major paper in the nation carried a story
              about it.  That's not courage, that's called 'saving face' and
              isn't even related.  Sorry.
              \_ Why should he have said anything earlier?  It's called
                 getting outted.  It's his personal problem and I don't see
                 you on here bagging on all your drug addicted leftist
                 actor/activist heroes from hollywood.
                 \_ Well...because they're exepcted to be fuckups.  There's
                    a basic issue of hypocrisy in Rush's case.  To be clear:
                    outted != courage or courageous -- I know what the term
                    means, but you seem to be confused about it.
        \_ Shrug.
2003/10/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:10590 Activity:nil
10/10   Free swedish meatballs at the Emeryville or Palo alto IKEA
        \_ I love Swedish meatballs, especially Vendela.
           \_ Her interests include martial arts and marksmanship.  She'd
              kill you and eat your still beating heart before you hit the
              ground, kiddo.  Helga and Gunnel are safer choices you might
              survive more than 3 seconds.
        \_ I love Swedish meatballs.
2003/10/11 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:10591 Activity:kinda low
10/10   This is stupid, but is there any way to get Win2k to use the "old
        style" CD player application?  I _HATE_ this new skinned version,
        always trying to download my song info and just ugly and clunky.
        \_ Only way I know of is to reinstall. Better yet, just use WinAmp 2.91
           (and not that bloated WinAmp 3.x crap). I've always liked WinAmp
           better than any version of WMP.
           \_ Aahhhhh.... much better.  I didn't know 2.x was still
              \_ - pst
        \_ can't you modify its properties and change things?
2003/10/11 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10592 Activity:nil
10/10   My laptop hd is having problems.  Won't boot.  Plugged into USB hd
        caddy, and see the two partitions on it from my desktop.  (Both
        running XP).  Both partitions show up as drives from an explorer
        window on the desktop, but accessing the second partition gives
        errors like "incorrect parameter" or "drive not formatted."  Tried
        using Partition Magic 8 to copy the whole laptop hd to my desktop
        hd, but it returned "Error #56, Can't read sector" or something to
        that effect.  Suspecting physical error, but software still seems
        to detect the partitions.  Can't afford to go to data recovery
        specialist.  What tools are there (Windows or Linux) that can help
        me recover data off laptop drive?
        \_ linux: dd each partition to a file on another drive
           then try mounting file as a loopback device.
           with like:  mount -o loop -t type filename /mnt/tmp
           "type" depends on the filsystem type. win98 is vfat. donno XP.
        \_ restore from tape.  you made backups, right?
2003/10/11-12 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Finance/Investment] UID:10593 Activity:low
10/10   Free trade can hurt developing countries:
        \_ All trade policies, in fact all government policies hurt someone
           somewhere at someone else's expense.  There is no perfect trade
           policy.  There is no perfect law.  It's just a case of forming
           policies that help this country without hurting others worse
           than necessary.
        \_  Boy they are really stretching data based on a mess
            of assumptions.  (especially the independence of obviously
            not independent data).  All the data really shows is that
            rich countries are less corrupt than poor ones, which is
            far from earth shattering.  Take a look at their lame
            Note that the "closed" economies GDP only goes up to 9.
            Why did they include data on the US and UK then?  (and the
            rest above 9) because it gives them a much larger slope in
            their "rich to poor" corruption curve. -phuqm
            \_ The Economist comes to the same conclusion, though I have
               not seen the data to back up their reasoning. -AMC
               \_ The Economist has stated many times that the poor countries
                  are to benefit more from free trade than the rich countries,
                  that is, if the rich countries stop subsidizing and do remove
                  import barries on agricultural comodities, textiles, and other
                  goods that can be produced more cheaply in the developing
                  \_ yeah, so if you're in the middle class and "haven't
                     gotten yours," you should be concerned about globalization
                      \_ Everyone should be concerned with free trade.  It is
                         to everyone's benefit and the very first thing everyone
                         should be concerned with is eliminating the above
                         mentioned barriers on agriculture that the US (and
                         other rich countries put up) and specifically the US
                         should stop giving nearly 100 Billion dollars to rich
                         corporate farmers like ADM. -phuqm
                         \_ yes, you are right. i agree. --aaron
                             \_ Aaron agrees with me.  jeesh, i better rethink
                                This is a first ;) -phuqm
                         \_ ok, it will probably benefit the whole of
                            humanity, but will it benefit every individual?
                             \_ It will certainly benefit everyone who pays
                                taxes because the above-mentioned trade barriers
                                are raised with your taxes.
                             \_ The good of the many outweighs of the good of
                                the few.
                                \_ for the rest of our natural lives, the
                                   "many" that you talk about will be people
                                   who populate corporate boards, not the
                                   peons in third-world countries
                                   \_ Sucker.
                             \_ I don't care. -phqum
                  \_ Sure, but Ghana has no leverage or control over EU and
                     US farm policy. In the interim they have been better off
                     protecting nascent local industries until they can become
                     large enough to become export industries. This was
                     practiced with great success by Japan in the 60s, Hong
                     Kong in the 70s and Korea in the 80s. A wide open market
                     favors established industries to an overwhelming degree.
                     \_ and in the meanwhile.. the consumers will suffer. Also,
                        there are plenty examples where raising trade barriers
                        hurt the consumers (obviously) AND failed to make the
                        protected industries competitive.
                        \_ It is certainly a tricky balance to make. But those
                           countries that have successfuly made the jump from
                           developing nation to developed nation in the last
                           50 years all did it. Finding the right mix of
                           protectionism and unrestricted trade is hard or
                           everyone would have done it. The point is that
                           mindless devotion to the neoliberal model is bad
                           for developing countries. See Argentina, Russia
                           from 1991-1996 and many, many other examples.
                         mentioned barriers on agriculture that the US (and other
                         rich countries put up) and specifically the US should
                         stop giving nearly 100 Billion dollars to rich corporate
                         farmers like ADM. -phuqm
                     favors established industries to a great degree.
2003/10/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:10594 Activity:nil
10/10   what material should i use to simulate orc-flesh for an Uruk-Hai
        \_ skin of dead fat sysadmin
        \_ skin of motd censor.
           \_ nah, too thin.
2003/10/11-12 [Reference/Tax] UID:10595 Activity:kinda low
10/11   Someone posted this earlier regarding income tax:
           \_ Why is it an abomination?  It needs to more progressive,
              especially the SS payroll tax, but other than that I don't see it
              being worthy of that particular adjective.  Besides, John,
              aren't you in Europe, home of the VAT and the 45% marginal rate?
        No, I live in Switzerland, home of the VAT that's less than CA's (7.6%)
        the approx. 15-30% of income taxes (including local/state/federal and
        social security, such as it is), working trains, nice highways, and
        functioning schools.  You're thinking EU, which this country is not
        a part of (and hopefully won't ever be.)  -John
        \_ Can I move there? -- ilyas
           \_ No, you can't because you're a dirty foreigner and the Swiss
              would never let you in the country for longer than a reasonable
              length vacation.  You'd never be allowed to legally work and
              would be immediately deported if you managed to get a job and
              were caught.
              \_ I was in Europe once, so I am almost domesticated.
                   -- ilyas
           \_ Sure you can.  Just need a job and someone who's willing to
              sponsor your permit.  By the way, the reason I post all this
              stuff is the same as why I keep telling people here that no,
              you won't get shot in the US, and we don't eat spam.  -John
        \_ Switzerland is lower than the EU, but higher than the US:
           \_ (a) social security only counts as part of tax burden if it's
              not considered "yours", i.e. if you see it as a tax rather than
              a countribution, (b) the chart is skewed because the equivalent
              of a (voluntary) IRA in the US is state mandated here, but
              privately run (so even stupid people get some kind of pension)
              --I don't believe that's counted towards the US portion of the
              tax burden (don't forget that you can withdraw it as a foreigner
              leaving the country, or if you build a house or something),
              (c) the US has a vastly higher rate of companies moving offshore
               to declare taxes (why do you think rich people/companies move
              to Zug and not to Minneapolis?) (c) that's for overall GDP
              rather than income tax.  As I understand it, Japan has
              fantastically high income taxes, yet ranks below the US in this
              chart.  Explain?  -John
              \_ Overall tax burden is more important than any particular
                 tax rate. If the top tax rate is 90%, but only falls on
                 100 people, it is not significant to talk about it.
                 \_ Unless you're one of those 100.
        \_ no third-world immigration and tons of money/art stolen from Jews.
                 100 people, it is not particularly significant to talk
                 about it.
2003/10/11-12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10596 Activity:nil
10/11   Any reccomendations for an online bookmark manager?  It must im/export
        to IE, Netscape, Opera, Konqueror across Windows, Linux, AIX.  Looking
        for a free service, no ads, and the site shouldn't disappear in a few
        months or years.  Considering the following:
        Any opinion / experience with those?  Suggestions for something else?
        \_ free, with no ads, and won't go out of "business"? are you
           on crack? you'd best roll your own.
        \_ + ed + XHTML
        \_ Have a look at -- I don't recall what
           he's using, but you can ask.  -John
        \_ you want free, multi platform, does everything, no ads, and won't
           ever go away?  this isn't 1998.
2003/10/11-12 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:10597 Activity:nil
10/10   Save Karyn book:
        \_ I hate this bitch.
           \_ I've never heard of her but if you hate her, I like her.
                \_ this is not the middle east
2003/10/11 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29572 Activity:very high
10/10   Fiery Black Conservative Running For Congress in North Carolina
        \_ Is this some homosexual code word?
                \_ is this called projection?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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