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2003/10/10-11 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10568 Activity:nil
10/10   pretty entertaining AI/20 Questions website: for anonymous login
        <DEAD><DEAD>  to register, which makes it way
        more entertaining.

        Things I didn't know
        The Earth's core is not something you can wear
        You don't squeeze the Earth's core out of a bottle
        The Earth's core is not in a traditional engagement ring
        \_ Things I didn't know
           A programmer is not fuzzy
                \_ Bunny is, though.
           A programmer might carry people
           A programmer does bite
           A programmer is not used to measure something
        \_ Thing I didn't know
           You don't put things in a testicle
        \_ A mobile phone probably has leaves... and is a domesticated animal
        \_ Things I didn't know
           Religion is not made of plastic
           Men might not find religion erotic
           Religion is artificially built by human beings
        \_ Can some one please install the *ancient* 'animal game' on soda
           so these people can get their sillyness fix?  Thanks.
2003/10/10 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:10569 Activity:nil
10/9    Suppose I go on a cruise and the ship is in international water
        where there is no jurisdiction from any government. What would
        happen if there is murder or drug dealings or pot growing? Who
        regulates and who enforces?
        \_ The captain throws you overboard.  -John
        \_ this is one of those things that the cruise lines don't
           want you to think about
        \_ or, hypothetically, brainwash people into your bullshit
           made-up religion...
           \_ hint: all religions are made up.
        \_ Nothing happens. I once raped 11 chicks on this one cruise. -kobeB
           \_ "This one goes to eleven!"
        \_ Doesn't the country where the ship is registered have jurisdiction?
           If you and a chick voluntarily swim say 10ft away from the ship, and
           then you rape her, that I don't know.
        \_ Every square inch of this planet is under the legal jurisdiction of
           some government and if they don't really have it they'll take it
           anyway if your crime is serious enough.
           \_ yep this is the de facto answer -- the de jure answer is the
              country of registry has jurisdiction. however, liberia and
              panama cannot be said to have global law enforcement
              capabilities. --aaron
        \_ Typically the person's country of citizenship will enforce its
           \_ Really?  So how about, oh say, when some Arabs toss an old
              Jewish guy in a wheel chair overboard after taking over the
              ship at gun point?
                \_ They make a bad opera out of it and punish everyone else.
                   Collective suffering, you know.  -John
        \_ Ever hear of International Law?
           \_ Yes, no such thing.  Where are the International Police and the
              International Judges and the International Jails and under which
              International Government do these 3 branches report to and why
              have I yet to get a summons for International Jury Duty?
2003/10/10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10570 Activity:nil
10/9    How many spam do you get per day at your primary email address?
        ( This is before any gets filtered )
        \_ 200
        \_ 1000+
        \_ 30-40
        \_ I get zero because I don't give my real email to anyone but close
           friends.  I have 2 different job hunting addresses, I have a
           personal address different from my real address I've trained all
           my friends to use and I create bogus throw away addresses for
           everyone else which I disable once they get more than 2-3 spam
           a week.  I spend about 1 minute a week dealing with spam.
           \_ what all the time you spend registering and cancelling all
              those damn email addresses, "training" your friends, and
              writing smug motd posts? dude, just use spamassasin or some
              such thing.
              \_ i use SA.  that 1 minute/week is that time spent on training
                 my friends and making/deleting bogus addresses.  how much
                 time do you think it takes to add/delete one line in the
                 sendmail aliases file and then reload the db?  it's really
                 probably less than 1 min/week.  i have met spam and it is
                 mine!  i have conquered the beast!
        \_ 3-10.  I don't post on USENET
        \_ 80 or so on one. 5 on the other (soda)
        \_ Anywhere from 50-80; this on an account that I've used for
           USENET posting for over a decade, and that's on the Web in
           plenty of places.  I never even bothered to do filtering
           until the recent Swen worm storm.
        \_ ~40 including forwards from soda and old jobs
2003/10/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:10571 Activity:nil
10/10   Arafat dead soon.  All the lies and rumors and denials reminds me
        of how the Soviets handled their leaders being sick (or dead for a
        few weeks sometimes).
        \_ while I agree in principle that the PA is likely to lie through
           their teeth about this, it's also clear that everything in
           this article is based on rumors.  If he's really about to die,
           wouldn't isreli spies know that?  And if they knew that, why
           the very recent public death threats against Arafat?
           That bastard should have been executed in public years ago,
           but he seems to be remarkably resiliant, and I'll believe he was
           at death's door only when he finaly dies.
           \_ yes, it's rumors.  that's all we ever got from the soviets
              until a few days after they each dropped dead.  that's all
              i was saying.  contrast to this country where we're told about
              carter's hemroids(sp) and every other disgusting personal
              health fact.  well except for clinton, but whatever.  -op
              \_ where is dick cheney?
                 \_ in hiding for security reasons
              \_ and reagan
                 \_ in his home slowly dying of a horrible disease.
              \_ or FDR, or JFK...
                 \_ dead. also dead but he met with Elvis on his alien ship
                    before they got him.  some would say that's why, too.
        \_ Well he was trained and financially backed by the Soviets...
2003/10/10 [Uncategorized] UID:10572 Activity:nil
10/10   Anyone know why mail sent to my yahoo friend was bouncing?  thanks!
        \_ See end of motd.
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10573 Activity:nil 66%like:10987
10/10   Anyone know what happened to yahoo mail?
        \_ Still working for me (12:29pm) but seriously flaky
           for one page refresh, I saw stuff over 2 yrs old... wierd
           \_ weird, too, probably?
              \_ Oh, good one, he misspelled weird.  Your dick is huge.
                 \_ my dick is small. my dictionary is average. yermom is
2003/10/10-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:10574 Activity:nil
10/10   i'm shopping for an used sport bike and my budget is around $5000.
        what do i need to pay attention in terms of mileages, brand, and
        other things?  thanks.
        \_ Ask if it has been raced, do not buy a bike that has been
           raced, unless you get a deep discount. Look for evidence
           like safety wire holes, etc. Ask if it has been in an
           accident. Have an independent mechanic check for things
           like frame straightness. All modern sportbikes are
           reliable, just don't buy anything more than 10 years old.
           Everyone has their own favorites regarding brand. My
           advice is to buy what you like. -ausman
           \_ thanks!  what's considered as high-mileage/low-mileage?
              \_ This is tricky.  Low mileage can be just a big a
                 flag as high - either they have several bikes or they
                 barely ride it.  Thus may not maintain it.  1-10k/yr
                 is fine, but above 30k be sure to get the mechanic
                 opinion.  My old BMW was fine at 70k, but a gsxr is not.
                 \_ Anything in particular to watch out on old (~1988) bikes
                    with low miles (<10K)?  What is most likely to
                    deteriorate from neglect, other than the oil/hoses/fuel?
                    \_ If stored outside, a very low mileage bike from the
                       80s may have siezed bolts that will be a bitch
                       to remove/destroy.  The rust is established.
        \_ EX500 is good because nweaver has one. Also not too many plastics
           so if you drop you will not get as depressed as say a nice 600RR.
           \_ No, nweaver has a VFR, his girl friend has an EX250...
        \_ Don't spend $5000 on your first bike. You will drop it and
           feel bad. Is this your first bike?
        \_ Get a nice used 10 speed off telegraph or university.  Just bring
           some heavy duty chain cutters you can borrow from someone.
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:10575 Activity:kinda low
10/10   I'm thinking of gettin Speakeasy's 1500/768 ADSL $89/month.
        Does anybody have experience with them? And latency issues?
        \_ I have this and I'm happy. Service and quality are high,
           and outages are extremely rare -- I've not had any in more
           than a year. My latency is very low and Speakeasy has good
           peering. --aaron
        \_ My cable modem has similar speeds for half that.
            \_ You have a cable modem with 768 upstream? I doubt it.
               and I'm sure your cable modem doesn't have a static IP.
               \_ Close to it and my IP is DHCP assigned but never changes.
                  If he wants to run a server for upload speeds he should
                  rent cage space for $99/month and get better speeds plus
                  have colo monkeys taking care of his network for him.  $89
                  for home net is a rip off.  Cable modem is trouble
                  free compared to DSL.  I've had exactly 1 problem in 3 years
                  which was resolved in 90 minutes.
                  \_ Your cable modem service does not translate to what other
                     people will see. At one house I lived in, I got pretty
                     solid service (occasional outage for an hour or so).
                     Uploads are certainly not great. At my current place, DHCP
                     address changes a lot. At coworker's house, service is
                     terrible and very slow. Your colocate talk is bullshit,
                     he would still need home net and the total would be high.
                     \_ If he wants a server he should get a server.  If he
                        doesn't need server quality service he should get some
                        cheap home net.  Trying to do servers from home and
                        pretending you've got server quality net for $90 a
                        month is what is bullshit.  You don't get server
                        quality net at home.  Period.  The $90 deal is just to
                        take money from suckers who think they're realy kewl
                        runin' a serv0r @ h0m3 leik reel hax0rz!
                        \_ why does it have to be a server?  I could use
                           big upload bandwidth for the work I do with
                           digital images.  There are plenty of reasons to
                           need more bandwidth.  Get a clue.  -tom
                           \_ he doesn't need a server.  that's the point,
                                \_ Wrong again!  HE does need, and already
                                   has and uses a server at home! -he
                     terrible and very slow.
                  \_ Where do you get cage space for $99/month?
                  \_ running servers isn't typical "home net". and DHCP
                     isn't "close to static".  Your user agreement doesn't
                     allow hosting any servers. Cable modems are great for
                     clients, just not servers.  Let's say cheap home net
                     is $50/month. and this static IP 768 net is $90.
                     Where can I colocate for $40/mo?
                     \_ Wrong.  My user agreement doesn't say anything about
                        not running servers.  Only that they aren't
                        responsible the the security of my servers.  My DHCP
                        address hasn't changed in 2 years.  That feels very
                        "close to static" to me.  If that's not good enough
                        for the OP then then they should do it right and
                        \_ who is your ISP? and AGAIN, Where can you rent
                           cage space for $99/month? back up your claims.
                           \_ STFW.  I get bombared with ads surfing all day.
                              My ISP is @home->AT&T->comcast now.
                         \_ Get a clue:  "Service is for personal and
                            non-commercial use only and you agree not to
                            use the Service for operation as an Internet
                            service provider, a server site for ftp,
                            telnet, rlogin, e-mail hosting, "web hosting"
                            or other similar applications, for any business
                            enterprise, or as an end-point on a non-Comcast
                            local area network or wide area network."
                           cage space for $99/month? back up your claims.
        \_ I have this service in Sunnyvale homed to their SFO POP. Pretty
           good service overall: quite reliable, good ping times to the
           office (~15ms). Getting it installed turned out to be a huge pain
           because I had some bad wiring, but their support staff was
           excellent in handling the issue. -lcddave
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10576 Activity:nil
10/10   Well I need to build a new firewall seeing as my old Linux box is dead.
        After figuring out my set up for my studio I've come to the conclusion
        that I will have half a rack slot free while the other half is being
        taken by a MIDI module.  Well can't have that last slot empty now can
        we?  So I go over to and see quite a few good things
        there. Get plenty of ideas for my next home stereo and what not.  Only
        problem, I can't find a case that will be 2" high by 9.5" wide (half a
        u).  Anybody know where I can get one?
        I'm not going to be slapping a ton of gear into this machine.  The
        board I'm thinking of getting is the EPIA CL10000 board.  It has two
        nics already there.  The only thing I need to put in there would be
        a compact flash to ide converter for the file system.  Any other disk
        space needed can be mounted off a central file server with samba if I
        want.  For logging I'll just use syslog-ng and log remotely.
        So, anybody know where I can find a case to meet my requirements?
        \_ If you're feeling cute, set up a box, cut a bootable CD from
           it, and don't bother using the drive for anything but swap. -John
        \_ AKA Medialand Systems, Hayward CA
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:10577 Activity:nil
10/10   Any suggestions on how I should go about automating a backup of a
        directory in WinXP that is just out there on the net to a linux
        box behind a firewall?  No comments about how I shouldn't have the
        WinXP out there.  It'll be put behind a firewall eventually, but
        not an option at this point.  Thanks.
        \_ Maybe a script that just zips up the directory and ftps it
           to the linux box?
           \_ BZZZZT! NEXT!  -!op
        \_ CygWin & Rsync over SSH is how I've done it both Win-Unix
           and vice versa.  Initiate the SSH connection from the linux box.
           That ought to sort it nicely.  Might want to check whether it
           mucks with file permissions and timestamps and stuff, though. -John
        \_ wget if the xp server has a web server on it.  you can install some
           twinky little thing.  you could also use smbclient since you don't
           seem to care about security (from the samba packages).
           \_ It's because I care about security that I ask this question.
              I'd like to get the XP box behind a firewall, but that's not
              something I can do right at this moment for various reasons.
              I'll probably have to go with the cygwin method mentioned above,
              but I just thought I'd see if there are any other options with
              *relative* security.
                \_ Err, cygwin/rsync over ssh is nearly as secure as you're
                   going to get on a Windows box, assuming you do key-based
                   authentication and have a host firewall (macafee will do)
                   installed on the Windows box.  And like W2k, XP can be
                   locked down reasonably nicely in its own right (it's some
                   of the 'fluff' network services that cause most of its
                   security issues.)  Also, if you feel like running a
                   Windows-native SSHD, like TruSecure or something (although
                   why would you), have a look at rsyncd for Windows.  There's
                   an old-ish page here:
2003/10/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:10578 Activity:nil
10/10   Mail sent from outside to acct. at Soda is bouncing.  Any ideas?
        Did someone turn on reverse DNS lookups at mail acceptance?
2003/10/10-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:10579 Activity:nil
10/10   New copy protection scheme:
        \_ for software, not A&V
        \_ if it's software, it can be hacked. they're just making it more
        \_ "copy protection" through standard-munging is lame.
        \_ This is as old as Ultima.  The game companies put in something
           which detects if you have a pirated copy 1/3 through the game.
           Crackers release a fix to the first crack later.
        \_ Now imagine (as always happens) the false positives on this?
           Everyone gets to blame the game.
2003/10/10-12 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/SW/Security] UID:10580 Activity:nil
10/10   Any recs. for the cheapestpossible cell service in the bay area that is
        more-or-less decent?  Only need for occasional use.  Want to minimize
        the $/month.
        \_ Never used it myself, but they say MetroPCS is good if you only
           call within bay area.
           \_ Thanks, but I am looking for the CHEAPEST.  MetroPCS is $35/mo
              \_ I don't think you're gonna find any cheap plans below $30
                 these days with most providers.  My gf's sister and parents
                 have a really old plan of $10 a month, and Verizon's gonna
                 kick them off the plan in few months.  Perhaps you should
                 look into prepaid cells.  AT&T and Virgin has 'em.
                 \_ Cingular also has prepaid.  $0.35/minute for peak time
                    and $0.10/minute at off peak.  Prepaid card starts
                    at $10 and must be refilled every 30 days.  $20 and
                    above card expires 90 days.  I think you get to keep
                    any leftover $ everytime you refill your account.
                    \_ Thanks, that's what I was thinking of
                           You can get wireless for as low as $10/45 day
                           period. Minutes will roll-over if you recharge
                           your acct before the minutes expire.
2003/10/10-11 [Health/Women] UID:10581 Activity:nil
10/10   So I've been using the calendar method as my only method of birth
        control and have been ejaculating inside my gf's vagina and I've
        done this for about 6 month. Just curious, what is the rate of
        failure of using this method?
        \_ > 40%
        \_ Good luck, Pops
        \_ pick out some names you like
        \_ Son, realdolls don't get pregnant.
        \_ does it feel good? better than condom?
           \_ oh fuck yeah. -!op
        \_ my wife and I have done this for 5 years.
           \_ at least one of you is probably infertile
              \_ We've both been checked. good sperm. good eggs. good timing.
                                            \_ bad brains.
        \_ 100% eventually.
        \_ My wife and I used this method, and used condoms during the unsafe
           days.  She still got pregnant after two years.
           \_ You can tell your kid later he came from 7-day old sperm.
              \_ Well, we pressed the 'A' key.
        \_ anal sex is your answer...
           \_ No.  It doesn't feel as good cuz it's too tight.  And you risk
              semen dripping to the vagina.  --- !op
              \_ Then you're doing it wrong -- just use more lube, slow down,
                 and give the muscles back there a chance to relax before
                 going to town.  The semen thing is another problem entirely...
              \_ Face up and no drip.
        \_ Old joke: there's a name we use for people who use the rhythm
           method of birth control.  We call them 'parents'.  You're going to
           be a parent if you don't stop this *now*.  Are you ready to father
           a child and raise them for 18 years?  If you're still asking the
           motd for basic contraceptive info, I'd guess not.  I'm probably
           about 15 years older than you and I still don't feel ready to have
              semen flowing to the vagina.  --- !op
2003/10/10-11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:10582 Activity:nil
10/10   I just went to rms' talk in UCLA. He is an idealistic communist.
        \_ Who is rms?
            \_ This is rms:
            \_ one of the very few people in the world whose identity can
               be found only by putting their initials into google.
        \_ what is wrong with communist?
           \_ maybe you haven't noticed that they've destroyed everything
              they've ever touched?
2003/10/10-11 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:10583 Activity:nil
10/10   How's the south bay apartment rental market right now?
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:10584 Activity:nil
10/10   Sendmail gurus please help,
        I am getting duplicate mails.  In my maillog I get entries like this:
        stat=Deferred: prog mailer (/usr/sbin/smrsh) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL
        This is on rehat 7.2 (linux). It tries again after some minutes and
        after one or two tries finally stat=sent.  But in reality i get both
        (or all three) emails!  What should i do to fix this?
        \_ This sometimes happens with mailing list mail, where one address
           on the list is over quota or fails due to low disk space; the
           mailer doesn't report the right status, and people get duplicates.
           Upgrade your sendmail and check for quota/disk problems.  -tom
        \_ This probably isn't your problem but sendmail will also report
           ex_tempfail if directory permissions are wrong in the spool.
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/SW] UID:10585 Activity:nil
10/10   I'm trying to install Cygwin, but the setup.exe file at is on version 2.340.2.5, while
        the setup.ini file I'm using claims 2.416 is available.
        Where can I download this newer version?
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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