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2003/10/9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:10540 Activity:nil
10/8    When I was in UCB I didn't have any sex, but now that I'm in UCLA,
        I'm having a LOT of sex. The ugrad girls here are definitely prettier
        and a lot hornier, and I guess they really dig grad students more than
        bitchy UCB girls. I really really like UCLA better than UCB. I'll take
        a lesser degree over a lot more sex any time.   -happy ucla cs student
        \_ Your reporting is flawed.  Were you an undergrad cs student at
           UCB? Have you changed your hygiene or attitude since you were at
           UCB? Are you paying for sex at UCLA? Are the ugrad girls you're
           sleeping with students of yours? It's hard for your peers to
           review your research when you're this vague.
           \_ Agreed.  We need a peer reviewed journal for getting laid.
              \_ And no, "Penthouse Forum" doesn't count.
        \_ Glad you left UCB.  I wish more people who were more interested in
           sex than an education would just go to the state schools and open
           slots for people who want good academics.
           \_'re saying UCB is *not* a state school?
              \_ My apologies.  California State University vs. University of
                 \_ But last I heard, UCLA is University of California at Los
                    Angeles.  Or did it move to Los Alamos?
           \_ Sorry dude, but an education isn't just academics.  And frankly,
              a lot of the undergrads at Cal are narrow-minded swamp pigs.
              I know that it makes a lot of Cal students bitter that there are
              good schools out there, bogus magazine rankings notwithstanding,
              where people do receive rewarding academic and personal
              development, end up with excellent jobs, AND have a bit of a
              life while doing it.  Good job, UCLA student.  -John
              \_ Bitter ex-Cal students that can't get laid pretty much
                 explains the entire motd, really.
                 \_ Wow, now that you mention it, that's actually pretty
                    much spot-on... -John
                    \_ Sorry to hear that John, come to California, and
                       we'll get you laid.
                        \_ "Ex-Cal Student" is about all I have in common
                           with the demographic being discussed.  I live on
                           the continent of girls without major 'tudes, and
                           I am sometimes so glad I moved out of CA that it
                           defies words.  Even just leaving Berkeley was a
                           huge eye-opener.  -John
                           \_ Yet, you are still in love with the motd,
                              like a bitch in heat.
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10541 Activity:kinda low
10/8    "Arnold Schwarzenegger strongly suggested that he would call on
        President Bush to provide federal aid to California." -nytimes
        Crap! Stupid Californians need us non-Californians to bail them
        out again.
        \_ I hope the Pres. refuses.  Though some might say that the reason for
           letting the states stew was to prevent encouraging the states to run
           for federal aid whenever they have trouble.  However, we did oust our
           Governor, so we are trying.  Maybe that's an argument to rethink an
           aid package.
        \_ But that would leave less money for his golfing buddies who are
           rebuilding iraq!
        \_ CA gives more to the Feds than it receives each year.
           \_ So does my state.  What's your point?  That CA shouldn't pony
              up for its share of national defense?
              \_ Which state is that?
              \_ No, bitch, that both your state and ours should get a
                 larger chunk of that sweet federal pie.
                 \_ Keep your dirty paws off my pie!
              \_ But! CA voters, voters on the West Coast mostly, like to
                 throw out their federally elected officials fairly often
                 that they build almost no seniority. Which is why CA gets
                 back so little. Look W.VA. miles of new highways going to
                 cities with hardly any people. Why? KKK Byrd
                 \_ Boxer and Feinstein have no seniority?  Train harder
                    young grasshopper.  (also see Pete Stark, Nancy Pelosi...)
                    \_ Yeah and look what they bring back... see any bases?
                       Any kind of bacon?
           \_ CA should secede from the union.  We can survive on our own.
              We are the 5th largest economy in the world.  The fed tax
              we pay should cover our state deficit.
              \_ i guess that's one way ahnold can be president
              \_ Yeah... try that.. you forget about defense. Except for
                 San Diego, there's not much left. Even San Diego lost the NTC
                 and those enviro nuts want the carriers out of there.
                 \_ What could possibly threaten California militarily
                    except the US? And no amount of military force
                    could defend against that threat, anyway.
                    \_ Mexico?
                 \_ Don't need defense when you're no longer "USA", and
                    not poking you nose into middleast affairs.
                    \_ Let's see.  North Korea invades the Republic of
                       California and then put tons of short-range missles here
                       pointing to the USA.
                       \_ Not possible.  USA invades and occupies north korea
                          before they have a chance to invade new CA.  You
                          think USA would let north korea to reach that far?
                          \_ Of course not.  US would just slap CA around
                             like it does to Mexico.
                             \_ CA != Mexico.
                             \_ They _want_ us to secede.  They'd invade,
                                slap martial law on us, and never have
                                to worry about winning the CA vote again.
                                \_ We have no oil.  No worries.
                                   \_ ??? We have oil, onshore and off.
                       \_ Why doesn't North Korea invade Canada, then?
2003/10/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:10542 Activity:nil
10/8    Why does imagemagick on linux take SO MUCH longer than MS paint
        to resize a picture?
        \_ Define "SO MUCH longer".  Have you timed how long it takes to launch
           paint, load a file, resize, and close?  Are you resizing jpegs?  Then
           remember that you're loading, decoding, resizing, encoding, saving.
        \_ I also believe ImageMagick defaults to using bilinear interpolation
            which results in a much nicer looking elargement than the naM-ove
2003/10/9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:10543 Activity:nil
10/8    I emailed my friend to her yahoo account and I got the following:
Reporting-MTA: dns;
Received-From-MTA: DNS; localhost
Arrival-Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 21:15:21 -0700 (PDT)

Final-Recipient: RFC822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.5.0
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 553 Mail from not allowed - VS99-IP1
deferred - see (#5.7.1)
Last-Attempt-Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 21:15:21 -0700 (PDT)

        Please don't tell me soda is on the open-relay list.  How to fix this
        \_ Yahoo has (apparently inadvertantly) blocked large swaths of the
           net because of a broken open relay test.  They even have a large
           number of their own servers listed.  Sigh.  --scotsman
            \_ Stanfurd is also blocked according to the motd of a machine I
               have an account on.
        \_ Soda is not currently on any of the blacklists at, and
           (according to pxytest and is not running
           any open proxies or open relays.  I've mailed yahoo; hopefully it
           will be fixed soon.  --mconst
           \_ How will they get the mail?
        \_ yeah, this sucks.  What's going on?
        \_ me 2.  Has someone mailed root?
2003/10/9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10544 Activity:nil
10/8    what's the best source for China-related news(in English or Chinese)?
        \_ Asia Times is a good, indy HK rag, but they cover everything.
           You could also try the South China Morning Post, but that requires
           a paid subscription.
2003/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:10545 Activity:nil
10/8    Davis went to Stanfurd. How come we didn't kick him out earlier?
        \_ Uhm, probably because he's not a csua member.
        \_ NO WONDER he has no charisma.
           \_ From what I've seen of MOTD, you'd think it's the other way
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:10546 Activity:nil
        Patroit Act made Watergate legal
        \_ Why use a plumber when you can use the FBI?
        \_ boy, you would think this would be bigger news.  One would also
           think the FBI would be quick to defend themsleves and at least
           MAKE UP some charge against the mayor.  "Hey, he's black, so
           we are pretty sure he's a cocaine addict".  It looks very bad
           that they can't even say why the bug is there.
2003/10/9 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:10547 Activity:nil
10/8    I just won in a Small Claims court and the Defendant applied for
        an appeal which will be in another court, NEXT YEAR. What are the
        chances that the appeal will go through? Should I attempt to
        negociate with the Defendant before next year?
        \_ how could we possibly tell without knowing more?
        \_ 1) Outlook not so good
           2) Reply hazy, try again
        \_ whatcha win?
                \_ I lend him my vehicle and he crashed it and refused to
                   pay for it. However both of us acknowledged that he had
                   no license. The judge awarded me the full amount of the
                   repair PLUS money I paid to a private investigator who
                   found his address/new number because he did a pretty
                   good job evading me (moved, changed #, etc etc).
                   \_ For the sake of the motd's collective edification, can
                      you tell us how you ended up lending your vehicle
                      to him in the first place? Sounds strange given
                      what you've mentioned, and no one would want to repeat
                      whatever mistakes were made.
2003/10/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:10548 Activity:kinda low
10/8    my google foo is weak, any css wizes around here?  I want to make
        a box.italic class that makes a little slanted box around whatever
        like so...

                /  yermom  /

        (but with solid lines).  Can i do this?  how?, o.k. thanks(ia) -phuqm
        \_ OK, since there are no constructive responses yet, I'll give it a
           crack-  look at the code for the index page for slashdot-
           specifically the headers for each article.  It's a image of a
           corner on a colored background.  You can do something similar
           by defining a style and prepending a slanted mask to your SPAN
           and appending another at the end... If you want a border on this
           slanted monstrosity you are going to have to define a background
           also which will be covered by the slanted ends, and cannot use
           transparency.  This is because the background will show through,
           so you have to cover it on the ends.  For a similar reason you
           cannot use the CSS "border" attribute.  For more ideas check out
        \_ I'm fairly competent with CSS, and this is probably beyond anything
           CSS 2 can reasonably do. for some
           cool alternatives.
        \_ you can do this relatively easy using any server side language.
           \_ uh, if you can't get a browser to render a slanted box with
              solid lines, wtf can the server do about it?
                \_ I think he's talking about auto-generating an image with
                   "yermom" in it.  Don't do that though.
                   \_ why would you need to auto-generate an image with
                      yermom?  there are plenty of those images on the web
                       \_ I would do it because it is not always going to say
                           yermom, sometimes it is going to say "whatever"
                           (as the original example given).  I could create
                           a script which auto-generates an image with $words
                           in it, but then i get into size issues,
                           transparency issues and all kinds of crap.  It is
                           far from "easy" and far from optimal. -phuqm
        \_ One of many CSS-related bugs in M$ IE.
2003/10/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:10549 Activity:nil
10/9    I am thinking about buying an Acura or Infiniti.  Does anyone here
        have shopping experience in both dealerships?  How do they
        compare (in terms of both sales and service)?  A related question...
        do these luxury brands (Acura, Infiniti, Lexus) treat you better
        than their mainstream counterparts (Honda, Nissan, Toyota)?
        \_ yes. they treat you better. -nivra
        \_ Doo!  Honda Acura Integra hel-la fresh!  Just make sure you get
           the big fat wing on the back, the bad window tinting and the
           huuuuge-ass pioneer sticker.  -John
           \_ My caaa so haaaa!  My hair so haaaa!
           \_ Sad to say, but these days it's either German or Japanese.
              Detroit only makes junk.  Check out the Saturn Ion.  The
              engineers must have been drunk.
           \_ And don't forget the "Hong Kong Student" sticker. :-)
2003/10/9 [Science] UID:10550 Activity:nil
10/9    I just want to say the technology behind OSes is cool.
        Reading about some the cool shit that is done behind the scenes
        make me intellectually wet.
        \_ really? try reading an abstract or linear algebra book sometime.
           \_ nerds
                 (with a bit of gutteral growling in the lower register of
                  the "E" sounds)
        \_ Yeah, especially the http://BeEmployed.NET (TM) technology that Micro$oft
           engineers invented which creates security holes in the OS at run-
           time periodically.
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:10551 Activity:nil
10/9    Is it possible to recall the president?
        \_ ohmygod it's a troll
        \_ I believe that's called impeachment.
           \_ That's a different process -- there's no federal mechanism
              for an electorate-initiated impeachment as such. The best you
              can do is raise enough ruckus in enough congressional districts
              that your congressman catches wind of it and gets the idea
              that that's what his people want.
           \_ Is there such thing as impeachment to the CA governor then?
        \_ No. The recall process in CA is state law. There is no process
           of that sort in US federal law. See above.
           \_ BTW for those trollers who think this recall law is unique
              it's on the books for 34 states and DC.
              \_ And has only been used twice to recall a governor.
2003/10/9 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:10552 Activity:nil
10/9    in elisp, what's the difference between setq and set-variable?
        I've googled to no avail.
        \_ According to M-x describe-function, the name of the variable in setq
           is not evaluated.  So I guess you can't do something like
           "(setq (foo bar baz) 3)" but you can with set-variable.
2003/10/9 [Reference/Religion] UID:10553 Activity:nil
10/9    Egypt's new neoliberalism:
2003/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:10554 Activity:kinda low
10/9    What's a reel mower, how is it different than a regular mower?
        \_ Are you an idiot that doesn't know how to use Google? --dim
                            \_ "who" not "that"
                               \_ outdated grammar rule.  both are acceptable.
                               \_ That is a sentence fragment. --dim
                                  \_ Who is a sentence fragment?
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10555 Activity:nil
10/9    Anybody experience mozilla(1.2) mail (on rare occasions) truncate
        sentences, like it will say "Arnie wo" instead of "Arnie won"?
        It looks good before I send it out but it's lost letters at the
        end of some lines by the time the recipient gets it.
        \_ Have you seen the same thing in copies sent to yourself?
           This may be on the receiver's side.  I know mutt has a single
           line display limit of 255 characters. --scotsman
        \_ Upgrade to 1.4
           \_ Does it fix it? Just wondering. Tried bugzilla but no hits.
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10556 Activity:nil
10/9    Yahoo is bouncing email from CSUA. We're working on resolving it.
        \_ Yahoo seems to be accepting mail again; if you're still getting
           bounces, could you please mail root?  --mconst
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:10557 Activity:nil
10/9    Anyone use Emacs for Java dvlpmt?  What packages & modes do you use?
        \_ No.  Eclipse.  Eclipse.  Eclipse.  There is no other IDE.
        \_ Sure.  Java mode.  Cygwin.  I had to tweak the elisp for java mode
           to make it work according to taste, but then, I'm kind of
        \_ IntelliJ is pretty nice as well.
        \_ Wait for it......
           \_ ED IS... ED IS THE... ED IS THE...
              \_ ED! ED! ED!
                 \_ A horse is a horse of course of course
                    But Mister ED is a talking horse
                    \_ Of course!  ED! is the Standard Talking Horse!
                       \_ ED and the Horse,
                          Having an intercourse.
                          "Ya doin' him anal?"
                          "Of course, of course." said the Talking Horse.
2003/10/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:10558 Activity:nil
10/9    /var full.  /csua/tmp full.  Clean up yer shite!  -- crusty old alum
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10559 Activity:nil
10/9    Can somebody post the SJ Mercury News link to the weekly Fry's
        newsprint sales ads?  Thx.
        \_ posts a link for the Bay Area and Orange ads
           on fridays.
           \_ Thanks.  Is there any such equivalent site that shows Fry's ads in Southern Cal area?
                \_ OC Register and LA Times used to, but it doesn't
                   appear that they do anymore.
2003/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:10560 Activity:nil 80%like:28262 85%like:29838
10/9    is /var/mail full again?
        \_ Is it ever not?
2003/10/9 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:10561 Activity:nil
        Allegations detailed (Kobe is going to jail!)
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:10562 Activity:nil
10/9    Texas Republican Party Platform for 2000:
        How can Democrats be "left wing loonies" and yet Republicans that
        propose platforms like this are moderate and reasonable?  Check out
        especially the bits about abolishing the income tax, taking away the
        Supreme Court's ability to determine the Constitionality of a law
        under the bill of rights, and the bit about re-annexing Panama.
        Look here for a good summary:
        And here for a California Democratic Platform for comparison:
        \_ Sounds like the AIP platform.  Wow.
        \_ What's wrong with abolishing the income tax?  It's an abomination,
           at least in its current form.  -John
           \_ Why is it an abomination?  It needs to more progressive,
              especially the SS payroll tax, but other than that I don't see it
              being worthy of that particular adjective.  Besides, John,
              aren't you in Europe, home of the VAT and the 45% marginal rate?
        \_ The 2002 platform (a pdf), contains a ringing endorsement of the
           Pres.'s "War on Terrorism," concluded with an exuberant Texan
           "LET'S ROLL!"  Yeah, they're all level-headed.
        \_ " we urge our legislators to fully investigate and prosecute,
             where appropriate, any breeches in national security"
           I hate it when pants end up in the national security, too.
           Sheesh, can't these guys afford a proof reader?
2003/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:10563 Activity:nil
10/9    Just like we told you all along: Republicans are misinformed about
        the world. Fox News is part of the reason why:
        \_ I like Republican bashing as much as the next guy, but I don't know
           if that study proves causation.  I think its just as likely that
           one might be more willing to watch Fox News *because* you are
           misinformed or deluded.
        \_ I want a study comparing the perceptions of those who watch Fox
           vs Al-Jazeera.
2003/10/9 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:10564 Activity:nil
10/9    nweaver, dpet, and other grad students... do you guys actually have
        time to enjoy yourselves (e.g. Warcraft, Counterstrike, movies,
        fine dining, etc)?                      -thinking about grad school
        \_ depends on lots of factors... (advisor, group, research
           area...).  I've enjoyed grad school, and know a lot of others
           who also did so. -mds
2003/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:10565 Activity:nil
10/9    John, come to LA, we'll party                   -ucla cs student
        \_ I smell a rat - !John
                \_ I smell yermom  -A rat
2003/10/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10566 Activity:nil
10/9    What does 87 billion look like?
        \_ $166B total.  Why does fixing up Iraq need $6385 per Iraqi?  That's
           way overpriced!  We're not building everything from scratch.
           \_ But Halliburton does *quality* work.
           \_ That is just the down payment.
        \_ Why are they using $1 bills? There exist $1000 and possibly $10000
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10567 Activity:nil
10/9    I can't send mail to yahoo.  I tried 4 different address.  And
        the same result:
          ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
         (reason: 553 Mail from not allowed - VS99-IP1 deferred -
          see (#5.7.1))
        It seems that we are considered an open relay or something.
        Can this be fixed?
        \_ uh, hello?  see the bottom of the motd?
           \_ oops
        \_ It's been quite a few hours, and it's still a problem.  What's
           up with this?
           \_ Yahoo has already been contacted about their mistake.  What more
              do you want?
                \_ I want them to fix it, of course.  Or, maybe someone
                   understands better than me why it's taking so long.
                   \_ Because yahoo is gigantic, and has very poor external
                      communication skills.  I'm on a few lists with yahoo
                      contacts, and they have been apprised of the situation
                      and are working on it. --scotsman
        \_ doesn't nickkral work at yahoo? what a useless contact
        \_ looks like it's fixed now
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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