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2003/10/5 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:10473 Activity:nil
10/4    Why would you want a tiger AND a caiman in your apartment?
        \_ CAGE MATCH!
2003/10/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:10474 Activity:moderate
10/4    Why is "boy" not a nice way to refer to black people?
        \_ It's diminutive, boy.  How's it feel, son?  You ok with that, lad?
           \_ So why isn't it offensive for everyone then?
              \_ It is.  But worse in this case because it goes back to when
                 they were here as slaves.
              \_ who said it isn't?  white people don't typically call other
                 white people "boy", however.
                 \_ I have some male friends from the deep south who use 'boy'
                    when trying to get a point across ("boy, y'all in some
                    serious shee-it").  -John
                    \_ i think you're confusing that with boy's use as an
                       interjection. like "boy! it sure is hot today."
        \_ this question cannot be for real.
           \_ oh really.
           \_ of course it can.  you know how many FOBs are here?
              \_ I ain't no fob, boy. -op
                 \_ Using "ain't" like some fake wannabe southerner
                    doesn't help your case.  You were better off
                    as a FOB.
                 \_ Then do you just know nothing of US history? Why would
                    you serioulsy ask that question?
                        \_ Sorry. My US history texts never discussed
                           the significance of the word "boy".
                        \_ "boy" is a term for a domestic servant-  "my
                        boy" is like "my page" - that's why it's negative
                        \_ no, that's not the root reason. it's a
                           diminutive, and when used between two people in
                           a non-social relationship, it's usually an
                           diminutive, and when used between two men who
                           are not familiar friends, it's usually an
                           aggressive act to establish dominance. if i
                           belittle you it challenges you... the clues from
                           anthropology and primate studies are all there.
2003/10/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:10475 Activity:nil
10/4    How many newlines are necessary at the end of an email?
        If it had none, could that cause a mail program to complain?
        \_ 2 in the mbox format
           \_ Sure about that?  I thought just "\nFrom " was required to
              separate messages.
2003/10/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10476 Activity:nil
        Come on MOTD apologists, defend this will ya?
        \_ it's cute.  affectionate.  human.
           \_ you forgot GAY.
              \_ you forgot you're still a VIRGIN.
        \_ sigh, the things a guy will do to get laid....
           \_ yep, cool, huh?
        \_ i've seen many crayon pictures that are more moving.
           \_ bitter, lately?
        \_ defend what?  it's just silly stuff married people do.  go get
           a wife and see how silly you turn out.  it's charming, actually.
        \_ Don't be a schmuck. I hate Bush but I wouldn't think to diss him
           for a dumb poem he wrote for his wife -AML
           \_ It was dumb poem that was read at a press event.  That makes
              it fair game.
              \_ Uhm, really, you're taking the "I hate Bush" thing way too
                 far.  Just lay off the hate for a few days.  Have a Coke and
                 a smile or something.  Calling his silly poem "fair game"
                 makes you sound really hateful and sick.
2003/10/5 [Uncategorized] UID:10477 Activity:nil
10/4    The pres writes a poem:
        It sounds Ok, IMHO, except for the last line which sounds kind of
        strange and out of place..
2003/10/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:10478 Activity:nil
10/4    Israel's 'bomb squad pigs'
2003/10/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:10479 Activity:low
10/5    Two links from the drudgereport that Israel has just attacked terrorist
        bases in Syria.  They haven't had direct conflict with Syria in 20
        years.  If this escalates, the entire Palestinian thing is going to
        be resolved with mass migration out of the war zones.
        \_ they've had plenty of indirect ones, syria has been secretly
           and not so secretly funding terrorist groups that pick
           at Israel, for 20+ years.
           \_ And Israel has sent in agents here and there to execute people.
              That's still much different than seeing F16s flying over Syrian
              territory dropping bombs.  If a real wat breaks out, the gloves
              are coming off and there won't be any more noise about 67 borders
              or land for peace or concerns about if Arafat is alive or not.
              We'll be talking about going back to the pre-2003 borders until
              the next war.
        \_ two links from the drudgereport?  no shit. wow. it's also on
           cnn, nytimes, aljazeera, foxnews, bbc, googlenews, etc etc, but
           if it's in the drudgereport, it must be news.
           \_ Idiot.  The drugereport just refers you to all those other
              places.  It's a bookmark service, moron.
              \_ then why mention it, jackass?
                 \_ Because, my intellectually diminshed young friend, it is
                    easier to say, "go to the drudgereport, that well known
                    news site bookmarking service" than to say, "here's a few
                    really fucking long URLs" or "here's the shortened URL
                    so you have no idea where the fuck I'm sending you".  -op
                    \_ so why post a URL at all, since it's on literally
                       every news wire on the planet, you
                       fucking dildo ass wanker jerkoff punk.
                       \_ To start this thing called 'discussion' or
                          'debate' or 'argument'.  You on a
                          message board.  Jesus H Christ, just admit you're
                          wrong, pretend to be somewhat mature, and STFU. -!op
                 \_ to avoid the inevitable "such-and-such newspaper is
                    biased" free for all.  -!op
                    \_ all media have bias but "left vs right" is probably
                       not the most troublesome one. they're too profit
                       driven to effectively serve the public interest,
                       with biases that favor blood and sensationalism.
                       see al franken, eric alterman, joe conason for more.
                       \_ and this has what to do with the op directing
                          us to the drudge report to avoid the argument?
                          \_ nothing.  that wasn't my reason for it at all. -op
2003/10/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:10480 Activity:nil
10/5    I've already voted no on the recall, but I'm immensely annoyed with
        Davis' need to attack Ahnuld. It's just lame political strategy
        and allows Ahnuld to claim victim status-- precisely the same way
        AlGore gave away his lead by appearing to bully his weaker, less
        effective opponent.  When are the Dems going to figure out that
        rabid attacks only make you look rabid?
        \_ Never.  That's what makes them Dems.  They're rabid.  The more rabid
           they are the better they do in Dem polls and higher they clime in
           the party.  It feeds on itself.  As far as Davis goes, why does it
           surprise you that a man who lets loose the dogs of war in *every*
           election would do the same in this one?  You think Davis has
           suddenly seen the light or something?  He's still the same cynical
           PoS he always was, thus the recall's success.
        \_ Nice troll...
           \_ It's a valid point.
              \_ Anytime someone says something he doesn't agree with but can't
                 refute, it's automatically a troll.
             \_ no it isn't.  The republican party is much worse at being
                rabid, foaming at the mouth, and at making up shit jsut
                to attack people.  Need I mention a certain deaf, drug
                addict slimeball who made a career out of doing stuff like
                making fun of the Clinton's daughter and calling her the
                white house dog?
2003/10/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:10481 Activity:high
10/5    Is there any side by side comparison of Clark vs. Dean out there?
        \_ Clark is going to be on cspan on monday night.
        \_ Not sure but I don't get why Dean is "unelectable" when he is
           actually more conservative than Clark...
           \_ Because he's an ultra leftist who will lose all the moderates
              and others who love this country.
              \_ Ultra leftist?  You're either joking, incredibly stupid, or
                 a troll.  Given the "love this country" I'm betting you're
                 a troll.
                   \_ I thought by definition all libs (commies) WERE
                   \_ Dean?  Jesus Christ, man, have you *read* his manifesto?
                      The guy makes Stalin and Mao look moderate.  I'm not a
                      troll.  I'm more educated and well read than you are.
                      That makes you the ignorant one.  Go read and then come
                      back here without that faulty troll detector firing off
                      left and right.
                      \_ Project Vote Smart will have the answers in a while:
                 \_ It's a valid point. (tm)
                 \_ Don't you know? Bill Clinton is a liberal, Hillary Clinton
                    is a ultra-leftist and anyone to the left of her is an
                    American hating socialist or a Communist. Just ask
                    Ann Coulter.
                    \_ You trying to say Hillary isn't an ultra leftist?
           \_ Dean is unelectable because his knowledge of football is weak.
           \_ this article has nothing about policy. It's a history of the
              dem campaign so far, and a little bio of Clark. It doesn't
              compare the two at all. -nivra
              compare the two at all. -nivra
              \_ But it 's from salon, a quality source of unbiased info!
        \_ my question is, what is so special about Clark?  Dean at least
           has *SOME* sort of political record, while Clark, beside being
           a 4-star general, offers nothing on the table for us to look at.
           \_ How many Rhodes scholars from Arkansas have run against a Bush
              and lost?
              \_ Heh, send up the guy who almost started WW3.  He isn't even
                 a registered Dem and you're drooling over him.  Anything to
                 win power, eh?
                 \_ More like anything to get that jackass Bush out of office.
                    \_ Oh my, we never learn, do we?  Always trying to choose
                       the lesser evil?  Why not vote for someone good?
              and lost?
                 a registered Dem and you're drooling over him.  Anything to
                 win power, eh?
                       \_ the paradox: he would be President thereby
                          disqualifies himself as a worthy candidate. we
                          need a Cincinnatus.
           \_ What makes one special? I think a 4 star general is something
              special. Comparisons to Ike don't add up, but there's a lot to
              say about someone who has a lot of experience in foreign affairs
              He referred to the Philadelphia "Jets".
              (he was also nato supreme commander).
              (he was also nato supreme commander).
              \_ How many wars did NATO fight?  And his record as NSC wasn't
                 so hot.  Jimmy Carter was President of the United States of
                 America and that alone wasn't cause enough to elect him to
                 the role in 1980.  He had more experience, therefore he
                 should have been elected, yes?  Same thing in 1992 with Bush.
        \_'s about Mississippi?  It's almost as
           close.  Or Alabama.
           \_ "We'll try to stay cool and calm
               when Alabama gets the bomb!"
        \_ "Israel must not feel constrained in terms of defending the
           homeland."  -GWB There Bush formally said it. Israel has a green
           light to do whatever it feels like and not feel bound by
           the Geneva Convention, International Law, or any other
           pesky constraints. Watch them nuke Damascus next.
2003/10/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:10482 Activity:nil
10/5    All your state are belong to Arnold.
        \_ If I get one more recorded phone call from Arnold, I'm going to kick
           his ugly ass.
           \_ Unlikely.
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