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2003/9/28 [Politics, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10350 Activity:nil
9/27    Say I want to kill processes older than x hours. If I make a list of PIDs,
        check the start time, and kill on that basis, there is a small
        possibility that that process will terminate after I've done the check
        but before I do the kill, and that another (possibly important) process
        will take on that PID, and I would thus end up killing this important
        process. Is there any way to avoid this race condition without going down
        to kernel level? Thanks.
        \- sure, lots of ways. check ppid, argv string, start time of
           process, etc. the rightway.easiest way probably depends on
           some details of how you are trying to do this but certainly
           you can with ps | awk/grep | (xargs|) kill. --psb
           \_ well, that mitigates it somewhat further, but does not remove the
              essential race condition.
              \- yes it does, if you do it correctly. or do you think
                 something like PAWS isnt good enough either. --psb
                 \_ no, it doesn't.  it's still a race condition.  pipes are
                    not atomic.  you should know better.  there's still a slim
                    chance that between the ps and the kill, the proc exits and
                    another starts.  -!op
              \_ If you check the start time like the first reply suggests, it
                 should eliminate the problem.
                 \_ yes, but what if time wraps around too? :9
                 \_ No, it's not atomic.  Don't they teach Computer Science
                    anymore?  I haven't done real CS in years yet I still know
                    a race condition when I see one.
        \_ There is a race condition, but it doesn't matter.  Running kill on
           a nonexistant PID doesn't hurt anything, and if you've really got a
           system that can wrap around 100k PIDs in the time it takes to run
           your ps | ... | kill, you've got one whacked machine.
2003/9/28-29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:10353 Activity:nil 50%like:10335
9/28    Hey ChiCom troll, another one for you: (Poland?)  -John
        \_ Falun Gong is evil.
        \_ As you probably know, the western media will support any group
           that has anything remotely bad to say about China. This has been
           the case, and will probably always be the case for a while.
           \_ With good reason.  There's little good to be said about the
              current Chinese government.
              \_ I don't know what is your reference.  Compare with US
                 government, then, perhaps.  But the current Chinese
                 government ever since the economic reform deserve
                 some credit.  Take aside all the fancy stuff such as
                 democracy, etc, life for average Chinese citizen has
                 gone better for the past 15 years.
                 \_ As opposed to the time before the past 15 years, where
                    the communists were also in charge?  Dumbass.
                    \_ Before it was communism, now it is capitalism.
                       Capitalism is good.  I love it.
                 \_ It's all that "fancy stuff" that you dismiss so readily
                    that makes the difference between good and evil.  Mussolini
                    made the trains run on time and Hitler turned the German
                    economy around.  Are those your role models for China?
                    \_ you invoked Hitler .. you lost.
                       \_ For more info on the mechanics of Godwin's Law,
                          we bring you the Godwin's Law FAQ:
                          \_ jesus.  what a fucking waste of time.  apparently
                             i haven't been missing anything since i stopped
                             reading usenet eight years ago.
                             \_ Ah, I see -- since you've been caught
                                misusing Godwin's law and pointed to a site
                                actually clarifying it for's therefore
                                not worth reading?  That's really dumb.
                             \_ And you're posting on the motd? *ring* Kettle,
                                this is the pot calling.  You're black.
                                \_ ok, ok, but i know i have a problem,
                                   and i'm trying to quit.
                    \_ China's role model has always been Taiwan, S. Korea,
                       Singapore.  Hitler believed in white supremacy, living
                       space and conquest.  China is more interested in making
                       money.  China's boom is driven by economic liberalization,
                       trade, entrepreneurship, foreign investments.  None of
                       these can be said of Nazi Germany.
                       \_ by "always" you mean since Deng took over, right?
                 \_ so you'd prefer a country that would invade another for
                    no good reason other than they have oil?
                    \_ Good countertroll.  *polite clapping*.
                    \_ Hey, some jealous fiend deleted *my* congrads on a
                       good countertroll!  I insist I get my counter troll
                       points!  It's in the archives!  -fellow troll
2003/9/28 [Uncategorized] UID:10354 Activity:nil
9/27    BDG, where are you?!
2003/9/28-29 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:10355 Activity:nil
9/27    Best place to buy a suit for interviews?  (bang for buck)
        \_ Whatever you do, make sure you don't look cheap.  A cheap looking
           suit is worse than no suit in many cases.
        \_ Brooks Brothers.  Do a tiny bit of reading up on how suits are
           made (types of lining, sewn vs. basted, cloths, etc.), go to the
           tall Russian woman upstairs (brown hair, bags under her eyes)
           and tell her what you want.  Also, few things put off a good
           suit more than cheap shirts or a wrinkled tie.  Don't forget to
           ask for advice on socks/tie colors, etc.  Avoid Nordstrom's, Macys,
           Men's Wearhouse at all costs, you have been warned.  Also, there
           are a number of smaller suit boutiques (assuming this is SF) that
           aren't too pricey--just make sure the sales guy is an absolutely
           flamboyant homosexual--I'd never buy a suit from a straight male
           under 65.  -John
                \_ everything sounds good but what's wrong w/ nordstroms?
                   \_ Repeated personal experience, purely subjective.  I have
                      encountered a stream of extremely slimey, incompetent,
                      dishonest sales guys there, interested in selling me the
                      most expensive shit and getting me out the store, if
                      it fit me or not.  Dim has a point with the Rack below;
                      I just find BB suits to be of excellent quality, and you
                      get good advice.  The main problem with outlets is that
                      staff with a clue is rare, and finding a nice suit is a
                      crapshoot.  If you have the budget, a "good" store is
                      just far less of a hassle.  In case you succeed, do not
                      have it altered there.  I strongly recommend Ernesto's
                      tailoring--5th floor, Flood Building, 860 Market St.,
                      take a left and then a right from the elevators.  Cheap,
                      fast, excellent quality.  -John
        \_ Go to Off Fifth (Saks Outlet). I've bought Armani there for < $400.
           Other outlets including the Armani outlet, the Brooks Brothers
           outlet (BB suits aren't as good as they used to be), Neiman outlet
                        \_ Out of curiosity, what makes you say that?  At the
                           risk of sounding like their ad mascot, I've never
                           gotten anything less than stellar there.  -John
           and such are also best bets. If no outlet stores are near you, try
           Nordstrom Rack and Marshall's. Yes, Marshall's. Most of their
           clothes are not interesting, but I've seen suits from big names
           there like Hart Shaffner Marx, Oxford, and Hickey Freeman cheap.
           Nordstrom is ok if you want to pay retail. While at the outlet
           pick up some Italian shirts, a pair of shoes, and some silk ties.
           Then you need to get the suits tailored. You will spend $200 or
           so for that. If you didn't, your tailor sucks. I would budget
           $800-$1000 ($600+ suit/tailor, $150 shoes, $100 shirt/tie) for a
           complete outfit that is SHARP. --dim
                \_ Second the vote for Nordstrom Rack. I bought a couple of
                        nice suits there for a decent price. Tailor is not
                        as expensive as being quoted here.
                \_ I forget where I got mine but tailoring was part of the
                   package and they did a good job.  Paying $200 for just a
                   tailor sounds like you're used to getting screwed.
                   \_ Sounds like you are used to wearing ill-tailored
                      suits. Don't use the tailor at the store unless the
                      store is Versace or something. I've paid more for
                      tailoring than for the suit itself (same for gf's
                      dresses). Realize that tailoring basically means
                      taking the suit apart and putting it back together,
                      not just doing a hem. For sure it will cost $150 min.
        \_ So, what color suit is best for business?
           \_ Red with gold fur lined trim.
              \- if you are a white person i'd get a dark blue or maybe
                 dark charcoal.
                 \_ And red tie
                        \_ If you're going to commit such an atrocity, at
                           least make sure the tip covers your buckle. -John
2003/9/28 [Reference/Religion] UID:10356 Activity:nil
9/28    The jews are at it again.  Why can't they just leave the Muslims, Arabs
        and Palestinians alone to do their own thing and provide the
        electricity their people need to advance?
2003/9/28-29 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:10357 Activity:nil
9/28    Sun carries LCD monitors.  Anybody know from which vendor they OEM
        the product?  I'm trying to get compatible LCD monitors for my
        ultra 5.  Thanks.
        \_ Samsung
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