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2003/9/24 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10305 Activity:high
9/24    Is there any automatic  way (procmail, etc.) to dump all email >100kB
        to /dev/null?

        # stick it up your ass!
        * > 100000
        \_ what is this seeming preoccupation with foreign objects and
           people's anuses these days?
                \_ my ass is the last frontier
           \_ These days???
2003/9/24 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:10306 Activity:low
9/24    Half-life 2 delayed from Sep. 30 release.  Release date unknown.
        \_ Who cares?  It's all the same.
           \_ I've built my entire life around game release dates.  I check
              all the release date schedules on an hourly basis and auto alert
              myself via my pager and email if anything chances!
              \_ How have you not committed suicide over Duke Nukem Forever?
              \_ I bet this guy is obsessed with masturbating, too.
           \_ Heresy!!!
        \_ but I heard game cubes are now down to $99.
2003/9/24 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:10307 Activity:nil
9/23    German sailors render extraordinary honors to US at sea,50
        \_ Nice.  Thanks for posting that.         -mice
                \_ Yeah nice--didn't they already do it once two years
                    back?  -John
                    \_ Doesn't diminish the gesture any.     -mice
        \_ Maybe every real man wasn't killed in WW2.  The few survivors
           sent their sons to the German navy.
        \_ Very nice.  Previous gesture mentioned above:
2003/9/24 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10308 Activity:nil
9/23    I have some data tapes that I haven't touched in 5 years.  I used
        nbackup in DOS on a 486 to make the tapes.  Using the same program
        on the same computer, I am trying to restore those files.  I was
        able to open the tapes, but when I try to restore, it says
        "Cannot access tape drive" or just keeps asking me to insert the
        tape when it's already inserted.  Is it possible that the tape is
        old and that the data is lost, or is the problem more likely the
        tape drive?  How can I retrieve this data?
        \_ Does it say this for *every* tape?  Unless *all* your tapes have
           been damaged by some environmental event or they were shitty tapes
           to start with, it is more likely the tape drive is shot.  If you
           have a unix box with the right tape drive you should be able to
           at least use dd to read raw data from the tapes as a test.
             \_ Actually, since I posted that, I was able to get some data
                from one of the tapes.  But then it kept giving me error
                messages again.  I looked closely at the tape, and the tape
                is physically only connected to one spool (this was not the
                case originally), and it's not as easy as you might think
                to get it back on the other spool neatly.
                 \_ I had this same thing happen years ago. There is an
                    "end of tape" optical sensor in the drive, and if it
                     gets dusty, the drive unspools the tapes. You could
                     try to put the tape back together after cleaning the
                     dust out of the drive, but I suspect you might be out
                     of luck.  This is why I abandoned tapes, and switched
                     to hard disks backups. and disks don't make that
                     annoying whining sound when searching for files. Look
                     in the Sunday paper and get a 150GB disk for $90. use
                     an old extra computer as a backup server, or get an
                     external drive, but either way, make sure to spin it
                     up often:  hard disks can die from stiction if left
                     unused in an "off" state for too long (years).
2003/9/24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10309 Activity:low
9/23    Cool!  China, the motd, and Hillary all have something directly in
        common now!  (that was a light joke, for the humorless who can't tell)
        \_ I only censoring 1% of you posting.
           \_ I restoring 100% of me posting.
                \_ No, you sue me, you racist imperialist Chinese hater, for
                   no reason.  Stupid American, always mean on every China.
                   Not censoring, edit.
2003/9/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:10310 Activity:nil
9/23    I wanna put my own pix on my mLife phone, what's the easiest and
        cheapest (preferably free) way to do this? Can I setup my own
        WAP/HTML web site to make it free?
        \_ shutterfly
2003/9/24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10311 Activity:kinda low
9/24    China+Tibet != Invasion. It is merely crushing a rebellion, like
        any country will do.
        US+Iraq = Invasion, any way you slice it. End of story.
        \_ compare and contrast to us/mexico/texas
        \_ I'd rather be invaded by the US than be anywhere in China where
           they're crushing a rebellion.
        \_ The US invaded Grenada too.  I was there after the invasion (1994)
           and people there were pretty happy about the US.
           \_ so invasion is OK as long as the people are happy about it.
              got it.
           \_ for everyone that is happy, there will be someone else who
              is unhappy. it's pointless to argue this way. an invasion
              is an invasion. If Hitler won WWII, then by now, the "people"
              will be happy about it too, you can count on it.
           \_ really? do you really want to be invaded? I suppose you will be
              the first one to welcomes the alien invasion force with open
              arms because they can promise you end of corruption and a better
              life style. maybe you should go to Iraq and pretend to be the
              locals, let's see how life treats you there. Anyone who believes
              it's ok to be invaded because the invader is 'better' has serious
        \_ Rebellion? Tibet was an isolated, autonomous nation. China commie
           army decided to "free" it (and move in the Han population).
           \_ Nope, sorry, you're wrong. Thank you for playing. Read up on
              some history before believing all the propoganda hype
              generated by the Dalai Lama and the former Tibetian
              aristocracy. Tibet has always been closely tied to China,
              both politically and economically. Throughout history,
              Chinese rulers have installed rulers into Tibet, so
              Tibet has always been subject to Chinese rule.
                \_ At the time of invasion, Tibet had a separate
                   gov., prime minister of sorts and an army. This
                   gov. was recognized by other nations such as
                   the US, India, Britian etc. Maybe you should
                   read up on history.
                   \_ Maybe you should learn to understand a point. The point
                   you made was that Tibet was an isolated, seperate country.
                   This has never been true. Tibet has had a long history of
                   having had a strong relationship (whether good or bad) with
                   China. In addition, it has been the gateway from India to
                   China for centuries. This is hardly the description of
                   an "isolated" country, and Tibet's autonomy has always
                   been subject to its larger neighbors. Whether you believe
                   Tibet should be autonomous is not the issue. The point
                   is that Tibet has always been a region of political
                   intrigue because of its central locality and its
                   geographical position in relation to China. Calling
                   it an isolated state without regard to its historical
                   underpinnings merely promulgates the simplistic views
                   of westerners towards Sinoistic relationships in general.
                   I'm sure that you would have similar objects if I were to
                   say "Give North Ireland back to the Irish!" The issue
                   has never been, and will never be as simple as black and
                   \_ yeah, if any of part of China would declare independence
                      today, then I am sure the US, Britian, would instantly
                      recognize it as well.
           \_ Wasn't it the Manchus who first did that a few hundred years ago?
        \_ This is awesome.  One little post that just pointed out a
           fairly balanced article that showed that the "Tibetan utopia"
           promoted by the Dalai Lama might not be the reality, and
           suddenly we've got TWO full on flamefests in less than 24 hours.
           Well done, jerking knees!  I love how there's no such thing as
           a nuanced opinion, a grey area, or a complicated problem in
           MotdLand.  And here, I'll call myself a COMMIE PINKO FAGGOT
           CHINA-LOVER so you don't have to:
           \_ You seem to be using 'balanced' as a keyword for moral
              relativism.  That Tibet was a medieval theocratic hellhole
              is most likely true, but how does that justify China's invasion
              and institution of their own brand of genocidal modern communist
              hellhole (which is likely worse)?  That China had influence over
              Tibet for a brief period in the 20th century does not give them
              any justification for this.  The Mongols had influence over China
              for hundreds of years, does that mean Mongolia should invade?
              \_ Mongol dynasty in China lasted slightly more than 100 years,
                 not hundreds of years.
              There.  Less work for you.
           and people there were pretty happy about that.
2003/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:10312 Activity:high
9/24    In M$ VC++, under Tools -> Options -> Tabs, there are two settings
        "Tab size" and "Indent size".  Does anyone know in which files these
        two settings are stored?  Thanks.
        \_ It's in the registry:
           HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Devstudio\6.0\Text Editor\...
2003/9/24-25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10313 Activity:high
9/24    This is a serious question, i am getting about 160 spams a day in
        the last few days, a lot of it contains subject
        From: Microsoft Customer Services <>
        To: Commercial Customer <>
        about a security patch. this is an email virus floating around?
        \_ curious here. are you people who keep on asking these spam
           questions just stupid, or are you new to the motd or something?
                 \_ man spam
                    \_ mmm, manspam. is that more kosher than spam
                      classic (tm)?
                        \_ It's a serious csua manpage
                      \_ An email is a sandwich but a manspam is a meal.
        \_ you should just reply to all of them and ask politely to be
           removed from their list.
           \_ Damn it!  I just nearly sprayed coffee on my screen!
              \_ The AMC strikes again!
        \_ It's swen.  Look it up.
           \_ well what do I do about it? my computer is not infected but
              i am receiving all these junk!!!
              \_ get a clue, or deal with it.
                 \_ why do you go to Berkeley? you can lookup everything
                    on google.
                    \_ You clearly don't understand the difference between
                       information and knowledge.
              \_ Learn how to use procmail and spamassassin on soda.
                 Then provide an FAQ for the rest of us l0z3r5.
                 \_ would you really want to rely on this guy for info?
                    i wouldn't.
                 \_ man spam
2003/9/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10314 Activity:nil
9/24    How cold is Yosemite in the winter? Nov?  any suggestions for lodging?
        \_ go to the website.  Note that many areas (north and glacier point)
           are closed for the winter.  Curry Village and the valley might
           be open during winter.  There are some cabins as well.
        \_ It can be cold or not. When I went last winter it was extremely
           warm even though there was snow on the ground. It tends to be
           fairly warm (60-70s and sometimes more) except when there's a
           storm. They have a few big storms per year. Last year they had
           two and the last was in December. --dim
           \_ Go snowcamping!
2003/9/24-25 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:10315 Activity:high
9/24    For Wind0ze users: SecureCRT or PuTTy, cost notwithstanding?
        \_ putty seems perfectly sufficient for my needs.  but i am using it
           as i would a glass tty, so your needs may differ.
        \_ never used putty, but SecureCRT has been more than adequate for
           my needs.
        \_ SecureCRT.  I haven't tried PuTTy recently though.  I like
           SecureCRT's binding of PageUp/PageDown to scrollback, and reading
           from my ssh private key files automatically, which are the same as
           in my Cygwin ssh.  I don't like that CPU goes to 100% and I can't
           close the window when output is coming too fast.
        \_ TTSSH is another free alternative. I like it, though if you don't
           care about cost SecureCRT may be better.
        \_ Is SecureCRT free?  Last time I checked it has a trial period.
        \_ My only beef with putty is that the config is in the registry.  It's
           X-tunnelling works great, etc.  (TTerm can't tunnel IIRC.)
           \_ Another great thing about putty is that it comes with
              ssh-agent like functionality.
           \_ Teraterm can definitely tunnel. Maybe the only bad thing about
              Teraterm/TTSSH is it only supports ssh1. I like it.
              \_ The only bad thing is that your secure client isn't secure?
        \_ Have been using putty for over 2 years now (when forced to use a
           windows machine, that is), and have been very satisfied with it. It
           just seems to work right, no matter what, carry no bloat and
           have no annoyances. Quite possibly the cleanest windows app that
           I've used in a long, long time.  -alexf
        \_ Putty is very basic and simply works.  If I could get work to pay
           for SecureCRT, I'd use that instead.
           in my Cygwin ssh.
2003/9/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:10316 Activity:moderate
9/24    what time/channel is debate for Governor?
        \_ 6 p.m. Pretty much every local channel.
           \_ Is is going to be available for online viewing somewhere?
        \_ Will Ahnuld be debating too?
                \_ "All who oppose me shall be destroyed!"
          \_ his surprise is to walk off the stage and hold a press conference
             \_ Nah, that's Cruz's plan.
          \_ Supposedly this is the only debate he's participating.
             \_ Supposedly?
             \_ It's the only one where the questions are given to the
                participants ahead of the actual debate.  So they can bone up.
                \_ Basically, it's scripted.  All he has to do is to act it
                   \_ Except when the candidates start rebutting each other.
          \_ his surprise is to walk off the stage and hold a press
           conference outside.
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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