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2003/9/23-24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:10287 Activity:nil
9/22    I know of MindTerm, as well as a whole slew of httpstunnel
        ssh-over-https scripts;  does anyone know of a java applet which
        combines the two?  -John
2003/9/23 [Politics] UID:10288 Activity:nil
9/22    Wow, someone *really* doesn't like it when people talk about
        wartime or military technologies.  I wonder what the big deal is....
        \_ I ve noticed people like to delete threads where I reply and
           sign my name. -- ilyas
           \_ Perhaps -- but the Motd Military Censoring Cocksucker seems to
              rabidly censor anything military that turns into a lengthier
           \_ Have you noticed people like to delete threads where your
              name isn't signed?
              \_ Not particularly, no.  Someone's slacking I guess.
2003/9/23 [Finance/CC, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:10289 Activity:nil
9/22    I've had 2 Vietnamese roomates so far and I think they're AWFUL.
        They are dirty, lie about bills, and one of them is a thief (stole
        my credit card number and used them to order stuff sent to their
        homes in San Diego). I think of all the Asians out there, the
        Vietnamese people are amongst them one of the nastiest out there.
        I'm not saying ALL VCs are bad, just that in my personal experience
        many of them are. Also, I'm not saying that they're genetically
        inferior-- their behaviour is mostly defined by their background,
        and their refugee background is most likely what makes them what
        they are. Roomates, beware, and good luck to you all.
        \_ watch out for philipinos too
2003/9/23-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:10290 Activity:low
9/22    I'm trying to debug the source of a particular type of arp
        traffic on my network. Basically I'm seeing something like
        the following at a rate of about 1/s from dozens of hosts:

        11:17:14.372348 arp who-has xxx (Broadcast) tell xxx

        Any ideas about where to get started? (I've traced the
        cabling to and from our switches and it looks like there
        are no loops, in case that helps).
        \_ are the xxx's censoring, or is that the actual output?
           \_ censoring.  --seen it elsewhere, --!OP
        \_ Welchia virus
                \_ Unless Redhat's 7.3 cds are infected with
                   this, I doubt it. My network consists almost
                   exclusively of systems running 7.3 (many are
                   kickstarted every few days).
                   \- look at the mac address which should give you the
                      OUI ... you can figure out the mfgr [sic] of the
                      ethernet card. do you have access to your switch?
                      you can dump the mapping tables and get a physical
                      switch port. --psb
                        \_ When I remove an offending system from the
                           switch its arp traffic goes away, but almost
                           half of the systems on our switches are
                           producing this type of arp request. I'm
                           guessing it is some sort of config problem
                           either on the nic or the switch.
                           \_ Check /etc/sysctl.conf.  See if it's trying to
                              act as a gateway.  Also check for routed and
                              the like
        \_ I see tons of this shit on my home cable modem.  Annoying but
           harmless if it's from the outside.  Is that an external or all-
           internal switch you're looking at?
                \_ Internal switch. This is all local traffic. There is
                   so much arp traffic that it is causing significant
                   degradation in the network throughput. I have gige
                   switches (4 cisco 3750s) and all the systems have gige
                   nics (intel etherexpress 1000 or something) but I can
                   barely get 100Mb transfer speeds (6000K/s) between
                   \_ You sure there isn't some rogue windows box on that
                      net?  Check for SMB traffic and other windowsy crap
                      on your net.
                        \_ I removed our switches from the main net so
                           that only the linux boxes and a couple of u10
                           were on the network and I still get this traffic.
                           I think that the gateway thing might be the
                           issue. I'll look at that today.
                           \_ Stopping these arps is not going to fix your
                              slow network problem. Do the math: 100 hosts *
                              1 arp/sec * 1024 bits/arp = 100 kb/sec. This
                              is nothing to your 1GB/s network. Your problem
                              is a full duplex/half duplex autonegotiation
                              problem or perhaps a 1GB/100MB auto negotiation
                              problem, I bet. -ausman
                              \_ Ding.  Ausman wins.  I would also posit that
                                 the arps are normal.  It's called Layer 2.
                                 \- are you seeing ethernet frame errors?--psb
2003/9/23-24 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:10291 Activity:nil
9/22    Another great invention from Japan:
        \_ disturbing, but funny.
        \_ not really work-safe
2003/9/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:10292 Activity:high
9/22    To counter my own reference for Clark yesterday.  Here's a real
        soldier's opinion of him.
        \_ worldnetdaily is not very reputable
           \_ Says you.  I respect Hackworth because I've read his books and
              followed him in the news.  He's very principled and is always
              watching out for the safety of our soldiers.
              \_ notice that worldnetdaily not being very reputable is
                 independent of how principled Hackworth actually is
              \_ Hackworth said on the 3rd week of the Iraq war that it
                 was going badly. He also interviewed Boorda to point the
                 CNO took his own life. I know he means well, but sometimes
                 he's little out there.
           \_ And the editorials posted yesterday were?
           \_ But anonymous posts on the motd sure are!
              \_ mo'e dan wo'ldnetdaily, t'be sho' nuff
                 \_ zee svedeesh cheff is mure-a repooteble-a
                    thun uny ooff yuoo!
                    Bork Bork Bork!
           \_ True, but they're usually pretty down on dems. This is
              bizarrely refreshing.
        \_ ok, this column has robert e. lee as graduating #1 from west
           point, but i've heard from so many other places that he was
           #2 in his class.  who was #1 if he wasn't?
           \_ Charles Mason was #1, Democratic lawyer, NY newspaper editor,
              Iowa chief justice.  Robert E Lee was highest ranking cadet,
              so he beats Mason in terms of "chain of command" rank, thus
              "highest ranking" but not "graduated first in class".
              \_ mo'e dan wo'ldnetdaily, t'be sho' nuff
              "highest ranking" but not "graduated first in class".
              \_ ok, good to know.  thanks.
2003/9/23-25 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:10293 Activity:kinda low
9/22    OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 (portable, ie non-OpenBSD) has been released.
        There are multiple vulnerabilities with the PAM auth code in
        3.7.1p1, so if you use PAM (Solaris/Linux) you should upgrade.
        \_ Is there an sshd that just works?  I'd be happy with a v2 sshd
           without holes that just allows simple logins.  Any other features
           after that would be a bonus.  Any suggestions?  Please?
           \_ Sigh.  OpenSSH "just works".  It's just that its vulnerabilities
              are declared and found more frequently than commercial SSH
              daemons.  Not saying those are any better or worse, but you are
              deluding yourself if you think that any piece of cryptographic
              software is "secure" just because no bugs are ever publicly
              announced.  Patching system components is a part of life as a
              sysadmin, get used to it.  -John
              \_ I am all for opensource but doesn't it bring as much harm
                 as benefit in terms of security?  Sure patchs are made on
                 more frequently, but isn't it much easier in theory to find a
                 bug to exploit when the source is available than otherwise?
                 \_ Do you occasionally look at Bugtraq?  I suggest you do,
                    if only to make it clear that having a commercial program
                    doesn't add much in the way of security.  Ask Microsoft.
                    "Better the devil you know"...  -John
                    \_ I'm not making my point.  I can see that.  I don't care
                       who wrote it or why or where it comes from.  I just want
                       an sshd with minimal features and fewer holes than what
                       openssh has.  If you don't know of one, thanks, that's
                 \_ would you prefer to know that holes are being found and
                    patched at the cost of having to upgrade, or instead
                    not know about holes and ignore upgrades in ignorant bliss?
                    \_ I'm not making my point.  I can see that.  I don't care
                       who wrote it or why or where it comes from.  I just want
                       an sshd with minimal features and fewer holes than what
                       openssh has.  If you don't know of one, thanks, that's
                        \_ You're very clear--I'm simply saying that OpenSSH
                           is pretty much "it" for open-souce sshd, and with
                           the non-open source ones, no, you probably won't be
                           patching so often, but that says nothing about the
                           amount of holes in them.  -John
              \_ I don't care if the alternative is commercial or not.  I just
                 want something I won't be patching three times in a week.  I'm
                 not concerned with open vs commercial philosophy.
                 \_ It's nothing to do with commercial or open source.  It's
                    a question of security.  If all you care about is not
                    patching something, then don't run OpenSSH.  This is
                    what's known as 'sticking your head in the sand'.  And
                    yes, what you don't know _can_ hurt you.  Your call. -John
                    \_ I'm not making my point.  I can see that.  I don't care
                       who wrote it or why or where it comes from.  I just want
                       an sshd with minimal features and fewer holes than what
                       openssh has.  If you don't know of one, thanks, that's
        \_ Argh! Nooo! Is this a joke? I had already had to upgrade OpenSSH
           on nearly 200 hosts -twice- during last week.
           What the #$(@)@*!!
           \_ Pride goeth before a fall.
              \_ Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit
                 before a fall. Proverbs 16:18
           \_ That's why it makes sense to wait to upgrade. OpenSSH
              *always* has one or two patches out within a week. --dim
              \_ wait a week to upgrade while getting hacked in the meantime?
                 swell idea, i wish i'd thought of it.
                 \_ There are no known exploits for this vulnerability, nor for
                    most of the ones being found lately. "It is uncertain
                    whether these errors are potentially exploitable,
                    however, we prefer to see bugs fixed proactively." --dim
                    \_ so says them. securityfocus paints a different picture.
                       in any case, better safe than sorry.
                       \_ More than once the "new" OpenSSH has been more flawed
                          than the original. An example was when the privilege
                          separation code was first added. It is common for
                          the OpenSSH folks to fix a bug and then have to
                          fix their fix. Hence, we are at p2 already. Just wait
                          for the bozos to figure it out unless the bug is
                          easily exploited. --dim
                          \_ they're not exactly fixing their fix. they somewhat
                             hastily made a release with *new* functionality,
                             which was probably not well-tested. so just patch
                             the old 3.6.1p2 and you're fine.
        \_ Jesus fucking Christ!  Is there a simple v2 sshd out there that
           just works?!  I don't need all the whiz bang features, just a
           login shell.  If it could port forward that would be a bonus
           but I could survive without it if it meant I could stop the
           upgrade madness.
           \_ what's this whole upgrade madness? it's been a while since
              the last major openssh scare. fwiw, maybe you should've just
              patched 3.6.1 and been done with it.
           \_ lsh might be what you are looking for. Keep in mind that
              OpenSSH has a larger user base, developer base and h4x0r
              base so gets more auditing.
              \_ and lsh had its own remote exploitable bug days later.
                 so what's the difference.
2003/9/23-24 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10294 Activity:kinda low
9/23    I have a lot of problems with my chip shot. 1/3 of the time they fly
        ok, but 1/3 never goes up in the air and the other 1/3 just dig into
        the dirt and the ball moves a few inches forward. What am I doing
AAAA    wrong?
        \_ You will get a lower score after I shove your golf club
           up your ass you rich water wasting yuppie fuck
           \_ Better we should put a slum there instead.
           \_ Maybe he golfs in Washington State or Oregon.
        \_ assuming you're using the right club, you're just not swinging
           right. if it's never going in the air, you're hitting it
           too thin, if you dig into the dirt, you're hitting it fat.
           just hit it on the sweet spot of the club. and don't try
           the lift the ball, the club will do that for you.
        \_ you can practice your chip shots anywhere.  i did, in my
           apartment.  oh, and i fucked up the rug.  oh well, my chipping's
           better now.
           \_ fuck the rug.  this is golf.  get priorities!
2003/9/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10295 Activity:moderate
9/23    Myth of pre-Chinese Tibetan "utopia"
        \_ yeah, its much better now. The Chinses are killing monks,
           burning monastaries, destroying religious texts, forcably
           sterilizing Tibetan women, taking children as political
           prisoners, and relocating Han Chinese to populate the regon.
           \_ Likely you didn't even follow the link.  I'm in agreement
              with you mostly - Chinese rule is no picnic.  However, Westerners
              love to romanticize pre-China tibet and in particular the
              Dalai Lama, when the reality is much more complicated.
                 \_ It is hard to be worse than what it was like under the rule
                    of the Lama.  As for destroying monasteries, see below.
                    \_ Wow, really?  The lamas were genociding their own
                       people?  Have you published this shocking new historical
                       discovery?  This is PhD quality history research!  Whoa!
                       The lamas were butchers... who ever woulda thunk it?
              \_ Just because it sucked before doesn't mean it's ok for the
                 communists to move in and turn it into a communist anti-
                 utopia.  It's both worse now and oppressive.  BTW, they
                 stopped destroying monasteries decades ago after destroying
                 the first 5,000 of them.  With only a few dozen left, it
                 doesn't matter anymore.
              \_ Likeley you have NO idea I followed the link, bozo.
                 Yes, Old tibet is not utopia, but current tibet is
                 a total tradegy. have some compassion.
                 \_ Modern tibet is probably much like previous
                   incarnations of Tibet. The Tibetian problem has
                   \_ Are you HIGH?
                   always been Sinoistic in nature. Tibet and China
                   share a common history, and relations have always
                   entangled. Westerners should be wise to learn the
                   true nature of the issues before proclaiming their
                   one-sided views on subjects they have no true idea
                   about. Tibet, like Iraq, like Palestine, has no
                   easy questions to profer, and no easy answers.
                   \_ I love it when someone refers to systematic genocide
                      as "The <insert victim race here> Problem".  The Tibetan
                      Problem.  The Jewish Problem.  The Kurdish Problem.  The
                      Native Problem.  It goes on.  Add your favorites.
                   \_ systematic eradication of a culture is indefensible.
                      The Chinese burned all the Tibetan artifacts they
                      could find.  They slaughtered all the monks in Tibet.
                      They forcibly moved in a Chinese population in order
                      to breed out the Tibetan culture.  How do you explain
                      that in the context of history?
                      \_ The central governement was singularly lenient when
                         it comes to Tibetan insurgency.  The current Dalai
                         Lama and his huge entourage was essentially allowed
                         to go when they were totally surrounded.  Despite
                         repeated uprising by armed monks (a buddhist
                         oxymoron), they were not systematically executed,
                         although I would not envy their position.  The ethnic
                         tibetan red guards did most of the desrution of
                         cultural treasures, thinking rightly that their
                         once rich culrture has so far fallen behind the
                         outside world (more so than say Afghanistan) but
                         wrongly that they could leap forward by destroying
                         what they already had.  In fact the Chinese army
                         were the one who prevented the destruction of the
                         major sites during the cultural revolution.
                         \_ That's actually pretty interesting.  Do you have
                            any URL's/references that I can follow up on during
                            my free time?  TIA.            -mice
                            \_ He can't provide any sources not from the
                               communists.  It's complete bullshit.
                            \_ There is a book in Chinese called "Sky Burial
                               - xxxxx" where xxxxx I have forgotten. Prob.
                               no English translation exists, since a book
                               that does not whooly condemens the Chinese
                               has a hard time getting published in the west.
                               To the "China Bad" people, a book being written
                               by a Han Chinese is automatically discredited
                               unless the author is a card carrying dissident,
                               which in this case is kind of true. He has been
                               arrested before.  I do not really like his
                               analysis or prose but at least he
                               tries to do a research of the facts and ends up
                               offending everyone.  Actually if one is willing
                               to be rational for a second, it is obvious what
                               kind of a place where people send their children
                               to become monks must be the exact opposite of
                               a paradise.  The propanganda of the Chinese
                               government regarding the extreme sad state of
                               Tibet before Dalai ran away is basically true,
                               but of course they like to neglect the many
                               blunders they committed in Tibet and elsewhere
                               that costed many many lives.  Though it is
                               nothing the government'd be proud to advertise,
                               Tibet is one of the places where situation did
                               not become worse than before even during the
                               worst years of Mao's rule.  Anyway, both the
                               truth and the half truth are less appealing
                               than the fairy/horror tale + hollywood preaching
                               of the Lama.  BTW, I visited Tibet twice.
                               There is tension there but nothing too serious.
                               In terms of ethnicity, it's going the way of
                               the US sans genocide (of Indians).  That
                               is the worst possibility except for all the
                               others, human being human.
                               \_ Goes to show ya, history is written by the
                               \_ Ok, that's all nice but you still haven't
                                  provided the tiniest shred of proof.  This is
                                  communist propaganda and nothing more.  To
                                  say that it's hard to get anything published
                                  in the West is so laughable as to be beyond
                                  absurd.  Hello?  Duh?  We don't have the
                                  censorship here that your beloved communists
                                  inflict on their people on a daily basis.
                                  I'll only respond to one other point, the
                                  idea that there's little tension in Tibet:
                                  of course by this point that could be true.
                                  The communists murdered, imprisoned, or
                                  exiled 99% of the resistence.  One of my
                                  professors visited 10 years ago and reported
                   share a common history, and relations have always
                   entangled. Westerners should be wise to learn the
                                  that by that time the communists had shipped
                                  in so many non-Tibetans that there really
                                  was no serious hope of ever restoring what
                                  little is left of Tibetan culture.  So I say
                                  to you, congratulations on your communist
                                  hero's successful genocide of another people.
                   \_ What was so complicated? There was Tibet. There was
                      China. China invaded Tibet. End of story.
                      \_ You could go on to say there was alway US., there was
                         always Tibet.  But if you really want to use your head
                         and learn something real, you should know that
                         Tibetan was an  automonous region within Chinese
                         dynasties, which is sort of like a federated system.
                         Then they wanted to break away when the central
                         government was under siege from all sides.  The rest
                         is history.  Yes, the military operation and followup
                         restoration was harsh, but it is brutal in the sense
                         that the US civil war and the consequent years of
                         restoration was harsh, and probably more so in
                         relative scale.  Anyway, Dalai Lama's bid for
                         independence had all to do with personal ambition of
                         a sector of a tiny but rutheless ruling elite, taken
                         advantage of by foreign powers (Britan, Russian, then
                         India and US), than the welfare of the people or their
                         religious faith.  Alas it was a failed gamble and has
                         terrible consequency for all people of China, Tibetans
                         or otherwise, except those "refugees" who live a
                         pampered life on the Swiss alps and his holiness
                         who has become an icon and idol like a rock star.
                         \_ You confuse central control of government with
                            cultural genocide.  The average peasant doesn't
                            care, nor need to care, who they pay their taxes
                            to.  They do and should care when someone is
                            killing them en masse, destroyed 5000+ of their
                   true nature of the issues before proclaiming their
                   one-sided views on subjects they have no true idea
                   about. Tibet, like Iraq, like Palestine, has no
                   easy questions to profer, and no easy answers.
                   \_ What was so complicated? There was Tibet. There was
                      China. China invaded Tibet. End of story.
                            ~5050 temples, imprisoned, killed, or exiled all
                            of their leaders who wouldn't submit and has
                            imported (like cattle) more foreigners than your
                            own native headcount all in an outrageous and
                            blatant effort to obliterate your people from the
                            face of the earth.  Taxes is politics.  What the
                            communists have done and have almost completed is
                            pure genocide.
                   \_ Ahem, there's no such thing as "Palestine".  Talk about
                      learning your history, you'd be wise to do the same.
                   \_ Have you been to Tibet?  You might want to learn:
                         point, try:
                      \_ A very one-sided view.  For a more balanced view-
                         point, try:
                   \_ What was so complicated? There was Tibet. There was
                         The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the
                         Dalai Lama by Melvyn C. Goldstein.
                      China. China invaded Tibet. End of story.
                   \_ Ahem, there's no such thing as "Palestine".  Talk about
                      \_ This site uses the fact that China does not have
                         effective control of Tibet from 1911 to 1951 as
                         evidence for Tibetan independence then, and argument for
                      learning your history, you'd be wise to do the same.
                   \_ Have you been to Tibet?  You might want to learn:
                         The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the
                         Dalai Lama by Melvyn C. Goldstein.
                      \_ This site uses the fact that China does not have
                         effective control of Tibet from 1911 to 1951 as
                         evidence for Tibetan independence, conveniently
                         ignoring the fact that China was fragmented from 1911,
                         with warlords, KMT, CCP, Imperial Japan, Russians,
                         Western colonialists all vying for a share of the pie,
                         with no single government controlling the country,
                         that is until the commies reunited the nation.
           \_ Do we have a single ChiCom troll, or multiple ones?  -John
        \_ Bringing Chinese-rule to Tibet!
        \_ Bring Tibetan rule to China!
                         Tibetan independence now, conveniently ignoring the
                         fact that China was fragmented from 1911 until the
                         middle of the twentieth century, with warlords, KMT,
                         CCP, Imperial Japan, Russians, Western colonialists
                         all vying for a share of the pie, and with no single
                         governing entity controlling the country,
                         that is, until the commies reunited the nation.
                         \_ I've already addressed enough of your communist
                            propaganda.  See my above about taxes vs genocide.
           \_ Do we have a single ChiCom troll, or multiple ones?  -John
                \_ Kill the Communist Bandits!
                \_ There's at least two unless there is one who has greatly
                   improved his English skills in the last 6 weeks.
        \_ Bringing Chinese-rule to Tibet!
        \_ Bring Tibetan rule to China!
        \_ US out of North America!
        \_ Tibet illustrates the failure of pacifist ideology:
           Pacifist cultures get smushed by non-pacifist ones.
2003/9/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10296 Activity:nil
9/23    Bringing democracy to Iraq!
        \_ I strongly encourage you to do a smidgen of research on George
           Galloway, and on his "interesting" past.  Anything like that coming
           from him is pretty rich.  -John
           \_ Perhaps, but it doesn't change the fact that the governing
              council just muzzled the press.
                \_ The right way to change a country is like so: after
                   crushing the former government, you tell everyone it's
                   over with and to report to work the next day, then you
                   shoot everyone that's stirring trouble, muzzle the press,
                   appoint a new government, let everything get stable, then
                   have an election a few years later and yield control.  The
                   problem with the current plan is they're trying to build
                   a new government without fully stomping out the old one.
                   it's a bloody and ugly process and requires everyone stfu
                   for a while until the partisan activity is crushed.
                \_ Nuke the shithole & get it over with.  War.  Victory.
                   Army.  Military.  Own the place.  Get the picture?  -John
                   \_ What a heartwarming sentiment, John.
                        \_ I've given up on trying to reason with the world.
                           I've joined the mighty troll army.  -John
                           \_ Real Trolls don't sign their posts. -AMC
                              \_ That's so cool!  Someone took my anonymous
                                 nick.  I'm now immortal!  That rocks!  Thank
                              \_ The Troll King signs whatever he wants. -John
                   \_ But Ahnuld's Hummer doesn't run on radioactive gas.
2003/9/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10297 Activity:low
9/23    Darrell Issa must be manic-depressive or something:
        \_ Sour grapes?
           \_ In a way, but not like you mean.  More like if the party can't
              get something positive out of the recall then they shouldn't
              support the recall.  makes sense.
              \_ B-b-but...but I thought the recall was about DEMOCRACY?!
        \_ You must have missed his speech when he dropped out of the race.  It
           was surreal.
2003/9/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:10298 Activity:nil
9/23    Did nickkral go to a speech therapy between 1996-1998? He REALLY
        improved his speech impediment during those years. Just wanna
        confirm. ok thx.
        \_ email him
        \_ how is the motd a proper forum for this question?  very mean.
           are we still in junior high?
2003/9/23-24 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10299 Activity:nil
        If the cat is happy at home, it won't go next door to eat.
        Yet another stupid meaningless University study
        \_ kept some grad students eating.
2003/9/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:10300 Activity:high 66%like:28436
9/23    Poll: If you're married, at what age did you get married?
        22: .
        24: .
        25: ..
        29: .
        30: .
        34: .
2003/9/23-24 [Health/Men] UID:10301 Activity:high
9/23    Drugs?  Darwin's best friend:
                \_ salvia is awesome! - danh
                   \_ Danh, will you warn us before you cut out your tongue
                      and cut off your penis?
2003/9/23-24 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:10302 Activity:high
9/23    Court reinstates recall.  Bye Davis.
        \_ Hell-o-o-o Bustamante!
           \_ Hell, maybe.  Bustamante, no.  Not with the election now instead
              of in March when all the illegals will get to vote.
              \_ Wow.  The levels of idiocy are astounding!
                 \_ Of whom?  The Court, Davis, Bustamante, or the illegals?
                    \_ look to thyself, young sprite.
2003/9/23 [Uncategorized] UID:10303 Activity:very high
9/23    What's your favorite number?
        \_ 66. (Favorite player's number.)
        \_ 2, of course
        \_ 3. It's the magic number.
        \_ 60.
        \_ 42
           \_ the nerd's number?
              \_ Yes.  The nerd's number.  How non-nerdly you've proved yourself
                 by saying so.  Big pat on the back.
                 \_ you mean I'm not a nerd?  yes!
        \_ 88.
        \_ 69.  Ooh, aah.
           \_ Excelleeent!
           \_ Excelleeent!
           \_ yawn.  69 is so teenie bopper.
        \_ 1.  (It's the lonliest number)
        \_ 51
        \_ 51
        \_ Any magic number.
        \_ $2: what it costs for an hour with your girlfriend.
        \_ Any perfect number.
        \_ 137.
        \_ e.
        \_ pi.
        \_ pi
        \_ 8
        \_ 18
        \_ no physics constants?
        \_ 22
2003/9/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10304 Activity:high
9/23    Bush and Annan's speeches to the UN:
        \_ I can't believe he said that!  What a POS!
           \_ Yep, the era of the UN is past.
              \_ "History is a harsh judge: it will not forgive us if
                  we let this moment pass."
              \_ How far up is that stick up your fat ass?
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