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2003/9/22-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:10273 Activity:nil
9/21    I was asked to be doing some basic system admin stuff when
        our company's Sys Admin is not avaliable.  First thing I want to
        do is to monitor the local area network, as there are certain
        time of day when i know someone is abusing the network so much
        that he/she alone sucked 99% of the bandwidth.  Any lead on
        how to appropach this? and what is a typical tool being used
        to monitor packet?
        \_ mrtg, smoke ping, router configs
        \_ Snort, ethereal (works on Windows.)  Set up a SPAN or mirror
           port on a switch (assuming you have a switched network) and
           start working back towards individual ports.  Use mrtg to
           collect statistics on individual ports.  -John
           \_ Thanks.  I'll get start on it.    -kngharv
        \_ That's not basic stuff.  Has anyone asked you to find this person
           and destroy their career?  If not then let it go.  If you go on,
           then use some common sense before outing them.  If it's kiddie
           pr0n, sure go ahead.  If they're just dicking around on ebay or
           something equally harmless, give them a chance to stop.  Don't
           just be the storm trooper gestapo for some management prick.  It
           isn't your duty to ruin lives on command as a sysadmin.
           \_ I second this. I bet this person is just downloading mp3's.
              If you just plan to figure out who it is and ask them to stop,
              that is one thing, but don't kick it upstairs. Before you
              even start doing system administration, you should get a copy
              of Nemeth and read "The Politics of System Administration,"
              which is the last chapter.
              \_ just downloading mp3s? who wants the RIAA suing your
2003/9/22-23 [Reference/Languages] UID:10274 Activity:nil
9/21    Random acronym pronunciation poll:  How would you go about
        pronouncing the Mozilla XML user interface markup language
        "zooole" as in Ghostbusters    .
        \_ Dear god.  Tell me you're joking.  ZUUL.
           \_ What's he doing in my refrigerator?
              \_  "Oh my god!"
                  "You see it?"
                  "Look at all that junk food!  You actually eat that?"
        \_ Are you the keymaster?
                \_ I am the gatekeeper.
        \_ Marshmellows for everyone!
2003/9/22 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10275 Activity:very high
9/21    US Army caught red handed using racist, anti African-American
        recruiting methods.
        And a big FU! to whatever racist deleted this!
        \_ troll
        \_ "The drop in black recruits may be tied to the Army's increased
            focus on the college market, military officials say." Wtf? Perhaps
            it's because black college students are less likely to want to
            fight for Uncle Whitey's Army.
        \_ how sad, a long ass trolling url non shortened url
           i am far too lazy to click on.
        \_ What's racist?  The fact that they "focus on the college market"?
           Are you implying black people don't go to college?  What?  Man,
           some people on soda are weird.  -John [restored by erikred]
        \_ you're all weird, especiall those who call "troll" but haven't
           read the link from the NYT of all places.  Exactly what is the
           right place one is allowed to post a link without being a troll?
           Maybe from your favorite politician's personal website? -!OP
                \_ I'm not weird.  I think OP is crying 'racist' (meaningless
                   word, that) without giving a reason why.  And I read
                   the article, is there a problem?  Weirdo.  -John
        And a big FU! to whatever racist deleted this!
        \_ Hm I just replied to this asking what is racist about it, and got
           deleted.  Are you a racist?  You *are* weird.  -John
2003/9/22 [Uncategorized] UID:10276 Activity:nil
9/22    JohnBuddy, when are you gonna publish your .plan?  I need a
        paperback version.  -mtbb
        \_ Hiya buddy!  As soon as I rescue all the little .planlet buddies
           waiting to be published!  --> BB-7 <--
2003/9/22-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:10277 Activity:nil
9/22    I'm looking to expand my lan to include wireless.  The thing is, I
        like the linux-box router/firewall I already have set up.  Can I
        configure a wireless router station to run with a DHCP IP so I can
        continue to route everything through my hardwired linux-box?
        Many thanks.  --erikred
        \_ just get a wireless AP... not a router/AP -shac
        \_ just put the wireless lan box behind your firewall and dont use its
           WAN port.  Thats what I do with a netgear BEFW11S4.  -ERic
           \_ If you don't use the WAN port, how do you connect the
              WAP to your net?
              \_ DSL->freebsdrouter->switchport-on-wap<-internal-hosts
                 its not rocket science here
           \_ you mean linksys befw11s4
        \_ -- ilyas
2003/9/22-23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:10278 Activity:nil
9/22    Anybody think there we'll actually be able to sell large quantities
        of Iraqi oil and use the money to help pay for reconstruction?  I've
        been reading up on the sabotages.  It's demoralizing.  All it takes
        is an ax and a small match to blow up a section of a pipeline.  And
        \- i dont think that is true. crude oil isnt like gasoline.
           but yeah, when people have mortars and rpgs under the bed, it's
           probably not a technology problem. --psb
        a lot of that has been happening.  Even the below ground pipelines
        have above-ground manual valves every few kilometers for manual shut
        off.  Those are easy targets too.  No wonder Iraq is still importing
        oil.  The more I think about it, the more I think this little
        reconstruction project won't pay for itself.
        \_ We can't take oil money for reconstruction.  We have to vigorously
           avoid the criticism of the "no blood for oil" nutjobs.
           \_ Hey, the proper term is "whackos!"  Don't lump them with
              us.  -- tinfoil-and-duct-tape nutjob
           \_ The plan was to give reconstruction contracts to Halliburton,
              Bechtel, et al and the contract is with the Iraqi government,
              which pays for it with oil revenue... At least I think that
              was the plan
              \_ We have a plan???
                 \_  1. Invade Iraq
                     2. ?????
                     3. Profit!
        \_ While sabotage is part of the problem, the fact is the decade
           long embargo meant no spare parts for refineries and pipelines.
           Phoenix has a pipe go on them and it took them weeks to fix
           WITH spare parts, expertise and money. BushCo will of course blame
           Clinton for the embargo.
           \_ well, duh.  it would look bad to blame Bush Sr.
2003/9/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10279 Activity:nil
9/22    This is an interesting election.  We have Arnold Schwarzenegger,
        Larry Flynt, Gary Coleman, Mary Carey and Angelyne.  And we also have
        Michael Jackson, Edward Kennedy, Robert Dole and Richard Simmons.
        \_ thank you for that stunningly insightful commentary.
2003/9/22-24 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:10280 Activity:nil
9/22    Any reason why an app compiled with -pg (gprof) would try to
        reference mem location 0xffffffff while the same code w/o the profile
        switch works fine?  Both compiled cleanly with -Wall & -pedantic.
        \_ Long shot, but I've got a machine with some bad memory at a high
           location.  If I run multiple memory hogging apps, the last one will
           always crash with ugly memory errors like that.  One day I'll get
           off my ass and replace the bad ram.
           \_ could you try this:  I'm curious if if works.
              \_ I  already did.  It didn't.  I know the ram is because
                 because crashes only started happening after I swapped some
                 old for new.
2003/9/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:10281 Activity:kinda low
9/22    Get those bags packed, George.
        \_ Hide those skeletons, Wes!
           \_ if this is the best the Bush and his minions can dig up,
              he's in serious trouble
              \_ Why? Do you really think that the peace love dope lefties
                 in the democratic party will vote for a solider?
                 \_ When did this rumor become "fact" that the dems hate the
                    military? oh, and by the way, check service records before
                    you say anything else this stupid. --scotsman
                    \_ Service records?  They got drafted or felt the need to
                       signup since they had political ambitions.  Fact?  This
                       isn't a provable concept but common sense would say
                       that a pacifist wouldn't vote for a soldier.
                       \_ How many dems are "peace love dope lefties"?  Most
                          of the "peace love dope lefties" vote Green.  Get
                          over yourself, you knee-jerk rightist hawk bozo.
                    military? --scotsman
                    \_ Do tell, oh Great Wise One and Knower of All History!
           \_ you know the massacre they are talking about happened 11 months
              AFTER Clark met with him.
              \_ How dare you bring facts into this!
              \_ Shut up! Cut his mic!
              \_ you might be a rocket scientist but you're no genius if you
                 can't see something wrong with Clark's actions vis a vis
                 Mladic.  Also, his CNN record is public as well as the rest
                 of the stuff here.  The man is a crackpot and very dangerous.
                 I'd no more vote for Clark than I've vote for a whacko like
                 McArthur (who wanted to nuke mainland China).  Go ahead, vote
                 for him.  Whatever.  You deserve what you vote for.
                 \_ Good, you've bought into the right-wing spin.
        \_ If polls this early meant anything, we'd have had President Dole
           from '96 to '00 and maybe right now.  It's a big yawner.
        \_ -- ilyas
                 \_ It pains me that our youth have forgotten their history.
2003/9/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10282 Activity:kinda low
9/22    Anyone know how to find out if a particular record company is owned by
        a member of the RIAA or not?
        \_ the DMCA forbids that.
        \_ RIAA Radar: . very good interface, but
           it seems to be down at the moment.
  is a good page for general
           information, though I don't agree with their manifesto.
           \_ Doh, you beat me to it.  Actually, it's the site that
              seems to be down at the moment.  Funny, that.
        \_ -- ilyas
        \_ RIAA and MPAA don't own the companies, the companies are members
           of these organizations.
2003/9/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10283 Activity:nil
9/22    When birthcontrol companies publish the failure rate, is that
        based on whether the man pulls out or cums inside?
        \_ Hmm - needs more grammatical errors, but otherwise, nice troll!
        \_ It's usually defined as couples that use the method for one year,
           what % of them have a pregnancy.  So the rate also includes people
           who mess up, and probably does not really reflect people who are
           simultaneously practicing 'coitus interruptus'.
        \_ You another member of the 3% failure rate club?
2003/9/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:10284 Activity:nil
9/22    anyone getting lots of spam from "microsoft security update"???
        \_ No, you're the only one in the world.
        \_ every 5 minutes
        \_ Like crazy.  All 140-160K
        \_ Meet the Swen virus
2003/9/22-23 [Reference/Military] UID:10285 Activity:kinda low
9/22    Anyone watch History Channel's Greatest Match in History last night?
        They compared the ME-109 vs. Sabercats and AK47 vs. M16s. A lot of
        pros and cons, etc. To recap, there was a motd post on AK vs. M16s,
        and according to the show M16 was much better on paper, but in
        real life combat esp. in close range jungle and sand type gorrela
                       I'm normally not one to care too much about _/
                       spelling, but the word is guerilla.  Try to
                       get it close to right.
        type warfare the AKs were better even though it was a pretty low
        tech weapon. Here is the show's summary:
        range:          M16 better
        accuracy:       M16
        weight:         M16
        reliability:    AK47 (can shoot even dirty whereas M16s jam)
        penetration:    AK47 (penetrates 2 4x4 block, M16 can't penetrate)
        availability:   AK47 (parts easy to repair, make, readility available)
        In the end they have their own weaknesses and strengths, and
        depending on terrain/conditions/etc one could be better than the
        \_ The M16 is the worst assault rifle currently in service, possibly
           tying with that horrible bullpup thing the british use.
           \_ You know that's funny only cause their elite SAS use M-16s
              But their own regular army use SA80(L85A1).
           The soviets did the right thing with the AK and copied the
           Sturmgewehr 44, the first assault rifle ever made.  (Incidentally,
           the moniker 'sturm gewehr', or 'assault rifle' was coined by
           Hitler himself).  The germans always did know how to make guns.
           You will notice that most good assault rifles out and about are
           either copies of the AK (and by extension the sturmgewehr) or
           are made by the swiss.
             -- ilyas
           \_ Still do. See the H&Ks. Very nice urban assault.
        \_ And you take their word for it because..?  If you live outside
           this communist state of Kalifornia, get one of each yourself
           and find out. I managed to do so before the ban and I would
        \_ I'd take an AK47 over an M16 for anything less than ideal
           circumstances. Of course, I think hunting in CA as pretty much
           "ideal" conditions.
           \_ "It's coming right for us!"  Rat-a-tat-tat  --Uncle Jimbo
        \_ whoever said the M16 was good anyway?  I'll take a silenced M4A1
           carbine anyday over those ak47 wh0r32!1!!
           \_ Dood, the M4 is just a M16 as a carbine and different stock.
              \_ so trolled
             \_ anyone who has both knows it's a lot more complicated
                than that. part of it is 5.56 M855 is less than ideal
                on soft targets under the influence at close distances
        \_ Americans in Iraq using AK-47's:
          \_ this is news cuz? it happened in Nam also. Later they
             forbid this except for SOF like SEALs
             \_ Too many friendly fire problems.
        \_ They call a show on AK-47 vs. M16 "Greatest Match in History"?
2003/9/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:10286 Activity:nil
9/22    Can someone recommend a good UML designer that can translate a class
        diagram to a W3C XML Schema Definition?  Being able to translate in
        both directions would be a definite plus.  Thanks.
        \_ -- ilyas
2003/9/22 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:29937 Activity:nil
9/20    I almost *NEVER* use pop/IMAP for email.  I normally just simply log
        into my shell account and check email there like what I have always
        done for the past 12-13 years.   Now, for certain things, it would
        be convinient for me to actually have a POP/IMAP client on my windoze
        machine.  My question for you uber nerds out there,
        what are the most popular open-source POP/IMAP client for windoze?
        Mind you, that I would like to run spamassassin and other email
        categorizing filter in between.   Thanks in advance
                                -- lesser nerd
        \_ Mozilla seems to be ok.
                \_ mozilla thunderbird you mean
                \_ Ditto  -John
        \_ why would you ask an uber nerd about "windoze" clients? you have
           thus revealed yourself as a lesser lesser nerd.
           \_ because lesser nerd couldn't find a cool job that uses
                UNIX box at work.       -lesser, but comfortable nerd
           \_ Uber nerds don't care what OS is in front of them as long as it
              supports multiple simultaneous ssh clients.  Uber nerds don't
              use the desktop for anything but an expensive terminal.  GUIs
              are for girls and grandmothers.
        \_ Use Outlook!  -Greater Stud
        \_ Use cell phone!  -Greater Stud+
        \_ outlook is by far the most fully featured client. sure it has
           its problems, but I've never looked back.
                             \_ even if you did, you still couldn't find your
                                ass with both hands.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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