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2003/9/12 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Media] UID:10158 Activity:nil
9/12    John Ritter, RIP.
        \- Johnny Cash -> dead.
        \_ they always come in three's (company)
           \- E_TELLER
              \_ Teller and Ritter?  It's an odd pair to put in the same list.
                 One was an amazingly brilliant scientist, the other was
                 famous for playing a straight guy pretending to be a gay guy
                 on a 70's sitcom.
                 \-the list is "people who died this week". so take your
                   aesthetic objections to the grim reaper. --psb
2003/9/12 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10159 Activity:nil
9/11    Paris, Las Vegas offered a deal where I could add $20 to get a $50
        credit in casino money and $50 in restaurant credits. I took the
        offer, and it turned out the $50 credit in casino money requires
        that you make a minimum of $25 bet each time (using your money) at
        the table, and you have 2 chances to double your bet. That is what
        the fine print said. In addition, the $50 restaurant credit is
        spread out in 9 different restaurants, and in all of them you must
        order a minimum of 2 entrees to get a lousy $5-10 dollar discount.
        The Eiffle Tower 1/2 off deal was good only during the day, when it
        is hot and the sun bakes you on top of the tower. To make matters
        worse when I applied for Players Card they gave me the exact same
        coupons. In another word I spend $20/day extra to buy coupons that
        are really free. 1/2 of the people who worked at Paris didn't even
        seem like they enjoyed their work. I'm never going back.
        \_ You should complain.  Places in Vegas will often make it right
           since the entire place survives on nothing but customer satisfaction
2003/9/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:10160 Activity:nil
9/11    Do you think the strongly pro-Israel side or the anti-Israel side
        more aggresively deletes the motd?
        \_ Hi Troll!
        \_ maybe it is the apathetic apolitical side that is sick of hearing
           about all these non-christian heathens
        \_ anti-Israel comments are consistantly being deleted.  That is why
           earlier I made comment about motd censor being a Jew.
           I am an Asian, most of my non-Asian friends are Jews.  Being
           political, I consider myself being relatively neutral in
           Israel-Palestine issue. But motd censor like these is actually
           fueling anti-semitism feelings... Jews really need to look at
           history with a cold eye, as anti-semitism was a much more common
           phenomenon throughout Europe (read, it's not just Nazi Germany,
           though they were the most extreme).  Such feeling would of easily
           flare up again.
           \_ You're babbling and the parts that are semi-coherent are simply
              wrong.  Everything gets censored on the motd.  Now go tell your
              mommy you've got a Jewish friend so it's ok for you to make shit
              up about them like an expert.
              \- dear mr light unto the motd: i think you've sawed off the
                 menorah branch you were sitting on. --psb
                 \_ Excuse me while I go back to my 67 borders in order to
                    buy peace and then jump in the sea.  Never again, pal.
                    \- thanks for not deleting but engaging. do you feel
                       it is reasonable to torture for information on
                       palestinian resistance activities, including
                       suicide bombing? [i am trying to state this in
                       fair language]. do you also support "visiting
                       the sins of the son on to the father" i.e. bulldozing
                       houses? --psb
2003/9/12 [Computer/Networking] UID:10161 Activity:nil
9/11    Hypothetical situation: Drive-By Filesharing  [format was here]
        I have a wireless access point.  I don't know how to stop people from
        connecting to me.  A P2P user connects to me to download files.  My
        ISP identifies my IP as downloading files.  Will RIAA sue me?  Is
        there an onus on all users who have wireless access points to secure
        their networks?  Can blame be shifted to makers of wireless access
        points who don't make it sufficiently easy to protect your network?
        \_ Yes, they might.  Yes, there is.  No, it can't.
        \_ It could be argued that by making your access point open to the
           world you qualify for the same common carrier status given to ISPs,
           and thus could qualify for DMCA Safe Harbor provisions.  Now, in
           order to qualify for safe harbor, you need to turn over logs on
           request.  Fortunately, the US has no laws that REQUIRE you to log.
           As a result, the EFF has been advocating that you either do not log
           or throw away logs as soon as they have outlived their use.  In
           short, you can't subpoena what you don't have. -dans
           \_ Try that in court.  Good luck.  Let us know how it goes.  It's
              cheaper to just buy all the music you like.
              \_ The point of the post is that this guy is worried about
                 people USING his WAP *without his permission* to download
                 contraband, tainting his IP so that the RIAA sues him.  What
                 you say doesn't help at all.  HOW DO YOU SECURE YOUR WAP?
                 WEP seems ineffective.  MAC address can be worked around.
                 Is it just impossible?
                 \- withough going into detail, we have evidence RIAA
                    minions or affilates were sending out gnutella and
                    other p2p mapping traffic and if they *failed to get a
                    failure* [read that carefully ... if they didnt get a
                    RST ... they didnt necessarily actually find a single
                    piece of pirated content] they sent you a bigfoot
                    letter. they did this multiple times to an institution.
                    this seriously undermines the credibility of their
                    data collection operation and the competence of the
                    people doing the collect ... as well as creating a
                    larger body of interested and knowledgeable people
                    who are recognized experts in networking and secuirty
                    who can testify as to the fuckedup methodology ...
                    which borders on harassment. so i guess this means
                    1. who the hell knows what insane and unreasonable
                    things those guys will do 2. they might get smacked
                    down for being sloppy by someone like MIT. --psb
                 \_ The answer is, "yes you can be sued and pretending you're
                    an ISP won't work, and no one knows how to secure a WAP
                    like that without IPSEC".  People who try to play legal
                    games never get anywhere in courts.  You'd need a good
                    lawyer for that and like I said if you can afford a lawyer
                    you can afford to buy your own music or your own security
                    guru or anything else you need to not be sued in the first
2003/9/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:10162 Activity:nil
9/11    Where does Windows/IE store the icons for things like "Refresh" and
        "Stop" on the menus?
        \_ Compiled into the executables?
2003/9/12 [Computer/SW] UID:10163 Activity:nil
9/11    Any chance of an avi/mpg of the Matthew Dillan talk whenever it
2003/9/12 [Computer/Networking] UID:10165 Activity:nil
9/12    If I have two wireless router, is there a way to make it cover a
        larger area? ie, make one acts as the extender. I havn't been
        able to get it work. setting the SSID and the channel on both
        to be the same doesn't work, DHCP enabled only on one.
2003/9/12 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10166 Activity:nil
9/12    I can't FTP into OCF from behind firewall/router.  Can anyone tell
        me what's wrong? -stupid newb
        \_ block ephemeral port and doesnt understand ftp PORT cmd? --psb
        \_ use FTP in passive mode.   ftp -p
        \_ As the above says, use passive mode.  Ftp's normal mode is to
           have the server try to connect back to the client so the client
           becomes a server of sorts.  This attempted connection smacks into
           your firewall and thus ftp in it's normal mode fails.  Passive
           mode doesn't do that so you can ftp from behind firewalls.
2003/9/12 [Computer/Networking] UID:10167 Activity:nil
9/12    I asked this further down in the motd, but I'm really at a loss:
        how do you secure your 802.11b WAP?  Seems like MAC address limiting
        isn't that effective, because people can just sniff a working MAC
        address.  Also, WEP doesn't seem very good either.  Is it impossible
        to effectively secure one's WEP without doing something like IPSEC
        or installing your own firewall?
        \- so some smart people say it isnt enough to do end2end sec
           with insecure wireless. i am not quite sure what the threat
           is. it may be something along the lines of DoS the hub you think
           you are talking to, then masquerade as it [and dump traffic
           to break session keys offline] ... but this seems to be pretty
           high effort. anyone have an answer to 'what is wrong doing ssh
           over so-so security wireless" --psb
           \_ The WAP itself is still open to outsiders using your line.
        \_ My answer at home is simply put the wireless outside my firewall
           and treat machines on that net as foreign/hostile/untruster to my
           internal hosts.  Short of VPN/IPSEC, etc I haven't found a secure
           way I'd trust to put the wireless AP inside my firewall.  Please
           post if you or anyone else finds a non-VPN/IPSEC solution.
        \_ I think WEP should be fine.
           \_ Yes, I agree.  And changing it every so often augments the
              effectiveness.  There's no such thing as perfect security.  You
              just have to make it reasonably strong to make yourself a less
              attractive target and accept the tradeoffs.  If you think your
              MAC has been spoofed, will you still be able to get on the
              network if someone else is using your MAC?  If not, you know
              you've been compromised, so you know it's time to change your WEP
              key.  And yes, put up a firewall on each of your boxes connecting
              to the WAP if you don't have a dedicated firewall behind it.
2003/9/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:10168 Activity:nil
9/12    Interesting article in today's WSJ about legal/illegal Latino
        immigration to Europe. At least part of it is the result of
        tightened border security in the US, and Europe has a different
        take on it. Some welcome it as an alternative to help thwart
        illegal muslim immigration (potential terrorists). Other factors
        include a shortage of younger workers, workers know Spanish, etc.
        Spain allows citizenship after 24 mos. because of special
        relationship with latin america which is a lot better than the
        previous special relationship in the america's of taking your
        land and calling you a foreigner (or heathen, etc).
        \_ Oh?  Taking the Spanish speaker's land in America? Excuse me, but
           that requires an immediate "fuck you".  Who do you think the
           Spaniards stole it from along with a healthy dose of torture,
           murder, rape, slavery, theft, looting, and fire, to say nothing
           of intentionally and systematically obliterating the once highly
           advanced cultures that were here before the Spanish and their
           descendants.  I have no pity or sympathy for anyone trying to use
           that "they stole our land from us!" line when right now they're
           still oppressing the Indians in southern Mexico and putting the
           final touches on wiping out the few remaining tribes hiding out
           in the deeper forests further south.  Learn some history then you
           can come back here trolling about the poor oppressed Spanish
           speakers and how "their" land got "stolen".
           \_ hello, spittle-emitter, you totally missed his point.
           \_ Yeah, but what a great rant!
           \_ Perhaps the irony of the peoples of latin america immigrating
              to Europe caused a short-circuit in your neural synapses
              causing you to become a "spittle-emitter".
           \_ Aren't Mexicans Indians?
              \_  Mexicans are a mix of Aztecs and Spaniards.
              \_ Largely.  Conquered by the Spaniards.  (Of course, Bustamonte
                 for example isn't--he's a pure-bred Spaniard.)
                 \_ Aren't Spaniards just Arabs that converted to
                    \_ So they aren't really caucacians or "white"?
              \_ Emotional statement of fact.  Mexico is run by an aristocracy
                 involved in rural cleansing of the poor / troublemakers.
                 Where do they send them - here for course.  Although
                 casting the Indians as the victims is a little far fetched.
                 \_ How is casting Indians as victims in any way far fetched?
                    Have you read or heard *anything* about what's going on
                    in the southern states?  Anything at all?
2003/9/12 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10169 Activity:nil
9/12    Someone quoted The Economist, but didn't provide a reference. I just
        came across it, so here it is: The Economist, September 6th-12th, 2003
        On Pg. 28, "Would you like your class war shaken or stirred, sir?"
                Interestingly, Americans are usually over-optimistic
        about their chances of promotion. An opinion poll a couple
        of years ago found that 19% of American taxpayers believed
        themselves to be in the top 1% of earners. A further 20%
        thought they would end up there within their lifetimes.

        Also interesting stuff like:
                Take wealth rather than income, and America's
        disparity is even more startling. The wealthiest 1% of all
        households controls 38% of national wealth, while the bottom
        80% of households holds only 17%, according to the Economic
        Policy Institute (EPI). Around 85% of stockmarket wealth
        is held by a lucky 20%.
        \_ So you'd rather live in a country where people think there's no
           hope of ever advancing and just suck off the public teat?  I think
           that was tried.  We called it communism.  We called it socialism.
           \_ Holy shit, look at that knee jerk!
2003/9/12-13 [Health] UID:10170 Activity:nil
9/12    Boycott <DEAD><DEAD>.  My $70 book arrived with a crease and small tear on
        the cover.  I emailed them to complain, and was told I could ship it
        back to them for a return or exchange, but that I had to use insured
        UPS and that they would not pay for my shipping expense, but they
        'apologize for the inconvenience'.  This is a heavy book; the UPS
        site estimates that the shipping charge will be $18+.  Royal pain in
        the ...
        \- boycott those to lazy/leem to format properly.
           if you paid on a CC, use their merchant dispute system. --psb
        \_ I've got friends working book retail. Plenty of reasons to
           boycott B&N besides that. -bz
        \_ why did you buy it online from bn? If you are buying from
           bn, the b&m store is the way to go.
        \_ can't you return B&N online purchaces at any brick and mortar
2003/9/12-13 [Industry/Jobs] UID:10171 Activity:nil
9/12    Has the job market in CS begun to recover, esp. in the bay area?
        I am not in CS myself but a friend asked me this question.
        \- yes, if you have mad gis skillz.
        \_ Talented people can get jobs.  NCG's can get jobs.  People who
           are midlevel are still doomed.
           \_ What's "NCG"?
              \_ New College Grad?
        \_ If you don't know someone on the inside, fahget about it.
2003/9/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:10172 Activity:nil
9/12    Is blogging available on soda?
        \_ blogging?  Yes, you have a public web page.
2003/9/12-13 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10173 Activity:low
9/12    Paris Las Vegas is a TERRIBLE hotel. Rate your hotels here. Rate
        ONLY if you've stayed there. 0=sucks, 9=great.
        Bellagio: 7, 8
        Aladdin: 8, 6
        Caesars: 8
        NYNY: 7
        Paris: 3, 8
        Monte Carlo:
        Excaliber: 7
        Luxor: 7, 5, 8, 7
        Mandalay Bay: 8.5
        MGM Grand: 6, 5
        Treasure Island: 7, 4
        Bally's: 6
        Stardust: 3
        Circus Circus:  6, 4
        Stratosphere: 8, 5, 3
        \_ Dude, we've done the vegas hotel review already. Search the
        \_ I would say go to Vegas for Vegas, not for the rooms. You don't
           have to be staying at the hotels themselves to experience them.
           \_ I would say go to Vegas for the rooms, too.  You're not going
              to get 4 and 5 star for as cheep.
           \_ might as well stay in those cheap motels a street or two off
              the strip.
        \_ I stayed at Bellagio. Didn't understand why it was worth paying
           the high costs for until I stayed at the Monte Carlo Hotel. It
           wasn't the Bellagio was so great. It was more like the other
           hotels sucked.
        \_ I gave Luxor and Bellagio a 7.  They're decent but I got what I
           expected and paid for and nothing more.  That's not a bad thing
           but it doesn't rate higher than a 7 either.
        \_ I've stayed at Mirage, TI, Bally's, Venetian, Paris, Mandalay Bay,
           and Bellagio. I thought Bellagio was the worst, because of the
           attitude. Venetian had the best rooms, but tried to rip me off.
           Mirage is my favorite. I have stayed at Paris several times and
           would stay there again. What's your beef with Paris? --dim
2003/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:10174 Activity:nil
9/12    Hey, who deleted the latest anti-Israel rant?  I was busy earlier
        and didn't get a chance to add my 2 cents.  I hate when that
2003/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:10175 Activity:nil
9/12    I need to cut a straight line in a thin metal and I'm thinking of
        drilling a 3/8" hole and then use a hand jigsaw to cut across.
        Is there a better way of doing this?
        \_ An air tool called a nibbler.
        \_ A ruler, a sharp scribe like a utility knife (to make a straight
           score) and tin snips.
           \_ tin snips?!?  a STRAIGHT line dude
              \_ it's not prefect, but better than a jigsaw.  yes, "go to a
                 metal ship and use a break" would be the ideal solution.
        \_ use acid dude
           \_ just don't get busted with it.  Class 1 felony.
        \_ Rip it with your teeth.
2003/9/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:10176 Activity:nil
9/12    Dean just like Gingrich says Gephardt:
        \_ Why is Gephardt still hanging around?  He's such a "last kid picked
           for the team" type. --scotsman
           \_ yeah, this guy has been rejected by Americans in how many
              attempts to get the democratic nomination?
        \_ Lieberman lost 10 points nationally after his repeatedly booed
           attacks on the democratic base. Maybe Gephardt didn't notice. --aa
        \_ Gingrich is my favorite politician.  The Republicans have lost
           their way after his departure.
           \_ Living Color is my favorite black metal band.
              \_ Hate him if you like but he did good things for the party.
                 That's probably why you hate him.
                 \_ I love how you totally missed the point of that.
2003/9/12-13 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:10177 Activity:nil
9/12    "Japan Court Jails U.S. Marine for Rape in Okinawa" (Yahoo News)
        You might call him a scapegoat, but I'm happy to see our rapists being
        put in jail.
        \_ I am suprised, as US Marines typically get away with raping
           14 years old girls abroad.
2003/9/12-14 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:10178 Activity:nil
9/12    What are the pros/cons of using GSM vs. TDMA phones? Thinking about
        Nokia 3560 vs. 6200 vs. 3595
        \_ TDMA is on the way out in this country, being replaced with GSM
           Buy a GSM phone over a TDMA one every time, although it might be
           nice to get a phone that does both if you can find one.
           OTOH, if you mean CDMA in stead of TDMA, that's another story
           \_ cool thanks. How about COVERAGE? Which one has a better
              coverage? The ones I've looked at have GSM/GPRS, whatever
              GPRS means...
              \_ Well, ask 10 different people about their cell service and you
                 will get 10 different answers.  Also depends a lot on where
                 you plan to use it.  GPRS=General Packet Radio Service, which
                 is the data service for GSM phones.  I can tell you more -dgies
        \_ GSM has been cracked, but being able to switch phones is cool.
          \_ The GSM crack is not at all trivial to exploit.  Probably only
             worth worrying about if you think the CIA is out to kill you.
             \_ You ALL think I'm paranoid!!!
        \_ Which service providers are using TDMA these days?
           \_  AT&T and Cingular have parts of their network using TDMA still
               \_ I have found that the TDMA network (AT&T's) is far more
                  widespread and available than any of the current GSM
                  networks.  If coverage is a must, TDMA.  If not, I'd
                  see about finding something else.  For example, when
                  I was in New Orleans for LISA in 2000, you could get
                  TDMA or AMPS coverage, but not GSM.  Check up on the
                  coverage in areas you want to use your phone. --Jon
        \_ only AT&T at the time was using TDMA.  and they are moving
           everything to GSM/GPRS themselves.  So, I would say get a
           GSM phone.  It's a much more flexible technology platform.
           Not that you would care much about the rest of the world,
           but if you do, get one of those tri-band GSM phone, so next
           time you go travel, you can go to their 7-11 and get those
           pre-paid phone card and you are good to go.
                                -GSM fan
        \_ Not as many countries have CDMA compared to GSM.  Mostly
           just US, China and Japan.  Be that as it may, why is it
           that these CDMA service providers don't come together so
           that people's phones can roam in these three countries
           at least?
           \_ you forgot about Korea.  GSM allow you to decouple
              phone services from phone itself.  All you need to do
                is to change the sim card.  With pre-paid SIM card
                widely avaliable, GSM allow you to have the flexibility
                to switch to a local service when you arrive there.
                Same thing can not be said about CDMA.
                \_ The point is the same can be done in CDMA.  There
                   is nothing in CDMA that makes it more difficult
                   to do it vis-a-vis GSM.
            \_ CDMA in Japan (and not inking deals with GSM) has been a way the\
Japanese have controlled their market for a long time.  Until recently....  Even\
 in Korea, if you want to use your GSM chip, you still need to rent a Korean pho\
ne and pay an extra surcharge on all calls (in & out).
               \_ Largest carrier in Japan, NTT Docomo, doesn't even
                  use CDMA.
                  \ No, they use Imode, which is a completely different
                    protocol relying on large numbers of very small cells
                    (perfect for built-up urban environments like lots of
                    Japan.)  They have been trying frantically to push Imode
                    in Europe for a while now--there was a pilot scheduled
                    with TMobile a while ago, but I don't think it ever got
                    anywhere.  -John
2003/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29534 Activity:high
9/11    This film has been modified from its original version. It has been
        formatted to fit this screen and edited to run in the time allotted
        and for content.        is this bad grammar?
        \_ passive voice
           \_ Isn't "and for content" in the wrong clause?
        \_ Yes it is.  The sentense "is this bad grammar?" should start with
           "Is".  :-)
           \_ "Sentence" is spelled with a "c".
2003/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29535 Activity:high
9/11    I want something i can never have.
        \_ i told you, i'm not that kind of guy, so get over it already.
        \_ NIN rocks!
           \_ that would be "I *just* want something i can never have". but
              yeah, that is a good song and i'm sure it is where i got those
              words from. -top
        \_ Don't we all?
        \_ you can't always get what you wan
        \_ you can't always get what you want
2003/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29536 Activity:nil
9/12    Continued:
                       \_ So are you voting for Bush in 2004?
                          \_ Probably not, I'm thinking Lieberman (though
                             I voted for McCain then Bush in 2000).
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