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2003/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:10109 Activity:nil
9/6     Extreme Pingpong:
        \_ old news.
2003/9/8-9 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10110 Activity:nil
9/6     Looking for a way to track download statistics, and webalizer doesn't
        seem to be what I'm looking for.  I want to see how many unique
        IPs downloaded certain files, with nice sort-by-date options and
        a way to figure out how many downloads for each file.  Suggestions?
        \_ I use awstats.  It might do what you want.
  - danh
2003/9/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10111 Activity:high
9/6     87 billion!  That's an 87 with 9 zeros after it, folks!
        \_ So why are liberals so cost-concious with this item, especiall with
           the "if only one child is saved..." crap that goes on all the time?
           \_ why are "conservatives" NOT cost conscious with anything Bush
              \_ I for one am.  I'm in agreement with most of the war stuff
                 (although if there still are now WMD's found by next year I'm
                 going to have some serious questions).  But I'm against the
                 ANWR drilling, unless better gas economy controls are also
                 enacted (as an example).  Bush needs to stop growing the
                 federal budget as well (minus defense as necessary). -emarkp
                 \_ yep. ANWR would have gone through if republicans had not
                    been willing to switch sides on this issue.  it's not
                    just an environmental issue.  There's about 6 months
                    worth of oil up there, and the *only* reason
                    to drill ANWR is as s a giveaway to the
                    U.S. oil companies.  Republicans may not like envrionmental
                    arguments, but there are some who see that this is just
                    a special interest giveaway.
                    \_ It's 6 months of oil if we had *no other sources* of
                       oil.  That's a *huge* amount of oil.  The world economy
                       would rock and tremble if the US stopped buying foreign
                       oil for 6 months.  Half of the middle east dictatorships
                       would collapse for starters.
                       \_ This is the first I've heard this clarification (and
                          google hasn't helped).  Can you point to a URL that
                          says this? -emarkp
        \_ That's like a couple years of defecit in this state!  ;)
           \_ States don't run deficits.  They just stop paying people.
           \_ At the rate we're going it'd be a single budget soon.
        \_ Most of us got into and some graduated from college.  We don't
           need to you spell out how many zeros are in a number for us.
           Would you care to tell us how many zeros have gone into welfare,
           social security, and other forms of socialism?  Care to tell us
           how much the cold war against such things cost?
           \_ troll purged.  see archives if you care.
           \_ The only cold war vs. social security is the one being
              fought by the Heritage Foundation. I hope they go bankrupt
              trying to turn back the clock.
              \_ say what?  what are you talking about?
           \_ You are so obviously a fat sysadmin.
                \_ That's a great line. No sarcasm. -#1 fan
                \_ Yeah when you're caught with nothing to say on topic you
                   should always fall back to personal attack.  You'll be the
                   hero of people like "-#1 fan" above.  That's the smart move.
                   Are you running for governator, too?  You're almost as smart
                   as Huffington.
                   \_ And you sir, are an ah hominem fat sysadmin.
           \_ The only cold war vs. social security is the one being
              fought by the Heritage Foundation. I hope they go bankrupt
              trying to turn back the clock.
        \_ I wonder what he wanted to say on Sunday, more money for
           his defense friends. Yeah, who gives a fuck about the
           dosmetic issues, as long as he and his friends are racking
           in the $$$, and when the next suicide bomber hits the US
           before the next election, he is well on his way to another
           4 years.
           \_ mmm.  Frothy bile.
              \_ its one of the reasons to read the motd.  its always a good
                 laugh to see someone froth and you _know_ they pounded the
                    \_ This response makes no sense at all.
                       \_ obMotd.
                 hell out of their keyboard while typing that out since he
                 managed to 'typo' (being generous) two simple words.
           \_ that's right. all we should ever think about, ever, are
              those domestic issues.
              \_ Funny, it used to be what the republicans harped on.
                 In fact, it was part of Georgie's platform.
                 \_ Funny, it used to be what the Demo's said also.
                    Shows your political ignorance if you don't take
                    into account the '92 election.
                    \_ Both parties say whatever they think people want to
                    \_ I got lost.  Can you explain that slowly for me?
                       hear that year to get elected.
                    \_ This response makes no sense at all.
        \_ fuck bush hard
           \_ I just did.  Or did you mean the president?
           \_ yeah, that'll sure change the political landscape.  you should
              spend a few million of your dotcom dollars on advertising your
              message to the people.  we're with you, guy!
        \_ Just think, 87 billion comes to about $300 for every man,
           woman and child in the U.S.
           \_ Your sis' bush?  That's gotta feel great.
              \_ yermom.  but it was too easy.
                 \_ Yup.  My mom seduced her brother-in-law when she was in her
                    teens, and then has been lying that he raped her ever
                    since.  I feel sorry for you.
        \_ Sort of fitting:
           \_ Very fitting.  Thank you, John. --erikred
        \_ Just think, 87 billion comes to about $300 for every man,
           woman and child in the U.S.
           \_ If you're going to quote the newspaper, at least provide the
              URL instead of pretending you've had some amazing insight.
        \_ or $29M for each person that died in the WTC.
           \_ That's right, $29M/victim to continue the submission of a
              country that had no links to the events of 9/11.
              \_ And NO proof whatsoever of any WMDs either (remember
                 Collin Powell and his ridiculous satellite pictures of
                 trucks moving in and out of some alledged "chemical
                 weapons" facility? Where the hell are they now?)
                 \_ Yeah!  See how thye put minorities out with bullshit and
                    hang them out to dry when we all see the truth later?
                 \_ Not at all.  Going to be 4 more years.  I don't care that
                    CA blindly votes (D) like sheep because CA doesn't matter.
              \_ Read it and weep, neocon boy
                 \_ Yep, now go find any of the polls putting Bush against a
                    real person instead of some fantasy ideal.  4 more years!
                    That's why we have to prevent the Bushies from putting more
           \_ brilliant!  this will change minds everywhere!  buy two!
        \_ Billions for Halliburton, pay cuts for the troops on the ground.
           Bushonomics in action.
           \_ liar.  no pay cuts.
              country that had no links to the events of 9/11.
                 trucks moving in and out of some alledged "chemical
                 weapons" facility? Where the hell are they now?)
                    minorities into high government positions, so they'll stop
                    abusing them!  Hold up all Bushies minority candidates to
                    protect them!
        \_ "And we acted in Iraq, where the former regime sponsored terror,
           possessed and used weapons of mass destruction, and for 12 years
           defied the clear demands of the United Nations Security Council."
           Notice how Dubya no longer claims WMD will be found ...
           \_ All the nuts and fruits are safely tucked away in CA.  CA will
              blindly vote (D), most of the rest will vote (R) and you'll be
              here bitching and moaning about how there must have been a
              conspiracy in '04, too, and that '00 was just practice because
              everyone _you_ know voted (D).
              \_ You're the one bitching and moaning, boy-o.
              \_ Read it and weep, neocon boy
        \_ Billions for Halliburton, pay cuts for the troops on the ground.
           Bushonomics in action.
2003/9/8-9 [Reference/BayArea] UID:10112 Activity:nil
9/8     Voight-Kampff the mayoral candidates:
        \_ i found it moderately annoying that they moved the movie to LA
           even thought the book was in SF.  stupid hollywood.
        \_ even though SF is more cosmopolitan than LA and more built up, LA
           is more of a shithole in the present.  Plus the smog is already
           really bad; it's less of a stretch.
           \_ I was there last month.  Smog was near zero.  The air smelled no
              different than SF.  15 years ago was another story.
                 \_ But was that supposed to be smog or permanent SF overcast?
                    I always thought it was just rainy.
              \_ Things were getting better for a while, but this year
                 has reversed that trend:
                 There is no way that the air is as good as SF. San
                 Jose, maybe.
2003/9/8 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:10113 Activity:high
9/8     Is "Iwo Jima" a Japanese name?  Why did we name one of our warship with
        a Japanese name?
        \_ Yes it is. Because we fought and won there during WWII at the cost of
           a lot of lives. Wow, the youth of today sure don't know much about
        \_ Yes it is. Because we fought and won there during WWII at the cost
        of a lot of lives. Wow, the youth of today sure don't know much about
        common history...
           \_ either that, or you bit on a troll.
                \_ Both probably since a 5 second trip to google would've
                   answered OP's question.
           \_ I see.  Sorry for being an FOB.
2003/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:10114 Activity:nil
9/8     To the person looking for paper density, did you figure out a number?
        I just measured two stacks of blank paper.  One stack is 75gsm (gram /
        sq. meter) and is 4.9cm thick.  The other is 105gsm and is 6.0cm
        thick.  -- guy with idea who thought that was smart
        \_ don't you want grams per cubic meter?
           \_ Oops, I forgot to mention that both stacks are 500 sheets.
        \_ So with your number we've determined the density of paper varies
           greatly and there's no one easy answer.
        \_ Your idea was indeed clever but I was lazy.  So I found on the web
           both the weight and the size of some books, which I didn't think
           was possible  The funny thing is that there are patently different
           answers for the same book(ISBN), so it has to be taken with a grain
           of salt.  With that in mind, I found a density of 0.8 kg/dm^3
           over a sample of 3 books.  Note that paper's weight varies greatly.
           If you ever buy dissertation paper or stared at the paper stack
           in a copy room for 5 secs you would know.  However, paper density
           of books of similar quality should be relatively uniform.
2003/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:10115 Activity:high
9/8     Any recommendations for really profane and violent gangsta rap that I
        can play out loud whenever my co-worker is on the phone with his
        wife? Something along the lines of Tupac's Hit 'Em Up.
        \_ go to Rasputins and ask for GUNS.. if they dont know what you
           mean, tell them (Generation of United Nortenos)
           you wont find much more gangsta than that.. plus you are
           supporting local music! -shac
        \_ "blow job betty" by too short
        \_ Wesley Willis!
        \_ NWA's first album.  Geto Boyz.
        \_ Try Tupac's Hit 'Em Up.
        \_ screw that.  Lords of Acid.
        \_ ludacris, move bitch
        \_ Put It On Me -Dr. Dre/DJ Quik
                "Even Asian bitches like to bang cock
                 Draws drop, she bunny hops"
                \_ But they only like big cocks.  -- Asian guy with small cock
        \_ 'Cock mobster' by M.C. Paul Barman
        \_ 'Freaky Tales' - Too $hort
        \_ Damn it feels good to be a gangsta - office space
           \_ Geto Boys
2003/9/8-9 [Health] UID:10116 Activity:kinda low
9/8     What is the best schedule for working on abs?
        everyday or alternate days? is the rest neccessary or
        is the every-day-workout-always-sore thing the best?
        \_ i have read that you can work out your abs up to 6 days
           in a row
           \_ I've seen both stances made.  These muscles are pretty big
              ones, but I'd still suggest alternating a lighter day between
              a hard day if you want to go daily.
        \_ you really don't need to work out your abs more than you work out
           other muscles. everyone has abs, really, it's just the layer of
           fat that's covering it up, and no amount of ab work alone can
           reduce it (hint: fat spot reduction is a myth). it basically comes
           down to diet, aerobics, and weight-training in general.
           \_ Yes, but you won't get a 6 pack losing the fat.
           \_ Toning the underlying muscles will shrink the wasitline, however.
              \_ Not necessarily -- it really depends on diet, exercise, and
                 supplementation (if any).
              \_ Not necessarily.
           \_ And genetics.  Some are just doomed.
        \_ Just thrust harder and faster in bed.  Killing two birds with one
           \_ And genetics.  Some are just doomed.
           stone.  (Or is it whirling the bird with two stones? :-) )
2003/9/8-9 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10117 Activity:nil
9/8     Is there php or other sw to help me make a www site for
        having profiles? like friendster / dating sites, but for
        a sports group.
        \_ search sourceforge
        \_ apparently can do anything. - danh
2003/9/8-9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:10118 Activity:nil
9/8     I guess it's too late now, but why didn't the republican party
        have primary to select someone to go up against davis before
        the real election to save themselves and everyone else from
        some of this circus?
        \_ Because the recall doesn't work that way.
        \_ As the above said, this isn't a standard election.  There's no
           primary, there's no cut round, no parties, no nothing.  Everyone
           with 65 names and $3500 gets the same shot at it all at once as
           per the recall laws.
2003/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:10119 Activity:nil
9/8     What is a low priced but still decent storage place in the bay area,
        not too far from Mountain View (though I guess driving is not a
        problem).  This is for boxes of books and a piced of furniture.
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