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2003/9/7-8 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10106 Activity:nil
9/6     Move your spam to /csua/tmp:
        -rw-r--r--  1 danh   wheel  5082710 Sep  6 18:25 /tmp/danh.spam
        \_ how about make a spam directory in the /csua/tmp
        \_ doesn't this count as being a h0z3r?
        \_ of course i don't mind... but would Soda root be bitching about
           abusing /tmp space?  or you are trying to collect spam carcase?
                \_ /csua/tmp is the abuseable /tmp
        \_ Why not just put it into /dev/null?
           \_ Having current spam is useful for training bayesian filters
              \_ Having *my* current spam is useful for training *my*
                 filters.  Having *yours* is questionable.
        \_ speaking of spam, is there a reason this doesnt work for me
           (stolen from danh):
                :0 B:
                * ^content-transfer-encoding.*base64
                * name=.*\.(pcd|pif|reg|scr|sct|shb|shs|vb|vbe)
                \_ how is it 'not working'?  maybe you're not getting
                   any more SoBig virus emails?  the frequency
                   seems to have dropped off recently. - danh
                        \_ I'm getting .pif files in my inbox. I just got
                           one as I was writing this message.
                \_ The following seems to work:
                   :0 Bw:
                   * ^[Cc]ontent-[Tt]ranser-[Ee]ncoding.*base64
                   * .*name=.*\.(pcd|pif|reg|scr|sct|shb|shs|vb|vbe)
                   \_ danh's works for me but yours doesnt. go figure.
                   \_ procmail's matcher is case-insensitive by
                      default. you do not need this [Cc] mess --aaron
2003/9/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:10107 Activity:nil
9/6     Did the Democrats steal the 1960 election?
        \_ probably -democrat
        \_ Yes.  It's generally accepted what took place in Chicago was both
           highly illegaly and made the difference nationwide.
           \_ Vote early, vote often.
        \_ In answer to the unspoken question, it was a crime then and it was
           a crime in 2000.  Any election that depends on a margin of victory
           less than the margin of error is flawed and should be redone.
           \_ To correct your misstatement, it was a felony then, it was a
              politcal issue settled by the courts in 2000.  Your opinion in
              your second sentence is properly noted.
              \_ You have interpreted the word crime to mean a criminal act
                 punishable by the law where I intended it to mean a despicable
                 and unethical act worthy of public censure.
                        \_ Enforcing the 14th Amendment is an unethical
                           act worth of public censure?  NOT changing
                           election laws after it is over
                           is unscrupulous?  Sorry, you're full of shit.
                 \_ Then you need to get a dictionary - the person before
                    you was correct.
                    \_ ok mr dictionary...
       n 1: an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act; "a
            long record of crimes" [syn: {law-breaking}]
       2: an evil act not necessarily punishable by law; "crimes of
          the heart"
                       note the second definition.  "You need to get a
                       dictionary" type reponses are pathetic even when
                       valid, but when you aren't even right, well god
                       damn you look like a moron.
                    \_ Don't worry, I'm sure all the fat sysadmin votes will
                       get counted every time.  You're not poor and black and
                       living in the South, don't worry!
                       \_ i really like this new phrase that has entered the
                          motd lexicon(fat sysadmin.)  That really sums it up.
                          \_ adminus systemae fatso.  related to the just as
                             pathetic geekus comico
2003/9/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:10108 Activity:nil
9/6     I just installed XP (went fine) but the desktop doesn't have a
        My Computer icon. How can I get one on there? I can drag a
        shortcut of it, from the Start Menu, but how can I get an
        "original" one? Thanks.
        \_ there are a few quick things you can do to 2000-ify XP. One is
           to make the start button 2000ish. Right click, properties,
           "Classic". The other is to change to "Classic" style in the desktop
           setting (right click desktop, properties).
           \_ Another thing is to get to the System Properties menu,
              Advanced -> Performance Settings -> Adjust for best performance
              \_ It's amazing how after all these years MS -still- doesn't
                 get basic UI and -still- provides multiple and randomly
                 assigned paths to get the same functionality.  It's as if
                 they had some power struggle between different groups and
                 some higher up just said to do it both ways.  sheer lunacy.
                 \_ but unix gui's have been around for about as long and
                    are oh so much better...
                    \- the strength of unix is little details about how
                       \_ iow, you admit that unix has weaker gui's.
                          \- maybe. but gui's are lame for some things.
                             line a "gui find" would suck. does windows
                             have something comparable to find?
                       various tools work / evolved to work together well.
                       e.g. ls changing it's behavior when output isnt a
                       terminal but a pipe etc. what does msft do right?
                       \_ the issue is not what msft does right. it is
                          generally agreeable that msft has a better gui,
                          that's all i'm saying. windows apps also tend to
                          interact better, and are more consistent. while
                          i generally like unix more than windows, the whole
                          kde vs. gnome and qt vs. gtk thing is a major
                          turnoff. sure, choice can be good, but not that
                          kind of choice. we need one superior system, with
                          choice as in flexible themes, behavior, etc.
                          \_ osX!  Join us!
                          \_ comparing your gui to a slapped on after thought
                             gui for a text based system is hardly deserving
                             of great praise.  each new version they get a
                             change to do it right and for some unknown
                             reason refuse to improve.  *that* is MS's gui
                             problem.  "I'm better than that POS over there!"
                             is no defense for your own failings.
                 \_ there's nothing inherently wrong with multiple paths.
                    if i had a big living room or something, i might like to
                    have multiple remotes...why walk across the room when
                    i can reach for a closer one?
                    \_ Because it leads to user confusion and is harder to
                       teach and maintain.  These aren't physical location
                       paths for your physical convenience.  In that case, the
                       'best' path would be an entirely open room like a
                       warehouse but for other reasons we need rooms.  For
                       an UI we need clear and simple logical paths that
                       make sense.  If multiple paths make sense then one or
                       more are redundant and should be corrected.
        \_ right click on desktop and select properties. select the desktop
           tab. click on the customize desktop button. under the general tab,
           select the my computer desktop icon.
                \_ Perfect, thanks. -op
        \_ On the same note, is there a way to get rid of the damned dog when
           searching for files?
           \_ Click on the dog, and click on "turn off animated character".
           \_ shotgun.
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