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2003/9/6 [Reference/BayArea] UID:10097 Activity:nil
9/6     Any classes in Berkeley/SF that will help me improve my kissing?
        \_ Any woodwind class
           \_ playing a woodwind gives you a firm embouchure. Does that
              actually help kissing technique?
                \_ brass has a more finely controlled embouchure than reed
        \_ such classes are easily found on castro. here, try this.  stand on
           a streetcorner with a sign that says "in need of kissing classes".
           wait for one of many qualified, mostly male, instructors to
           approach you. some will inquire about what fees you are willing to
           accept for such a class, etc. just tell them it's free. so simple!
           \_ Don't forget Tanesha on any Oakland street corner!
2003/9/6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:10098 Activity:nil
9/5     Thank you liberals so very fucking much.
        Davis Signs Illegal Alien Drivers' License Bill
        \_ Based upon your logic, then, if we don't make  condom
           avaliable to teenager, they won't have sex, right?
        \_ For those who hate Illegal Aliens, here is my question for you.
           Would you for the idea of erecting a WALL between Mexico and
           USA border, treating illegal aliens as "invaders?"
        \_ Last time I checked, California's economy actually depend
           upon illegal aliens.
                \_ Last time I checked illegals destroyed the world
                   trade center and flew a plane into the pentagon.
                   But you're right, cheap lawn and pool
                   care is more important.
2003/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:10099 Activity:moderate
9/5     Speaking of spyware, what's the easiest way to get rid of the many
        (30+) spywares I have on my machine?
        \_ Ad-aware has worked for me, though others have told me there are
           better programs.
        \_ reformat and nuke 'em all from orbit.  it's the only way to be sure.
           I recommend SpyBot
        \_ Spybot Search n destroy.  donationware
2003/9/6 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:10100 Activity:nil
9/5     What's the best p2p client to use nowadays (for music)? I liked
        soulseek but it stopped working. I'd really prefer spyware-free.
        \_ telnet to port 80.
2003/9/6 [ERROR, uid:10101, category id '18005#129' has no name! , ] UID:10101 Activity:low
        29% definitely for bush, 41% definitely against.
        Yes it is registered voters not most likely to vote.  Yes it is
        still early in the campaign season.  Yes against a real candidate
        Bush wins.  Still, these are not numbers that say this election is
        is Bush's to lose.  Bush is very beatable unless things start turning
        around soon.
        \_ Keep telling yourselves this.
        \_ vote in the primary!
        \_ You got to be kidding. Except for Clark, I feel about as safe
           voting for any Dem as voting for a bonobo.
           \_ Who cares if fat sysadmins feel safe?
              \_ this is the most insightful post on the motd today.
              \_ Silly coders, programming jobs are for Indians!
           \_ Hey man, bonobos are pretty damn smart.  Haven't you been
              watching those animal planet specials on apes?
2003/9/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:10102 Activity:nil 50%like:10616
9/5     Damn you, rich motd censor!
        \_ Just restart the debate:
2003/9/6 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:10103 Activity:high
9/6     Snopes caught red-handed trying to cover their ass when proven wrong!
        \_ who's snopes, and who cares?
           \_ myth-debunking website, often cited as an "authority" by
              fat sysadmins.
        \_ I know who/what snopes is but I agree: who cares?  You seem to
           take this personally.
           \_ Just thought it was funny.  So what do you care about?  Weight
              loss products?
        \_ Oh no!  A someone was wrong, and then they corrected themselves!
           we can never trust them on anything ever again!!
2003/9/6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:10104 Activity:high
9/6     The final nail in the coffin:
        \_ may a palestinian civil war please happen!
           \_ I'll laugh my ass off when they start suicide bombing each
              other's cafes in the name of Allah or Palestine or humiliation
              or Israeli oppression or whatever the idiocy of the week is.
        \_ See, this is why a Palestinian state is a good idea.  Let them have a
           proper war instead of all this terrorism crap.
2003/9/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:10105 Activity:insanely high
9/6     "...that an in-depth state audit showed only 19% of
        illegals bother to file taxes, and the best
        data on illegal immigrants, from the late 1990s
        National Science Foundation study, shows that
        each citizen-headed household in California
        pays out a net extra $1,178 to shore up 3
        million mostly low-income illegal immigrants."
        \_ Do you expect fact to change the opinion of democrats?
           \_ when was the last time you changed your mind about something
              based on a motd post?  and nice english.
              \_ a motd post?  it's happened.  an off site url provided by a
                 motd poster?  much more often.  im not either of the above
                 but if you're going to point out someone's writing flaws you
                 should first board up your own windows.
        \_ just wait until you get your wish, and your grocery bills are several
           times what they are today
           \_ Funny, that's the same argument people made against the abolition
                          \- shipping is probably cheeper than you think
                             it is. look if you are serious about *reducing*
                             the number of *illegal* immigrants [as opposed
                             to focusing on abusing them], you clearly need
                             to crack down on employers. you start *jailing*
                             employers [for harboring potential terrorists?]
                             including soccer moms hiring illegal domestic
                             workers, and then the the numbers will decline.
                             and while you are at it, go after illegals
                             from EU countries. --psb
              of slavery.  And I'm wearing mostly cotton clothing.  Nice
              argument, slaver.
              \_ cotton clothing and food are not the same, food is perishable
                 so you can't simply move to imports with little effects since
                 the price of refrigerated shipping is not as negligible as
                 throwing clothing into a tanker container.
                 \_ shipping is probably cheeper than you think it is. the std
                    example of non-tradable item is a "haircut". look if
                    you are serious about *reducing* the number of *illegal*
                    immigrants [as opposed to focusing on abusing them], you
                    clearly need to crack down on start *jailing*
                    employers [for harboring potential terrorists?] including
                    soccer moms hiring illegal domestic workers, and then the
                 \_ Some of my best friends are black.  No, really!
                    \_ nice retort
                    the numbers will decline.  and while you are at it, go
                    after illegals from EU countries. --psb
                    \_ Sounds like a good plan.  Why aren't you running for
                       \_ If that were his only platform I'd vote for psb for
                          Governator.  Unfortunately the current batch are all
                          afraid of "the latino community" voting against them
                          for any efforts to clean up the illegal mess.  Who
                          said the thing about democracy only works until
                          the people figure out they can vote themselves
                          public funds?
                 \_ The product doesn't matter.  The price will go up if we
                    don't have illegal immigrant labor, yes.  But the product
                    won't go away, and if the employers are deprived of their
                    cheap labor, they'll have to modernize or increase wages.
                    You're basically arguing about maintaining a second class
                    resident who can be exploited for cheap labor with little
                    chance to rise above that.  Talk about your class warfare.
                    How is this fundamentally different from slavery?
                    \_ Exactly, they want an underclass to work basically as
                       slaves to keep things cheap.
                       \_ And the Dems say they're for the working class...
                    \_ the labor illegals do can't be modernized. i.e., not
                       everything can be picked by machines.
                       \_ tough shit.  so people will pay more for non-slave
                          laber speciality food items.  im not shedding any
                          tears that a few of your favorite and unnecessary
                          food favorites will go up in price because you won't
                          have third class slave labor to pick it anymore.
                          cheap prices is the lamest reason ive ever heard to
                          ignore our own immigration and labor laws.
              \_ And you want to deny them things like driver license so
                 their condition become even more like slaves?
                 \_ No you moron.  I want to send them back home.  If they want
                    to come here, let them come legally.  Crazy idea, rule of
                    law and all that.
                    \_ You guys just hate them damn spics.  Come on, admit it.
                       \_ What are you talking about you idiot?  Legal
                          immigration is open to everyone of every nation.
                          You're the one using the racial slur.
                          \- immigration policy is not "first in - first out"
                             the policy very much affects the composition of
                             who actually gets approved. also there are a lot
                             of different visas, rather than a single pool.
                    \_ Yea, again US should learn from my country Singpaore.
                       When Singapore started to have some illegal
                       immigrants, it just says, come forward before such and
                       such date and we will send you home.  Otherwise, if we
                       find you, we will cane you and then send you home.
                       Worked like a charm.  Solves the problem and allows
                       the illegal immigrant to get on with life, unlike
                       wimpy US measures like denying them driving license
                       which just makes their life miserable while they
                       would continue to remain in the US.  Of course, US
                       already allowed the problem to fester for too long,
                       and I suspect the US economy would suffer if all the
                       illegals all go home all at once.  - bglee
                       \- yeah, the US is just like SIN. really the place
                          to use caning are certain white collar crimes.--psb
                          \_ no.  destroying the lives and careers of american
                             workers, families, soon-to-be retirees and others
                             should be punishable by death.  the cane was
                             appropriate for that idiot child who spray painted
                             the cars in singapore, not billion dollar crimes.
2003/9/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:29522 Activity:high
9/5     Is there a way to get perl to auto-escape all characters of a filename?
           \_ "\Q..\E"
        Something that could be used in
        foreach $file ( <*.txt> ) {
                $escapedFile = superEscapeFunction($file);
                system("cp $escapedFile ../$escapedFile");
                ... etc.
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