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2003/9/3-4 [Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10050 Activity:nil
9/5     I have a relatively large mailing list archive in a
        typical unix's mbox format.  Is there any tools that
        allow me to view it easily, i.e. reconstruct threads, etc?
        \_ mutt -f file (then hit "ot" to sort by threads)
        \_ From a mh perspective, you can incorporate it into your mail box
           with inc, and then do a subject field sort with
           'sortm -textfield subject'.  -ERic
2003/9/3 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10051 Activity:nil
        \_ Ugh.  These people WANT a Pax Americana?  I particularly like
           the dictum to "Emulate Second-Century Rome."  Don't these guys
           remember what happened to Rome in the 4th century?
           \- R. Kagan isnt a dumb guy, but he's either sort of blinded
              by some of what he believes or uses a lot of stuff
              disingenuously. I havent had time to process the full
              article but his example where he talks about the
              Scililian Fiasco [search for Glyllipus] is totally
              ridiculous. Obvious, if you have any passing familiarity
              with Thucydides [which of course 90% of the readers wont].
              [in a strage coincidence the real modern expert on this
              is Donald Kagan, who is another crazy right wing nut. note
              also the historian "Erich S. Gruen" R. Kagan refers to
              has an office in Dwinelle. one of berkeley's best lecturers.
           \_ What's wrong with Pax Americana? Or Pax of any sort.
            \_ Cause there ain't no Pax in Pax Americana. -aspo
               \_ Pax Romana was somewhat mislabelled too.  There always will
                  be unhappy fringe elements in any empire.  This does not mean
                  the alternatives (i.e. bloody covert or overt conflicts
                  between major rival powers) are better. -- ilyas
           \- 2nd century AD or BC? take your pick ... --psb
              Cary \& Schullard describe the aftermath as follows:
              ``In other Greek towns they restored the rule of the
              wealthier classes, and they made Corinth safe against
              social revolution by razing it to the ground and selling
              its inhabitants into slavery.''  This was the hard edge
              to the vaunted {\it Pax Romana\/}.
                        --National Identity Myths and the Roman People
              AD: [actually a little earlier, but written ~100]
              ... they lust for dominion; neither the east nor the
              west has been able to satisfy them. Alone among men they
              covet with equal eagerness poverty and riches. To
              robbery, slaughter, plunder, they give the lying name of
              empire; they make a solitude and call it peace.
                               --The Agricola, Speech of [CG]algacus
                The imperial destiny drives hard,
                and fortune has no longer any gift for us
                other than the disunion of our foes.
                               --The Germania
        \_ White Man's burden... I heard that one  before.
           \_ You prefer what?  That muslim fanatics run the world?  Someone
              is going to run the world whether you like it or not.  I prefer
              America run it.
2003/9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:10052 Activity:nil
9/4     All politburo's accounts accidentally sorried. --God
        \_ thank goodness there is a God!
2003/9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10053 Activity:very high
9/2     I can't get any girls, any hints??
        \_ Consider this a BLESSING FROM THE GODS! Girls are the spawn
           of hell; their only goal in life is to suck the happiness
           out of the lives of poor hapless unsuspecting men by
           overwhelming them via feminine guiles. If only I had been
           blessed with the inability to get a girl my life would not
           now be a endless living nightmare of poverty and desperation.
           \_ i don't think you're the real BDG.  I think you're faking it.
              train harder.
        \_ rope, chloroform, American car with spacious trunk. - danh
        \_ Start hitting on every girl you see, especially the ugly ones.
           Remember: a 5 in your bed beats a 10 in your head!
           Eventually you should have enough confidence to bed the good ones.
        \_ Step One: log off
        \_ learn to be friendly, in general. <-- this guy never got laid
                \_ DOES NOT WORK. Nice guys do NOT finish first when
                   it comes to dating. Acting professionally does NOT
                   get pussy Watch Blind Date. Take notes. Get laid.
                   This will be the best advice you'll ever get.
                   \_ It's not about being 'nice' or a 'jerk'.  It's about
                      being confident.  Train harder.
                   \_ No being a boring, know-it-all little jerk who treats
                      women as The Other doesn't work.  Sadly many boring,
                      know-it-all little jerks who treat woman as The Other
                      confuse that with being nice.  -aspo
                      \_ Aspo, the world renown expert on women, speaks.
                         Shouldn't you be asking little boys to sit on your
                         \_ So do you deny that I am right? -aspo
                            \_ Even if you are right (I am not so sure)
                               how would you know you were?  You have no
        \_ learn to be friendly, in general.
                               experience in men dating women scene.
                               \_ And other sodans do?
                                  \_ This may be surprising, but some sodans
                                     don't have problems getting laid.
        \_ is your new bible.
           \_ also check out
        \_ Join the Fancy Lad Academy!
        \_ buy some nice new clothes, new shoes, get a haircut
           take showers everyday and show you can take care of yourself
           \_ I agree, watch "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Bravo.
        \_ What have you already tried? Did you get any error messages?
           Did you search on google? These are standard steps to solving
           any problem.
        \_ a taser and a windowless van
        \_ are you sure you're not picking up on chix that are out of your
           \_ How to find out if the girl is out of your league?
            \_ If you think a girl is out of your league she is out of your
               league.  If you honestly don't think she is, you have a shot.
                \_ That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!  Don't let the
                      \_ Bingo, someone got it.
                   motd idiots crush your spirit.
                   \_ You missed the point.  It's all about self-confidence.
                      If you don't think you're good enough for her, she won't
                      think so either.
                      \_ Ah so.  I stand corrected.
                      \_ Bingo, someone got it.
           \_ Yes, your sister certainly is.
                      \_ then again, maybe she won't think so anyway.
           \_ Even butt ugly guys can get with hot chix. You just have to have
        \_ Start flipping up skirts right after class. It may not work,
              \_ There, there. Don't be bitter. I'll humor your troll next time
               league.  If you honestly don't think she is, you have a shot.
        \_ Look in home.  Maybe your sis is the best chick in the world.
           but it'll certainly make my day!
           \_ It's not as hard as you're making it sound. All you need
              to do is to locate her clitoris.
        \_ Look in home.  Maybe your sis is the best chick in the world.
           \_ Yes, your sister certainly is.
        \_ You are asking the motd for advice about getting girls? Crazy?
           \_ No, OP is just bringing out an old troll.  Didn't even put it
              into a new format and you all bought it.  It makes me wonder
              why I bother to put so much effort into mine. -bitter troll
              \_ There, there. Don't be bitter. I'll humor your troll next time
              \_ Nobody made fun of my nut question either.
2003/9/3 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:10054 Activity:nil
9/2     best Color printer for digital photos, 5x7s?
        \_ best quality?  Or best value?
        \_ I've read that the Canon i950 (and to a lesser extent, the i850)
           have superb quality. Only hitch is that the ink fades faster than
           comparable printers (though I'm not sure if we're talking months
           or years)
        \_ Check dpreview's forums. There's one for printers.
        \_ Walmart or CostCo have $10,000+ printers and charge ~20 cents a
2003/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10055 Activity:nil
9/3     How can I get tcsh to warn me about being overquota when I log in?
        \_ Maybe put "quota -v" in your .cshrc?
           \_ quota -q will only report FSs where you're over your limit
2003/9/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:10056 Activity:nil
9/3     Is there a korean word equivalent to the japanese (though rapidly
        becoming english as well) term "otaku".
        \_ What little self contained universe do you live in where "otaku"
           is widely used by english speakers?
           \_ You're just yelling to hear yourself yell, aren't you?
              \_ Partly, but it's more a wider concern about geekdom.
                 The presumption of the question displays the traits
                 a little too closely.
        \_ otaku
        \_ what does "otaku" mean?
           \_ I think that the literal translation is "home", but the
              meaning is something like shut-in/luser/nerd. Usually
              otaku are people who stay at home watching anime, reading
              manga, playing computer games and surfing the internet.
              Basically your average '1337 GN00/L1NUX H4X0R.
              \_ cf.
                 (yes, you may need to dl Japanese Character support)
        \_ What little self contained universe do you live in where "otaku"
           is widely used by english speakers?
        \_ otaku
2003/9/3-4 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:10057 Activity:nil
9/3     Why does (red hat) linux suggest/require swap size to be between
        1 to 2 times physical ram?  With big physical ram size on modern
        day machine, how much swap size is really needed in linux?
        \_ Sun altered that schema as ram went up - 2x up to 128m,
           1.5 to 256, 1x to 512, then .5 to 16G, and .35x thereafter.
        \_ Disk is cheap.  But the fact is, with my 2G of RAM (or 512M)
           I don't really need swap at all.  Still, I would give yourself
           1-2x physical RAM just so that if you have something going nuts
           it'll start the machine swapping before processess start dying.
           That way you have some chance to kill things yourself rather
           than have the OS kill them for you.  --PeterM
        \_ I heard that SunOS4 had similar requirement.  It doesn't run well
           if you have less than that amount of swap space even if the total
           memory usage is less than the RAM size.
        \_ The idea (at least for FreeBSD) is to have enough swap space to
           crashdump your entire RAM and still have swap space left over.
           So the range is MEM+1 - 2*MEM.
2003/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10058 Activity:nil
9/3     Anyone else here suddenly getting deluged with spam from China?
        I only know one person there, and he doesn't send me email in
        \_ China and Russia are two major havens of big spammers.  it's likely
           that the western spammers make some side cash selling lists to the
        \_ how to block spam on my csua account?
           \_ read up on spamassassin+procmail or just copy my
              .procmailrc - danh
           \_ man spam
                \_ Spam, man!
                   \_ if i think that's funny, to i have a stupid sense of
2003/9/3-4 [Recreation/Humor] UID:10059 Activity:nil
        Today's dilbert is pretty funny.  -vegan guy
        \_ We have the opposite problem. No vegans, but people can't decide
           where to go eat.
           \_ Sheesh.  It's simple.  If you're with a group of people,
              take charge and go eat where YOU want to eat.  You might
              as well make yourself happy if no one else has an opinion.
2003/9/3-4 [Health/Men] UID:10060 Activity:nil
9/3     What's the Almighty MOTD's opinion on Creatine to bulk up?  Any
        side effects?
        \_ Creatine isn't about bulking up, dumbass pencil neck.
        \_ MWF - chest,legs,biceps TTh - back, shoulders, triceps
        \_ You do realize you'd still haveta put in your 10-14hr/week in the
           weight room, right?
           \_ How do you determine how much time you should spend in
              the weight room?  Some studies suggest that you should
              work your whole body once per week and rest otherwise.
              \_ The way I work out, I couldn't possibly do everything in a
                 day. I do 3-4 exercises per major body part (legs, chest,
                 back), and 1-2 per smaller part (biceps, triceps, etc). If
                 you can do all that in a day, feel free to.
           \_ follow your dreams, you can reach your goals; I'm living
              proof.  Beefcake!!!!! -Arnold
              \_ Weightgain 4000 rewls.
           \_ 5 hrs/wk for 5 years will give you much better results
              than 15 hr/wk for 2 yrs.
        \_ deja vu. This has been in the motd before.  Search the archives...
2003/9/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:10061 Activity:nil
        Republican party outsources fund raising to India telemarketers.
        All hail bush!
        \_ Urban legend.
           \_ Cite!
              \_ Testify!!!
           \_ Anybody see The War Room, about Clinton's first campaign?
              They had video of Bush talking up jobs for Americans next to
              footage of GOP banners being printed in a S. American country.
              Probably some Republican but not the RNC.
              \_ awwwww.  the republicans are a victim of irresponsible
                 journalism by the washington times. cry me a fucking river.
                 \_ Nice to know where you stand.  I'd like journalistic honesty
                    to be non-partisan.
        \_ More obnoxious is the spamminess of the (verifiably) RNC sanctioned
           email campaigns.
2003/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:10062 Activity:nil
9/3     What editor can be controlled by another program?  What I want is to
        have my program launch, say ED, and the user edit a given file.  Only
        a subset of ED's command is avaialbe to the user.  The rest of the
        functionality is controlled by the parent program, so that ED is
        acting like an embedded editor.
        \_ rex
           \_ Do you mean red?
        \_ I should have said that I want a VISUAL editor that can be embedded.
        \_ list the restrictions you want... if you just want to, e.g., limit
           file access, you can probably wrap it in a jail or something like
           \_ Suppose my program asks the user to type/edit some documents at
              some stage, and I don't want to write an embedded editor just
              for that.  The user is not allowed to edit any other file or
              change buffer (as in emacs).  And the parent program can change
              the file/buffer without relaunching the editor.  I guess the
              EMACS way is to write the program in elisp etc so everything
              is inside editor.  I want the other way around.
              \_ What are you actually trying to do?  If you want that level
                 of control you're going to have to completely manage the
                 widget.  This isn't as bad as it seems, many toolkits have
                 powerful rich text editor classes.
2003/9/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:10063 Activity:nil 50%like:28120
9/3     Kyle Boller to start.
        \_ Fear. Very few QBs do well in their first year. That's why they're
           usually backups.
           \_ he won't do well his first year.  Maybe his 2nd or 3rd.
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