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2003/8/31-9/1 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:10025 Activity:nil
8/31    Is it true that IBM only sells online now?  I'm looking for a mini-
        PCI ethernet network card for a T21 Thinkpad, and stores like Fry's,
        Microcenter, etc., don't carry any IBM products.  Any online shops?
        It just seems so expensive getting stuff from IBM's site.
        \_ don't now, I get my thinkpad stuff on ebay.
        \_ have you seen ANY mini-pci cards at fry's or microcenter?
           anyway, just about any will do.
        \_ I have a few.  Drop me a line. --jon
           \_ I have a 56K modem in my T21 (Type 2647-87u) but I want to add a
              network connection.  It seems that I'll have to take out the
              modem card and add a combo ethernet+modem card unless it has
              space for an additional card.  I emailed you, but don't know if
              I got the right Jon.  If not, shoot me a line back.  -donz
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2003:August:31 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>